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Warm Pop from Violet Woods

violetFeeling dreamy? Let your mind float away this afternoon with the work of Violet Woods, who are set to release their eponymous album this November.  This is my favorite type of pop music; it trickles in, it’s well-crafted and there’s a warmth that makes it the perfect listening for the fall season. The pacing on the track is steady, allowing for the band to maximize their melodies, and allowing your brain to gently drift away to a happy place.  Feel like this is a perfect way to enjoy your Wednesday, so join me by listening to this UK act.


Shivery Shakes – Three Waves & A Shake


Rating: ★★★★ ·

Shivery Shakes are a local outfit consisting of the mergence of two past bands: The Bubbles and International Waters. These four gentlemen released a self titled EP back in 2012 and have been making waves through their live act all over town in which they’ve showed off their fuzzy lo-fi sunshine garage pop. This debut, Three Waves & A Shake, is their first attempt at a full-length release, and its combination of witty lyrics buried under the sheen of shimmery guitars will have you shaking it all day long.

“Recurring Dreams” may be your first introduction to this band, but it’s definitely not a bad place to start your love affair. Immediately, you get a bit of wandering guitar that sounds like it’s waking up as you ease into their sound. Following is some gentle whistling that screams easy-going and then the hazy vocals chime into the mix; they’ve got this slight echo/reverb to them that makes them feel far away and yet right next to you while they engage you in the narrative of the song. Meanwhile, the guitars are wide-awake, and so is the track, but it keeps pulling you further in. Two-thirds of the way through, you get this little break down where the vocals kick out and the band gets to simmer their way back to a boil, layering the instrumentation upon itself again before they launch into final chorus. This an excellent beginning to the record, one which should not only have you hooked, but swooning.

What’s special about this bouncy record is that this group avoids the phenomenon of redundancy that often overtakes albums, such as this, that fall into the genre of fuzzy jangle rock. Until its close, Shivery Shakes keep it fresh and crispy, but not overdone. Take “Strange Houses,” the eighth track on the record, to be an example of the band reinventing their sound to keep you interested. Here, you can hear the Surfer Blood-esque crashing waves of guitars that melt into one riff after another. While this starts as a mellow tune, soon we unearth this uneasy feeling with the band. The song asks, “at the moment I lose it, how will I tell?” prompting a shift from the winding sunset riffs to cutting tangy guitar for a moment of nervous instrumentation before a return to the chill vibes of earlier. It’s the little details like this that make each song stand apart from the other and make you want to spin this record from start to finish.

This album is brimming with sunny jangly pop/rock that makes you want to put on your sunglasses and take a drive with the windows down, seizing full advantage of the lack of fall weather that Austin is benefitting from these days. Hell, wherever you are, put on Three Waves & A Shake and your sunglasses and have a blast dancing with this record and Shivery Shakes. You won’t be sorry you did: music-scout’s honor.


Sleater-Kinney Are Back, Y’all

sleaterWhile the Internet has been all a twitter over the box set reissue that has been put on sale from Sub Pop, Sleater-Kinney, of late 90’s girl group fame, have announced that they are back with a new single and a new record, No Cities To Love. The group broke up back in 2006, but they’ve decided to give the gritty emo badass rock another go. You probably know one member, Carrie Brownstein, from her role as producer/star/all-around-funny-lady in Portlandia, or even her work in her other band, Wild Flag that also featured Janet Weiss from the S-K lineup.  Have a listen to the new track and follow along with the words here, and get ready for the new album to be released January 20th of next year. You can also download the track for free with an email address on the band’s website.

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Download: Sleater Kinney – Bury Our Friends [MP3]

New Music from Honduras

hondurasI checked out this tune from Honduras, a band I have talked about previously, and it seems that they’re up to their catchy old tricks.  The band is crafting these crunchy guitar pop anthems, much like Nathan from Wavves was able to accomplish, though these songs seem to have a bit more focus…and perhaps slightly less of an edge.  It’s a version of the indie rock scene that puts them in line with their comrades Twin Peaks, who we know have made a big name for themselves this year.  Look for the band’s Break EP this coming November.

Show Review: The Drums @ The Parish 10/19


This weekend in Austin lived up to its title of “live music capital of the world” to the extreme; each night we were given not just a taste of sweet jams, but whole menus to choose from. Sunday night at The Parish had New York’s The Drums on their last U.S tour stop, providing us with a night filled with dancing and singing along to the band’s hits, new and old. Brooklyn’s Beverly served as the openers for the evening, offering up their jangly no-nonsense rock to amp up the crowd. Read more about how the night unfolded after the jump.

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Video Premiere: Spider Bags

10_700_700_521_spiderbags_900pxSpider Bags put out an incredibly underrated album entitled Frozen Letter this August on Merge.  Some great tracks are hidden in there, including this one called “Summer of ’79”.  Many of you may have heard the tune before, but today I’m excited to be premiering a video for the rockin’ song.  It’s a live version of the track so you can see and hear the band in all it’s punk rock stylin’ glory.  Follow the jump for video.

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Stream This BLXPLTN Album

blxpltnHere at ATH, we like to keep things as local as possible. So when we find an up and coming local act we like to let y’all know about it so you not only can stay hip, but also so you can jam out. BLXPLTN is a self proclaimed ‘politically charged futurepunk’ group of three that started back in 2013. They just recently dropped their debut album, Black Cop Down, on Wolfshield Records and you’re in luck– you can stream the whole thing via the band’s SoundCloud Page. Personally, I’m really digging “Pressure” and “Betta Run–” both of which give you a little bit of a mix between old and new influences in the sound (I’m getting Ramones meets TV On The Radio). Check out this track, and then the rest of the record for free. For Free!


Ariel Pink Releases New Single

bbDespite his ability to ruffle the feathers of Ariel Pink, the dude still has a way of making tunes that fascinate me. This new single, “Black Ballerina,” has an interesting musical angle.  Part of it reminds me of AP’s traditional work, though other parts seem to blend the smooth skills from Of Montreal with something you’d expect to hear Ian Dury release, and for all intents and purposes, I’m totally okay with that.  I think the beats pretty solid, and I like the oddity that comes with any Pink touch.  His new record, Pom Pom, will be available from 4AD on November 18th.

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Show Preview: Mutual Benefit @ Red 7 (Tonight 10/21)


Date 10/21/14 (TONIGHT)
Location Red 7
Doors 9:00pm
Tickets 12$ Here, 14$ at the Door

Mutual Benefit is the work of Jordan Lee and sometimes his friends– that is to say this project from Lee is often just one man’s take on quiet and well orchestrated folk/experimental pop that happens to be fleshed out with the help from many others. If you’ve never heard the band before, you should expect a mix of delicate string work mixed with fluttering lyrics. Opening up for them are Suno Deko, who sound like a nice little mix of electronic and indie rock, a la something like Sun Airway. This should be a gentle addition to your tuesday evening.

Have a listen to what exactly you’ll be missing if you don’t turn up to Red 7 tonight:

Have You Heard of Forgotten Species?

teamworkYou hadn’t heard of Forgotten Species yet? Well, me either, but I dig this tune.  I really love the vocals on this single; they remind me in an odd way of David Bazaan, if he took on something a bit different.  The rest of the group brings in this swell of huge guitars that screech in and out of the foreground. There’s just this huge world of guitars that wraps the vocals and carries them throughout the tune; I guess it has a nostalgic feel, but I’m trying to move beyond that adjective.  Look for the project to release Hades Fades on November 18th.

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