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A New Tune from Boomgates

boomgates2A few years ago there was this brief explosion of Aussie tunes that received a lot of love on our continent, especially from this site.  Bands like Twerps, Bitch Prefect, Bored Nothing, Pop Singles and more made waves, but I was particular to Boomgates.  I’ve kept an eye on the group for some time, so I’m glad to see that they’ll soon be releasing a new effort via Bedroom Suck Records.  There’s no exact word on when this new album will be released, but it popped up on a compilation that was recently released by the label.  It’s somewhere in between jangling twangling Aussie pop and just your down-home traditional indie pop.  It’s a special Friday delight.

The Little Cinema Album Is Out

tmackI’ve talked for years about how much I enjoy the work of Tyler Womack, who formerly won me over with his band Hollywood Gossip.  He’s been living in New York, though his new band, Little Cinema, did a lot of their recording here in Austin.  He just tossed up his new LP, Adventure, which features some touches from our friend Marcus of Shivery Shakes; it’s a record that I completely expected to enjoy, so I’m glad it lives up to that.  Tyler’s knack for melodies and wordplay have always been endearing, so it’s nice to see he didn’t leave those little touches behind.  You can grab the new LP HERE, but I’ve also included a new track with this post that’s on the album.

Smooth Dancing with Dutch Uncles

ducthovensI wanted to post this song.  As I’m sitting here working, recapping the day, my old lady says “Is that Hot Chip?”  That sort of sums up the work that the new Dutch Uncles have released this week, though I think there’s a smoother polish to the craftsmanship of their electro-pop.  It’s not filled with these hit-you-over-the-head beats, but these subtle little electro pulses.  The group announced they’ll be releasing a new album, O’Shudder, via Memphis Industries on February 24th. Enjoy your easy-listening.

Shivery Shakes Stream Album Right Here!!!

shiverOkay, so due to my promise from Monday’s song post, I had to wait a few days to post the stream of the brand new album from Shivery Shakes; it’s titled Three Waves and a Shake.  Why should you care? Have you read Nicole’s review? Also, the band’s been working hard in the Austin scene for some time, and the hard work pays off with their debut LP.  And, you know that I care because I’m putting out this LP with our friend Dan over at Punctum, so it means a great deal that you listen to it.  I’m putting up the Bandcamp stream, so you can donate to the band if you’re not into physical formats.  But, if you are, buy it from me HERE; it’s still a few weeks away from coming back from the press, but I’ll have it out to you as soon as it’s back to me.  Sit back, relax, enjoy our friends in the Shivery Shakes.


Fun Fest Interviews: Ex-Cult

unnamedIt’s really hard to believe, but Fun Fest is just a short two weeks away now and it’s time to start doing some prep work.  As usual, we’ll be offering up some interviews, band previews, tips, photos, and anything else we stir up on our crazy minds.  Today we shall begin our coverage with a quick interview spotlighting Memphis punk band Ex-Cult.  We’ve been fans of this band for awhile so naturally we’re excited for this one.  Follow the jump for interview.

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Lose Yourself To This Steve Gunn Track

steveIf your week is like mine, with no end in sight, this is the perfect track for your Thursday. There’s an ethereal quality in the guitar riff that’s pretty dreamy, maybe even dreamy enough to take your mind off whatever is weighing you down. Oh you’re really digging this? Well, its only the beginning– Steve Gunn released his album, Way Out Weather on Paradise of Bachelors earlier this week and you can get your hands on it here. Have a listen to “Tommy’s Congo” below and get lost!




My Something Different: Dan Bodan

dbUsually I go on and on about how I bring the rock and or roll, but occasionally I branch out….such as today with Dan Bodan.  At first listen, it’s this very quiet glitch electronica, touched up finely with some careful acoustic touches.  But, as the song unfolds, Bodan makes his own entrance, entering with this softness that erupts into a powerful presence.  It’s another listen to what should shape up to be an interesting experience when his Soft LP is released by DFA Records on October 28th.

Show Pics: Temples @ The Grog Shop (10/20)

TemplesCleveland. Many people groan at the idea of going to Cleveland, but I had heard many good things about the city by the big-assed lake. Au contraire, this is a good food town with plenty of venues to check out jams. I went to Lola last night, Michael Symon’s fancy place, and dear jeebus it was good. The night before I went to catch Temples at The Grog Shop. I was treated to locals Nowhere and Philly’s The Districts and dear jeebus, it was good.

So click through and see a bit of the Cleveland scene…

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Show Preview: Screaming Females @ Red 7 (Tonight)

screamingfemalesIt should be no surprise to anyone that we recommend this show to you, as every band that’s gracing the stage tonight has graced our pages on more than one occasion.  Screaming Females are the headliner on the evening, and Marissa Paternoster is probably one of the strongest women in rock n’ roll.  Her voice, her performance, it all comes from a tiny little body, and it’ll blow yo away.  PUJOL deserves some love too, bringing his garage rock stylings with a ferocity and catchiness all his own.  But, just because two huge traveling acts are bringing some noise, doesn’t mean Austin can’t hold its own.  The openers Crooked Bangs and the Midgetmen are two long-standing ATH faves, so please show up early to support our friends.  Tickets will cost you $14 at the door, which opens at 9 PM.

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Download: Screaming Females – I Don’t Mind It [MP3]


Mix It Up With Kinkajous

kinkaIf you would have told me that I would be even remotely interested in a band that abides by the crossing of the genres of electronic and jazz, I would have to tell you you’re fucking nuts man. However, when I heard “Limb” from Kinkajous, a London based band that does just that, I was forced to change my preconceived notions a little bit. Take a listen–while it may be a little different than your normal taste, somehow, it’s reminding me a little bit of Explosions In the Sky in the way that it evokes a wistful kind of feeling even though it lacks lyrics and just relies on instrumentation. Watch the trippy video for the song here and pick up Kinkajous’ just released debut EP, here.

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