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Fresh Music from Pete Astor

petePete Astor is most well-known for his work in The Loft, though I’ll admit I came at him sideways via The Weather Prophets, then went back to find the Loft. That being said, he’s been crafting his own solo work since the early 90s (his last release was in 2011). This week Fortuna Pop announced added up another track from his new album, Split Milk, which is filled with spritely pop songs. It’s funny too, as I just saw another great UK act, The Charlatans, and while I’m not sure how well known either they or Pete are in the States, good songs always rise to the top. This sample is another sign that Mr. Astor still has it.

Operatic Notes from Idiot Glee

idiotaI feel like it’s been almost three years since we first wrote about Idiot Glee on these here Interweb pages. It seems like upon his return, he’s upped the ante on the production, taking his operatic notes even higher. He’s still coming across like a more forlorn Dent May or Jens Lekman, though that’s not entirely a bad thing as the pop sensibility never seems to fade from his songs. He just announced the release of his new self-titled album, and this lead single should hopefully have you listening closely. Look for the new effort on January 29th via Hop Hop Records.

Another Day, Another Strawberry Whiplash Track

strawI feel like this week is best begun with a great track, and that’s just another great tune from the forthcoming Strawberry Whiplash release. Listening through this song the last few days, I can see the great production value that Laz promised me in a brief chat earlier this month. It’s almost got a psych-nod in the jangle of the guitars, but the vocals carry that slight feminine pop touch that particularly warms my heart. Stuck in the Never Ending Now will be released this week via Matinee Recordings.

The Manhattan Love Suicides Know You Better Than You

1512005_10152197047533072_443518161_oIt’s Friday, and most of you are probably gearing up for a weekend of fun or relaxation. To that end, The Manhattan Love Suicides, out of Leeds, have the perfect gritty rock track for you to punch through those last hours of work. This song, “Bikini Party/Birthday Kill” has this excellent chorus amidst the growling rock, where the lead vocalist shrieks “I don’t want to go to your bikini party, I prefer a good Birthday kill” which nails my feelings exactly and has enough attitude to make you feel good when you scream along with it. Take a listen below and get down with this badass tune.


Sleek and Dreamy Synthpop from Radiation City


If you’re looking for a track that’s going to slowly embed itself into your mind and make you listen to it all day, then look no further. Radiation City, a five piece out of Portland, have just the right track for you to get lost in. This song, “Juicy,” lives up to its name quite well– the synths and guitars melt together into a swirling dreamscape of sound. The vocals are are just the right amount of sweetness to combine with this dreamy texture and double up on the ethereal nature of the song. This group has just signed to Polyvinyl Records, so you can bet we’re about to hear more good things from them. Take a listen to the track below and get lost in its lushness.

FFFX In Pictures: Sunday Edition

FFFXSunday Funday.

The skies cleared and left behind a gorgeous day for festival goers. Someone defiled the FFF porta-potty photo booth. Hence, it became a feature of the skyline. The grounds recovered from the rain of the previous days; the landscaping tweaks certainly seemed to work and the layout changes prevented most potential destruction from stomping boots. I was pretty stoked for the weather change as Sunday was the most complete day of old and new, jams and oddities.

We have on tap photos from sets by Golden Dawn Arkestra, Title Fight, Alvvays, Growlers, Chromeo, Future Islands, Ms. Hill and more…

Read More

Fresh Track from Deep Sea Diver

dsdThere’s really no telling what you’re going to get from Deep Sea Diver, especially when you listen to this track. It’s opening guitar lines had me expecting something entirely different than what I heard when the vocal entered. These varying sounds and approaches within the confines of a singular track are what make listening so enjoyable. You’ll find dream pop sensibility hiding in corners where only the jagged guitar lines are willing to lurk. Then they allow the song to slowly fade out…saying goodbye to the listener. All this should make Secrets, their new album, somewhat of an interesting journey…the band release it on their own High Beam on February 19th.

Good Morning Following the Australian Path

gmFeel like someday I should just up and move to Australia; I seem to be far too in love with the sounds of the country, particularly those around Melbourne. Which, it just so happens, is where Good Morning hail from. The band is the newest hot commodity, receiving praise from all sorts of media, and some guy named Tyler the Creator. Guitars have that little twinkling twang and the vocals seems to take on that lackadaisical warmth I adore. If this is your first taste of the group, look for more on their Glory EP slated for a release in February.

Enjoying This New Arctic Flow

arcticflowDid someone say synth-driven indiepop? I think you did, and I think you were talking about The Arctic Flow. Honestly, this song reminds me a lot of local indiepop purveyors, Rose Selavy (who just released a 7″ with us!). It’s got a nice wash of electronics building up a swell of sound behind the gentle vocals. Guitars stab in and out, occasionally taking on a gazing approach. You’ll hear more like-minded sounds on the Luminous Veil EP, which is slated for a December 14th release on 10″ vinyl. You have exactly a month to fall in love!

Stream Antlered Aunt Lord’s Album Ostensibly Formerly Stunted (and on fire)

AntleredAuntLord3photobyBrigetteAdairHerronI’ve spent the last month listening to Antlered Aunt Lord and his new record Ostensibly Formerly Stunted (and on fire). While I already love many of the songs, it was the album that really burrowed into my soul. On one hand it has the oddity and the brevity of early Elf Power, but on the other hand I want to compare it to Nothing Wrong with Love (my favorite Built to Spill) record. It’s a listen that can’t be defined, that can’t be pigeonholed, only enjoyed. I have a feeling that as much as I’ve played it already, it’s going to continue to be in constant rotation throughout the duration of my life. Yeah, I said it. You can grab the record this week from HHBTM Records

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