The Wind-Ups Announce Try Not to Think

I don’t know what’s happened to the water in California as of late, but every tune coming out of the state is fucking brilliant. This track from the Wind-Ups just tore through my speakers as I didn’t heed the warning to not turn up to 11! Drums pound and the guitars just scream with distortion, but while I love that, and my eardrums still shake, the hidden gem comes in some of the vocal’s and their slide nod towards pop; I love how it captivates you with this thunderous wall of noise, then slips a note under your door to say “Surprise, its a pop song!” This feels like its going to rip; look for Try Not to Think on Mt. St. Mtn.

Carter Tanton Shares Uneven High Places

When Carter Tanton went to record his latest LP, he called in his friends in the War on Drugs to serve as the backing band for his project. But, as he sat on the recordings, he opted instead to strip the full band sound and go with this more delicate approach, as you get here on the latest single “Uneven High Places.” This song, like many on the record, steps on the back of gentle piano notes to set up the emotional pull; the notes at times almost seem like they’re tip-toeing through your speakers, careful not to wake anyone sleeping. Tanton’s voice echoes, like its soul is trapped in some glass box, struggling to release every intimate note. You’re not likely to find a more personable tune out there today. The self-titled LP is out May 7th via Western Vinyl.

Rock n’ Recipes: Flowertown

It’s been a hot minute since we’ve done a proper run with Rock n’ Recipes, so wanted to return this year with a banger; we were fortunate enough to catch up with Mike and Karina of Flowertown. They recently announced that they’ll be putting two of their recent EPs for Paisley Shirt Records onto one great LP for Mt. St. Mtn. If you’re not familiar with the duo, you might have heard lots of buzz about their other projects like Cindy or Tony Jay, but jump below to catch up on the current work! Pre-Order the LP HERE.

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PACKS Share New TV Video

Let’s be clear, I’m a huge fan of this PACKS video; I love joyous moments, whether they’re performed or not, so just the sheer amount of smiling and laughter here is more than welcome. As for the song, it definitely feels close to the likes of Cherry Glazer, flirting with sort of garage rock sensibility but presented in a slightly new fashion, tugging on dreamier notes. The plodding drum feels super heavy, like you’re stomping in quicksand, but that muddiness works well with Madeline Link’s soaring pipes, curling her pop sensibility around each note. The Toronto band releases Take the Cake on May 21st via Royal Mountain/Fire Talk.

Blue Ocean Announce New Album for Paisley Shirt Records

I think most people who buy records and tapes tend to have their go-to labels, and it’s great to have a reliable source for good tunes. The last few years, Paisley Shirt Records has been bringing us a pretty solid catalog of great pop tunes, and now they’re adding Oakland’s Blue Ocean to that mix. For me, listening through to the album’s opener, it’s like listening to DJ Screw, only if you were into really heavy shoegaze and indiepop. The song’s core is this bouncing rhythmic pop pulse, but its been chopped and screwed by this thunderous wall of feedback and noise; I get that that analogy does not work for everyone out there…but the tune speaks for itself! The whole self-titled album is out on April 16th (though you can find some of the tunes elsewhere!).

Cross Wires Dop 24 Roehampton Street

A lot of folks have had to turn to new techniques to get their music out there, which is where popular producer Rory Attwell comes into help East London outfit Cross Wires. The group, known for riotous live sets, had some live recordings of a handful of new tracks before the pandemic shut the world down. Attwell was able to use his wizardly tricks and create a new single, which will certainly have the band on your radar. At times, they sound like harnessed Hot Snakes, the rhythm section pounding as the vocals howl atop the mix. Still, when it comes down to it, the chorus and some of the early vocal moments hint at this rising pop sensibility, thus making me a steadfast supporter. It’s like ballsy rock you wanna scream to with your friends…so get to it.

Some Updates from Austin Music Scene

I was just reading some responses from some friends about San Francisco’s current fire-hot music scene…and whilst reading, I was going back and looking at Bandcamp Friday and all that was hot in Austin; there was so much stuff it was hard to keep up! Some times we take it for granted, but aside from that great Dead Space tune we ran…there were a bunch of other gems we really loved. No need to get too wordy…you just want the songs anyways.

The Dead Space Return with Chlorine Sleep

The Dead Space were one of our favorite Austin acts with their album Faker, but then, they quietly walked away while the various members worked on other projects. Seven years later and the band are back with a vengeance, announcing Chlorine Sleep for 12XU Records. The track kicks in with this wavering squall of back and forth discord, guitars ripping through your speakers as the drums pound you into submission. Quin’s vocal howl is as punctuated as ever, at home in ear shattering element; this is definitely dropping in the band’s noisier side, so it’ll be interesting to hear if the full LP drops into any pop territory. Regardless, what a welcome return! The LP drops on May 7th.


Love, Burns Shares Special Single

By now our adoration for Phil Sutton should be known to you, whether he’s working Pale Lights or his solo project, Love, Burns. Today, he’s offering up a glimpse at what he’s got coming down the pipeline, with an alternative mix on one of the new tunes from his next LP. It’s got this heavy classic pop vibes, as if you’re hanging out in some seedy den watching the world whiz by you, carefully captivated. But, you also get an exclusive single here, with a little more classic pop sounds; I really love the way Phil pushes his vocals on the chorus moment in this tune, soaring over those jangling guitar chords. Plus, the drumming from Hampus Ohman-Frolund is quite special. If you grab the single, all proceeds are going to Sandy Hook Promise!

Listen to Cybertimes from Je Suis France

Once again here I am just spending my morning jamming to something from a few weeks ago that I should have gotten into way earlier, namely Cybertimes. The EP is a back and forth collection of carefully constructed soundscapes and these oddball pop indulgent tunes from Je Suis France. On the opening tune, you get this sort of soft Dinosaur Jr meets Built to Spill vibe, which is worth the price of entry alone. But, then you can get into the sort of Kraftwerk-ian vibes of “Spearfisher (Purple Bread Pt.2)” before jumping to the synth-accented ballad “If You Please” that closes out the EP. It’s a NYP fee, which is perfect for tomorrow’s Bandcamp Day, so listen through, then put it on your radar for tomorrow.

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