Dreamy Rock From Crystal Eyes

14330090_649928901842139_176906699157259295_nCrystal Eyes, out of Calgary,released their debut EP last year and are on their way to follow up this up with their first full length album. They’ve got a nice and dreamy aesthetic to their sound– complete with sun bleached guitars and high-pitched female gang vocals. You’ll hear a perfect example of this sound on “Already Gone–” their latest single, which you can take a listen to below. It opens with cutting guitars, and before the vocals even kick in, you know you’re in for a hit. Check out the track and get stoked for The Female Imagination, which will be out soon.


Catchy Pop from The Late Great

lategreatImagine turning on your speakers and finding yourself a gritty little pop gem. Now, press play and that’s what you’re going to get when you listen to the new jam from The Late Great. At first, I thought it was a modern riff on The Concretes, filling my speakers with the sultry vocals from Sarah Lane while the band pounds away rhythmically behind her. Tap your toes, let your hair down and join in the joyousness present on this latest single. This here track is on the band’s debut album, Easy, so let yourself go.

Soulful Ballad from Lilah Larson

lilahProbably one of the best things about Lilah Lason, at least up until now, has been her role in Sons of an Illustrious Father, the self-proclaimed future folk act pushing identity roles within the confines of both music and community. But, now Lilah is stepping out on her own, offering up creative balladry that still holds true to her personal aesthetic, allowing the outsiders a place of solace; it’s an everyperson ballad, one that anyone can relate to, which demonstrates her abilities as a songwriter…and hopefully your role as a fan. She’s set to release her debut solo outing, Pentimento, next year, so get started by picking up her first single.

Premiere: Quin Galavis “Glorious Man” Video

Earlier this year, I raved about the new release from Quin Galavis…his new album My Life in Steel and Concrete. His release show was something quite special in and of itself, and now he’s released this new video to further draw you into his musical world. The video features Quin and his cellist, clad in dark hoodies, doing their part with the live performance, whilst Ali Copeland (of Que Pasa) plays the role of our distraught protagonist. Her role reeks of frustration, which could be seen as one of the various themes that exists within the folds of the album itself. Speaking of, if you haven’t already, or you just love this track, head to Super Secret Records to grab your copy.

Fresh Tunes from Title Tracks

titletracksNow that emo is cool again, it’s nice to see Title Tracks getting some coverage around the world. They just announced their first album since 2011, though John Davis has also done some work as Paint Branch. I’ve always gravitated towards his pop leanings, ever since he first branched out with Georgie James, and it’s nice to see him churning out some power-pop here. It’s almost like arena rock got channeled through the whole band, and they opted to make it sound best in a club setting. It’s brief, catchy and dammit if I’m not super excited to see what the full length sounds like. Check out the new tune; the album is titled Long Dream and comes out on November 18th.

Are You Excited for Mannequin Pussy?

mannequinMan…I’m stoked on this upcoming release from Mannequin Pussy; it’s only a few weeks away from making its way out into the world. As of now, we don’t have too many of the songs to consume, but I’m in love with the title track from Romantic. A quick blast opens it up, then moves into a really fragile, almost dream pop realm; it’s like a great lounge act with really good musical tastes. Of course, the band are eager to blast forth with some noise, as they do during the chorus, exploding with a wall of noise and a vocal scream that sets listeners on edge. Look for the record to be released on October 28th.

More Playful Pop from Kleenex Girl Wonder

kleenexgirlwonderphoto3bygrahamsmithEvery time I turn on Kleenex Girl Wonder, I’m slightly perplexed. It’s like this hyper-literate power pop spun through the influence of indie folk. I find it undeniably catchy, even as I try to solve the mystery to the band’s sound, which I suppose is the perfect compliment one can give a band. In the end, the songs beg you to focus on details whilst being carried away be the presence of great hooks. The group looks set to release their highly ambitious double LP, The Comedy Album, on October 28th via Reasonable Records.

ACL 2016: Weekend One From The Crowd

nd4_0348Kicking off some official ACL coverage beyond our social media blitzes from the world. Weekend One was the version of ACL where we get to see bands, spend time with friends and get snarky about the future of America and the music industry.

This gallery will feature some artists, mostly crowd related action and some highlights, calling out Lucy Dacus. Lucy’s set at the BMI stage was great. She and the band were sweet people and we’re fans.

Click through for the shots and a couple of random notes…

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Nice Rocker From Doubles

0008066461_10It’s a nice day for some explosive and raucous indie rock music. Right? Well our genre bender today is called “Plant” and comes by way of Philly based rock band Doubles. This one is all about the build up you feel for about a minute and a half which turns into an all out rock fest after that. It hits.

Doubles will be working on a new album coming soon! For now, enjoy this jam today.

Heavenly Tune from Section

sectionThere’s not really too much information out there about Section, the project of Danny Belgrad, but that doesn’t mean this song doesn’t warrant your attention today. It begins with little electronic bits that soon find themselves mingling with added notes and textures. Eventual, Belgrad’s voice enters the picture, carefully resting atop the mix; I can see myself dreamily gazing out the window as this song plays behind me…and that always sums up my Mondays. As of now, this is just a one off tune, but keep your eyes open for more from Section.

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