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Kevin Morby Continues His Good Run

kevkev All I need to make the Kevin Morby triumvirate of greatness complete is a new Babies record.  He’s already had a good year with a new 7″ this year and an album with his other act Woods; today he announced yet another album under his own name, featuring this great new track.  It’s a relaxed tune filled with light touches of piano and horns, again illustrating his growth as an incredible writer.  This new collection of songs is titled Still Life, as an homage to a art piece by Maynard Monrow; you can get the new record from Woodsist on October 14th.

Trippy Bit of Pop from Sunbeam Sound Machine

sunnyThis track is really beautiful. There’s this great warmth to the harmonies, and the construction is perfectly fitting.  I’m not sure how I feel about some of the warbling on the percussion, but I can put those feelings aside as I fall head over heels into this song.  There’s tons of little sonic touches, and the song seems to fade in and out of your speakers, creating this emotional pull that will find few detractors.  Sunbeam Sound Machine will release its debut album, Wonderer, via Dot Dash/Remote Control this November.

Great New Pop Tune From Wilding

Iavatars-000097044320-1mo9j2-t500x500t’s been quite some time since we heard from Australian based Wilding and I’m pumped to have some new music coming your way today.  This one is called “Missing Her” and is a catchy as all hell pop number that’s sure to brighten even the biggest bummer of a day.  Press play and enjoy the fun.

Stay tuned for more info on a new album said to be out early next year.

Upbeat Dance Number from Yelle

yelleI have absolutely no idea what this song is saying.  I’m actually okay with that, just getting absorbed in the frivolous feeling that comes with jamming to this new track from Yelle.  I’m not going to lie to you though; I have a feeling that if this were sung in English, this would be a pretty big club hit all over the United States? Does the usage of French excuse it from the trappings of radio friendly hits? For me, yes…and no.  I can excuse it, as I actually sought this tune out.  That and sometimes I’m realizing that as much as I want to be a critic, it’s better if I just give in and let myself have a bit of fun from time to time.  You can check out the full album, Completement Fou on September 30th via Kemosabe Records. The group will also be in Austin for Fun Fun Fun Fest, you know, if you’re in Austin and into our string of great festivals.

Have Some Fun With Needle Points

NeedlePoints_Main1Philadelphia based band Needle Points have a great new tune that I’m pleased to be sharing with you today.  I’m calling it a quirky pop tune with a raw, throwback style rock n roll theme driving us throughout.  Whatever these guys are doing, I say keep it up.  Replacement Girls? Pick up a new 7″ from the band on October 7th via Papercup Music.

Another Jam from Rural Alberta Advantage

raaI’m really excited about the new album from Rural Alberta Advantage; they always find a way to weave themselves perfectly into my life.  This new single sounds huge, production-wise, which comes with a bit of trepidation, but I love the piano matched with male/female singing.  I’m hoping that while the record has a larger quality that it still holds the intimacy the band has used in their earlier recordings; there’s a nice touch of it at the end of this song. Mended with Gold will be released on September 30th via Saddle Creek; I’m hoping for the best.

Newish Jam from Teenanger

teensFigure we’d start off our week with some crunchy guitars and smooth vocal delivery from Toronto outfit, Teenanger.  The guitars have this little bit of swagger in them, with some ringing mini-solos, while the sultry attitude of the vocals is casual.  But, they’ve also got a few tracks where the male vocal takes front focus, so don’t pin all your hopes and dreams of this band on one style.  If you dig it, look for the group’s EPLP to be released on September 9th via Telephone Explosion.

Take A Listen to Germ House

artworks-000088412092-v8e2g6-t500x500Some labels always surprise you with the music they’re able to get their hands on, which is why I feel like I can always count on the folks over at Trouble In Mind Records to turn me onto something good, like Germ House.  The song opens up fairly calmly, though I particularly latched onto the vocals.  While it might seem to stay in place, there’s a jump for the chorus, picking up the pace in the track.  It’s a pretty great tune, putting the group on my radar, thankfully.  You can pick up their new album, Showing Symptoms, on August 26th from the label.

Touring w/ a Band: A Handy Conclusion w/ A. Sinclair

Frank SmithThe early part of our month featured a lot of great writing from our friend Brendan Bond in A. Sinclair.  In his section titled “Touring w/ a Band” he went on about his experiences as a musician traveling the country.  He asked is he could add his final thoughts, and so here he is.  Look for Brendan to go on the road with Grape St. and his own solo performances soon.  Read More

Stream New Album from Stanley Brinks and Freshcard

freshtodethIt’s Friday, and I’m totally stressed. Buying a new house, starting teaching again on Monday, so I needed something to mellow me out a bit.  Luckily, the good folks at Fika Recordings sent over this great new album from Stanley Brinks and Freshcard; it’s titled Pizza Espresso.  The record is full of duets between the two songwriters, offering an indiepop spin on the folk duets one would get from Emmylou and Gram, or more recently, Dutchess and the Duke. It just sort of makes me feel better about the world knowing that we can all detox from mundane activities with tunes like these.  If you love what you hear (you should) then go to Fika and pick yourself up a copy!

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