ATX Spotlight: More New Adam Torres

I don’t want Adam Torres to stop writing, or singing for that matter. The opening moments of this track display how powerful his instrument is; there’s this blissful fragility, almost like the pained tones of Jeff Buckley. Of course, he wouldn’t be quite as successful without the accompanying bits behind him, especially the violin work of our favorite, Aisha Burns. If you thought Pearls to Swine was an artist at the pinnacle of his powers, it looks like Torres has no intention of slowing down. Look for his new EP, I Came to Sing the Songs, via Fat Possum on February 24th.

The Wooden Sky Return

Man it’s been awhile since I’ve heard anything from Toronto based outfit The Wooden Sky. Maybe it’s for my lack of paying attention, but either way, I’m happy to be sharing this new song from them called “You’re Not Alone”. The track is something you’d get if you combined the best parts of Grizzly Bear with the crazy vocal twang of Sturgil Simpson. It’s a true gem and I’m happy to be reacquainted with the band.

The Wooden Sky will release their new album Swimming in Strange Waters via Nevado Music on April 7th.

Eric Slick of Dr. Dog Steps Out (SXSW Artist)

Eric Slick spends a great deal of time behind the drum kit for Dr. Dog, and while we love that act, his solo effort looks like something I’ll devour. Fuzzy guitars buzz while drums push the speed from the get-go; the drums push you towards the explosive pop burst that serves as the chorus. It drives you forward, then pulls back for a brief bit of respite, knowing there’s some pop sensibility underneath Slick’s belt; a mix of heavy and soft never bothers this fella. He’s titled his new album Palisades, and it will see a huge release via Egg Hunt Records on April 21st. He’ll also be jamming at SXSW if that’s on your radar!


Sorry I Missed This: Djokovic

In such a mad world, we should all be forgiven when things slide under the radar, but I should have known better than to skip out on a Beko Disques release! Late January saw the release of the Caligula EP by Djokovic. It’s two tracks of drifting, dreamy pop music, built on the back of carefully wrung guitar chords and an ethereal atmosphere. The vocals don’t come in until after the first minute, but by then, you’re already completely lost in the song. I figured it’s the best way to start off Thursday, lost in great pop music. If you slept on this too, then now’s the time to correct that mistake!

Fun New Tune from Her’s

There’s a breed of frivolous pop out there that always gets you going, and I think Her’s are crafting precisely that. I can’t help but to recall bits of Junior Senior in their craftsmanship, maybe even mixed in with a little bit of J. Casablancas solo work. I mean, listen to the bass and tell me you don’t want to get up and shake it with the nearest person! Oh, and hand claps! Bring back hand claps! This tune will appear on their new collection, Songs of Her’s,which hits on March 12th via Heist or Hit Records.

Austin on a Thursday Night

So tomorrow is a crazy busy day in the “live music capital,” so I wanted to create an optimal schedule for you to maximize your time, as well as see some suggestions on nightlife.

Start early over at Mohawk by checking out Mannequin Pussy and Joyce Manor…young sound, semi-emo, little punk. It’s outside, so if you want, you can go home after because it’ll end early.

But, you could also jump ship a bit early to catch a couple of great local releases. Lola Tried is jamming out over at Cheer Up Charlies to celebrate the release of their new EP or hit up Barracuda to get your hands on the new Letting Up Despite Great Faults EP!

Then go back to Mohawk, because Tyvek and Fred Thomas are jamming out. Or be cool, and just bounce all over if your wallet allows.

You could also go see Devendra Banhart play out near Buda at some place called Emos. It’s new, never heard of it.

Sample some songs below. Read more

ATX Spotlight: Fresh Borzoi Noise

After being somewhat dormant for the first few months of the year, 12XU has jumped out with several great musical announcements, one being this raucous bit of noise from Austin’s Borzoi. You’re immediately thrust into the discord, drums pounding furiously and guitar chords knifing through your speakers. It’s as if the vocals were recorded in huge concrete war room, echoing notes in a way such that your head’s constantly swirling; they’vegot a steady moment of delivery in the middle of the track that I’m particularly fond of, right before the band crashes the song to a close. Look for a brand new 4 song 7″ from the band on March 24th.

And, I highly suggest another gem from the label’s announcements: Thigh Master. I’ll add that song below too…but nothing too long-winded as we don’t want to bum Norman Wanklord out.

More New Music from Lunch Ladies

A few weeks back we got the hint of new Lunch Ladies music on the horizon, and in a timely fashion, they’ve responded with another tune, “Love is Overrated.” I’m really impressed with their attention to the dreamy qualities on this tune, particularly where they leave lots of empty space for the musicianship shine; the wash of warm vocals are great, but they’ve drawn me into the song by allowing the rest of the band to be the focus on this track. Their album Down on Sunset Strip will hit on March 10th via Good Eye Records, and you know I’ll be ready to pick it up.

ATX Spotlight: More New Julia Lucille

While Julia Lucille has more than made a name for herself since her move to Austin, she’s clearly going for big things with her next release, Chthonic. This new single starts memorably enough, with this ghostly charm haunting your ears…the music sits back behind Julia. But, there’s a brilliant songwriting touch at the 2 minute mark, with quieted guitar ringing carefully, almost crafting a synthetic effect behind the vocals (all courtesy of Paul Mitchell of Tapajenga). This is one of those tunes that’s easiest to describe if you simply call it other-worldly; it’s quality continues to unfold as the song does. Look for her new effort on April 7th via Keeled Scales. Austin folks can catch her Saturday night at Mohawk with Molly Burch and Cross Record.

Hoops Dreams

You’ve likely already seen this new Hoops jam pop up; it’s like a cross between catchy dream pop and Mac DeMarco, so all the kids are happy. Me, I’m happy because we’re getting close to Spring time and to SXSW, which they’ll be attending. This song serves as the announcement that the band will be working with Fat Possum to release their debut, Routines, on May 5th. Want some dreamy pop, but not ready to come to the dark side of indiepop yet? Well, then get into these guys, they’re the perfect point just in the middle.

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