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    ATX 2016: The Christmas Gift Guide

    As year-end lists get more and more arbitrary, I decided I didn’t really want to play that game with our local Austin scene. Instead, I wanted to celebrate the excellent

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    Top 50 Albums of 2016

    You’ve all been waiting, anxiously. Waiting for our arbitrary list of the opinion of four folks who run this site, and what we think were the best albums of 2016.

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    Slack Capital Is Here!

    When I was preparing to release Big Bill’s Weird Walk/Mainly Manly 7″, I began to talk to Eric Bill about the idea of creating an Austin compilation. Well, we released

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  • The Spook School

    SxSW 2016: Welcome to the Jangle

    Thank you, Spider House. Thank you, Mother Nature. Thank you, bands. The weather was absolutely perfect. We were given blue skies, the occasional cloud, a lovely breeze to pair with

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  • The Crookes

    SxSW 2016: ATH Takeover @ The Nomad

    Next bucket of awesome comes fromRayRay’s neighborhood bar, Nomad. A friend owns the place and we were ready to take things on the road at a place that we knew

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New from The Holiday Crowd

holidaycrowdIf you’re looking for some bouncing pop that has that historical lean towards everything we loved about the 80s, then look no more because the Holiday Crowd is here for you.I think the biggest piece of this track where folks will fall in love is the semi-croon in the vocals, reminiscent of the Moz. I love the contrast between the twinkling guitar work and the deep bobbing tones of the bass guitar; it’s a nice twist on the influences that make all indiepop songs enchanting. The band’s self-titled record is being released by the uber-reliable Shelflife on December 9th.

Check Out This New Pollen RX Tune

pollenSo, as we wrap up the rad year of 2016, I’m already looking towards what ATH Records can bring you in 2017! First up, the brilliant band of popsters, Pollen Rx, aim to take Austin by storm with their excellent debut, Sunbelt Emptiness. It was recorded here in town by Ian Rundell, and I think he killed it; it’s filled to the brim with the perfect blend of punk and pop, discord and harmony. I can guarantee you there’s not a bad hit on this record, but you should judge for yourself by listening to this new single (a demo version was floating around, but it’s since been re-recorded). Look for the LP from us on January 27, or pre-order it HERE.

Jangle Pop Bliss From The Artisans

1461701_717961474963707_3796667194911930857_nWe’ve all done it– wandered through the endless loophole of the internet until we find something so far from what we first started looking at that we have to take a step back and try to trace our steps back. This time around, my internet wanderings led me to this track from The Artisans, who are a four piece picking up speed somewhere ‘between the thick smog of Hartlepool and the bright lights of Newcastle.’ I can’t tell you much more about the band,but it seems as though this track below is some new material from the group. When you press play, what you’ll find in “The Ballad of Armley Jail,” is a twisting story of jangly indie pop, with cutting riffs, group vocals, and (wait for it) handclaps! Take a listen below and lend these folksyour ear.


Dream Pop from Seeing Hands

seeinghandsNothing gets to me, especially on a Monday, like the sound of those twinkling guitars I associate with the dream pop genre; they border on jangling, if only in tone, but I’d sign up for that alone. This new single from Seeing Hands fits perfectly in there, and I think I’d push you to enjoy it on those qualities alone…except that’s not just it. Listen carefully to the slight tonal turn delivered during the chorus, lightly coated, it leaves you floating. The band continues to show promise as they work on a debut album, and with songs like these, it’s hard not to see it going somewhere special.

Digging on Super Paradise

superparadiseWhile the year wraps up and folks are looking to 2017, there are still a couple of hits out there waiting for you, like the new album from Super Paradise. The (now) London based act have this earnestness in their vocals that has me currently fawning over them, with their debut single offering up this blistering bit of bouncing pop. I’m tapping my toes here, trying to let myself go, and then the guitars hit a wave of distortion as the track fades out; it’s perfect. Their album, Quencebo, was just put out on CD by Jigsaw Records, which you know we support, so you should do the same.

Sorry I Missed This: Tim Cohen Announces New Music

timcohenI wonder when Tim Cohen ever sleeps, and if he does, is he writing songs while he sleeps? Last week he announced another new release…though not with Magic Trick nor Fresh & Onlys…just Tim Cohen. This new track, however, is something as enchanting, if not more so, than his various projects. His vocals capture something, and while the music is good enough, you can’t pull yourself away from that voice. It’s accented by female accompaniment in points, but the clarity on his voice alone warrants repeated listens. I’m not sure there’s anything this guy can’t do, so I’ll gladly spend time with his new album, Luck Man, when it’s released by Sinderlyn on January 20th.

Premiere: Broken Chairs Release Rad Single

brokenchairsProbably one of my favorite emotional pulls in music is the rushing feeling of falling off the tracks; it’s like losing control, yet you know the artists have you covered. When I listen to this excellent rocker from Broken Chairs I feel like the world is rushing in, crashing all around me. It’s jagged punk with the slightest melodic semblance that leads to the track’s infectious quality; you’ll memorize it, lose yourself in it and ultimately find it a memorable listen from start to finish. If you love the song, as you should, then go ahead and check out their BANDCAMP and grab yourself a copy.

Darkened Number from Mall Walk

mallwalkI think its time you gave into the dark side of the force, and in that, you’re going to want to give into the brooding power of Mall Walk. Just listening to the musical tones should have you dwelling in the beautiful caverns of your soul, while the lyrics provide a calming bit of introspection. Personally, the distorted guitar echoing in the distant background keeps drawing me deeper and deeper into the tune. Still, while there’s a bit of a haunting spirit, you’ll also hear a touch of light, especially as the song fades to a close, which will keep listeners such as yourself coming back for more. Be sure to grab the new LP, Funny Papers, from Mt.St.Mtn while supplies last!

Show Preview: Ultimate Painting @ Barracuda (TONIGHT)

ultimatepaintingYou just spent your whole week hanging with your family, so now you wanna go hang out with your friends, right? Well, the best way is to catch an incredible show, and boy is there a great one at Barracuda tonight. First, Ultimate Painting are headlining, and the band’s gotten tons of praise all across the pond, especially for their great new LP, Dusk. Plus, EZTV will be there too; the band’s been described as one of the best in NYC, and you’ll likely see their latest High in Place LP on my year end list. Local powerhouse Flesh Lights, as well as Ruby Fray, will kick the night off, so be there or be real square. Tickets are super cheap for a rad show ($7) and can be found HERE.

Day Joy Return!

14900599_1101102266671394_6097542225198903490_nWe made some posts about Orlando based outfit Day Joy in late 2012/early 2013 and hyped the band as one of the next big things. After the hype, no one really heard much from the group over the last 3 years as Michael Serrin, the mastermind of the project, dealt with the loss of a family member and depression. Well Serrin has luckily decided to make music again and just sent me this gem entitled”Florida’s Warm”. You can obviously hear some of the pain in Serrin’s voice as he takes us through this hushed beauty of a track. Powerful stuff.

Expect a new album from Day Joy to come your way in the Spring of 2017.

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