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Helena Deland Shares Truth Nugget Video

In the year of years, there’s still great art being made everywhere; we’ve had our eyes (and ears) on Helena Deland‘s forthcoming Someone New LP. The visualizer is this water feature, lodged in this dense forest with a light shining upon the fountain itself; Deland is quoted as saying that the image represents something “you stumble upon unexpectedly, familiar but exciting, the way friendship can be.” It comes back to the theme Helena has mentioned previously of finding your place, even amongst your closest friends. The song itself, operates much like the fountain, this angelic spotlight of a voice signing upon the darker textures of the musical craft behind it. Someone New drops on October 16th; pre-order HERE.

Wedding Dress Share Dropped Coins Video

The Flood Feeling officially releases to the public today, but the record has been a long time in the making; Erin Elders has been working on this Wedding Dress record since leaving Maps and Atlases in 2014, often on “the edge of an emotional collapse.” Upon first listen, you might not find that to be the case, as the beat that opens the song almost seems built for uplifting; I think the atmospheric wash of keys in the back is what perhaps starts to shade the emotional songwriting here. You can feel it in the way that Elders has organized his peers in the studio; the flourishes of horns, the backing vocals, and the electronic aura all flood the song with feeling. Elders, for his part, has this delivery that feels both solemn and playful, perhaps in the way he leaves the notes with just a hint of an uptick in energy; his performance in the chorus is cathartic, at least in my eyes. Enjoy the tune and the great accompanying video, and grab the Flood Feeling today.

Motown Inspired Single From Motenko

You know we like to keep the local ball rolling here at ATH, so we’re pleased to bring you the latest single from Austin’s own Motenko on this rainy Friday. The group prides itself on being a band of brothers who “play a fresh but authentic blend of 1960s and 1970s soul, 1990s R&B, and New Orleans boogie.” Leading the group is none other than frontman Micah Motenko, who provides silky smooth vocal warmth and the funky keyboard riffs to the tune below. These two elements draw me in the most, giving “Follow Through” a delicate balance; the vocals coat everything in a sunny glow, while the twangy bounce of the keyboards add a 70s funk to the soul of the song. The very end of the track also supplies a bit of a spark of electric guitar riff that is not to be overlooked. About the song, Motenko had this to say, “‘Follow Through’ is a meditation on wanting more from someone than they are able to give. It takes you through the righteous anger that results from an unequal relationship, soaked in a groove that propels you through to a better place.” Take a listen below and see if it takes you to a better place.

Fever Queen Shares Love Last

Fever Queen is Eleanor Rose Lee, who hails from Chicago. She’s got a full length album,The World of Fever Queen, that’s set for release quite soon on September 10th via First To Knock.From that she’s shared a few singles, most recently “Love Last,” which is a bit of moody slow burning psych-smoke that does a lovely job of shining the spotlight on Lee’s piercing vocals. These vocals are the main focus of the tune, with the slow march beat providing the bones to the song’s desolate soundscape. The last third of the song is the most compelling to me. Layers of vocals collide over each other, some spoken word, others utterly cutting notes, really adding to the drama of the tune. Such drama is echoed in the noir style of the video below. Give it a watch.


Fresh Single from Lunchbox

Let’s face it. The world is shit. Absolute. But, instead of giving up hope and or going through every day with that chip on my shoulder, I’ve decided its best if I just find these little breadcrumbs to a better life. Today, I share one of those with you in this new Lunchbox single. Blasting horns set me off, immediately. Maybe it was my affinity for 3rd wave ska, or something about a good brass section that just livens your day, but mix that in with those scuffling indiepop guitar sounds and Donna’s melodic performance, and I’m following this band to a better day. After School Special will definitely be a silver lining to 2020; it drops on October 30th via Slumberland Records.

Wiretree Share Nightlife Video

Today you can grab the new Careless Creatures EP from Wiretree, but in case you need a push in the right direction, we wanted to toss out this track to catch your ear. For me, I was sold on the background beat; it’s reminiscent of the simple catchy electro hooks Depeche Mode was crafting in the early 80s…never go outta style. Kevin Peroni’s voice still maintains its usual softness, fitting in perfectly to the bedroom bounce he’s crafted on this tune. Feels sort of like taking late 90s college rock and upping the ante with a big dose of sugar…I don’t mind that at all. Give a listen.

Pelvis Wrestley + ATH Records + Vortexas Vorever

A few years ago, Mike and I caught Pelvis Wrestley; we immediately knew that we wanted to work with them in any fashion. Luckily, as we heard they were ready to release their debut LP, we reached out and agreed to do a cassette version of Vortexas Vorever; you have no idea how we are excited to be working with this bunch.

Here’s what Benjamin Violet had to say about the track that comes with this glorious announcement: “In Heaven takes us to toxic positivity, the shadow-self, and back home again.With nods to Ennio Morricone and Angelo Badalamenti, this track is a psycho-spaceage fanfare to celebrate every moment you ever chose to confront your own personal boss-level. In the absence of nurturance, every abuser might as well be dead to you.”

Vortexas Vorever will be available in all the cool spots, and you should definitely grab a tape while you’re at it; pre-orders are HERE.

Pet Shimmers Announce Trash Earthers

I quite enjoyed my introduction to Pet Shimmers earlier this year with their debut LP, Face Down in Meta. Surprisingly, they’ve already announced a return with their follow up, Trash Earthers. With this announcement comes a new single, and while it has that sort of obscured bedroom-pop fashion, I kind of enjoy the sort of muddy nature of the song itself. Backing vocals almost seem like accidents, like they’re sound samples; electronic notes come across like they’re short-circuiting, but it all culminates in this sort of acid wash pop moment that keeps me on my toes, like Broken Social Scene if they were decided to get a little weird. Look for their new LP on the band’s own PS Records on October 2nd.

Rock n’ Recipes: Thibault

Hopefully you’ve caught me news of the forthcoming Thibault record on our site over the last few months, and we were fortunate to reach out to Nicole to have her participate in our Rock n’ Recipes feature we’ve been working on. Plus, we get a peek at a brand new single, “Wanting to Be Alone.” Read on to catch a look into band’s new LP, Or Not Thibault, which you can grab HERE or wait until it drops Friday via Chapter Music! Plus, learn how to make some delicious Rainbow Roasted Vegetables. Read more

Sleeper & Snake Share Reach Out

Already a fan of Al and Amy’s other act Terry, I knew I’d likely enjoy their work in Sleeper & Snake…I just didn’t know how much. There’s this odd lo-fidelity nature to their latest single, yet it’s also so simple in nature…just going to show you don’t need to overdo it to create a tune for us to love. Instantly you’ll hear the acoustic strum meet up with this off-balance keyboard buzz, with Amy and Al singing atop one another, drowning out the buzz behind them. Breaks in the vocals allow for the keyboard to take a jaunt of its own liking, instilling a permanent pop sensibility. Their new LP Fresco Shed will be out on September 25th via Upset the Rhythm and Lulus Sonic Discs.

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