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Enjoy New Music from ZKPR

zoosSome days, especially Wednes days, you really need something playful.  Something spirited to kick start your afternoon, so I wanted to toss out this sweet little ditty from Chicago’s ZKPR (not to be confused with Zookeeper).  It’s an energetic song that you can find on the band’s recent album, Tall Men with Feelings, which just saw a release yesterday.  Just a little pick me up of fun for your afternoon, so hope you enjoy it.

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Download: ZKPR – Otter Rock Cafe [MP3]

Introducing The Penny Serfs


The Penny Serfs got their start back in 2012, when these three gents who were originally on the production side of the music world decided to come together to see what they could give to the creative scene. The result is their first release coming to you in the form of a self-titled EP at the start of 2015. They’ve premiered the track “Dead Love” over here , and it’s also below, to give you a hint of the American indie rock sound. It’s a clean rock and roll  sound, and it’s got a nice choral hook to it. Listen and hear for yourself.


Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith: Check It

katyIt’s really difficult to create something mesmerizing when you’re limiting yourself to the use of one instrument, but that doesn’t seem to be the case with Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith.  Her new effort, Euclid, has her spending studio hours working with a Buchla Music Easel synthesizer, throwing in really light touches of vocals in the distance.  That being said, this track’s more than just your average affair, showing an artist working to craft her own genre altogether.  For me, those little vocal moments really make the song something special, utilizing the gift of voice as another instrument in her textural work.  Look for the new record on January 20th via Western Vinyl.

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Download: Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – Sundry [MP3]

New Music and News From Lady Lamb The Beekeeper

unnamed (1)

Lady Lamb The Beekeeper, aka Aly Spaltro, has signed to Mom + Pop Records and has announced a new album that will be coming your way March 3rd of next year. This may seem quite a ways off before After, the new LP, will be released, but it will be here before you know it and until then, Spaltro has given you a track from this album to entice and hold you over in the meantime. “Billions of Eyes” has me fawning over the combination of both laid back and high strung pop sensibilities. Spaltro’s voice is pushed to its limits at one moment and then released to its relaxed lower register in the next. Take a listen and preorder the album here.

Can You Dig ScotDrakula

sdWednesday’s are always good for some crunchy rock n’ roll, which is perfect since we’ve got this rad track from ScotDrakula to offer you today.  The Australian three-piece have some similarities to everyone’s favorite modern garage-rockers, but this, like Natural Child, seems to be more inspired by the history of Nashville songwriting.  There’s still some grit coming forth in the howl of frontman Matt, so you’ll definitely get your rock n’ roll dosage for the day.  The group are releasing a double-cassette on December 16th via Fleeting Youth Records, which will include their album Burner and their Break Me Up EP, which is where this tune finds a home.

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Download: ScotDrakula – Stupid Everything [MP3]

More Fun Hits from Quarterbacks

quarterbacksI just can’t stop listening to this record.  The songs are quick and to the point, yet they’re always infectious, getting stuck in your head.  But, like the song below, they’re all fairly short, so the listen isn’t daunting by any means; it’s refreshing in fact, blasting through with fun hooks in under 30 minutes.  I implore you to look beyond perceived simplicity in the lyrics and just indulge in what’s been a great surprise from Quarterbacks.  They’re self-titled album will be in stores on February 10th courtesy of Team Love Records.

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Of Montreal Continue Sonic Versatility

quebecI’ve been jamming to the music of Of Montreal for well over a decade now, and I honestly never have an idea what on Earth Kevin is going to release with his band.  Just last year they offered up the masterstroke, Lousy with Sylvianbriar, but it looks as if the group are going to delve back into their funky bits for their latest release, Aureate Gloom.  Still, there’s something in Barnes’ composition, and his voice (!), that always draws me into his work, so any new album is bound to have something great, for my ears anyways.  This new LP will be released by Polyvinyl Records on March 3rd, just in time for the band to bring the funk to their hordes of fans…including myself.

Shelflife Records Bring You The Turns

theturns_PR_mdThere are some labels who just don’t know how to release bad records, and Shelflife Records is one of those you can always trust.  This time around, the label is going to bring you the Gone EP from LA-based The Turns.  The band’s known for being indebted to a slightly psychedelic period, though the track that I’ve chosen has a softer, more simplistic approach. Here you’ll hear the group walking that careful line between that genre and classic indiepop, utilizing male vocals with a female backing voice to really strengthen the song’s vibe.  The label is releasing it as a digital EP as of now, with a cassette version to follow in early 2015.

Belle and Sebastian Grace Us With “Nobody’s Empire”

1524251_10152547823483500_3663750487855854875_oOk, so we have loved Glasgow’s Belle and Sebastian for a long time, so you’ll forgive us if this video is old news to you via the buzz that is bound to stir around it in internet land. Regardless, this new video for track “Nobody’s Empire,” which features fan submitted footage, also allows us to listen to another new track from the band’s forthcoming 9th studio LP, Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance. This new LP is slated to come out January 20th of next year, and you can bet that we here have our calendar’s marked and are beyond ready to scoop this up… especially after listening to this new track below, which has Stuart Murdoch spinning longwinded tales in his lyrics once again. Watch it below, get excited, and preorder the album.

New Ty Segall EP + Playable 3D Glasses!!

unnamedTy Segall, who we all know and love, hot off his album Manipulator, is known never to take long after one release before embarking on the next. Lucky for you, that means that you always have something to look forward to, and that something comes to you today in the form of Segall’s announcement of his Mr. Face EP, which looks like its going to be pretty special in the fact that this 2 x 7″ release serve as a pair of 3D glasses in addition to holding new Ty Segall tunes for you to love. You can preorder this EP here, which will be coming out in early January. Kick it old school with a tune below to remind yourself just how excited you’ll be when this rad EP comes in the mail.

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