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More Music from Stutter Steps

stutterstepsIf I haven’t told you guys how much I cherish the new album from Stutter Steps then perhaps I’ve made a huge mistake. The self-titled record is one of the few records that came across my desk this year that just didn’t fit in with the normal fare…in a good way. On this new track, you get a nice male versus female duel on the vocals, almost so perfect in its execution that the tune could survive without music. But, there’s this jangling indie rock approach by the band, bringing the song forward and pushing the energy fully behind the vocals. You can grab this album next week from Wild Kindness Records…and you’ll be wise to do so. 

Indiepop Joy from The Keep Left Signs

11393329_10153538320074014_8047800131827082902_oWe still don’t know too much about the Keep Left Signs, but I won’t deny that every note we’ve heard from them has us rather excited, or at least me. I got pointed in the direction of new songs just yesterday, and it appears these guys are near readying an album or an EP. They tossed up a few new tracks, and man, can I have these already? One of the tracks I have is a slower indiepop jam, while the other has a little bit more pacing behind it. Regardless, I’m dying to know more about these guys…as well as a future release. I’ll give you more as I get more.

Show Preview: Wednesday in Austin – Growl, Lunar Gold, Nic Armstrong

austin_mainMidweek Show? Why not. There’ s a bunch on the bill this week…some local, some travelers. Hotel Vegas has Growl and Que Pasa, but I’d also like to point out that Winter is coming in from Cali…and that band was incredible during SXSW (Show starts at 10). Or, you can head on out over to Spiderhouse for a slew of great acts…Sailor Poon, Lunar Gold, Bloody Knives; it’s a night of great local acts that you should already have on your radar (Show starts at 7). Also, those of you looking for something a little different might want to see Nic Armstrong and the Thieves doing their thing at Hole in the Wall (Show starts at (9:30).  I’ll toss out some jams below to give you some insight as to where you might want to go tomorrow night.


Lunar Gold:

Nic Armstrong:

New Klaus Johann Grobe

kjg_promo1 (1)Wow. Trouble In Mind should really have no problem selling this new 7″ they’re releasing from Klaus Johann Grobe, or maybe that’s just my opinion. But, imagine the crossroads where Peter Bjorn and John meet up with Stereolab, drawing upon a relaxing sensation of pop and electronic experimentation. In the end, this A-side sounds like the perfect lounge act for those of your friends with really good tastes, working with some killer harmonies that draw you in, no matter what language you speak. It’s just a feel good tune, particularly as I’m staring out my window at showering rains. Look for it in shops on December 4th.

Brothertiger Should Brighten Your Day


John Jagos and his project known as Brothertiger has picked up some positive praise on ATH over the years, and I’ve grown to admire the music despite my typical avoidance of the electronic genre.  My admiration grows even more today with this enchanting new track “Out of Touch”.  I’m fascinated with the way Jagos can create a beautiful pop song here, and though it might be labeled synth or electronic, it’s truly just a great pop song.  Enjoy.

You can pick up Out of Touch on December 4th.

Catching Up with Nap Eyes

nappyWay back in 2014 we were way into Nap Eyes, and it seems the rest of the world is catching on to our love there…everyon’es really high on this act at the moment. Yesterday, news broke of their forthcoming sophomore release, Thought Rock Fish Scale. This single doesn’t have too much going on in it musically; it’s a casual ditty worked around some really relaxed guitar work and quiet percussive moments. But, what I think it striking folks is that it’s putting some literary content back into the world, which a great deal of artists seem to have shied away from…so it’s good to get something like this on the radar. Paradise of Bachelors will be releasing the band’s new album on February 5th of next year.

Let’s Get Emotional With Prawn

unnamed (8)After seeing American Football twice during Fun Fest, I’ve found myself much more open to the slow, melodic, emo style music from the late 90s and early 00’s.  Today my need for throwback sounding emo comes our way from New Jersey based group Prawn with their new single “Seas”.  As I’ve clearly put forward already, this one is for fans of all your favorite groups from the Polyvinyl, Barsuk, Jade Tree, etc. era.  This sweet tune appears on a new split with New York’s own Moving Mountains due out November 17th on Triple Crown Records (pre-order).

Pleased to Meet You: Odd Hope

oddhopeAs of late, I’ve been scouring the Internet trying to find things that I hadn’t heard before, or that you haven’t heard before. In that process, I landed upon the extremely fascinating sounds of Odd Hope. It’s the work of Tim Tinderholt, and fame or not, these two songs from his new Brave and Olde 7″ are simply remarkable. There’s an understated quality to them, a simplicity that charms from the minute you press play. I think you’ll find that listening to these two tracks will immediately turn you on to Tim’s work, leaving you with your new favorite artist. I can’t wait to hear more from this guy, but for now I share with you my sweet find. The 7″ is available from Fruits and Flowers.

Give the Donkeys Some Love

donkWhen I was listening to this new track it dawned on me (via the player count) that not enough people were listening to this brand new single. It’s kind of a bummer because I don’t feel like there are too many bands out there rocking this blend of indie folk and sunny pop quite the way these guys do. Sure, you might not hear anything perfectly exciting or new, but you should definitely realize that this sort of musical execution doesn’t come across every day. I’m begging you to take a listen to this song, let it sink in, and love on the Donkeys. They’ve got a new mini-LP coming your way via Easy Sound Recordings in the first part of 2016.

Show Preview: Here We Go Magic @ the Sidewinder (11.17)

herewegomagicBefore the show season hits a halt and lets us settle into the Holiday season, we should all take advantage of the great traveling acts still coming to our fair city. One such act, who’ve always done well here, is Here We Go Magic; they come into town to play at The Sidewinder tomorrow night at 6:30 PM. The group comes into town supporting their latest release, Be Small, which has been well received far and wide. It focuses on the gentle building of pop structures within the confines of Luke Temple’s mind, always sounding elaborate and ornate simultaneously. Joining them will be Brooklyn’s Big Thief and local up-and-comers Cross Record; I promise you that Cross Record will be the band on everyone’s lips next year, if they aren’t already. Show is $12 HERE, with doors at 6:30 PM…so you can get home and get some sleep.


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