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New and Different Night Beds


Night Beds, the moniker of Nashville’s Winston Yellen, has previously been known for his guitar driven tunes. Now,  it’s been a year since Yellen has released any music under this name, and so he’s offering you a completely new direction for your listening ears. It’s got this silky electronic vibe to it that has already gotten stuck in my head after a few listens. This is not the kind of tune that usually pulls me in, but I feel like changing it up, so I’m throwing this your way. The title alone is really enough to pull anyone into a track: have a listen to “Me Liquor & God” below.


Stream Mentalease’s New Album, Indian Summer

endienI love writing about Mentalease; the Ohio three-piece has a habit of gracing these pages quite frequently.  So why bring you more? Why the hell not?  I’ve been jamming to their new LP, Indian Summer.  The entire album is really something special, falling in line with some nostalgic shoegaze nods, though if I’m honest, the whole record sounds like the Terry Malts if you removed the caffeine.  There’s still a pop sensibility, but the songs unfold slowly, allowing for the group to really focus on maximizing their sonic exploration.  This is really a place where you can spend much of your time today, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Contest: Win Tickets to Hot Chip DJ Set!!! (12/13)

hotchipperMonday’s gone, so we’re all looking towards the weekend already, right? Well, what better way to guarantee a good time than by polishing off your old dancing shoes, put on that swank outfit and hitting the dance floor with some great acts?! You’re in luck, as members of Hot Chip will be hosting a DJ set with their friend Museum of Love (Pat from LCD SS); this party will rage all night over at Ironwood Hall.   It’ll be a night of great beats and good times, brought to you by our friends at Transmission Entertainment.  Win a pair of tickets by letting me know your favorite go to Dance Track between now and Thursday 11:59 CST…and I’ll set you up with a pair.

In case you don’t win, you can but tickets HERE for $20.

I heard they’re going to play this song:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Download: Hot Chip – Over & Over [MP3]

Austin Spotlight: New Music from Abram Shook

coverIf you read our Top 15 Austin Albums of 2014, you hopefully saw that Abram Shook made our list, as he deservedly should.  But, I come today not to talk you into adoring his latest work, Sun Marquee, rather to look forward to what he’ll be offering in the future. In between LPs, Abram has decided to release some free digital tracks in a series, and we’ve got one of those tunes for you to listen to today.  I love the piano’s bounce here, giving the song an unenviable hook that few can create.  Of course, he coats the track in his trademark Western croon.  Be sure to donate a buck or more to the cause, so Mr. Shook can deliver an expected collection of new hits.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Download: Abram Shook – 1964 [MP3]

Song Premeire: Stone Jack Jones Announces New Album

sjjAfter several near death battles with blood-borne illnesses, Stone Jack Jones has returned to songwriting with a new passion. There’s an honesty to his tunes, placing his songs before listeners in a bare-bones fashion that begs for the audience to indulge in his craftsmanship.  Last year he released the stellar Ancestor via Western Vinyl, and he’s bringing you another of poetic melancholy titled Love & Torture, with a schedule release date of March 17th via WV.  Our first listen offers a gentle number with a bit of static splashing through your speakers, creating a chilling effect that only magnifies your listening experience.

Neat Art Pop From Conveyor


If you couldn’t tell from the image of New York’s Conveyor that I’ve put in this post, this band of gentleman are quite the dapper bunch. So it makes sense that their music matches this crisp look, and the new(ish) song below that I’ve got for you is no exception to this. “Wry Thing” features clean guitar hooks, interlocking harmonies and minimal percussion that make for a whimsical ditty. This track may be a few weeks old, but you really shouldn’t miss out on it. The band’s also got an EP out for your listening pleasure, so if you like this track, go check out that Ani Mag EP here. 

New Twerps Tune for You

tewerepThere are some bands you just can’t get enough of, and, for me, that band is Twerps.  Any time they have something to offer, I clamor to get my hands on it.  So today, we’re tossing up this next tune from the Aussie group, in advance of their next album, Range Anxiety.  This tune take up the same emotional appeal as earlier work, though many people might be a touch surprised at the lead vocal role going to Jules on this number.  Still, the guitar work, as always, is sublime, working somewhere in the vein between jangling and drifting; it creates a lush bit of pop.  Look for the new album on January 23rd via Chapter Music/Merge Records.

Soft Pop From Rose Dougall

1278936_10151743341112776_2004648494_oRose Dougall is a singer/songwriter from London who you may formerly know from The Pipettes, is back at it with her solo act. She’s got this new song that’s below that gives you a taste of what she’s been working on for her new album, Stellular, which is set to come out sometime next year. The song starts slow, bringing together gentle elements of instrumentations to play gracefully on your pop sensibility. It’s got this nostalgic feel to it, as Dougall’s honey vocals carry the tune the whole way. I like what I’m hearing, and I hope you do too.


Something a Touch Different from Axis: Sova

crushWhen I first played this song from Axis: Sova, I figured, eh, sounds pretty run of the mill.  It begins with this driving electronic beat and some widely distorted guitars.  But…then it sort of spins off into this experimental noise, touching on vocals for various points, then jumping back into the world of experimenting for over 7 minutes.  It might sound daunting, but it never wears on you, which is why Early Surf, the new LP, will be interesting to say the least; it has a release date of February 17th via God? Records.

Jeremy Jay form Dystopian Violet

1040150_1592993227601811_4312947698220765168_oLong has ATH supported the work of Jeremy Jay, and we’re not backing down on giving his writing our full support, as he now officially has a band, Dystopian Violet.  Our first glimpse at the band has them picking up 0n the warm tones that Jay has often employed, though I hear a slight difference in the way his voice was recorded for the track.  Unfortunately, this track will not be released on the group’s forthcoming LP, but it’s a separate 7″ that should see the light of day shortly.  This is the perfect way for our week to start.

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