Brand New Tunes from The Crystal Furs

crystalfursNot too long ago we were introduced to the indiepoppers, The Crystal Furs, hailing from a few miles North of us in Ft. Worth. Well, they just upped two brand new tracks that I think you’re going to love…at least I do. I love “Miss Hughes” in particular, blending aspects of Camera Obscura whilst putting on a janglier touch with the guitars. It’s a wonderful way for you to start off you Monday morning. Can’t wait to see these guys finally come to Austin. Happy Monday folks.

Another Hit from The Hairs

thehairsEverything I’ve heard from The Hairs up to this point as been refreshing. His songs are filled with bits of indiepop, lo-fi bedroom and hints of power-pop, which definitely always makes me giddy. Still, like the single below, the vocals have a clarity and the song’s themselves are so catchy that it’s hard not to find the lyrics getting stuck inside your head. It’s just another great reason while you’ll find yourself singing the songs within While I Hated Life, Barbarian…it comes out today via Old Flame Records.

Brand New EP from The Wind-Up Birds

windupbirdsLong ago I wrote about the Wind-Up Birds, and I’ve kept an eye out for new tunes from the group, and that day has finally come…they just released The Right, a new EP featuring 5 new tracks. I love that their sound goes back a few years to some of the heavy-hitting post-punk that was blasting out of Britain in the 00s, like Art Brut. There’s the same sort of spoken-word vocal delivery with distorted energy blasting through the rest of your speakers. It’s filled with energy and just the right amount of noise to keep it cool. Stream it below.

Rip It Up DJ Night @ Cheer Up Charlies (6.25)

rip_it_upIf you follow this site, you know by now that I’m a huge indiepop/jangle pop/post-punk fan. It’s one of my favorite genres, and I’ve been hoping that somehow the rest of Austin catches on to it. So, with our friends that helped organize the ATX Popfest and Welcome to the Jangle, we’re organizing what we hope will be a monthly DJ residency (with shows to come in the future) to share our favorite genre. Tomorrow night at Cheer Up Charlies, at 7 PM, we’ll be kicking things off, with a few well-regarded DJs, including Nathaniel from Literature. Come by, sit with your friends and enjoy great tunes, then you can go out on the town. Event page HERE. We’ll probably play this song:

Slow Burner from Fire to the Stars

fireIn yet other Australian news, Fire to the Stars have just signed up with Seahorse Records to release their eponymous debut. This track is a brooding number, slowly building the song’s structure via the voice. It’s interesting, as the song begins with the purity of that vocal, pushing ahead slowly, building the wall of sound behind. Eventually, the noise breaks through, but I like that it’s restrained; it’s not too distorted or atmospheric, but almost pretty, if that makes sense. You’ll have to take a listen on your own in order to get into it, then look for the album for your own personal collection.

New Music from the Ocean Party

oceanpartyLast year we released Light Weight on our ATH Records label, but the boys in Ocean Partynever stop writing great songs, and they’re already back with another album for Spunk Records. It’s a spirited number, further displaying the band’s growth; they no longer sound like just another bunch spewing the dole wave gospel, but rather a fully formed collective of great pop songwriters. Maturity might be the best word, but no one’s worn it better than these lads. Oh, and they kicked out a great video to go with the song that you can check out over HERE. Restless will come your way later on in this year, with a US tour scheduled for early 2017.

Pleased to Meet You: Garden Gate

gardengateJust a little bit ago, we introduced you to Golden Brown, one of the newer labels out in the world, and today, they return the favor by introducing my to Garden Gate. In listening to this first single from the band’s upcoming record, Dark Harvest, you can immediately feel the psychedelic influences…frankly it’s on the cover art as well. But, upon repeated listens, the interesting thing I found is how similar the group might be to fans of Air…synth work and pop sensation galore. It’s definitely a newer twist on the genre, and a sweet find for me. Look for the album on August 5th.

New Music from Ritual Howls

ritualhowsRitual Howls are not here to make you dance. They’re bringing a different set of electronic compositions, ones designed to haunt your late night walks through darkened alleys. There’s a feeling of overwhelming anxiety, a suffocating eeriness that dangerously brings about the underbelly of pop structures the band implores. This is our first listen to music from their forthcoming album, Into the Water, which is going to see a release on August 19th via Felte. See that dark hole on the album artwork in the left corner? Like the music in this track, it’s waiting to swallow you whole.

Danceable Pop from Teeth & Tongue

teethandtongueJust got word that Melbourne’s not just all about guitar rock, though I think we already knew that. Teeth & Tongue, the project of Jess Cornelius, are the latest export, signing with Captured Tracks in the US to release the next album, Give Up On Your Health. The first single we’ve heard is an energetic hit; it’s also catchy as all get out. It sort of reminds me of something Blondie would be doing if they had come of age in the current landscape. Look for this to take the US by storm when it’s released this September.

Epic Rocker From NOTS

unnamed (4)We’ve talked about Memphis based NOTS on this here website in the past and they are one of those bands we eagerly wait to hear more from. Today our thirst for new music is quenched with this epic new single entitled “Entertain Me”. Prepare yourself before hitting play because this thing is an epic, 7 minute long, punk rock jam session. It’s full of grit, wailing guitars and vocals, and all things badass.

NOTS will release new album Cosmetic on September 9th via Goner Records.

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