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Enjoy This Little Racer Tune

lr_portrait2_andrewsegretiSometimes songs can be really hard to resist, and this little jam “Jack Knife” from Little Racer is one of those songs I’m finding irresistible today.  When we get right down to it, I doubt many folks would disagree with me when I say this track is so easy to like and full of every bit of all the great things about pop music.  I dare you to play it only once.

Little Racer have a new EP entitled Foreign Tongues due out on June 16th via Papercup Music.

ATX Spotlight: Orthy Covers Tom Petty

OrthyYep, another cover, another day.  But, Austin’s Orthy don’t just cover Tom Petty’s “Listen to Her Heart,” they totally reimagine the song itself, leaving no resemblance of the original save the lyrics.  There’s these dark electronic pulses during the chorus, while the remainder of the song is a smoothed-out electro croon.  The song features on a digital release that just came out this week via Dither Down, allowing listeners the chance to also listen to various remixes from the group’s E.M.I.L.Y. EP, which we raved about last year.  Give it a listen, and enjoy your day just a little better.

Skittle Alley Unleash Two More Demos

skittlesCan these guys release an album already! Earlier this year we were treated to a nice little studio demo of a new Skittle Alley tune, and just yesterday they unleashed two more great tunes in the demo version; they have me, as well as other indiepop fans aching for the group’s new album. One of the tunes is an oldie that was recorded, while the other just seems to be a beautiful new piece that will hopefully appear from the band later.  It doesn’t matter where or when really, as we should spend the rest of our day just appreciating these delightful tunes, so here you go.

Grunge Pop From Franky Flowers

10988325_1610313425864842_1388397097689672816_oWho doesn’t love those grungey pop songs that remind you of yesteryear? Well, this track from Franky Flowers is sure to get you feeling loads of nostalgia today with their fuzzed out sound. “Sneakers” has sort of a Modest Mouse feel to it, with both its twangy and heavy guitars; the song is a mix between meandering pop and grunged out rock and roll. I’m digging this track, which was just recently released as an EP you can pick up here.

Why Not Post This Kid Wave Song?

11062747_867581376647306_8640502923917984062_oKid Wave are on the cusp of releasing their first full-length record, and from the sound of the singles they’ve been putting out, including the one below, you don’t wanna miss out on this London act. “Best Friend” has Kid Wave at their best: slacker indie rock that’s just laid back enough to seem easy, but when you listen closely, you’ll hear the level of nuance that this band of youths bring to that genre. The deep set vocals of Lea Emmery are paired nicely with some cutting electric guitar, which follow each other through the song. Wonderlust is out June 1st via Heavenly Recordings. 

Heavy Handed Psych Rock from Ancient Sky

ancientsAdmittedly, I took some time off from the psych rock last week; too much of a good thing can be a bad thing…or so my mom said.  But, I’m returning this week with a real heavy burner of a tune from Ancient Sky, who we’ve featured on these pages before.  For the first two minutes, the song does read as your fairly run-of-the-mill blend of psych, but soon enough, you’ll hear the band pound on the drums, rip through the distorted guitar riffs and shout at the top of their lungs.  It provides listeners with a nice little twist, leaving you with more of a sludgy rocker than a psych tune.  The band will release their new album, Mosaic, on June 9th via Wharf Cat Records.

Is It Too Early For DRINKS?

19610_10155452533335391_6948918671521668370_nIs that even a real question? No, but it’s also not too early for the new project of Cate Le Bon and Tim Presley of White Fence, called DRINKS. Not only have they announced this new project, but they’ve also shared that their debut album will be coming out August 21st. That album shares the title with the song below, “Hermits On Holiday,” which starts out mellow with just Cate’s distinctive vocals and guitar, but as the song winds up, it emerges as a hodgepodge pop number with a rustic flair.

ATX Spotlight: The Midgetmen Prep 5th Album

midgetsI have the utmost respect for all four dudes in the Midgetmen. For years the band has bounced around the local Austin music scene, cranking out infection pop punk at their own pace.  They’re not looking to break down barriers, they’re just looking to play rock n’ roll the way they like it; turned up loud and blasting it with your friends over a few bottles of Bud. This track is the lead tune off their 5th album, Hobbytown, and that should say a great deal about the band themselves, able to handle the highs and lows of The Festival Capital of the World. They’ll be celebrating the release of their album at the Blackheart on June 27th.

Black Twig Cover Venom

blakieIt seems, to me anyways, that a great deal of bands cover one another nowadays, so it’s a nice touch that Black Twig has opted to go all the way back to Venom‘s 1981 catalog to cover “In League with Satan.” They’ve removed the demonic touches of the original, choosing to favor the smoothed out heavy-folk the band have been working with since their last album, Heliogram.  They’re offering up this cover as part of a single they’re releasing with label Soliti this Friday, also offering some redux versions of previously released tracks.  It’s a different beast lurking here, but one you’ll love all the same.

Video Premiere: Auditorium

auditSailing vocals and careful craftsmanship are the biggest thing on display in this new single/video from LA’s Auditorium.  Sure, the adorable child at the heart of the video isn’t one to be ignored, but I love the way the songwriting sparkles through every moment in this song. The song owes a debt to the voice behind it all, Spencer Berger, whose classically trained chops definitely shine the brightest; it’s one of those special voices like Antony, where you can’t pull yourself away…a perfect example of the voice being operated at the highest level.  Give some time to this video today.


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