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Subtle Beauty From Duologue

duologue_2011After a busy week for most of us, I’ve always found it nice to mellow out just a bit on a Friday afternoon to decompress from the week now behind us.  Those of you in a similar mindset will find this quiet beauty from London based group Duologue fits your mood perfectly.  The track could easily be compared to fellow subtle band Lost in the Trees or even Sigur Ros in a dialect we understand.  Whatever you want to call it, I’m finding the song gets better and better with each listen.  Press play and distress.

New album, Never Get Lost, will be out on September 9th.

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Download: Duologue – Forests [MP3]

Generationals Ready Alix

generationWe’re continuing our trip down the pop yellow brick road with the return of Generationals.  We’ve always loved the band; they’ve been one of the most consistent bands in pushing out pop music for the last several years.  They’re readying their newest album, Alix, which will be released via Polyvinyl on  September 16th.  This track pretty much sums up the group’s offerings; there’s a nice hook in the melody with a steady beat meant to give a little bit extra pop to your ears.  All signs point to another successful release from the duo.

Feel Good with Saint Pepsi

saintpepsiFriday’s are for feeling good, forgetting the week behind you, and just having fun with your family and friends.  I’m pretty sure this single from Saint Pepsi will do precisely the trick; it’s like a more dance floor-ready version of Twin Shadow, with those sharp guitar cuts and infectious beats kicking things along.  This track is the featured tune on his Fiona Coyne 7″, which is being released via Carpark Records on August 12th.  If you’re in need of something to pick the day up, then turn the volume loud and spin this song a few times…your day will get better in no time.

Austin Spotlight: Love Inks at it Again

loveinksIt’s been a great week for Austin acts, with Basketball Shorts and Letting Up Despite Great Faults all releasing new tunes, and now we have another one of our beloved locals returning to the fold, Love Inks.  Of course, the star of this slow-core show is going to be Sherry, who’s vocals dominate all the bands work, but I personally love the restraint that’s being shown.  Guitar lines are relaxed, moving beneath the pulsating electronic beat; it’s a great atmosphere for the group to showcase just how powerful they can be, without actually being, powerful, in regards to volume.  Their new album, Exi, will be out on September 9th.

Dark Tune from Whirr

whirrThis track popped up the other day, and I’ve had a really hard time getting it out of my head.  There’s something about the wash of atmospheric guitars that creates this interesting brood, while another guitar track angularly plays beneath.  I like how those guitars, however, are rather low in the mix, meaning the band could unleash fury in the live setting, or hold onto the pattern presented here.  Either way, Whirr is likely to cause a decent stir when they release their album Sway, followed by a fall tour; it’s being released on September 23rd via Graveface Records.

Noisy Number from Running

runningIf you’ve got a record label run by Ty Segall, the chances are that you’re going to get some noisier elements in there, right? That’s precisely the case with the new 7″ offering that he’s putting out with Running.  Here you’ll hear an opening that’s basically a screeching guitar line brooding over a darkened bass, while drums steadily pound away.  Eventually, vocals break in with a demonic shout from what seems like a hollow metallic cavern.  It’s an assault on your eardrums, especially when you arrive at the end where it breaks into what sounds like a disastrous emergency broadcast message.  I dig it, and if you’re like me, you can grab the 7″ from God Records on July 22nd.

Austin Spotlight: Letting Up Despite Great Faults Return

10336826_10154252742045122_4351492479774252113_nWe here at ATH have always stood behind Letting Up Despite Great Faults.  They blend shoegaze and indiepop, and it’s always done quite successfully.  Their last album, Untogether, was one of our favorite a few years back, and now they’re set to return with Neon.  One thing you’re likely to notice is that singer Mike Lee has allowed Annah Fisette to play a larger role in the vocal performance, as evidenced by this first single; her voice definitely is the perfect counterpart to Lee’s vocals.  It all makes forms an infectious blend of pop music that’s sure to warm the band’s fans, and gain new followers.  They’ll be releasing their album on August 12th, including a show at Holy Mountain on the 16th that we’re proud to sponsor.  Pop doesn’t get much better than this.

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Fresh Music from Laetitia Sadler

laetitiaI’m really enjoying the newest single from Laetitia Sadler; there’s something in the inflection as she sings that really grabs me.  There’s a bit of oddity to it, though it’s able to grab hold of melody at the same time.  It reminds me of the much misses Deep Time, though the music has more of a singer-songwriter aspiration, albeit one that’s maximized by strings and horns.  This song will feature on her new record, Something Shines, which is slated for release on September 23rd via Drag City Records.  It also doesn’t hurt that she was a big part of Stereolab either, does it?

Show Preview: Big Bill Tour Kick Off

billyIt’s difficult to tour nowadays, unless you’ve got a pocket of change in your pocket to help carry you on your way.  So, with that, I suggest you go and throw all your money at one of Austin’s great acts, Big Bill.  They just put on a great set with us over at Mohawk on Sunday, and tonight will be your last chance to catch them for several months.  It might, and I stress might, also be one of the last times you get to see Mirror Travel, if the rumor mill is correct….which will be an extremely sad day.  Plus, Daniel Francis Doyle & the Dreams, along with the Eternal Dyad Dance Crew will be starting things off the right way.  The show starts at 9 PM over at Holy Mountain, so get there early to enjoy some cheap libations and get yourself in the mood for some great tunes.

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Download: Big Bill – Juice U [MP3]

Playful Pop from The History of Apple Pie

10482251_815886028444018_7063523095313571855_oKeyboards and synchronized drums open the track before Samantha Min joins in the fray.  It’s a solid backbone that provides a playful introduction on the newest single from The History of Apple Pie. They stay in the same gear for the duration of the track, interrupted from time to time by a shimmering guitar line that echoes faintly in the background.  It’s a song that wins listeners over with its simple approach to writing catchy pop tunes, and there’s likely to be more of that when the group release their second album, Feel Something, on September 30th via Marshall Teller Records.

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