Can’t Not Share New POBPAH

We really love The Pains of Being Pure at Heart. Like, our love knows no bounds. So when this track dropped yesterday from the Brooklyn group, I naturally knew I needed to spread the word– “When I Dance With You” is yet another bombastically perfect pop song from Kip Berman and company. The track builds on the fresh energy that their last release,Days of Abandon, packed. As always with this group, they give you tunes with catchy choruses, but also pack that punch of great lyrics to boot. Dare you to put this one on and not crack a smile through the bouncy synths and bright tone.

Take a listen and join our growing excitement forThe Echo of Pleasure, which will be out September 1.

Another Single from the Next Popguns LP

A few weeks back we brought you the latest from legendary indiepoppers The Popguns, and why not share another ditty with you today. Listening myself, I’m not sure there are many acts out there writing pop music this good, or even in this manner anymore. It’s got a natural energy that moves the song forward, but the way the vocals take on the melodies provides the perfect balance…and builds the release pop fans all long for! They’ve titled the next release Sugar Kisses, which is fitting considering the band’s propensity for crafting ear candy. Look for the new release from our favorites Matinee Recordings this Friday.

Local Love: The Dan Ryan Announce New Album, Share Track

  1. The Dan Ryan, an Austin collective featuring members of RF Shannon, are back at it with the announcement of their sophomore LP,Guidance. With this news, they’ve shared the title track from this forthcoming record and it’s five minutes of psych tinged americana, a-la The Grateful Dead. Low vocals chanting welcomes you to the track, jazzy percussion sets the tone and guitars waiver hazily through the mix. You also get lead vocals that aren’t too distorted and resonate clearly atop the song. Heavily textured and ornate, “Guidance” is a trip into desert psych that you’ll want for those fast approaching oven-breeze days of summer in the ATX. Take a listen.

Guidancewill be out July 14th viaCosmic Dreamer. Pre-order the pretty vinyl here.


Uplifting Pop Number from TRASH

I love a good pop number, especially when its sunny outside, so why not post this new jam from TRASH. The approach is pretty simple, giving listeners a natural bounce from the driving rhythm, but I really like the little nuances where the band toy with listeners. Several times in the track they hold back the melodic release, just for a second; it’s like a sugary pop tease that only draws you further into their sound. Plus, they have these distant dream pop guitar lines lurking in the distance, and you know I’m a sucker for that sound. Look for the group to release their new EP later this summer.

Powerful Pop Hit from The Domestics

Saw this new track from The Domestics pop up at GFP last week, and it’s a pretty stunning song. I was first drawn in by the careful chords that open the song, drifting in before being joined by a soft croon as the song progresses; I could have been happy with this first 1.5 minutes, but the band’s not done. They pick up their sound, first swelling with a broad wash of pop emphasis, then jump off into a bouncing explosiveness that reminds me, slightly, of Vampire Weekend. Their album Little Darkness will be released by Tender Loving Empire on September 1st.

Brand New Track from The Stevens

People have been listing their favorite albums of the year a lot lately, and while I get that, we haven’t even heard the new record from the Stevens. Today we have their second single from the forthcoming Good, and it’s the perfect blend of their discordant moments and their pop leanings. Twanging guitars ring, rhythms take on a dark swing and it leaves us all with a great deal of hope for a brilliant release. Chapter Music will be releasing Good on July 14th, so be on the lookout for the next hit record of 2017.

I Don’t Care I Love It: Dance Track From Punctual

This may not be anywhere near the kind of track you’d expect to find on ATH, but damn it, sometimes you’ve gotta spice things up a bit in your musical catalogue. Punctual are a two piece DJ/producer duo out of Bristol that have made the electronic track you didn’t know you needed for this weekend/summer. “What I Love” is all sorts of groovy, splicing together heavy synth sounds and soulful samples to make you shake it.Again, I didn’t think I’d find myself enjoying this track as much as I do, but try to press play and not bob your head or tap your toes. You’re gonna need something to put on those summer party playlists, right?


Brand New Indiepop from Pale Spectres

I’ve been waiting for what seems like forever for this new Pale Spectres EP to drop, and it looks like we’re getting a little bit closer as the band have dropped a new single. It’s the perfect jam for a Friday, dreamy and spirited, supported by some precision drumming that keeps the song pushing forward. I like the mini breakdown of ringing guitars that hits right after the 2 minute mark…closing out the track with a wistful vibe looking towards the future. Look for this new EP to drop in August via Cloudberry Records.

Psych Yourself Up For Friday With Triptides

Everyone’s Friday’s need a little bitofpsych to trip into the weekend and your daily dose today comes from this video from Triptides for the track “Invitation.” The song is pretty much straightforward psych bliss, with sweeping choruses of hazy vocals and jangly electric guitar riffs. The video completes this psych vibe with the LA quartet jamming in the woods cut with weird visuals that will have you wanting to don your best bell bottoms and slip on some rose colored glasses…I mean, what did you expect from a band called Triptides?

The band’s upcoming full-length,Afterglow, will be out June 23 via Requiem Por Un Twister Records.



More from Black Fly

I’ve previously posted about Black Fly, and the more I give into my electronic inclinations, the more impressed I am by his work. He opens this track with a dense little soundscape before kicking in heavy synth beats that drive the song forward. Rhythmically, it gets you going, then he drapes these deep toned vocals atop the mix, only to pull back the rains with a steady beat and soft piano notes. His songs take on so many switches and changes that you’ll find it hard not be fascinated by his work. Go ahead…I promise its okay to love this.

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