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Something Dance-y from Avid Dancer

AVIDThe press release on this tune read as a melding of Hot Chip and The Dandy Warhols. That was definitely enough to peak my interest in regards to Avid Dancer.  This song doesn’t have the immediacy of a HC bounding hook, but I can definitely hear that cool swoon in the bits of vocals. There’s a steadier pacing too, at least until you move your way into the beat-y chorus.  I like the infectious attitude, but I also appreciate the restraint; it means longevity in my listening rotation. This tune is the title track from the I Want To See you Dance EP, which comes out on October 21st.

Maturity in Sound from FF

fffWhen I first posted about “Caught in a Dream” the first tune from FF that I heard, I was really taken aback. It had this youthful rock approach, something one might consider a fuck it all approach.  But, this time around, the band is showing some diversity, choosing to hold back on the pace, allowing for a bit more delicacy in their playing.  This approach is quite different, though I can see how it would sit right alongside their earlier tune in an album setting.  Luckily for us, we’ll get to hear just that on their album, Lord; it’s being released by Couple Skate Records on October 21st.

Another New Twilight Sad Track

Twilight SadThis time around, we are seeing the “sensitive side” of The Twilight Sad. It is softer, yet still challengingly dark track from Nobody Wants To Be Here And Nobody Wants To Leave called “Last January” which carries weight in vocals, softly ringing guitars and haunting synth woven in to the background. You can preorder the album now by clicking here.

The gents will be hitting the road in the fall with We Were Promised Jetpacks and they will be stopping in at The Mohawk. I will be there for sure.

Brand New Fishboy Single

It seems like it’s been forever since I wrote about North Texas’ Fishboyelephant, and in fact it has (3 years!).  Luckily, they’re readying a brand new album and graphic novel titled An Elephant, and I’m hoping it gets them a little love over the Interwebs. This track has a pretty rocking guitar opening, but it’s the chorus and it’s explosion of pop simplicity that really has me hooked.  There’s nothing particularly special in it; it just has a nice little melody.  These guys have always played by their own eccentric rules, lyrically and musically, so I have no choice but to appreciate them more and more. Give it a chance; the album comes out on November 18th.

Beautiful Indiepop from Allo Darlin (Again)

alloThe more I hear from this new Allo Darlin, the more I swoon.  There’s something magic about a perfectly executed indiepop tune, and this one is more than just magic.  I love the vocal interplay between male and female, fittingly coming across like friendly banter between lovers.  There’s indiepop, then there’s the spectacular, and this track is definitely falling in the latter category.  Their new album, We Come From the Same Place, will surely be in your hands on October 7th when it gets a US release by Slumberland Records. That’ll be followed by a nice long US tour too, including an Austin date at the Mohawk.

Dream Police Bring on Hypnotized

dreamtheaterIt would make sense that the founding members of the Men are going to gain interest with their new project, Dream Police.  After all, the Men have had a pretty solid run, though there founders are stepping away a bit from the sound we’ve seen them offer up over the last few years.  The guitar work isn’t too far off, though there’s more of an 80s snarl to the vocals.  That makes sense though, as DP have a bit of darkened nostalgia swirling around their new project.  I’m not in love just yet, but we’ll see what happens when Hypnotized hits the streets on November 14th via Sacred Bones.

ATH & ACL: 5 Bands to Watch

acl2014It is time.  Though it’s hard for me to believe, it’s time for us to start gearing up for yet another ACL Festival in October.  ATH has done this thing a few times now so we feel like we’ve earned the right to offer a little bit of advice about bands to see and the proper way to go about attending.  I’m jumping off our coverage today with a list of 5 bands I think you should see over the 2 weekend event.  As a disclaimer, I typically recommend bands that many people either don’t know very well or write off for whatever reason.  So yeah go see Spoon & The Replacements for sure, but let’s not forget about the underdogs.  Let it begin after the jump.

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New Offering from Pond

pondageThis song from Australia’s Pond opened up really slowly, and I was worried I wouldn’t sink my teeth into it, having been a fan of the group’s early work.  But, just after the 1 minute mark they turn up the guitars and get into a real swing, steering more in the direction of what I see as an ode to Brit pop, though the psychedelic elements are still faintly present in the song.  It’s one of those tracks that you can wrap your head around once you spend some time with it.  You’ll have plenty of time when they unleash Man It Feels Like Space Again, which is on its way soon.

Bedhead Cover The Stranglers Golden Brown

bedhedI probably should have written about the Bedhead retrospective box set that includes tons of B-Sides and rarities, like this Stranglers cover below.  Bedhead were one of those group’s that I adored, and still listen to from time to time (even going into their New Year era tunes too), though I was never fortunate enough to catch the group live.  They always had this intricate touch to their songwriting; it reminded me of the complexity of American Football, but with more of an intimate appeal, as opposed to the art-school approach I felt AF took.  This cover is a perfect example of what the band accomplished, and I hope everyone really goes back and revisits the group.  Bedhead: 1992-1998 will be released on November 11th via Numero Group, so you’ll need to save some funds to pick up the box set!

Remember the Buzzcocks???

buzzThose of you who have a punk rock leaning, or even a power-pop bone surely have nice things to day about Buzzcocks.  Well, they’re back with their 9th studio album, and as always, we can be skeptical, but let the song speak for itself.  I mean, what are we to do? Devoto isn’t here (though he was only there for one album), but you still get the meat and potatoes with Pete Shelley.  Personally, I like the sound of the guitars here, though I wish there was a bit more pace behind things, especially Pete’s vocals.  There’s two cents for you.  Save your opinions until we hear the entirety of The Way on November 18th via 1-2-3-4 Go Records.

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