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Bright New BOYO Tune

BOYO have graced these pages before, and with this great new single, I’m giving him some more love today. This track is our first listen to the music he’s preparing for his next album (Summer 2017), all recorded after personal battles with addiction and anxiety. It’s interesting to see someone come out on the other side of such issues crafting this bright pop music…perhaps there is solace lurking in every corner, and songwriter Robert Tilden has found that. You can watch the song’s accompanying video HERE, or just enjoy the beautiful stream below.

Some More Free Week Pics…

I still love Free Week. Went out and about again and saw a whole different set of random people. I learned a friend’s girlfriend’s dad goes by the name Bush Pounder. I learned a kind soul was leaving us for Puerto Rico, but would be returning for fests and touring gigs. Little known fact, flights to cities in the US from Austin are about the same as flights from Puerto Rico.

It was a whole different set of bands and a different chunk of venues. Here is the rundown: Empire to see out friends in Bali Yaaah and Hours Quiet, Barracuda for Midriff, ATH Records’ Pollen RX, Stiletto Feels, Otis The Destroyer and Flesh Lights with a quick jaunt to Swan Dive to see what Casey Beans was all about as a solo thing.

Click through for all the pics.

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Hooked On Louie Louie

This song from Louie Louie came to me with the promise of maturity and brattiness all wrapped around a tight ball of pop yard. It’s precisely that, which is why it’s so lovable. I mean, for one, it opens with what I can only describe as a barely audible dinosaur roar before belting into a bubbling bit of classic female doo-wop stylings. I love the way the guitar bends and glides behind the melodies at various parts of the song. This group of ladies will hit the road for a huge East Coast tour starting here in a few days, so stay tuned to see if they’ll be coming your way. You’ll find this tune on Friend of a Stranger, which hits on February 8th.

Country Croon from Dougie Poole

As a Texas boy, whether I like it or not, the history of crooning country balladeers runs deep in my blood (I like it, just so you know). Listening to Dougie Poole‘s latest single, I think it’s time we adopt him, and take him in as our own. The structure of the song is calming and slowed down to a horse’s trollop, filled in with some backing atmospherics to add a bit to the track. His voice is other-worldly, something so unique in the modern setting that it’s hard for me not to rush right to the phone and send this one to my mother; it’s going to make you want to cry in the arms of someone you love, which builds promise for Wideass Highway, out on February 17th via JMC Aggregate.

Show Preview: Ne-Hi/American Wrestlers @ Sidewinder 1/14

Yea, I know you’re all about making the most out of your Saturday nights in a city that always gives you more than one great option for music. However, I’m here to tell you that your best option is at The Sidewinder tomorrow night to catch two great touring acts as they pass through our city. First off, you get the ever-delightful Ne-Hi out of Chicago, who are blowing up in the music world with their youthful jangly indie rock. They’re about to release their sophomore LP,Offers, just around the corner in February, so you can bet we’ll get to hear some fresh tracks off of that album.

While that should be enough to get you out to the Sidewinder, let’s not forget that American Wrestlers are the second half of this great bill. This groupout of St. Louisreleased their sophomore record, Goodbye Terrible Youth,last fall to some mighty praise, so you know you’re going to be in for a night of high energy indie rock.


Doors are at 9pm and tickets at 12$ here. No excuses!

ATX Spotlight: TOMA Are Ready for 2017

In our eternal search for all rad things Austin, I stumbled across Toma, bringing huge pop sounds to our fair city…and yours too. They just unleashed this single from their forthcoming LP, Aroma, and it’s got really huge hooks for you to sink your teeth into today. Guitars and synth work are heavy here, blasting melodies right into your ears; I like the way the synths seem to dance around the rest of the instrumentation the song’s core. You’re free to let the cares of Friday go out the window while this song blasts loudly in your speakers.

New Music from Penelope Isles

I wrote about Penelope Isles last year, and now they’ve signed on for another run with the admirable Art Is Hard Records Singles Club…one of the most unique music delivery services in the game. This new tune is interesting, taking on a dark tone during the verses, using jagged guitar stabs and floating vocal atmospherics, but the song really sparkles during the chorus. There’s a huge juxtaposition between the moods, and every time I press play I’m absolutely captivated. Enjoy this song and sign up to get your hands on the flexi-disc postcard by heading right HERE.

More New Music from The Sloppy Heads

You’d think everyone would be all over this new record from The Sloppy Heads, after all, James McNew (of Yo La Tengo) record, and played on, the album. I really love this new single, although admittedly, it isn’t pushing any new boundaries; it’s just the perfect execution of rock n’ roll in the modern era. While the song settles into its run pretty immediately, the band jamming out (with organ play in tow) through the middling moments is what really shines to me; you don’t hear too many bands really taking the time to through some jamming in the middle of their tracks these days. Shrimper Records will be releasing the band’s debut LP, Useless Smile, on January 27th, and be forewarned that the more you play it, the more rewards it offers you…as a person, of course…and as a music fan.

Fresh Music from Tim Kasher

I’m going to try and act all cool and pretend like I was ever above being an emo kid. In fact, I think I’ll wear that badge proudly considering all the new acts coming up now that owe a huge debt to that late 90s era. Of course, Tim Kasher was a huge part of that scene and has continued to write great music ever since. He just announced he’ll be releasing a new solo album titled No Resolution, featuring the tune below. His lyrical prowess is the star, but the accompaniment here’s really great, particularly the backing string arrangements. The new record comes out on March 3rd via 15 Passenger.

PYAITK: “Please” by Blanck Mass

“Please” is a slow burn single from the upcoming record by Blanck Mass. Undercurrents of aggression in silken tones…

Check this press blurb.

As humans, we are aware of our inner beast and should therefore be able to control it. We understand our hard-wired primal urges and why they exist in an evolutional sense. We understand the relationship between mind and body. Highly evolved and intelligent, we should be able to recognize these genetic hangovers and control them as a means to act positively and move forward as a compassionate species. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Recent global events have proven this. The human race is consuming itself.

World Eater, the new album by Benjamin John Powers Blanck Mass project, is a reaction to this. There is an underlying violence and anger throughout the record, even though some of these tracks are the closest Power has ever come to writing, in his words, actual love songs.

Preorder World Eater.

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