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Power Pop from Mr. Bones

mrbonesThere’s something about a solid piece of power pop or guitar popthat just settles the soul. That something is present in the newest track from Mr. Bones, giving us a hint of what we’ll hear on Bites, their upcoming LP. It has sort of a slacker quality to it, though I don’t mean that to diminish the track by any means; it sounds so relaxed and spot on that it seems effortless. I’m hooked on the way the guitar sounds in particular…it’s nothing new, but something I hold dear to my heart. Look for their effort at the end of the month via Good Cheer Records.

Shake It To This New Lust For Youth Track

12510282_668774416558512_4248295164665006888_nIt’s very important to stretch before doing body rolls, so if you haven’t warmed up already, make sure to get in some quick stretching before you press play on this track. Lust For Youth, out of Copenhagen, are bound to have you ready to hit the dance floor, or to make any floor a dance floor with this new track, “Sudden Ambitions.” This track is huge– the synths swell and bounce while the vocals are right in your face and the beat pulses heavy through the whole song. I’m telling you, this song is a great way to get your body going on a Tuesday. Take a listen and get ready for Lust For Youth’s upcoming album,Compassion, which is out March 18th, via Sacred Bones Records.


New Single/Video From Kevin Morby

unnamed-23We’ve been tracking Kevin Morby and his work with Woods and The Babies for a long while now, and at this point that anything this man has a part in will be some sort of magical. Today, he’s shared a new video and debuted the single, “I Have Been To The Mountain,” which is classic Kevin Morby with a bit of a pop twist to it. It’s got this stewing haze to it, made possible by Morby’s vocals and the grumble of the electric guitar which cuts in and out. Meanwhile, the beat is kind of groovy, simmering underneath it all. It’s a damn great song, and the video is interesting to say the least. Make sure you check it out below and get ready for Morby’s upcoming album,Singing Saw, which is out April 15th onDead Oceans.



Digging On Worn-Tin

worntinWhen I pressed play on this Worn-Tin track, I thought this was just another run of the mill guitar driven tune, although I did like the layering of guitars atop one another. But, stick around pass the intro, and get yourself into the lyrical moments; it definitely has something different going on that you mightn’t expect. The way each note is delivered is interesting, and while there’s definite allusions to other acts, I feel like the core of this song’s really unique. His album Thanataphobia just got released recently, and as its come into my radar, it should be on yours too.

Sorry I Missed This: Keath Mead

meadIn case you were sleeping, Sunday Dinner, by Keath Mead was one of my favorite releases from last year. Mead has one of those incredible voices that echo in your head long after the record’s stopped spinning. But, he quietly released the below tune to welcome in 2016, and it’s just too good not to share with you. His voice is clearly on display, but those of you looking for an ornate bit of guitar playing will surely find solace in his work here, not to mention those ridiculous harmonies. I beg you to listen to this song as many times as your heart can handle today.

Here’s New Music from A Giant Dog

A Giant DogSabrina Ellis and Andrew Cashen have made a huge name for themselves over the past year with Austin’s Sweet Spirit, but I’ll admit that I’ve always gravitated towards their other project, A Giant Dog a little bit more; it has more energy and edge to it, which is exactly what you get on our first taste of their new LP for Merge Records. Ellis leads the band on over a tinkling bit of piano and driving guitar rhythms. You can almost see Sabrina doing her thing as the leader of this rowdy pack…and this time she brings way more hooks. Have fun with this one folks; PILE hits on May 6th.

New Single from T.O.Y.S

toysSpent a lot of time this weekend looking for hits left of the dial, and was lucky that Oddbox Records had just uploaded one of their newest acts, T.O.Y.S. If you’re looking for something along the line of delectable synth-driven pop music, then this tune’s definitely for you. Electronic notes form the background of the track, pushing it forward whilst the drums keep the beat steady. Of course, the key to a great song is including a nice melodic vocal, which also happens to be present throughout this song. It’s the first taste we get of their new album, Sicks, which is being released by the label on April 22nd in a limited run.

Great New Tune From Kyle Craft

Kyle Craft

I’ll always be a sucker for quality singer songwriters and Kyle Craft is a new artist on the scene who write some great tunes. Today I’ve got this one called “Lady of the Ark” to share with you peoples out there. Craft will be the first one to tell you who gets compared to Dylan frequently, which should be considered and honor, but I think the lad offers more than just some lazy comparison. The song is heartfelt and you can hear the passion in his voice. I suggest you check it out.

Craft will release Dolls of Highlandon April 29th via Sub Pop.

Dinner Announce Debut

dinnerJust so we can be all over the place today, musically speaking, I wanted to make sure we gave some love to this synth hit from Dinner, who’ve just announced their debut with Captured Tracks. The project belongs to Anders Rhedin, who is bouncing around the globe, producing his work, and here we have him doing a bedroom croon over his synthesized loops; you’ll want to take this with you to your next dance party. Psychic Lovers is out on April 1st via Captured Tracks…so sit back and absorb this tune.

Show Preview: A Night with Low @ the Parish (2.9)

lowTwenty years on and Low are still making some of the most important tunes of the indie rock genre. Their evolution since I Could Live in Hope and Long Division up until last year’s drastically overlooked Ones & Sixes illustrates the work the group has done to build their own sound and stretch the limits of expectations. Luckily for all of us, the band will be playing the whole night on their own, so there’s no telling what treats we will be given by the band. Tickets from the Parish are still available HERE, and the doors will open up at 8 PM…so you can expect a long evening of the most glorious music, and still make it home in time for proper rest.

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