Bouncing Pop From Shock Machine

unnamedShock Machine is the title of the solo project from James Righton, who makes flawless pop tracks that go above and beyond the malaise. This song, “Lost In The Mystery,” is surely going to be stuck in your head instantly after you spin it at least a dozen times in quick succession. The track starts subtly: hand claps, a groovy bass line and some subtle, breathy vocals. Then the bounce from the rag-timey joins the mix and you also get (what sounds like) psych guitar riffs that chime in and out as well. The chorus is catchy as all get out, and the whole atmosphere reminds me of a mellower Cults track with vocals a-la The Papercuts. Take a listen and decide for yourself.


ATX Spotlight: More From The Well

13528760_1058444517544766_6923773044657595274_nA few weeks ago, I shared this new song from Austin’s own The Well. I’m pleased that the band has struck again and released another great single in anticipation for their upcoming album,Pagan Science, which is coming out October 14th. This track, “Drug From The Banks” builds upon the sound that you grew acquainted with on the last single or with previous releases– that kind of heavy psychedelic branch of rock you love to pair with slow head banging and perhaps a power stance. This track has got a bluesy vibe that joins the already psych rock base and the result is a great four and a half minutes of jam. Take a listen and get stoked for the new album.

Enjoying This Lost Animal

I really enjoyed the diversity of Is Tropical, the last record that Lost Animal put out (all the way back in 2011). This new video shares a trippier world, which can easily be seen on that last record, but there’s still some growing, musically. I feel like this song sort of encompasses a world where Jason Spaceman decided he wanted to write pop songs; it’s textural and strange, yet also really accessible…if you like good songs. There’s a new album coming out called You Yang, and with Captured Tracks attached for the ride, we should all expect really great things. I like this more than Mac Demarco. I said it. Deal with it

Ex Reyes Gives You Jazzy Electro Pop

13221127_1083962231676708_5045264903406210662_oEx Reyes, AKA Mikey Hart of Brooklyn, has dropped a new track in the past few days called “Only You,” which channels the genres of jazz and electro pop into one smooth and sleek song with vocals that are reminiscent of The Beach Boys. This song, which you can listen to below, sounds like its about pining for someone and perhaps not having the feelings be known, or returned for a while. There’s a rad balance between jazzy elements like horns and simmering percussion that are mixed with the twee organ sounds and Hart’s cool vocals. Take a listen and see if you dig it.

Did You Miss This Ex-Cult

Ex-CultYou’d be excused for keeping up with the slew of hits that ran amuck yesterday, but that’s why I’m here, a day late and a few dollars short to remind you about this Ex-Cult track. This new single is a straight rocker, blasting forth with these machine gun drum hits that seem barely able to keep up with the pacing. I feel as if this song was crafted specifically for the band’s live set, meant for stalking stages and creating tension with the audience…and that’s only the recorded version. Look for the group’s Negative Growth via In the Red Recordson September 23rd.

Fun Tunes from Sinless

sinlessI’m a little tired after catching some great rock n’ roll last night, so this cooled out track from Sinless is doing a nice job of letting me drift into pop bliss. It’s falling somewhere between the realms of MGMT and Generationals, but has this organic feel to it that’s really grabbing a hold of my ears, filled out by all these layers of great pop moments. Settle into this track, and your day will get better. Look for the Melodie EP from the project this October.


Album Premiere: The Funny Uncles

0001752112_10Drew Danburry is a guy I’ve known for quite some time as a quirky, just left of center, yetawesome songwriter and creator of great music. You might remember him as the guy who wrote the tearjerker entitled “Artex” about the horse from Never Ending Story. Well I was pleased to hear from Drew a few days ago after a lengthy pause and receive some news about his new album under the moniker The Funny Uncles. In even better news, Drew has allowed me to premiere this new album below! It’s entitledWritin’ Songsand features songs all under a minute long about some of your favorite products and stores. While some of you may think, “what the hell, that’s weird”, yes it is a bit weird, but picture it as a fun ride through all the awful shit we Americans hold as vices and addictions. You’ll laugh at times, you’ll think a bit too, and you’ll be enjoying some great pop music all at the same time. Trust me, it’s an experience unlike any other listening to start from finish. Hopefully he doesn’t get sued.

Drew will release this album on cassette soon! Pre-order here now.

Brand New Set of Tunes from Frail

frailSomewhere along the lines of running this blog I stumbled onto Frail, excited by the band’s blend of pop structures and punk tinge. Admittedly, they’re like the heavier version of Nada Surf, bringing in a great sense of melody, though with a quicker pace. Plus, the songs are rather short and infectious, making them perfect for repeated listens throughout your day. Sugar Heaven just popped up yesterday, so you’ve got plenty of time to absorb the hits before your friends catch on to how cool you truly are, so give ita long listen.

Kew Have Great Pop Numbers

kewIf you do anything, it’s best to listen to your friends, which is how I stumbled across Kew (thanks Mercury Girls). I don’t think this band is easy to pigeonhole, as they have hints of all the great little nods in the realm of pop. Therearehooks in both the songwriting and the vocal notes, but really these are just refreshing new tracks that make you happy to be alive. This is just a quick little sample to turn up loud, bounce around your room and revel in great jams. Grab these songs right now for the NYOP (always pay please!).

Tonight: Roaring Sun, Growl, Pollen Rx @ Mohawk

athshowFrom time to time, we hereat the ATH like to put on shows for you all in Austin, and it just so happens we have couple of gigs lined up this week, with our first coming tonight at Mohawk following the Anthony Green set. We’ve recently agreed to work with Pollen Rx on their debut full-length, Sunshine Emptiness, so if you’ve yet to check them out, tonight’s a good time. Growl, one of our long time favorites, return to the stage after taking a few months off to wrap up their own album and work on some other projects…never an act to miss. Plus, Roaring Sun get the headline spot, with these youngsters grabbing our attention with their recent hard work and rad new songs, like the one below.

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