An Horse Return!

It has been a crazy long time since I’ve mentioned the name of old school Australian act An Horse. Seriously, the band have been absolutely dead and on hiatus since the release of their overlooked 2011 album Walls. During their mutli-year time apart both Kate Cooper and Damon Cox spent some time making music through other avenues, but they couldn’t stay away from each other forever. Having come together once again, the duo just released this stellar new track “Get Out Somehow”. Hopefully they plan on staying together for a bit so all of us fans can score some sweet new tunes like this one.

Negative Scanner Prep Nose Picker

It seems like it’s been awhile since I’ve really gotten down on some good old rock n’ roll, so let’s offer up this great new jam from Negative Scanner. It hits hard from the start, shouting over those discordant guitar chops. What really struck me on this single is its chorus, where the band flex their musical muscles by letting the instrumentation ride out in hurried fashion behind the vocals; there’s just something about it that gave it this elevated punk feel. Nose Picker is the title of their new LP, and of course, it wouldn’t be great if Trouble In Mind Records weren’t releasing it on July 20th.

RF Shannon Album Release Party Tonight @ Ch’ups

It’s a fairly busy Wednesday night over in Austin city limits…the likes of Half Waif, Vagabon and Kenny Chesney, but why not go local? There’s a great release show for RF Shannon happening over at Cheer Up Charlies this evening. The group just released Trickster Blues, which in my opinion has some of the best songs they’ve crafted, but you have to get there early as there are other perennial ATH faves taking the stage. Diamond Center always puts on an enjoyable set, and Jesse Woods is bound to bring his balladry to the Cheer Ups stage. Doors open at 9, and the place will fill up quick, so be there early!

Nicholas Merz Is My Indie Rock Spirit Animal

Admittedly, writing about music consistently for the past 10 years occasionally wears you down; it’s never forgiving, and you run across the same sound more often than you’d like to admit…depending on the current trends. Then you stumble across something like Nicholas Merz, who spent a lot of time writing music in Seattle outfit Darto. Now he’s out there on his own, crafting this brand of literary rock n’ roll that’s far too uncommon; it’s like a spirited version of Leonard Cohen, empowered by the song’s arrangement. This track makes me think of tons of references to other great artists too, be it the National or Patrick Wolf; it just creates this sounding board for my life at the moment. This tune will appear on his album, out June 1st via Aagoo Records.

Sam Evian Drops Latest Tune

If the sounds we’re hearing are any indication, we’ll end up spinning Sam Evian‘s latest LP quite a bit. He begins this track much like the accompanying video, allowing things to casually just cruise through your speakers. But, most importantly is how carefully he treats each guitar note; he’s got a hold of something that allows him to bend and turn each distorted note however he wishes, giving listeners an almost jammed out journey through time. Soft where it needs to be, forceful when called upon, Sam’s latest has it all. This tune is the title track off his You, Forever album, dropping on June 1st via Saddle Creek Records.

Flowers Drop a Million Ideas

What exactly is this new release from Flowers? Well, it seems to be about 70 demos the group have recorded, perhaps while working on a brand new triple LP? One can only guess, but one thing we do get to enjoy as indiepop fans is a slice of the band’s delectable sound, over and over again. I’ve spent my morning thumbing through the various entries; it’s like an indiepop ADHD journey, bouncing between upbeat and melodic slowpop, enchanting all the while. Whatever day it is, it’s never bad time to let Flowers take you away…and you can have it all for the NYP special on Bandcamp HERE.

Francobollo Are A Lot of Fun

It’s the middle of the week, and I’ve spent the last two days more or less watching my students sit and stare into space as we aimlessly await the end of the school year. It’s been a pretty emotionless week, so I’m glad this Francobollo tune came in just in time to give me a burst of energy. The cutting guitar chords naturally craft a melody that encourages toe-tapping; the vocals have this innate swagger, improved slightly with a gang vocal approach. It’s familiar, it’s got hooks, and ultimately, it’s snapped me back into reality. This song will feature on the group’s as yet unnamed second LP for Square Leg Records.

Scientists Are Coming to America

If you’ve followed the history Kim Salmon, you might notice that his legendary band, the Scientists, have never played a proper US tour. The band operated in two different eras, but the current US tour will feature the classic mid-80s line-up that is rumored to have influenced certain acts from that Seattle scene. Why does it matter here in Austin you ask? Well, the hard-working folks at Beerlandhave secured two nights of the band, October 5 and 6th. Maybe this jam will make it into their setlist! I hope so! The rest of the tour will feature on West and East Coast (Portland, LA, Brooklyn, Greenfield), and a Chicago date!

Earring Drop Brand New Track

The duo of Jason Balla and Alex Otake are probably best known for their work in Chicago’s Ne-Hi, but don’t turn away from their other project, Earring. They just dropped this droning bit of bedroom pop for us to enjoy, perhaps as a reminder of how great their music is while we await a new album. The musical approach of the guitars almost seems to blend shoegaze bits with underlying hints of the new emo vibe; it also includes the faintest jangle. I guess it would fit in the realm of slowcore…though there’s much more melody included in this one. Always nice to hear these guys working on tunes…so until then.

Premiere: New Silver Girl Release Fresh Track

I’m going to go out on a limb here and make the claim that New Silver Girl will be releasing some fairly important music; it should say enough that the band’s new song was produced by Gordon Raphael (The Strokes, Hinds). Then, you have this artful video shot in 16mm film starring legendary porn star Nina Hartley; the cinematography alone is special. But, ultimately, if the song’s no good, none of it matters…though the song is pretty great in this case. It moves between soft and loud, with the loud moments jetting off like something Thurston Moore would have been part of, except spun through a more modern cool. A start such as this can only mean greatness is to come; keep up to date with Soliti Music as we await news on the band’s debut LP.

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