Fresh Winter Tunes For You

winterA few years back, we had highlighted Winter after a great performance during SXSW. Since then, they’ve sporadically tossed out tunes, but this new one hits heavy on the indiepop/dreampop, so of course I’m rather stoked. This one’s all shimmering chords and softened vocals, with some synthesized drum loops running behind. It highlights the fact that the band are one to take note of as they prepare to finish up Ethereality, their newest effort…hoping we’ll hear that one next year. For now, just sit back and let the finer notes of this dreamy hit wash over ya’.

Another Gem from Her’s

14633338_1267952883249992_8552119269101912961_oTeam ATH had posted “What Once Was” and “Dorothy” not but a few months ago, Her’s is back with another gem called “Marcel”. If you missed the deets on the band from back then, they are a two-piece, Stephen Fitzpatrick and Audun Laading, that met while in school Liverpool. There is a lovely progression and dreamy feel of great pop contrasted with the low-toned vocal that continues the lullaby into a smile. This song is no different and exactly why we like the band.

Pleased to Meet You: Edgar Clinks

edgarYou gotta work hard to find the hidden gems that are out there, which I strive to do every day. I mean, do you really need another song you’ve heard everywhere else? Well, lucky for you, and me, we get to meet Edgar Clinks today…the project of JoeGuadianaand his friends (namely Patrick Thomas). The band’s still pretty new, but this stellar single feel on my radar via a friend, and I think it’s quite something. At times, it has that devil-may-care indifference, but there’s this joyful jam out at the end of the tune that really is like a pop-fan sucker punch; I love it.It appears on the band’s I Live in a Tree These Days, which is available for the NYOP option!

Stream Baby Lucy’s Self-Titled LP

01 - Baby Lucy Album Art LP Jacket Front CoverEarlier this year we brought you several hits from Houston’s Baby Lucy, and now you have the chance to enjoy the entirety of the LP before it’s released to the masses tomorrow. Sure, you can jump right to the hits like “We Are” and “Modern Man,” but I implore you to listen to the careful pop gems hiding within the album. There’s lots of musical touchstones, demonstrating the wide variety of influences…take the super intimate “Float Away” or the bouncing hooks in the opener “Going Backwards”…and you’re sure to find joy somewhere within the confines of this listen. The LP is being released by Roofus and Friends, so be sure to head HERE and grab a copy.

Laid Back Rocker From Stef Chura

12247971_1672787559654622_1822489805624074009_oStef Chura, out of Detroit, is an act you need to keep an eye out for. She’s got that perfect blend of slackerpop and rock with a hint of power vocals to round the mix out nicely. “You,” starts and you are reminded immediately of The Cranberries– mellow grunge guitars create this almost sinister sounding atmosphere, while Chura’s vocals are twangy but a definite force to be reckoned with. It’s a lovely laid back rocker that slowly transitions to outright jam.

Her debut record, Messes, will be out in a few months on January 27th via Urinal Cake Records.

Fresh No Museums Tunes for You

nomuseumsSadly, No Museums might be one of my favorite bands that not many of you know about…at least not yet. The Edmonton project has been running for sometime, consistently releasing these great pop gems that are destined for repeat consumption. I spent most of my night trying to figure out what song best suited the world, and while it may not be the standout, I’ve settled on the below track for your ears. It’s got this gentle quality that reminds me of late 90s college rock, slowly building with a nice little crackle in the speakers. The song won me over when it took this perfect little turn towards the chorus…just the change in the pitch made me want to play those twenty seconds over and over. I hope you’ll take some time listening to this track, and if you love it, listen to the new record, The Drifting Knives on Soundcloud. You’ll be glad you listened to me, for once.

Small Leaks Sink Ships, True Story

slssOkay. I don’t know if it’s a true story, but I imagine that any leak sinks a ship if it goes undetected. Regardless, Small Leaks Sink Ships is one of those bands that is perfect for indie rock escapism. Their latest single seemingly echoes with every bit of the kitchen sink…each note place in its appropriate spot to maximize its connection with listeners. On this particular tune, the song has this vocal eruption just at the 1.45 mark that’s really special, and for me, it elevated the song, though I admittedly love the little details from the percussive notes here and there too. Their new album, Face Yourself and Remove Your Sandals will be released by Lefse Records in 2017, so keep your ears peeled.

Digging This Priests Video

priests-by-audrey-meltonPriests are a group out of DC that have got a right riotous sound going for them. They’ve just announced the release of their debut full length album,Nothing Feels Natural, and with that announcement, they’ve given us a taste of the sound that we can expect from the band. What they’ve showed us on “JJ” is a track that begins en medias res and doesn’t stop rocking until it’s close. The drums really make this track– the percussion is a constant, evolving presence, from stark and strong to shimmery and heavy on cymbal crashes. Meanwhile, the vocals mirror this sort of transience from the band; one moment they’re pretty and neat, the next they’re snarling at you. Overall, it’s a solid rock track, and I’m looking forward to more from Priests. Watch below.


Hooked on James Leonard Hewitson

jameslewisYou listened to that last Ought record yet (you should!). But, if you are looking for newtwisting, turning, spoken-word, artful punk, then you should tune into this James Leonard Hewitson hit. It’s got that jagged little swagger in the guitars, with overlapping vocals and voice samples layered atop one another…all of it adding to this huge wall of hook-laden tension that begs you to run…though you can’t pull yourself away. Just stuck playing this song on repeat all morning, and I feel like you deserved to be in the know. This is the second single we’ve heard from JLH, all courtesy of Endearment Records.

ATX Spotlight: Drakulas Sign to Dirtnap

drakulasYou’ve likely been following the work of the fellas in Drakulas before now, as the members of the band hail from Riverboat Gamblers and Rise Against. Luckily for us, the band have signed with our favorite rock n’ roll label(one of them anyways) to release their debut full length, Raw Wave. This first single off the new record is fast and furious, filled with ferocious hooks that live on the right side of anthemic rock n’ roll. In what’s been a banner year for the city (in my opinion) the group are adding to this year’s growing list of hits with a release on November 18th via Dirtnap Records. Check the tune!

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