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Impressive New Track From Waters

avatars-000070057974-bskxc8-t500x500Stop whatever you’re doing right now and hit play on this incredible new song by Waters.  Do it.  Now.  This one would definitely be called the opposite of a slow burner as it immediately draws you in with loud, power pop tendencies.  When the track ends, I’m finding that I want to hit play again as fast as I can.  Great tune from what is sure to be a great release this fall.

This track appears on a new EP entitled It All Might be Okay due out October 14th on Vagrant.

Let’s Rock with Meatbodies

meat!I’ve had a pretty stressful week here; back to school night, moving from one house to another…you know, dumb adult stuff. So, I needed a pick me up, and this new track, not to mention album, from Meatbodies is freaking right on.  The recording has this grittiness to it, but in a fitting fashion, not one that makes you feel like a bunch of amateurs recorded it.  This particular song has this crazy breakdown near the end, demonstrating the band’s willingness to bring you songs entirely on their own terms.  You want to get amped up and enjoy your rock n’ roll right? Get ready for the band’s self-titled debut via In the Red on October 14th.

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Show Pics: Washed Out @ The Mohawk (9/9)

Washed OutThis was pretty much a double headliner show for me. The first time I saw both of the bands that played last night at The Mohawk, Small Black and Washed Out, they played overlapping sets during a SxSW day party, the former backing the latter. Fast forward many years and we are reliving those glory days of buzz and free bandanas.


Sweaty date-night dance party!

Click through for many photos and a few more notes…

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Show Review: Woods @ Holy Mountain (8/20)

IMG_2861We’re a little bit late on this show review and we apologize for that in earnest.  Today we’re excited to introduce new contributer Cameron along with his handy photographer Ruth Vasquez for a review with photos.  I think you’ll find that you like him just as much as we do.  Follow the jump for his thoughts and fancy photos.

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640I’m not sure how we have yet to report on this, but better late than never they say right?  Operators is the current project of Dan Boeckner who many of us know for his time in Wolf Parade, Handsome Furs, Divine Fits, and a slew of other projects.  When the man makes music, the world needs to pay attention.  The new group just released a new EP about a month ago (purchase here) and today we’re getting a listen to brand new single “Start Again”.  Get ready for the dance floor.

Funky Tune from HOMESHAKE

homemaltThe good things about boutique labels working with other, larger, entities, is that they can release really great music that might not get the time of day otherwise.  That’s what I get from Homeshake, one of the bands on Sinderlyn.  It’s not that I don’t dig the tune; it’s that it reaches out there a bit from the modern indie lore, so I like that it gets a day in the sun.  There’s this really funky guitar line grooving all over the place, using a chilled out vocal delivery to really settle things down.  Does indie funk exist as a genre? Maybe easy-indie listening or elevator indie? Regardless, I’ll be down to listen to the whole In the Shower LP when it’s release on October 7th.

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Download: Homeshake – Making a Fool of You

Austin Spotlight: New Album from John Wesley Coleman (+Release Shows)

johnnyIf you haven’t caught a John Wesley Coleman gig living in Austin, then perhaps you’re doing it all wrong.  Or, maybe you just caught The Golden Boys instead.  Either way, he’s one of my favorite local songwriters, unfortunately dubbed by many as a trashcan-troubadour. On his new single there’s a really striking fragility to his vocal performance, which I haven’t heard from him before…though I quite like it.  The rest of the track is filled with his trademark guitar stylings and blasts from his companion horn section.  You’ll be able to grab this new song on a 7″ from Urinal Cake Records soon, and catch him at Trailer Space on Thursday or Hotel Vegas on Saturday night where he’ll also have a new record for you too! Yeah Wes.

Love the New Greylag Tune

graylegThe other week we got a sneak peak at the new LP from Greylag; it’s been a nice little piece of folk-influenced pop to help me mellow out during stressful hours.  But, just as you settle into the warmth of this number, it blasts off on you, adding some great depth to the tired fare of the genre.  I think that’s what’s really exciting about the group’s self-titled effort; there’s nods to contemporaries though they don’t dwell within the confines of those acts.  If you ask me, this is one of those bands that’s poised for a really big end to the year when Dead Oceans finally unveils their LP on the masses; that street date is October 14th.

New Music from Wampire

wampyweeksWampire burst into my personal subconscious when I caught their rad set over at Mohawk this past year; I was immediately hooked.  They had this weird blend between catchy hooks and surfy pop songs, which led me to immerse myself in their first LP.  Now they’re back, though it seems that they’re playing with a bit more urgency, and possibly a slight bit more noise.  The single below has them playing louder than I’ve heard, though you still can’t escape that they’re operating from within the confines of pop structures. It always make me feel like just letting go, driving fast and pumping my fists in the air.  I expect more of the same when we get to hear Bazaar on October 7th via Polyvinyl.

Political Return for Radio Dept.

RADIO_2It’s been quite some time since we’ve actually heard new music from Radio Dept., who just happen to be one of my favorite acts; they’re like my own personal Swans (Swans are better than Radiohead, right?). They’ve always had a slightly political bent, so it’s no surprise that the first bit of new music we hear from them is a protest song with a vocal sample that basically calls for the death of fascism.  There’s a pulsing electronic undertone, yet as always they coat it in these beautiful washes of warmth that just scream for me to listen over and over again.  This might be a one off, but I’m crossing my fingers it means way more than that.

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Download: Radio Dept. – Death to Fascism [MP3]



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