• Top Songs of 2019

    Phew, the end of the year really snuck up on me this time and it’s crazy to think we are moving on from the 2010s. Before we do so, Nathan

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  • Top 25 Albums of 2019

    This is the list you’ve all been waiting for, well, sort of. This is my Top 20 LPs of the year. Admittedly, there’s none of the high profile hitmakers on

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  • Levitation 2019: A Reflection

    Team ATH has been covering Austin Psych Fest/Levitation since its early inception, probably in the second year at Radio Room (sorry we missed the first year!), so we’ve seen the

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  • ACL WE2 in a Nutshell

    Another Austin City Limits is behind us boys and girls and it’s always a good time to reflect on the music and experiences from the weekend. I considered myself very

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  • SXSW 2019 – A Recap

    Yet another SXSW is in the books and it’s time for the ATH crew to reminisce a little and offer some highlight from the week behind us. I think we’ve

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Ringo Deathstarr Share God Help the Ones You Love

One of our favorite ATX acts dropped this delicious tune last Friday, and since we’re back in full force, it only seems natural that I’d get this Ringo Deathstarr tune out there for you. I love how the song starts off with this ominous mood, like you’re descending into the depths of the Earth with no return in sight. But, once the vocals come in, the song peels back and allows the guitars to swirl around the more crystalline feel of the vocals. The rhythm section keeps harnessing that darkness, building in the perfect balancing act between dark and light on the wondrous first single off the band’s forthcoming self-titled LP; it drops on March 27th via Club AC30.

Soft Indiepop from Royal Target

Royal Target hadn’t previously been on my radar, but with this delicious new single, they’re definitely a group I need to keep an ear out for. Their latest single is the perfect subtle guitar pop gem that makes folks like me swoon; the guitars turn over and over carefully, seemingly frolicking in step with the precision drum work. An occasional blossom of distortion rings through your speakers, but you’ll still come back and marvel at the patience of the vocals that ride throughout the song. Perhaps one of my favorite things to stumble upon in the last few weeks.

Nap Eyes Share So Tired Lyric Video

With Snapshot of a Beginner on the near horizon, we’re excited that there’s another Nap Eyes tune out there to give us a little taste of what we’re to expect. This track feels pretty bare at the song’s beginning, which perhaps can be owed to Nigel Chapman really focusing on the message of the song. But, shortly in, the song sort of erupts into slide guitars and jazzy solos that cut across the song’s core. It all returns to the solemnity and weariness of the verses to close things out. Look for the new LP to drop on March 27th courtesy of Jagjaguwar and Paradise of Bacheolors.

Fresh Track from Marmalakes

One of the many records we’ve been fortunate to release was the debut LP from Marmalakes; they’ve been fairly quiet since then, mostly working on their various other projects…that is until this past week. They very quietly released this new gem, which is a pretty stripped down affair, using minimal percussion and keys to support the strum of Chase’s guitar and his voice. There’s a delicate nature to the tune, as if it would crumble through your fingers if you picked it up, losing its magic to the world. One thing this bunch know is great tunes written by greater people.

Stream Strawberry Generation’s Afloat LP

Last week you were worried about the pressures of Valentines Day (either ignoring it or giving in to its commercial necessity), so you might have missed the release of Strawberry Generation‘s new LP, Afloat. It’s an indiepop record that sort of dances all across the genre, in the best way possible. Starting with “Afloat,” you get this big ringing guitar pop swoon with crashing drums and softened melodies, turned right into the following Alvvays-esque track “Lying to Lauren.” I loved the Orange Juice guitar reference on “Breakthrough Feeling,” but still get the chills on the dreamier “Tango” popping up later in the album…this is the must listen tune, for me. The entire LP benefits from the trading of songwriting duties between Luk and Valerie, giving each song its own unique sound, though still working together as a cohesive unit. It’s filled with variance, which is welcome, considering the indiepop sound is so specific that it can sometimes get burdensome with 10 like-minded songs…NOT THE CASE HERE. Afloat is available via Sunday Records.

Eion Dolan Shares Superior Fiction

Folks were saying there’s no need to post on President’s Day, but I’ve been really jamming this Eoin Dolan tune, so I’m going to post it; holidays be damned! This track would be perfect for a Monday anyways, kind of slinking its way into your listening with this subtle groove and smooth melody that works beneath the song’s surface. I love the high notes that Dolan reaches as he stretches his vocals to their limits; they’ve got the perfect curved pitch to fall back into the smoother feel of the verses. This is a smooth listening pop number to make your day just a little easier; it appears on the Superior Fiction EP. Happy President’s Day…or something.

Primo Announce Sogni LP with Best and Fairest

Put everything down and do yourself a favor; you’ve got to press play on this Primo pop tune. Guitars jump out of your speaker as the rhythm section gurgles just beneath the mix, allowing the vocals to coolly charm you with this measured indifference. Suddenly, the rhythm picks up the pace and you’re presented with the repeated titled as the chorus; all this makes way for a post-punk interlude that sets up the next verse. While the song seems frantic and destructive, the vocals serve as this gravitational pull, drawing on just the slightest pop sensibility to suck you into the song. The band will release Sogni on April 17th via Upset the Rhythm and Antifade.

Show Pics: Telefon Tel Aviv @ Barracuda (2/7)

Been a hectic week, I won’t get into it. Catching up on some impressions and images from last Friday when Telefon Tel Aviv played Barracuda. It didn’t quite sell out, but the interesting thing was the audience member per musician on stage ratio was almost maxed out. Steve Hauschildt brought the opening soundscape and I have some bonus coverage from a show going on at Cheer Up, finally caught Urban Heat Island Effect.

Click through to get a few thoughts on the performances and place eyes on the photo-candy.

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SXSW Interview: Yumi Zouma

Party time people. That’s right, we are kicking off our SXSW coverage this week and really going into full on preview mode. As we tend to do every year, we will coming at you with a whole slew of interviews in the hopes you will appreciate the varied look on the festival. Today we have a new one answered by New Zealand founded, yet no longer based, Yumi Zouma. As always, hit the jump for full interview.

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Wares Announce Survival

I think my favorite thing about this fresh Wares track is that I was actually unable to pigeonhole the song; it’s got sort of a collection of everything we’re all enjoying in the indie rock community. There’s hints in the opening seconds of emo allegiance, though as the song evolves, dreamier aspects open the tune up, occasionally leaving huge space for rocking breakdowns and Cassia Hardy’s voice. At times, she sings with urgency in her delivery, and at other moments she seems exasperated with the world. Perhaps that’s just a representation of an album titled Survival, with this song shining a light on the importance/joy of “consent and safe sex.” This new LP drops via Mint Records on April 24th.

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