Another Tune from the New Gingerlys Release

It’s probably a really unfair time for Gingerlys; people will unfortunately just give them the blanket comparison to Alvvays…not a bad thing per se, but just so you know, the Gingerlys released Jumprope EP several weeks before Alvvays had their first release. Just saying. Other than usage of melody and a female vocalist, the structure and sound of the songs definitely differs. Listen in the background for the way the guitars distortedly twinkle in the distance…and the vocals seem happy to sort of sit atop the mix, rather than propel the track. The self-titled LP from Gingerlys will be released on November 17th via Babe City/Topshelf; Alvvays fans will love it, but mostly people that have really good taste in music will love it.

Brand New SMiiLE Single

Austin’s SMiiLE have been on our radar for some time; we ran their album, Like a Diamond in the Rough, You Shine almost a year ago to this day. And here they are unleashing a new single unto the world, with a video to boot. All will be celebrated over at 2822 Salado St, with things kicking off around 8 PM. This new single still has the group’s ability to charm with infectious melodies, but there’s a little bit more grit, or punch here…illustrating the band’s growth in the short time they’ve been around. Come celebrate the band and their new single tonight, as they head out on tour to spread their positive vibes across the US. Oh, and our dear friends the Millbrook Estates will open, as will Marmalakes, so be there early. We have more news on Marmalakes, but we’ll save that for another day…we’re here to celebrate SMiiLE.

Fresh Music from Mush

I keep going back to the Art Is Hard page, hoping to find the new track from their Postcard Series (where is it!), but instead found this nice little jam from Mush. The group have just finished up a Double AA 7″ for the label, and you can fall in love with one of the tracks below. My ears hear little bits of Omni in the guitar chords, but also a touch of Ought in the way the vocals are delivered, as in they’re super casual. They take the latter half out for a joyride of jangling guitar jams, so keep your ears ready. Look for the new 7″ to be released on November 17th.

Enjoy the Latest from Gun Outfit

Something about this song feels like home. Gun Outfit have undoubtedly played a role in my at home listening, but this one has this general feeling of safety and welcome. Perhaps being a Texas has something to do with it, but the lyrical trading between male and female vocals almost has a familial storytelling vibe, while the guitar paces about your speakers. Some songs just have that ability to wrap you up in that security blanket, allowing you to immerse your soul in song…and that’s where this song carried me. The group will be releasing Out of Range on November 10th via Paradise of Bachelors.

Another New Ocean Party Video

The perks of running your own site? Putting up things you love, no matter how often you’ve written about them…like our obsession with The Ocean Party. They just released a new video for one of the tracks off their latest LP, Beauty Point. The video stars drummer Lachlan set over a collection of images taken while the band was recently touring Australia to promote the new record. I love how the song picks up near the 2.30 second mark, adding a nice barrage of pop! The new LP is available now from Emotional Response in the US…and Spunk everywhere else!

More Hook Laden Pop Rock from Tough Age

The more I listen to this new Tough Age track, the harder I fall. It has this timeless quality, infectious riffs and pounding rhythm, making way for a quick chorus. But, that’s all tried and true, so I’m really appreciating the gruff vocals on this number, not to mention the brief feedback squall; it adds an extra dimension that’s destined for listener gratification. Quick and to the point, nostalgic and fresh…all things that go with this single…and the band’s new album I Get the Feeling Central; it’s being released by Mint Records on October 20th.

Hear a New Sam Evian Tune

I should have known by the involvement of Chris Cohen that I was going to adore Sam Evian. He’s working on the follow-up to Premium, and if this is any indicator, we’re in for something quite special. His vocals take on that ethereal quality, almost feathery in their presentation…they just ride the horizon of the mix perfectly. Drum work is steady, handled by Cohen, and the arrangements texturize the track in a way that few other artists imitate. Somewhere in the realm between Papercuts and the returned Clientele lives Sam Evian…and it’s beautiful to be a part of it.

Remember The Ladies: Female Artists To Catch at ACL

Y’all– it’s almost here. This weekend and next weekend are set to be a riotous amount of fun and shenanigans at the 2017 Austin City Limits music fest at Zilker Park. While you’re nailing down those last minute schedule arrangements and figuring out who you’re going to see during your three days of partying, I’ll ask you to to remember the ladies. As the resident lady writer here at ATH, I’ve compiled a list of acts that just so happen to be female fronted that may have fallen below your radar until this point. Follow the jump to get acquainted with some tunes you’ll not want to miss come this weekend and next.

(Heads Up–Solange isn’t on here. Her near-headlining set should already be on your radar)

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Jangly Pop From Feral Conservatives

Some of you are probably saying, “man is this guy in love with Egghunt Records or what?”. Maybe I am, but it’s super easy to like the label when they are pumping out so many quality releases lately. Today I’m sharing this new track “Angels” from new label members Feral Conservatives. It’s a really bright bit of pop music with some clean and provocative female vocals provided by Rashie Rosenfarb. Think Cruiserweight if they toned down the pop punk vibe a little bit.

Feral Conservatives will drop new album Better Lives on November 3rd via Egghunt Records. Pre-order that thing now!

Kicking It with NE-HI

The Chicago scene is popping off this week; we’ve already tossed out a great new Pool Holograph tune, and now here we are with a rad new NE-HI video. This new song employs the group’s signature twanging guitar vibe, while still bringing in a bouncing stomp that begs you to tap your toes. If any band’s going to bring you an infectious little indie jam, it’ll probably come from these guys. You’ll hear this new song on the band’s new 7″, slated for release on November 3rd via Grand Jury, just as the band venture off on a pretty extensive tour!

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