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Have You Heard of Death by Unga Bunga

deathbyungabungaIn the world of band names, I’ll have to say that Death by Unga Bunga falls on the stranger side of things (though clearly not the strangest).  Still, their music isn’t too far out there, instead nestling itself alongside today’s purveyors of power pop. It’s got a hint of garage influence and brattiness, though there’s still this undeniable lineage to early 90s alternative pop music. Think of listening to Superdrag record hits in your neighbor’s garage; it sounds like a recipe for success if you ask me. The band’s debut Tell Me Why EP will be released on October 2nd, so keep an eye and ear out for the Unga Bunga.

IT Dept. Premier: Thee Koukouvaya

Thee KoukouvayaWe have a bit of scoop here, this song won’t be making the rounds on the intarwebs until Monday.

Thee Koukouvaya is an East Coast based electronic act that will be releasing a record soon on Saint Marie Records. Composed of John O’Hara and Brian Wenckebach, the group is “from” Vilandredo, Rethymno. They are pretty well all over the place when it comes to sounds used. You pick up noise, old-school synth and drum machines and plenty of variation to stay engaged. The break leads to disarray and an eventual closing sequence that refines and punctuates the original tune. I can dig it. You can, too.

Thee Koukouvaya

Austin Town Hall Loves Sports…the band (and sports)

sportsEvery time I listen to a track from Sports, especially this latest single, I can’t help but recall all the promise I felt Rilo Kiley had on their first few albums.  It’s got lyrics you’ll find wrapping themselves around you, but ultimately it has this pop sensibility tightly wound beneath a hint of punk rock…or at least pop punk.  All of Something is the title of their new effort, which will be released on October 30th via Father Daughter Records. We’ve had a slew of the band’s singles before this, and we continue to fall in love with the band. Just try another on for size.

Monday is the 3 x 3 @ Mohawk

3for3AugustThere’s been a lot of hubbub about the Austin music dying, so I got together with some friends over at Mohawk to try a different approach.  We scored a sponsorship from Sailor Jerry, and now we’re throwing the 3×3 Series.  It means you pay 3 bucks for 3 bands, and all money made at the door goes directly to the artists.  This week we’ve got a killer line-up to kick it off with Twin Bitches, Rain Collectors and Que Pasa.  Even if you only know one of the bands on the bill, they deserve your three bucks, and you might just find another band to love. Or, come enjoy all the great drinks at Mohawk. Since it’s Monday night, we also wanted to kick off the show semi-early.  Doors are at 8 PM and bands go on at 9.  See you there!


Company of Selves Offer Up New Track

companyofselvesPerhaps one of my favorite styles of music is that personal indie folk music.  Still, I’d be remiss if I didn’t reveal that at some point, the genre has a tendency to grow stale, stuck in one place. So, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve looked for the oddity in the genre.  From Bazaan’s word play to Banhart’s odd voice…which is the land that Company of Selves seem to occupy. There’s a warble on the recording, there’s musicianship throughout and it all feels personal. It’s pop music for those with a wandering mind.  The group will release Butterfly Handlers and Memory Travelers on Fleeting Youth Records on September 25th.

The Mantles Return with New Album

mantlesIt really seems like only yesterday that I was listening to The Mantles last album, Long Enough to Leave, which is probably. But, it looks like I’ll soon have something new to enjoy from the group, as they just announced a brand new LP, All Odds End. I’m excited by two things, aside from new material.  First, they’ve hooked up with Jason Quever, who is probably one of my top musicians/producers.  Second, they seem to have pulled back on the pace, at least for this single, allowing for a different feeling than their latest.  You could almost say it has a bit of a dolewave feel to it.  Look for the new effort on October 16th from Slumberland Records.

I’m a Big Shrouded Strangers Fan

10671270_715327151885928_1845651530695625279_nI’ve always jammed to Shrouded Strangers, so of course new material means new mass consumption, on my part.  But, the band just put up the closing track to their latest release, Teleport Beach.  I love the way the tune opens up with this hazy psychedelic stomp; if it kept up with that style alone it would get a lot of love, period. But, the band completely switches positions and styles, turning the track into a charming saloon style boogie with some help from their friends like Nikki West. You can grab the cassette on August 28th from Burger Records!

ATX Spotlight: Thrash Through Thursday With This New Spray Paint

230753_562841257061764_83881710_nYea I know this track is already blowing up in internet land, but it’s required we throw some proper love to our local scene. Sometimes, all you’ve got to do to make it to the weekend is turn on some loud jams and blast there and ATX’s Spray Paint have got you covered. Not only do they have this new track, “Thrash Master” for you, but they’ve also announced that they’re putting another album out pretty soon called Dopers (October 23rd). The track below is a riot and a half, a swirling dark wave punk cyclone that spins quickly, verging just on the brink of out of control, but in the best way. Take a listen and feel ready to kick the rest of the week straight in the teeth!

Library Voices Bring Back Classic Indie Rock

lovishI don’t know, but if you were to ask me what a “classic” indie rock period sound was like, it would sound like Library Voices.  It was that period where rock music started to take on tones of Americana, but still adhered to fuzzy production and a DIY aesthetic.  In my mind, it’s the most memorable period, as a whole, as some of my favorite records were birthed during that time, which is perhaps why I’m so in love with this Library Voices track.  The band have had some struggles over the last few years, but isn’t that what crafts the best tunes in the long run? Their album, Lovish, will be released by Nevado Music on November 6th.

ATX Thursday Show Spotlight: Carry Illinois & 101X

Letting Up Despite Great FaultsTrying to be more on the ball so you folks know where to go when your afraid the music’s dead, so wanted to point you in the direction of these two great local gigs tonight. I’ll be short and brief…sort of.

Carry Illinois got a lot of love from us earlier in the year, plus that show includes the esteemed Lindsey Verrill, Marijuana Sweet Tooth and Rain Collectors.  It’s over at Holy Mountain; it’ll have sort of a mellow/folk/pop vibe. Be sure to go to HM before it closes.

Or. You could find yourself over at Empire Control Room for 101X Homegrown. Say what you will about the radio station, Diedre’s got her finger on the local pulse.  Just look at all these rad bands: Sphynx, Letting Up Despite Great Faults, Shivery Shakes, Alex Napping, Gold Beach, Slomo Drags, Young Tongue, Tamarron, Velo.

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