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Summer Ready Fuzzy Pop From The Jungle Giants

thejunglegiantsThe Jungle Giants are a four piece band from Brisbane who’ve been making jangly indie rock since 2011. Today, I’ve got the newest single from this group, which is perfect for the rising temperatures around the city, or even if you’ve just got summer on the brain during your work week. “Every Kind Of Way” kicks into action right away with some effervescent percussion that immediately gets your toes tapping. Then the vocals join the track as the lead singer uttering a cross between singing and talking, coating the song in this darkness that the band didn’t really embody in previous tracks. Though this song is a little darker, with those squeals of electric guitar cutting in and out, it still packs that breezy feel in the chorus: go pre-order it here.

I Saw Young Buffalo & Matt Pond PA @ Stubbs

Upload Pond Buffalo 03On Sunday I started my week off on a positive note by heading down to see one of my long time favorite bands Matt Pond PA.  Making the evening even better was an opening set by a more recent favorite of mine Young Buffalo.  Though both bands could feel the sleepiness of the crowd due to possible long weekends, everyone seemed to have quite the good time.  Follow the jump for some thoughts and recent music from both bands.

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Minimalist Post Punk From Editors

editorsIf there’s one thing I love most of all, it’s a front man with brooding vocals. When I heard this track from the Editors (U.K.), the first thing I noticed were the deep and commanding vocals from Tom Smith, and then I let the rest of the tune wash over me with its minimal subtleties and found myself engrossed in the slow moving track. “No Harm” is the newest track from this band, and it’s taken from their untitled forthcoming LP which will be out sometime in the near future. This song is largely based around the vocals, but if you listen, there’s a lot of nuance going on– layers of synth upon evenly serene percussion and later on some smooth electric guitar.

_Linden Sets Up New LP with Slumberland Records

lindenSome labels get diagnosed with certain genres, and I’m sure I’m guilty when it comes to that sort of thought process with Slumberland Records.  However, some label owners, like the aforementioned, just want to give you great records, no matter the genre.  This is where _Linden fits into the catalog of Slumberland, providing listeners with the purest of pop.  The latest single from the band holds tight to a great melody, working around some spectacular guitar work; it doesn’t hurt that one Edwyn Collins handled some of the production duties here.  Great music supersedes genres and fans, permeating the ears and hearts of all, which is what I expect Rest and Be Thankful to do when it’s released on June 23rd.

Washer Blasts Out a Hit

washedoutI was immediately hooked on this new Washer single; it’s got discordant guitars ringing in your ear, but the vocal is what really got me into the tune.  There’s a familiarity in it, almost like early Braid, but then it takes on a scratchy yell to add some emphasis towards the end.  In less than two-minutes the band packs a huge punch to your eardrums, but they don’t stick around long enough to wear you out.  This tune’s definitely winning me over, which encourages me to pick up the band’s Split EP with Flagland when it hits on May 5th.

How I Have Not Heard of the Leisure Society

lsI troll the Internet constantly, always trying to find something that most folks haven’t hit on yet.  So how did I miss the Leisure Society.  My ears hear them as purveyors of orchestral pop, with just a slight dash of twee in there.  They remind me of a land where Efterklang meets Belle & Sebastian, with really great production. The song below has some sweet horn work, so if this is to your liking, then you’ll probably enjoy The Fine Art of Hanging On, which was just released by Full Time Hobby.

Zuli Is Doing It Different

zooliPop music got skewered by the major labels, forcing meaningless dribble down our throats for the last few decades.  But, there was a time when they were on board with glam rockers like Bowie and Bolan, so let’s fast forward to the present and visit Zuli.  He’s a New York songwriter, picking up where those greats left off, rocking a style that’s oft-overlooked in modern indie rock circles.  The guitar work takes the focus, but there’s a definite feeling of “boogie” lurking here for listeners who miss the glam of your stereo. His Supernatural Voodoo EP will be released on May 5th, and it should hopefully revitalize a lost genre, at least in my record collection.

Groovy Electro Pop From Violents

violents-coverViolents is quite the interesting project from Jeremy Larson in which he is releasing a series of EPs under this name, but each of these EPs all feature a different female vocalist. This time around, Stacy King is providing the vocals and on this first track, “Northeast,” from the next EP to be released, you can take in the lush sugary quality of her contribution atop the bouncy electro pop that Larson provides. Normally, this isn’t my type of jam, but I find myself shaking it to this song, and I’m sure you will too. Have a listen.

Slowcore from O. Chapman

10906312_10153013184579699_2869604486636749248_nThis new tune from O. Chapman drifted my way over the weekend, and it fit in completely with the dreary weather Austin encountered, including that ridiculous hail storm on Saturday night. Still, a great track succeeds despite the weather, and I think you’ll hear something you’ll love when listening to this tune. There’s a slow pace to the tune, allowing the band to really establish a vibe that sinks you into your chair, or your soul.  I like how there’s some little vocal samples hiding just beneath the track too…it’s a weird effect that definitely benefits the song. It’s part of the Art is Hard limited hand-cut 7″ series, so you’ve got to scramble to get one of the 25 available copies…otherwise just enjoy this tune.

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Download: O. Chapman – Best Friend [MP3]

Rock Away with Radioactivity

dirtynapListening to Radioactivity is never bad for the soul.  It’s fast, filled with great guitar licks and a touch of the hooks.  You can blast it while your running, while you’re angry or just to get yourself in a great mood, so it’s great to hear all of that in the band’s latest single, the first for their sophomore LP.  Their new effort is titled Silent Kill, and it’ll be released by Dirtnap Records on June 30th, but for now, you’ll just have to turn your stereo up a little louder, blow out and rockaway with this impressive first blast of rock n’ roll from the Texas natives.

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