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More from Milky Wimpshake

We’ve already brought you a tune or two from the forthcoming Milky Wimpshake LP, their first since 2015, but I couldn’t miss out on a chance to give you a heads up that Rachel from Flowers is also featured on a few occasions. If you’re grabbing the record, as you should, you’ll find the opener, featured below, has her voice paired perfectly with the band; the song’s full of swaggering pop rock…the infectious sort of course. I love how they mute the rock in the opening verses to let the vocal harmonies shine together, before pushing down on the pedals and letting loose. The chugga-chugga riffs of the chorus are perfect slices of rock n’ roll…I just want to play this song all the damn day long! Bobo Integral will release Confessions of an English Marxist on October 16th.

Mint Field Share Aterrizar Single

The more I listen to the tracks on Sentimiento Mundial, the more I’m mesmerized by the world Mint Field are creating. My early perception of the band had them casting this shadowy psychedelia from Mexico, but with each new single from the new LP, they’re giving out little hints of this expansive sound, this tapestry of influences and visions. For instance, you’ll find yourself intoxicated with these heavenly vocals and carefully worked guitar lines; it feels like there’s movement, but its so light you can’t help but feel yourself floating away. The band, however, have a nice little trick in store for your ears, unleashing a wall of shattering noise just after the 2 minute mark. They haven’t strayed from their roots, they’ve just landed in a new sonic landscape of their own creation. The new LP drops on September 25th via Felte.

Floating Room Share Held Open Door

At this point, I’ve heard several tunes from the forthcoming Floating Room EP, and damned if its not a wonderful listen; I think the first single should be enough to whet your appetite. At first, it has this bold sort of angular approach, akin to some of the work that Cate Le Bon’s been doing…kind of off-kilter pop. But, what makes it the winner of the day is how quickly it moves into a fuzzy riff-drivern pop rock vibe; it’s almost like Maya Stoner just wanted to create her own space where Le Bon and Alvvays held equal import to the songwriting process…truly a special listen, if you haven’t gone here already. Tried and True is out October 30th.

Night Shop Shares Dreamy Duet With Waxahatchee

We’re no stranger to the tunes of Justin Sullivan, be it via his helping hand in other bands (Flat Worms, The Babies, Kevin Morby), or in his own solo project, Night Shop. He just dropped a single from his upcoming EP,The Fountain, which he is releasing via Salinas Records on September 25, and it features none other than Katie Crutchfield of Waxahatchee as well as guitar help from Meg Duffy and Justin Taveniere on bass. “In The Twilight Sun” is a tune that fits its title aptly and gracefully. Sullivan’s voice is like a soothing balm, and when his vocals meet with Crutchfield’s, the song becomes the sonic equivalent of when night meets the end of day in a symphony of the vivid colors of a glowing sunset. At four minutes in length, the song washes over you gently but steadily and Sullivan’s quick lyrics emerge bolder with every listen.

Take a listen below to the soft indie rock tune and then go pre-order the star-studded EP at Bandcamp. (P.S. All pre-order proceeds go to non-profit, Color of Change).

Eades Share I Want More

Eades really caught my attention earlier this year when they dropped their Microcosmic Things EP; it was chock full of songs with these nods to post-punk while still grasping onto current indie rock vibes. This brand new tune definitely reveals a bit more of the latter, and perhaps its all the better as the young band find their sound. I love the way the verses seem to really just kind of hang about in that casual manner, like they’re just relaxing in the sunshine, taking it all in. The chorus gives you an emphatic burst of guitar pop and shredding, especially when it moves off into that soloing territory for a calamitous end. Just another reason to keep an eye on this Leeds outfit.

A Break in the Battle Cover Nick Heyward

A Break in the Battle is a relativelyy recent project begun by three musicians from Dallas: Salim Nourallah, Chris Holt, and Paul Averitt; they joined up to pay homage to some of Salim’s favorite songwriters and songs. You might recognize Nick Heyward as the core songwriter of Haircut 100, who then later went on to have a pretty decent solo career; the track being covered comes off 1993’s From Monday to Sunday. In the version below, you get more of an almost elevated rendition, highlighting the pop sensibility rather than the rushed tension of Hayward; I love how this version still holds tight to the emphatic vocal that pops up in both versions around the 2:30 mark. Check out the new version below courtesy of Palo Santo Records…you can also find the OG track HERE.

The Black Watch Return with Fromthing Somethat

I’m an avowed fan of the Black Watch, and I reckoned this whole quarantine would be more than ample time to get John Andrew Fredrick enough time to muster up a new record…and sure enough, here we are with Fromthing Somethat. Unlike the previous 19 LPs, John brought these songs almost fully formed to the band, used one or two run-throughs, then had them recorded. There’s an innate spirit to a band finding its feet beneath a song, and you can grasp that here on this first single. It’s a sinister disco vibe, club-happy and purely pop oriented; I found it surprising on first listen…and that’s always refreshing when you’re about 19 albums into a career. ATOM Records release the new LP on October 23rd.

No Museums Release Youth Club Is Over

I love the work of Edmonton’s No Museums; they seem to just go quietly about their business, building these albums that are perfect for burrowing into your own musical cocoon. Let’s be real though, you’ve got to listen to the standout, “Hotel.” It sounds like what you’d envision if Galaxie 500 decided to write a new record today; it’s got that signature fuzz, ringing out to create a mood before the drums even kick on into the picture. Man, this whole record really rips. There’s 11 new tracks on Youth Club is Over, so dig in and let me know what your favorite is!

Lisasinson Share Volverte a Enamorar

One of my favorite songs this year is “Atasco” by Spanish pop outfit Lisasinson. The band are still holed up working on their LP at the moment, but while we patiently wait, they’ve leaked another great single to help get us all there. As you’d expect from this bunch; its a riotous pop affair from the get-go; the song just reeks of summertime fun…and at the moment, that’s probably what we’re all needing in our lives at this very moment. Just another fun ditty to get us through the day. Keep an eye out here; I love jamming these tunes. Oh…and there’s a VIDEO too if you’re into it!

No Zu Cover Talking to a Stranger

I’m just going to come out and say this, I had absolutely no idea who Hunters & Collectors were until I heard this No Zu cover, so I’m going to go back and remedy that before this day is up. But, for you, maybe you’re new too, so why not go back in time by visiting one of my current faves, No Zu. This video is live footage, with a recorded version of the song; you can see just how much the band has going on; it’s visually intoxicating in and of itself. Their recording takes the sort of post-punk style, hangs it up and seems to infuse a bit more of a funk aspect and swagger, turning it into an all out dance party you wish we could attend. This track comes out as a digital Double A-Side single, with a cover of “Sensation” by Bryan Ferry also featured…all courtesy of Chapter Music.

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