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Fun Pop From Manatree

manatreeIt’s a beautiful Monday here in Austin so why not move along with your day by jamming some bright and fun indie pop music?  This one called “Something” by Richmond based group Manatree is exactly what I had in mind.  This is easy to listen to pop music that’s sure to make your drab Monday a little better.

Manatree have their self-titled album coming out on July 31st via EggHunt Records.

More To Love From Beach Baby

I’m pretty sure with each new track that surfaces from UK band Beach Baby that us folks at ATH are falling further and further in love with the band, so I had to post the recently emerged B-Side, “U R.” This track is just as spot on surf pop and jangly guitar filled as the songs that we’ve heard before from the group, but here we get a little nuance in the subtle and detailed percussion as well as the smooth vocal delivery from the gentlemen. Beach Baby‘s sound is perfect for summer, and if they keep on rolling out these great tracks, I can only imagine what the band has in store for the future. Get listening before they blow up.

“Dead” Video From Darts

dartsWe don’t normally post a lot of music videos, but when I came across this one by Darts, I simply couldn’t resist, as the song is awesome and the music video creepy, yet entertaining. The song, “Dead,” is an angst filled roller coaster ride, and the male vocals definitely bring you thoughts of Modest Mouse, but what’s different about this song as well as the band are the presence of the contrasting female vocals which add a whole different aspect to the sound. Watch the disturbingly awesome video below and jam along with Darts.

Wake Up With Dreamy Rock From DIV I DED

divided2It’s a Monday, it’s been rainy in Austin and I was having trouble kicking things into gear until I heard this track from Czech band DIV I DED. “Late Awakening” is a track taken from the band’s upcoming album, Born To Sleep, which is coming out July 17th via Fleeting Youth Records. The song kicks off with its cutting guitars that echo through the space of the sound while the vocals from Viktorie Marksova provide the perfect balance of tempered sweetness to the mix. Take a listen below, wake up, and get ready for Born to Sleep out July 17th.

Have a Nice Weekend

10835376_908783505799991_5030833058499458154_oSometimes, the weather just wants us to be shut-ins and listen to dark synthy goodness.* Perhaps you need song be kickstart your indulgence of hazy waved sounds.

This track by A Copy For Collapse, an Italy-based duo making strong synth-driven darkwave, is called “Grey Sunday” so I will forgive you if you withhold playback to be clever and/or aprapos. It seems to go nowhere and everywhere at the same time by adding and pulling back circular elements, buoyed by a vocal skillfully buried in effects, as it puts you in that hypnotic state that causes the dreamy defocus. No Sense of Place Records put out the record Waiting For jsut a little bit ago, available here.

*but you are not allowed to stay home tomorrow. #austinrecordlabelfleamarket

I Like This Fever The Ghost Track

img-fever-the-ghost_131527451894You may have been hearing from your friends about how you need to listen to this band, Fever The Ghost, and now I’m going to tell you that it’s finally time to get fully acquainted. In September, the band plans to release their first full length LP, Zirconium Meconium. This track, “Vervain (Dreams Of An Old Wooden Cage)” has sort of an Animal Collective vibe to it, but with a more psychedelic rock spin on it. It begins slowly and gives you a lot of stop and go, but the guitars are heavyset and really pick up at the end, while the electronic elements lighten up the track as they swirl through, providing a hint of whimsy to the tune. Get excited.

A Little Late To The Party: Trevor Sensor

trevorThere’s something about the isolated sound of just a man with his guitar and his soulful voice that always manages to capture my attention. So when I heard this track, “The Reaper Man,” by young gun Trevor Sensor, I was immediately reminded of The Tallest Man On Earth and enamored with the raw power of Sensor’s vocals as it winds through the catchy chorus of this song. Though this track may be a few months old, I think it’s important that it reaches your ears now before Sensor really takes off.

Did You Listen to This New Teen Daze Track

teenyWhen Teen Daze decided to step out of his bedroom, I’m sure there were some worries.  How does one stay true to their sound whilst progressing and adding larger production? Jamison seems to have found the right balance with this first new single.  You can hear the stylistic trademarks of a person writing in their bedroom, but the harmonies in the vocals, on top of the varying layers of guitar and percussion really elevate the tune to a pop hit.  It’s just our first taste from the new work, and it’s available now via Paper Bag Records. Not a bad step up…not at all.

First Annual Austin Record Label Flea Market

10479400_783936648390606_8423787667357574879_oThis Saturday is the First Annual Austin Record Label Flea Market; it’s at Mohawk, starting at 5 PM.  Entry is free, all ages welcome, and there will be 28 local Austin labels selling their wares, including some rare out-of-print pieces from a few of them.  There will be a great show following at 9 PM, which is also free. I’m one of the people responsible for this event, along with my friend Marcus at Transmission and Dan at Punctum Records.  So, with that in mind…here’s a few ideas on why I wanted to put this together…including a playlist with a sample from all the labels that are on Soundcloud. 

Read More

ATX Spotlight: Fresh Good Field Track

goodyPaul Price is one busy guy, though most Austin musician’s are nowadays.  He’s been working on two projects and their releases, Reservations and Good Field, his baby…we’ll focus, for now, on the latter.  I’ve played this tune several times, and honestly, I’m really impressed with the growth of the band.  They’ve long been tossed in the realm of dream pop/indiepop here in Austin, but this takes on almost a Vile/Leithauser/Springsteen feel, though spun through the unique ears of Mr. Price.  If this song’s any indication, their new record, Future Me, is going to be on a lot of local year end lists…and hopefully beyond; look for it on July 28th.

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