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Austin Hip-Hop: Tuk Da Gat & S. Dot

Austin natives and League of Extraordinary Gz members Tuk Da Gat and S. Dot have been a strong part of the LOEGz’s domination of the Austin hip-hop scene over the past few years. The duo have a couple performances during SXSW, along with a showcase with LOEGz. Tuk Da Gat and S. Dot will be performing March 17 at Flamingo Cantina and March 21 at The Palm Door. They also have new material out with rising Austin hip-hop producer Eric Dingus. Tuk Da Gat and S. Dot’s “Raw Pt. 2″ featuring LOEGz affiliate Lil’ J and produced by Dingus can be streamed below.

Show Preview: Nite School @ Cheer Up Charlies (3/12)


LocationCheer Up Charlies

As we are now just days away from SXSW, why not go ahead and kick things off in style tomorrow night at Cheer Up Charlies with the weekly Thursday showcase put on by Nite School?  Highlighting the bill for me is Houston product Factory Party.  Who is Factory Party you say?  They are a band who started many many moons ago, called it quits for a long time, and are now ready to “re-unite” and make some noise again.  The band features two founding members of ATH approved Young Girls so you have to know we will be behind most anything they do.  Also on the bill for the evening is headliner And the Rumors along with DJs Roger Wilson and Scorpio.

Check out the most recent Factory Party albumfrom 2009  entitled After the Death There is Nothing.

Fresh Black Lizard Tune

blizardI’m always interested in the work of Black Lizard, and it’s becoming increasingly clear that I should give them more love as they prep the release of their new effort, Solarize.  You’ll hear the psychedelic influence on this latest single, with a stomp alive and well, meshing with the sound of ringing guitar swagger.  Admittedly, the vibe isn’t for everyone, but I’m on board, particularly because they’re releasing this new album via our friends at Soliti Music. You can grab it from the label on March 20th, then rock out with the band for months to come.

American Culture – Pure American Gum


Rating: ★★★★ ·

Man, noise rock with catchy pop hooks seems to be everywhere these days, and I am far from complaining. American Culture are a Denver group making bubblegum pop with a noisey twist, and they do this quite well. Pure American Gum is a short yet tantalizing album filled with songs that will win your heart over with their fuzzy goodness.

Really, the buzzy noise rock that American Culture have made for you on this album is delightfully infectious. They bring the punk elements of imperfect vocals as well as the gravelly guitars, but most of the songs have a catchy chorus that is bound to delight and entertain you and get stuck in your head for hours on end, which you don’t mind at all. Take second up track and single “Actual Alien,” as the first case of this infectious sound. All of the components of this song come at you all at once, but after a moment of disorientation, you’re able to really appreciate how they all come together. There are the rocking drum beats that carry the whole thing mixed with the buzzsaw guitars and feedback to make for a straight jam. Just when you think that this song can’t get any better, the vocals kick in and make it to the chorus, where the distorted voice screams out “I just wanna be a part of your world” and you’re completely hooked. I could talk about this song for days.

If you listen to the lyrics on Pure American Gum, you’ll notice there’s quite a bit of a range of subject matter and solemnity. There are tracks like “I Like American Culture,” which does a lot of listing of band names and describes people listening to things/liking american things. On the other hand, there are numbers that delve a bit deeper like “Social Anxiety,” which remind you that this album goes beyond vapid subject matter. The variety works great for the band as well as the genre of noise rock; both the music and the lyrics go back and forth between playful and serious, noisy and catchy. “I Wanna Be Your Animal,” is a song that shows both sides of this band, bringing some quaint female vocals in the beginning and then slowly builds to its grand finish expressing simple desire with streaming synths and rambunctious drums.

This album is brief, yet the perfect allotment of time for this blend of songs; they don’t overburden you with their gritty punk music, but rather lay down their jams and then step back so you can fully take in what they’ve made on Pure American Gum. The length of this record enhances the music on here, but in a subtle way that you don’t even think about. You just simply go back to the beginning and start it again, volume up full blast.


Playful New Telephantom Tune

telephantomAustin gets a lot of hype as the hub of the Texas music scene, but I’ve really noticed an increase in the work coming out of Houston…and I’ve got my eyes on Telephantom.  They just keep pushing out these tunes that make me want to don some dapper shoes and hit the dance floor…though not too heavy…probably some cool guy sway.  There’s no word on an official release, but you can tell the band is well on their way to crafting a record filled with warm pop sensibility whilst kicking a little beat below the surface.  Can’t wait to hear more.

Indiepop Delights from The Tamborines

tamboIf I were going to pick a track that I’d absorb more than any other in this short week, it would have to be this track from The Tamborines.  The track I’ve got below is actually an old track, but it’s fairly new to me, so I felt like I had to toss it up.  Plus, the band are readying the release of their new album, Sea of Murmur, so seems fitting.  This tune is more of the straight indiepop style, though the band also branch out into a realm of shoe gaze often too; I’ll be interested to hear what all the new record has to offer. Kick back and enjoy the hell out of this tune.

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Dreamscape from Gacha

gotchaIf you’ve had an exhausting day then this new tune from Gacha is precisely the tool for your.  There’s a subtlety to the song, barely moving at times, allowing you to immerse yourself in the song’s tranquility. I like the fact that the man behind the music has admitted that’s he trying to do little than make a cohesive album, so I’m intrigued to see where the rest of his debut LP goes…especially if its as beautifully absorbed as this tune.  Send Two Sunsets will be out on May 5th via Apollo Records.

New Jacco Gardner Video

jaccoSo we’ve already been hitting you fairly steadily with more and more tracks from Jacco Gardner as he preps to release his album Hypnophobia later this year on May 5th via Polyvinyl. Today, I’ve got a new music video from the gentleman for the song “Find Yourself,” which is filled with Gardner’s psychedelic style set to trippy visuals as well as a dramatic storyline. Take a listen and get lost in the perfect Wednesday music video.




Told You Guys Elvis Depressedly Was Legit

cothranA few years ago I got the Mat Cothran bug, consuming everything associated with the songwriter.  It first came with his solo project, Coma Cinema (reaching our Top 3 albums of the year).  In that mass consumption, I threw out some demos from his Elvis Depresedly project…it’s more of a full band affair; I raved about it after catching them open for Alex G this past summer.  Now, the world is following suit, with tons of people flocking to hear the band’s new project.  There’s a casual vibe to this tune, and it almost feels unfinished, but that’s what’s so intoxicating and intimate about anything Cothran pens.  The group titled their album New Alhambra, and it’s out in May on RFC Records.

ATX Show Spotlight: Wildfires EP Release @ Cheer Ups (Tonight)

fireThere’s always a brief lull right before the storm, except this year, there isn’t.  There’s tons of shows with Austin band’s all over town, and tonight I encourage you to head to Cheer Up Charlies to catch the Wildfires EP release.  The band offers you pop music via a kaleidoscope of dreaminess and shoegaze elements.  I’m really excited to hear the band’s EP in full, but for now we’ll let you stream this brand new song they’ve got for you. Plus, there’s other local greats on the bill like The Sour Notes, The Zoltars (who just released their 3rd album recently) and Telepods. The weather’s been great, so why not enjoy your evening with great tunes.

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