Trippy New Video From Flyying Colours

unnamed (4)Australian based psych rockers Flyying Colours just dropped this new video and single this morning and I had to share the goodness with you. This one isof course a psych rock song equal to tout itself as one of the best of the current indie psych rock craze. On top of that though, the band offers a little bit of straight up hard rock here too as the verses drop into the heavy chorus. Rock on Wayne.

Flyying Colours will see the release of their debut LP Mindfullness on September 23rd via Club AC30.

ATX Spotlight: New Music from Slow

slowI’ve dug Slow since the first time I caught the band a few years ago; I went on to include the band in several of our own ATH shows around town too. I caught up with songwriter Garrick a few months back and he told me he had the band’s first LP almost ready to go, so here we are with the album’s first single. On display is Garrick’s distorted guitar riffs, put out there in almost a mathematical sense, crashing into one another while the lyrics are seemingly thrown in from a distance. The LP is titled Pocketknife and should be out later this year via Play Pinball.

DYAN Strikes Again!

13217351_603605876464682_1879318460626816331_oA few months ago I shared with you this single from DYAN, or the project of Alexis Marsh of Los Angeles. But before she will go on to release her debut album, she’s shared the title track of that upcoming record with us all. Below is “Looking For Knives,” which is an emotionally heavy track that will hit you hard with its minimalist aesthetic. Synths waiver and pulse through the mix, while Marsh’s vocals cut through these dark undertones with her crisp and lucid vocals. You also get gentle guitar sounds and the introduction of percussion elements as the song progresses. It’s a subtle number, but one you’ll find revisiting throughout the day, especially when the saxophone solo at the end comes through. Take a listen and then be ready for Looking For Knives, which will be out July 29th.

Enjoy A New Track from Harley Alexander

harleyWhen listening to this new track from Harley Alexander I was struck by the distinctive power of the voice. It doesn’t quite seem to fit the feel of the laid-back tune, yet in that contrast, listeners are likely to hang on every note, every pitch change and the lyrical content. There’s a softness within the song’s confines, something that warms you as you allow yourself to fall deep within the tune; it’sthe best way to spend fourminutes of your day. Look for his new Harland EP via Sports Day Records next week.

New Gringo Star Tune

gringoWe’re in the middle of summer, and we don’t joke around down here in Texas. So, we always need good tune to toss on by the poolside, which is where I can see this new Gringo Star fitting. It’s a really playful pop tune, holding onto little bits of surf and psychedelia…it even includes a tinkling bit of piano to add some extra bounce. The song will appear on the group’s new record, The Sides and In Between, which will be released on August 26th via Nevado Music.

Another Dance Hit from Holy Balm

holybalmHoly Balm has made some waves over at the ATH offices with their brand of “wonky house” catching my ears. The name might be new to most in the States, but make no mistake about it, this is some of the best dance music coming across my desk. Most of the vocals are delivered in a questioning, haphazard way, setting a different tone than most electro-pop tunes, but rest assured, there’s a softer side that you’ll find. I love some of the synth stabs filling in the empty space around the track too, giving this new tune an old school feel spun around in a modern machine. Their album Activity is being released by Chapter Music on August 5th, destined to make waves.

More From Echo Courts

unnamed (3)North Carolina based Echo Courts caught my ear last month with new single “Set Me Free” in all its psych pop glory. Well now the band has just released another new single entitled “Control” in preparation for their upcoming debut LP. This one is even brighter and sunnier than the previous single and I’m sure it will be making your end of summer playlist. I told you more of that would be coming your way right?

Debut LP In The Garden is coming on August 19th via Negative Fun Records.

Brand New Music from Scott & Charlene’s Wedding

scottandcharleneTime for your weekly Australia feel, and I couldn’t think of a better way to dip my toes into Oceania than to turn up this rad new track from Scott & Charlene’s Wedding. While it definitely wears the influence of the current Aussie guitar scene, my ears hear it throwing things all the way back to late 80s college rock; I can almost hear Wire in the way the vocals are delivered too, emphatically shouted at various syllables. This tune will appear on their brand new album, Mid Thirties Single Scene, which is coming out on September 9th via Fire Records.

There’s a Brand New Wedding Present Album!!!

weddingpresentOk, so this just completely made my day yesterday, and still carries that euphoria into today. I’ll go out on a limb and say that David Gedge is one of my favorite songwriters, whether in Cinerama, or in this case, The Wedding Present. I think he’s one of the most well-loved, overlooked songwriters around; he’s been doing it longer than most…and still is vital. They’ve just upped this video, which may or may not be part of the important visual aspect Gedge and co. are working into this album (read about that HERE). Regardless, this tune is wonderful, and his voice really sounds incredible. Probably going to play this song a hundred times today…you should too. It’s off the group’s new record, Going, Going, which will be out on September 2.

Premiere: New Slow Dakota Album On Its Way

slowdakotaWhen I first heard this new Slow Dakota track, I was hooked. It’s that same sound that caught me with the early Beirut. Plus, there’s some mystery in the song itself, and in fact, in all the songs that are to come from his new effort The Ascension of Slow Dakota. There’s so many textural touches, so many pieces within the pieces…if that makes any sense. For instance, you’re enjoying this song, the voice soaring high in your ears, but all of a sudden there’s a vocal sample of an old woman. You close all the other windows on your browser, trying to get rid of it, but then it’s gone. So the song continues, your soul is soothed, then a blast of joy comes in just after the 2.45 mark; listening, it made me feel alive. I’m looking forward to the release of the album next week (July 22) via Massif Records.

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