Mellow Tune from Harry Permezel

I was looking for something really chilled out and relaxed, and luckily this track from Harry Permezel caught my attention. It’s a pretty simple tune, stylistically, using strummed guitar and steady backing percussion to set the course. There’s some light textural additions popping in and out, but the core of the music really relies upon Peremezel’s softened vocal delivery. It’s patient and warm, inviting listeners to sit in with him as the song unfolds before their ears. It’s immediately familiar, yet something about it stands out, so I’ll be keeping an eye out for his new LP, Wax Man, which drops on May 4th via Muscle Beach Records.

SXSW Interview: Freedom Fry

If you thought our SXSW interviews were anywhere near over, man are you totally wrong. Nathan and I went crazy this year and sent these things out to tons of bands we admire and respect. Heck with still several days until music kicks off next week, I think we’re already over our total number of interviews from last year. Gotta hustle. Continuing our coverage today is an interview from L.A. by way of France based group Freedom Fry. Hit the jump for questions and a little tuneage as well.

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Check the New Feverbones Track

Yesterday, the esteemed Austin Chronicle dropped a brand new track from Feverbones, and you can read their thoughts HERE. But, since we’re responsible for putting Dream Talk out into the world, it’s our obligation (and pleasure) to share the latest single with you. “Sight Inside” is a crunchy number, drawing influences from mathy-prog to folkier elements; I particularly dig the backing vocals in the tune. The album will hit stores and the digital platforms on April 13th. You can grab the pre-order HERE. They’ll also be playing a fine set over at the ATH vs SOTO Party this Sunday!

Premiere: Good Field Release Necessary Feeling Video

Last month, Austin’s Good Field released their third LP, Surface Tension, and we’re stoked to bring you the band’s brand new video for “Necessary Feeling.” Riffs ring out immediately, waiting for the drums to pound their way into the picture, as they do in this video. Singer Paul Price soon enters the picture, walking a line between croon and warble; he manages to pull in the reigns, stretching himself into the higher notes. The keyboard notes throughout provide some nice balance, polishing the rough edges ever so slightly to keep a certain pop sensibility. But, the song seems to come to a brief end just over 2.5 minutes, but give it a second, as the band comes back forcibly to leave their mark with one final punching run to the close. If you love the song like we do, grab the LP HERE…and if you’re in Austin, you can catch them at the following shows:

March 11 @ Hotel Vegas (2:15), March 11 @ Spiderhouse (6:40), March 13 @ 720 Club (11:00), March 15 @ Radio Milk Studios (2:40), and March 17th @ Radio Coffee + Beer (9:00)




Cut Worms Announces Debut Album

Max Clarke’s Cut Worms project caught our ear last year with his latest EP, but today’s news promises the debut album we’ve been anxiously awaiting. This tune harkens to a purity in the pop canon, though it’s elevated ever so carefully with Clarke’s extra touches. There’s almost a Western swing added to a seemingly 60s era pop tune via the guitar lines darting out quickly through your speakers. I’m also really attracted to the brevity of it all; it’s short, sweet and to the point. Hollow Ground will be released via Jagjaguwar on May 4th. He’ll also be in Austin for SXSW, if you’re going to be around.



Premiere Holodeck Records Comp Includes New Single Lash Tune

If you’re living outside of Austin, or maybe even inside, you might lump Holodeck Records into the electronic community, which is fair. But, this Friday the label release Holodeck Vision One, a compilation reaching across all genres. There are some big names within, but today we’re bringing you one of our personal highlights…a new tune from Single Lash. Interestingly, it’s a six minute opus where the band refuses to be defined, offering glimpses of both goth and shoegaze, but even more impressive to me is the patience and space utilized within the confines of the tune. Chords carefully ring out, echoing on top of each other and fading out as Nicolas’ deep vocals drive home the emotional appeal. Endure the first four minutes and you’ll be met with a wave of guitars crashing down upon you, and you won’t be able to pull yourself away. I’ve been lost in this song for the last 24 hours, so be careful, there’s no coming back. Look for the HV1 Compilation to drop Friday.

New Music from Nathan K

Nathan K first came onto my radar with 2014’s Methodist Girls, and since then, I’ve kept close ties on his work. He just released a new track from his forthcoming Bridges EP, and it continues his growth from bedroom songwriter to powerful pop perfection. This song is louder than most of his previous work, but the way he softens his notes on the vocal delivery still carries a great deal of intimacy for listeners…and that’s something I’ll always stand behind. He’ll also be making his way to Austin for SXSW, so perhaps you’ll want to add him to acts you’d like catch.

SXSW Interview: STAL

Well we’ve reached the final countdown people, SXSW music starts next week. Most of us here at ATH have made some lists of bands we need to see and even marked a few party lineups that look promising. As always, we are about the music and won’t chase a free pair of sunglasses or a Taka vodka mixed drink. Keeping in tune with our music first attitude, I’m continuing our SXSW interviews today with one from L.A. based musician STAL. Hit the jump for full interview.

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