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  • Top 25 Albums of 2019

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Born Idiot Share I’d Rather Lie

This Fall, our friends over at Geographie will be releasing Full Time Bored, the brand new long-player from Born Idiot. This past week, they dropped this brand new single, which I’ve taken quite a liking to this morning. It’s a subtle pop number, almost as if it draws inspiration from the modern bedroom pop tendencies; it feels almost quite and soothing. That said, this is a full band affair, meaning you get a little more texture and swell to the band’s sound, adding that depth that more often than not lacks in the bedroom genre. Stoked to hear another great release from the folks over at Geographie; this drops in October!

Latest Single from Gold Star Gold Star

There’s something so perfect about the approach Gold Star Gold Star are taking with their songwriting; they’re offering their own spin on radio pop from the classic era, though doing it with a little updated flare. Honestly, it kind of reminds me of a lot of the late 90s/early 00s college rock. I can hear little bits of things like Grandaddy or Elf Power kind of lurking in the shadows, whether intentional or not. But, the opening vocal entry was enough to grab me and encourage you to give it all a listen today…I’m a man of simple 10 second musical pleasures. Their debut album, Introducing…Gold Star Gold Star, drops on August 7th via Earth Libraries.

Welcome Back Radical Dads

It’s been quite some time, five years to be exact, since we last posted about NYC founded group Radical Dads. It looks like we missed out on a single from last year, but other than that, the band has stayed relatively quiet having moved to different parts of the country. Despite their extreme distance from each other, the veteran trio managed to write and record an 8 song album out now entitled Paved Mountain. As a preview of the new album, the band is sharing this new single called “Institution” which should definitely entice you into checking out the entire LP. Let’s call it an official return to form for our old favorites Radical Dads. You can stream their entire new album over on bandcamp.

Gordi Releases One More Single

Over the last month or so I must have been asleep while Australian based musician Sophie Payten, known musically as Gordi, released several stunning singles to preview her upcoming album. Well I stay asleep no more and am very pleased to share with you all this mesmerizing new single called “Extraordinary Life”. It is a truly haunting, yet lovely piece of music which seemingly combines songwriter elements like Joni Mitchell with a dash of some darker qualities like The Knife. Somehow the breathy, hushed quality of the vocals combines to work perfectly with the piano, sparse drums and plucked guitar. Not something that would typically fall in my wheelhouse, but I am struggling to resist hitting play on this one over and over again.

Gordi will release Our Two Skins on Friday, June 26th via JagJaguwar.

Remington Super 60 Shares Still Near

I really needed something soothing this morning to kind of temporarily let the pain of the world subside, or at least get outside my own head for a moment. Luckily, Remington Super 60 had a delightful new single to share with me (and you!) off their forthcoming EP, and its that sort of dreamy indiepop that makes you feel like you’ve been wrapped up in some oversized weighted blanket, calming every bit of your soul. It’s that subtle brand of pop with quieted rhythms working beneath a melodic softness, seeping into your skin carefully…you could use that right now, I’m sure. We’ll keep you up to date with more details…but as of now…this new EP is slated for the fall.

American Friend Release Debut Single

For quite awhile now I’ve been touting Jana Horn (she dropped a song on Slack Capital 3 too) as one of Austin’s great voices. This past Friday, one of her projects, American Friend, released their debut single. She’s joined by Adam Jones, of Deep Time, for percussive elements, definitely building in some textures to thicken up the sound around her guitar and vocals. “His Energy Runs Backwards” might be the most traditional of the two tracks on this 7″, with the fragility of Horn’s voice carefully treading above the instrumentation; Jones jumps in the song’s latter half to join too. “Cancer City” shows the duo really moving beyond the boundaries of the genre, incorporating a squawking clarinet (courtesy of Carl Smith) to the intoxicating mixture of guitar and drums. Definitely something you should invest your time in today, if you so choose.

Kevin Hairs Drops New Single + Video

Kevin Hairs has had some time on his hands, but he hasn’t sat idly; instead he’s busied himself with art (check his pet portraits!) and music. Today, he’s sharing a new two-song single of bouncing pop tunes that I’d love you to hear. “House of 1000 Roommates” is this subtle jangling pop rocker; his voice has this soothing tune here, giving the track a layered dreaminess that’ll make you swoon. Flip to “Clean Punk” and you have more of a rocking number, albeit one that fits into Kevin’s style. The drums have that sort of machine gun snare hit, with the guitars taking on more of a jagged edge. Both tracks are available on Bandcamp today, so be sure to pick them up right now as a portion of proceeds go to NAACP!

But, Kevin also wanted to share a brand new video for his tune “Subdued at the VCU,” which was on his More Magic, More Magic EP; it dropped in April, but now we get the video treatment with animation done personally by Kevin. You can grab that HERE…also on Bandcamp, so another way to get good music and support a better world.

Fort Not Announce The Club is Open

Meritorio Records has been one of my favorite labels of the last few years, consisting releasing great indiepop records from all over the world. Their latest signee is Swedish outfit Fort Not; the band have just announced the release of The Club is Open…due in September of this year. This track’s perfect for a Friday; it offers up an immediate bounce and the vocal delivery has the tune feeling awfully familiar (anyone place that?). The duo crafting these songs owe their musical partnership to a tape made by Calvin Johnson, so just imagine Calvin being spun through a sort of indiepop lens. I’m new to this band, so its a pretty solid introduction, if you ask me.

Slack Capital 3 Drops Tomorrow

Every so often, I team up with our friend Eric from Big Bill to curate Slack Capital compilations. This year, we began working early in the COVID shutdown, along with new help from the supreme booking team that is Howdy Gals. We’ve dropped a few tunes already from Christelle Bofale and Sun June, but we wanted to give you one last taste before the compilation goes live tomorrow. 100% of proceeds raised will go to Austin Justice Coalition…plus, since its only available on Bandcamp, a percentage of their profits is going to NAACP!

We wanted to illustrate the compilation’s broad musical swath, so we’ve got a little hip-hop, a touch of electro-pop, and a few beautiful ballads. The 41 track compilation goes live tomorrow!

Raucous New Single From St-Katharina

I wouldn’t be shocked if you’ve never heard of Belgium based outfit St-Katharina, as they hail from the other side of the world and are still fairly new to the music scene. Now I will be shocked if you listen to this new song “Je Suis Presque Bien” and don’t immediately love the band and want to know more about them. Sort of a post-punk/noise rock mash up, the song is fast, furious and doesn’t mess around with only a little over 2 minutes to get your attention. I for one will be staying tuned as we get more from this group. If you dig it, the band has a full EP from 2018 and another single over on their bandcamp page.

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