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    ATX 2016: The Christmas Gift Guide

    As year-end lists get more and more arbitrary, I decided I didn’t really want to play that game with our local Austin scene. Instead, I wanted to celebrate the excellent

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    Top 50 Albums of 2016

    You’ve all been waiting, anxiously. Waiting for our arbitrary list of the opinion of four folks who run this site, and what we think were the best albums of 2016.

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    Slack Capital Is Here!

    When I was preparing to release Big Bill’s Weird Walk/Mainly Manly 7″, I began to talk to Eric Bill about the idea of creating an Austin compilation. Well, we released

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    SxSW 2016: Welcome to the Jangle

    Thank you, Spider House. Thank you, Mother Nature. Thank you, bands. The weather was absolutely perfect. We were given blue skies, the occasional cloud, a lovely breeze to pair with

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  • The Crookes

    SxSW 2016: ATH Takeover @ The Nomad

    Next bucket of awesome comes fromRayRay’s neighborhood bar, Nomad. A friend owns the place and we were ready to take things on the road at a place that we knew

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Fresh Music from Astrid Swan

astridIt’s been a trying journey the last few years for Astrid Swan, battling cancer just after her last release. As one would expect, the music she’s crafting now is reflective of that experience…looking back on the trials, the dreams and the hopes for what comes next. You’ll hear that in this new tune, our first listen to the work she’s put into her new album. Musically, there’s a pulse, allowing her voice to filter in carefully atop, offering respite for her, and for listeners, with her lyrics. The album is not completed as of yet, but expect to hear it some time in 2017.

Fresh Indiepop from The Salient Braves

salientbravesIt’s really great to wake up in the morning to your favorite acts; first I had the Bats, and now this delightful tune from The Salient Braves. I love the way this tune just opens up, vocals delivered in a matter-of-fact style, dancing over the guitar lines whilst there’s a tinkering keyboard in the background. There’s a countering voice that offers the chorus to you, which has an angelic tone to it to bring in some contrast. This is one of those songs that makes me wish I was British; they have something in their delivery that seems more poetic. You’ll hear this song on the band Guilty Until Proven Innocent EP, which comes out on November 25th via Broken Down Records.

More From The Molochs

unnamed-2Man these guys in The Molochs are really pumping out some solid tunes in preparation for their new record. We’ve already heard the western boogie in lead single “No More Cryin'” and now we’re treated to another gem with this second single “You and Me”. It seems perfect to me that this band is from southern California because their sound is a perfect homage to late 60s SoCal pop music. This album is going to be on of the year’s best.

Pick up new album America’s Velvet Glory on January 13th via Innovative Leisure.

Start Your Day Off with The Bats

batsFriday’s got some great tunes for you, including this new one from legendary Flying Nun act, The Bats. Apparently the band are prepping a brand new record for 2017, and your first listen should be one that puts the LP high on your anticipation list…it is for me. Their style has this playful guitar ring to it, with the slightest hint of a bounce in there. While the majority of this track has a deepened tone, but I love the turn at the 3 minute mark where they get drawn out with the phrase “don’t want to fall on the antlers.” This is lovely, and the perfect way to begin a Friday.

ATX Spotlight: More from Molly Burch

mollyEarlier this year Austin’s Molly Burch unleashed a delightful 7″ with Captured Tracks, and now the label have finally announced the release of herdebut full-length, Please Be Mine. Of course, Molly’s got this throw back soulful pop styling, but I love how there’s some forcefulness in some of the notes she releases on this single. It’s great to see that there’s some textured variance in her delivery, meaning we can expect the full-length to be full of the promise we’ve all seen here in town; look for the release on February 17th of next year.

More New Music from Nathan K

nathankJust over a month ago Nathan K dropped a great tune that reminded me why I love his music so much; it’s bedroom pop with a little more lush production. Now, he’s just announced his Silver Beach Boys EP, and with it comes this splendid new tune. The tune itself is pretty simple, at least in its construction, but man, I’m just hooked on this number and want you to play it again and again too! Sometimes that special song seeps into your soul, and this track from Nathan is burrowing deep in my soul today. His new EP comes out Friday, so enjoy this tune before he blows up!

Check Out Miracle Sweepstakes

miraclesweepsMiracle Sweepstakes, out of New York, are gaining attention from their latest single, “Rapture.” Rightly so– this track shows the band drawing together a wide base of sub-genres and uniting them into a tight package of bright indie rock. The song starts out and you pick up on the slightly fuzzy, slightly psych -y guitars, and then, about 45 seconds in, the band launches into grunge mode, with heavy, wall-of-sound noise rock.All the while, the vocals deal out a bit of attitude and balance out the heavier moments quite nicely. Take a listen below.

Turn Heel, their newest cassette release is out now via One Weird Trick. Go pick it up, or listen on their soundcloud page.

Sprawling Pop from Tweed and Hyenas

yl4glxaWhen you press play on the latest track from Tweed & Hyenas, be prepared to indulge your listening skills. As you’ll notice, the song moves along rather slowly, creeping along fantastically. Each vocal note is placed carefully, much as all the instrumentation is used sparingly, allowing for the filling of pop sensibility. Plus, those vocal notes are quite remarkable, almost perfect in every note. It all leads you towards a wondrous closing minute and a half, recalling the best, and most accessible, bits of Grizzly Bear. The band is currently wrapping up their first EP, and lets hope this gem is on it.

New Music from The Trouble with Templeton

troublewithtempI hate to pigeonhole folks, but there’s something late 90s brewing in the sounds emanating from The Trouble with Templeton. You’ll hear a gentle trait in the vocals, moving carefully along with the maneuvering guitar work. It all comes to a head when the group hits the bright burst of pop during the chorus. I can’t place it entirely, but those nostalgic hints definitely have me gravitating to the band’s craft. The Brisbane outfit will be releasing Someday, Buddy on December 2nd via Bella Union, which will feature the hit below.

Infectiously Funky Pop From Rubblebucket

rubblebucketThere’s a chance you’ve already seen this track somewhere around in internetland, but if you missed it, it’s time you take a listen. Rubblebucket are an ‘indie-sweat-pop’ group out of Brooklyn that have got a real gem of a track for you to jam to.”If U C My Enemies,” embodies the idiom of ‘being the bigger person,’ or perhaps, more topically, ‘when they go low, we go high.’ The horn riffs that jump straight out at the top of the song and cap things off at the close provide the perfect bookends of funkiness to the heavily percussive track. It’s pure pop, sure, but damn it if those handclaps and scream-along chorus hasn’t gotten me singing with them.

This track is taken from the band’s upcoming EP with the same title, which will be out January 20th.



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