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Friday Rock with Pet Cemetery

petkittyFelt like the folks over at Art Is Hard Records had been quiet for a few week, but as expected, they’ve been saving one of their best tracks for their infamous Pizza Club, where you can get rock n’ roll by the slice.  Today’s tune is from Pet Cemetery, one of the many spin-off projects coming from the label.  It starts off with this driving distorted guitar riff, giving you a traditional bit of indie rock.  For me, the song takes off when vocals begin to lightly creep in, similar to what you had on early POBPAH singles.  The mix could be louder, but the song’s damn good.

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Download: Pet Cemetery – Giants [MP3]

Another New Jack Name Tune

matthemchaungheyDue to Internet blog strategy, I haven’t been able to share this tune with you, so if you’ve jammed to it, you’re free to skip.  Jack Name‘s quickly earning a special place in my heart with his latest slew of singles; this tune in particular has his voice hiding in the song’s mix, though you can hear the eerie pop sensibility sliding through. I like how he chose to leave it as such, as he clearly could have turned that up and left the number as just a bombastic pop hit…it still is in my mind.  This is just another reason I’m looking forward to the tunes that will come on Weird Moons, which is released on January 20th via Castle Face Records.

Jam Out With CHAPPO


At some point, everyone needs to take a moment out of their day and just jam. Today, that moment can come from this track from Brooklyn’s CHAPPO, whose sound consists of a combination of psych rock and 70’s groove. “Celebrate,” the song below, is from this bands most recent release, Celebrate EP, which just came out earlier this week. The band is set to release their sophomore LP, Future Former Self in the spring of next year, but for now, just press play on the track below and let yourself be swept up in those slick guitar riffs and sweet synths.

The Return of Emma Kupa

emSince my fawning of former-Standard Fare leader Emma Kupa never seems to dissipate, I’ve got to promote the announcement of her new mini-album for Wiaiwya.  It’s not like she’s kept silent since her former act called it a day; she’s in Mammoth Penguins and she did that great single with Darren Hayman that made our year end list, but now she looks to go out on her own, albeit for a bit.  Her approach in the song below shows some slight changes, with a more subdued folk approach and a change to the subject matter (turning from love to family).  I love the strength of her voice too. The little album will be available in the Spring, but for now, just enjoy this dreamy track.

Southern Fuzz Rock from The Blank Tapes

blanketapeFelt like I had one direction pushing this morning, musically speaking, so I had to soften things up with this sunny bit of rock n’ roll from The Blank Tapes.  This song is the first single from the group’s new album, Geodesic Dome Piece, and it looks like the blend of psychedelia and roots rock will clash heads throughout the entirety of your listen.  You’ll hear cascading guitar solos working over the smooth bounce of the vocals, drawing out the maximum bit of soul searching for listeners.  Look for the LP on January 13th via Royal Oakie Tapes & Records.

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Download: The Blank Tapes – Way Too Stoned [MP3]

Tall Tall Trees Has a New EP


Tall Tall Trees is the name behind which banjo player, Mike Savino, has constructed his indie folk rock personae. If you haven’t heard of this gentleman and his intricate and innovative banjo techniques, now is the time to familiarize yourself because he’s got a new EP out for you to enjoy. The Seasonal EP came out around a week ago, and you can scoop it up over here for a low low price. It features some vocal and ukelele aid from none other than Kishi Bashi, as well as the track below, “Picture Picture.” I’m digging the lyrics as well as the sort of whimsy folk vibe its got going. You dig?

Show Preview: BLXPLTN @Lamberts: Tonight


DateTONIGHT (12.11)
Tickets6$ HERE

It’s Thursday, and you’re ready for the weekend already, so what other choice do you have then to head over to Lamberts to start Friday a little early? Really, none, as BLXPLTN are bound to kick you in the face with their afropunk badassery so hard that you’ll miss Friday altogether. Tickets are only 6 bucks if you buy ‘em early, so you have no real excuse not to get yourself to Lamberts tonight to enjoy some of the tracks from Black Cop Down. These locals are joined by Berkshire Hounds to balance your rock with something a bit mellower. Get in the mood with “Pressure” below.


Premiere: Huge Sounds from PINKSHINYULTRABLAST

PSUB-7aTwo days and two remarkable hits from Shelflife Records, but this time the label is bringing you the Russian five piece PINKSHINYULTRABLAST.  While there’s a concise formula, this song exemplifies the band’s ability to move in and out of varying sonic realms.  On the band’s first single, they open with this jagged post-punk guitar line that’s infused with this glittering touch, but as the song progresses there’s a harder edge that comes through the amps.  It’s all part of the diverse noise the group brings to the table, all the while maintaining this intoxicating beauty.  They release their album, Everything Else Matters, on January 27th.  Expect huge sounds and huge things for this act.

Fresh Tunes from Dick Diver

dickI fucking thought the hits from Wednesday were solid, but I’m stoked with the tunes I’ve got for you today, especially this new Dick Diver tune.  The Aussie outfit has long been one of my favorites (I might have even been their first US supporter, maybe!).  They’ve just offered up this great new single, which actually shows the band with a poppier and more forceful tone, which could come from the fact that the band is working with lyrics co-written by poet Michael Farrell; it could lead to some incredible things on their new LP, Melbourne, Florida (I’d like to state for the record that I once drank too much Kentucky Deluxe by the case in that odd beach town). The album will see the light of day in early March via their long-standing label Chapter Music and new US rep, Trouble In Mind Records.

Get to Know Mike Pace and the Child Actors

mikeyI’m really glad to hear Mike Pace making new music.  I was bummed when his old act, Oxford Collapse, called it a day; the group had these catchy pop rock songs that bordered on art rock.  Now he’s back with Mike Pace and the Child Actors, working on some new material that you’ll want to get to know. The example we have below throws Pace back into solid sounds of solid guitar pop, while his vocals still have that slightly strain that made his previous work more than just ordinary.  If you’re in need of something energetic and undoubtedly strong in the realms of pop rock, then just listen to this track on repeat all day.  Best Boy, the band’s new LP, will be out January soon!

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