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Austin Spotlight: Stream Southern Boutique’s Album

sbThere’s always been a bit of mystery in the work of Southern Boutique, comprised of members of the now defunct act, Tiger Waves; they’ve always remained relatively hidden, choosing to focus on recording great songs.  So, it comes as no surprise that they quietly began to stream their album today, asking for little other than your pure enjoyment, and enjoy you will.  I’ve always admired the boys for their craftsmanship, and their focus on perfecting every inch of tape is evident throughout the entirety of this LP.  There’s no word on when it’ll have a physical release, but just take some time today to drift away this afternoon with one of Austin’s best kept secrets.

Bishop Allen Gives Us Another Pop Hit

bishoWe’re less than a month away from the new Bishop Allen LP,  and it looks to offer us a whole lot of enjoyment as we wrap up our summer.  We previously shared “Start Again,” which was an immediate pop hit.  This new song, keeps vibe going, utilizing really light guitar lines and washes of keyboards to craft a pulsating verse that’s met by a quiet whirlpool of sugary delight.  Their new record, Lights Out, hits on August 19th via Dead Oceans, wrapping up what’s been a pretty fun summer of listening activities.  I can’t wait for you folks to hear this album, so get another little taste below.

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New Music From Celestial Shore

174It’s been just about a year since I first discovered Brooklyn based act Celestial Shore and immediately fell in love with the sound they create.  I originally found the band to be this sort of quirky indie pop fairly similar to Dirty Projectors, but now it seems the band have grown up a bit and found some focus and maturity for their new material.  See what I’m talking about with this new track called “Gloria” that definitely shows a band capable of writing some great, more traditional pop numbers.  You’ll still find a bit of quirkiness here, though not quite as “out there” when compared to their previous work, this is a strong single to preview the new material.

New album, Enter Ghost, will be available on October 14th via Home Tapes.

FFF9 Aqua Olympics Announced

fff9 water olympicsThe chill bros and bro-ettes at Fun Fun Fun Fest have release some details on this year’s Aqua Olympics.

Fiesta Gardens, 2101 Jesse E. Segovia St.
DJs: Flying Turns
4pm – 8pm
Registration @ 4pm (first come, first served)

You will need to start practicing now for Paddle Board Joust, Paddle Board Relays, the Belching Contest and the Celebrity Tug-of-War. I am not sure they will use celebrities as the rope for the tug or if you will be joined by celebrities. If that wasn’t enough to witness, the lake jump ramp will be back as well as the usual camp challenges like the balloon toss and sack race. …and of course they will have the taco cannon! You could win passes of all flavors and Fest Merch.


Contest: A Sunny Day in Glasgow @ Mohawk (7/21)

onoc2zasmjvwzyost0hyThe upcoming week in Austin is yet another busy one in the music scene for the live show addict.  Kicking off next week right is a great show on Monday night at Mohawk headlined by recent albums of 2014.5 list makers A Sunny Day in Glasgow.  We’ve got a couple of tickets to give away for this one and we’d love to get you on the list with a +1 for your friend.  To win, just enter a comment below about anything you want and we’ll pick a winner over the weekend.  Don’t forget to leave a valid email address so we can get in touch with you.  Ready, set, go.

Folks attending the show should make sure to get there early for locals The Villettes and Wildfires.

New Music from Mega Bog

megaWhen I first played this new single from Mega Bog, I was taken aback momentarily.  It seemed like this casual piece of dreamy pop music with an 80s glint via the horns introduction.  But, a few spins later and I’m having trouble turning this song off.  There’s this hidden pace behind the ambling guitar and rolling drums, which balances out the softened delivery of the vocals from Erin Birgy.  It’s one of those songs I could listen to all day long, and I have a feeling you might feel the same.  The new record from the group, Gone Banana, will be released on September 23rd via Couple Skate.

The Muffs Return!

75-atlgAfter a close to 10 year hiatus, SoCal veteran rockers The Muffs are returning this year with a much anticipated full length LP of new material.  To be perfectly honest, I’m likely guilty of only knowing a few songs from the band back in the 90s, but I’ll be looking to change that after today.  If you’re like me and this is some of your first exposure to the band, check out new single “Weird Boy Next Door” and you’ll see why many a fanboy are making a big deal about the new material.  I love the fast paced, in your face pop punk style here that remains fresh while still keeping some of the 90s throwback sounds.

New album, Whoop Dee Doo, is out July 29th on Burger Records.

Intimate Number From Chris Staples

10440874_10152250750192857_1649314468670230278_nSeattle based musician Chris Staples is often times more well known for the artists he frequently supports as a guitarist than for his own outstanding solo material.  Today I want to put the spotlight on Chris and share with you his beauty of a new single called “Hold Onto Something”.  You can expect a mellow tune that may take some time to get under your skin and find a home, but once it does, you will find it’s not going anywhere.  Chris easily has one of my favorite voices in the business.

Pick up new album, American Soft, on August 12th via Barsuk Records.

ATH Alumni, Literature, Sign to Slumberland Records

litThe first record we ever put out on ATH Records was in conjunction with our good friends over at Square of Opposition Records; it was with Literature, who were at the time, an Austin act, before moving off to Philly.  That album, Arab Spring, has already gone through several presses, and we still have a few laying about, but more importantly, their new album has just been announced with Slumberland Records.  The lead single is enough to show you why they’ve quietly built a huge name for themselves, just off the gifts of their songwriting.  You’re going to want to pick up Chorus when it’s released on August 19th…and if you’re inclined, you can pick up their first LP HERE or HERE.

Catchy Pop from Lunchbox

lunchboxAfter a brief name change to Birds of California, Lunchobx has returned to their name sake in order to release a brand new album, said to be their best in their 15+ year career.  Their working with Jigsaw Records to release Lunchbox Loves You, which will hit the world running on August 12th.  The song moves along with a raucous bit of pop, but just beyond a minute and a half, they offer a more soothing twist on their current offering, escorted to the song’s ending by some nice horn accompaniment.  It’s a nice dosage of pop, and one that’s sure to get you excited about the band’s return.

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