New Swinging Single From Nick Waterhouse

unnamedThose in the mood for a little throwback, doo wop style pop music on this Wednesday should check out this new single entitled “It’s Time” from San Francisco based Nick Waterhouse. You’ll hear many genre elementshere like soul, jazz, and r&b all coming together nicely to create a powerful bit of retro pop music. I could see Nick headlining a stage at ACL here pretty soon if he keeps this up.

Waterhouse will release Never Twice on September 30th via Innovative Leisure.

Good to Hear Ablebody Back

Through various years of running this site, we’ve been fortunate to meet some great people, including the Hochheim twins. They just put up a new video for their Ablebody project, with the news that the song will be part of Adult Contemporaries, the band’s first LP. This song’s got those sharp guitar stabs that us indiepop fans adore, cool airy vocals and a light-hearted energy, immediately getting in my daily music rotation. Enjoy the song’s accompanying video below, and look for the new LP on October 14th via Lolipop Records.

ATX Spotlight: The Return of Quin Galavis

quin-galavisIf you missed out on listening to Austin’s the Dead Space, let’s all keep our fingers crossed that one day those stars cross our paths again. But, in the meantime, you’ve got Quin Galavis to satisfy your needs, though his newest single offers up more of a darkened folk.There’s this element of pain in the notes his voice unleashes, fit in perfectly over a heavily strummed guitar. The song’s negative space is filled in perfectly with various layers of added strings and percussion, pulling listeners deep into the song’s aura. He’ll be releasing a double LP, My Life In Steel and Concrete via Super Secret Records on August 26th.


Dream Pop from Vansire

vansireIt only took a matter of seconds for me to get hooked on this song from Vansire; it was the hanging jangle hook of the guitars sitting atop a carefully picked additional guitar. When the vocals entered, it took a slightly warmer turn, though the bubbling groove and steadying drums left me with a sense of longing. I hear bits of the sunny dream pop that The Drums kicked out, though this song has a more calming feel to it, which I think anyone will find appealing whilst sipping on a cold drink during the summer. As of yet, no word on a full album or EP, but you can enjoy this song as many times as you like.

Did You Buy the New EP from The Fireworks?

No? You didn’t get the new stuff from The Fireworks? What are you waiting for? The more the word gets out on the Black and Blue EP, the more people are going to be climbing over each other to get their hands on a copy. Like all great releases on Shelflife Records, they go quick, so you should head there now to grab a copy. But, in case you need more convincing, check this great old school style horror flick the group’s using to promote their latest single…it includes some grotesque murders, of the fun sort. Watch the video, love the song, grab it!

Atmospheric New Track From Lights & Motion

  1. Untitled-1Deep Elm Records announced this morning the release of their latest and greatest label sampler. This is the 13th such release and features tons of music from label artists like Floating in Space, Lily And The Pearl, Carly Commando, etc. etc. The new sampler also acts as a debut for this new single entitled “Silver Lining” from post-rock outfit Lights & Motion. You’ll hopefully enjoy the instrumental, atmospheric, and deeply moving new single from the band. It will appear on a new album coming in early 2017.

Deep Elms latest sampler No.13 This Heart of Mine can be streamed in full on bandcamp or downloaded at a name your price option.

Field Mouse Shares Another Pop Gem

13029473_10154076727798798_4915699061398802664_oThere’s nothing wrong with a nice slice of quality pop goodness, and this single from Field Mouse really checks that box for you. In case you weren’t already aware, Field Mouse are on their way to releasing their sophomore albumEpisodic, which is due out earlyAugust via Topshelf Records. This track, one of the few singles that the band have been shelling out, is another winner. “The Order of Things” is bright and sunny pop, with driving electric guitar and vocals that soar alongside the guitars. Take a listen below and make sure you’re ready forEpisodic,which is out August 5th and is available for pre-order here.



Digging on Dogbreth

dogbrethOn the first few singles from Dogbreth, the band have brandished a broad array of sounds, but mostly in the energy-fueled power-pop genre. This latest single, however, displays a variance, even a softer side. It’s a steadying tune, filled in by all these elements that give huge depth; there’s a saxophone included, tapping drum work and a pleasant vocal added to the main one in the mix. This tune might not hit you over the head with immediacy like others, but its got the emotional pull for longevity. Their new record, Second Home, will be released on August 5th via Asian Man Records.

Psych Pop Gem From Palm Honey

unnamed (5)Prior to writing this post I knew zero about Reading based Palm Honey, but I’m looking to get to know them starting right now. Let’s get to know them together with this enticing new single “Bones”. I’m reminded a bit of early MGMT stylings with quirky pop sounds and hints of psych rock. I’m expecting Palm Honey to be a household name here soon.

If you dig the tune, you can pick up a physical copy of the track on 7″ vinyl right now via Music Glue.

Melancholy Tune from Whoa Melodic

whoaOne of the little labels of the world that I follow closely is WIAIWYA, who don’t release too often, but when they do, they always have their finger on the pulse of great tunes. They’ve just upped this brand new song from Whoa Melodic, reminding me of just how well they are at picking up great acts. This track definitely has a somber feel to it, but in doing that, there’s also a lyrical promise to be true to one’s self. It’s got that same musical sentiment as M. Ward, but for some reason, feels more accessible and sincere. As of now, looks like this will be released as a 7″ come November.

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