Check the New Ciggie Witch Video

Just a few weeks ago, we got the great new Ciggie Witch track up for you, ahead of the rest of our US counterparts, and now we’re at it again, bringing you the band’s new video for “Walking the Tracks.” This song is spliced up with bits from the class movie Twister (which is perfect for the weather in Texas right now). You’ll find this song on the band’s new album, Classic Connection, so enjoy watching the video, and grab the LP from Osborne Again Music on June 3rd.

Ciggie Witch – Walking The Tracks from Snowy Snowy on Vimeo.

Soak Up This Quiet Folk From Henri Bardot

henriWe’ve been having pretty constantly gloomy/rainy weather around Austin lately, and when that happens I like to lean into the mood, and jam some mellow tunes. Henri Bardot from Washington has got those chill vibes waiting for you with “Giving Up,” which is a groovy tune that centers around his mild vocals. There’s a great choral hook in this song, but it first starts with stark piano and sparse percussion, building to the chorus. Take a listen, and if you’re liking what you’re hearing, make sure you pick up Bardot’s latest album,Blue Night, which is out now.

Stream the Young Girls Album, Party Blood

younggirlsWe’ve long been fans of Houston’s Young Girls, helping the band whenever we could, and even putting out this, their sophomore album. I’ve been waiting to share the entirety of Party Blood with you; it’s my favorite thing they’ve done, and I think you’re all just going to fall in love. We don’t need any more hyperbole though, so stream it below. If you want, order it from the ATH Records site (it comes with a free 7″ for the first few weeks).

Pale Dian Go Dark With “Evan Evan”

12615340_1101543239877021_401735207472384011_oAustin’s own Pale Dian have been making waves with their dark shoe-gaze music, and so I’m excited to share that they’ve put out another single that doubles down on this darkness. “Evan Evan” is a five minute spiral in to layer upon layer of twangy and gritty guitars. The vocals are angelic for the verses, and then turn menacing with a bit of bite for the choruses. This song is excellent, and you’ll find yourself revisiting it throughout the day. Pale Dian are just about to hit the road on tour, so make sure you see if you can catch them anytime soon.And make sure to keep your ears perked for their upcoming record,Narrow Birth, which is out June 3rd fromManifesto Records.

Weirdo Nost-Pop From Trudy and the Romance

trudyWhen the genre tag on the track you’ve just clicked on is “mutant 50s Pop,” you know that you’re in for a treat, and even though this track may be a few days old, it’s worth your time. Oddly enough, this tag really fits this track from Liverpool’s Trudy and the Romance. “He Sings,” takes the old school attributes and really exaggerates them– the vibrato on the vocals is exceptionally audible, and these vocals are also distorted and fuzzy. The drums are a little jazzy, and the guitars build the song to its creepy and wild climax. Make sure you take a listen to this track and get with these lads from Liverpool.

Show Review: Wild Nothing @ The Mohawk (05/16)

Wild Nothing, or the project of Jack Tatum, is a genre band. What I mean to say is that each of his studio albums explores a different sub genre of indie rock. Gemini saw Tatum trying his hand at jangly guitars and bedroom synths, Nocturne was a 70s disco piece with plenty to dance to. His latest effort, Life of Pause, which came out earlier this year, was a wall-of-sound piece that combined the past genres into a more straightforward rock sound. Going into Monday night, I was interested in seeing how the band would weave these sounds into a their live setting, and I was far from disappointed. Read on after the jump.

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ATX Spotlight: New Music from Wildfires

wildfiresA year after releasing the well-received Aguas Frescas EP, Austin’s Wildfires are back to bring you Aguas Frescas Part II. They tossed this new single up recently, and I highly recommend you give it a listen. I really love the vocals on this track; they’re not overdone, and they have this slightly drizzled/hazy quality that’s quite endearing. Musically, there’s a feeling of pleasant meandering that courses through the song, a sense of learning, which would fit with the EPs themes of growing older and reflecting upon life’s great meaning. The more I play it, the more I love it. You can hear it below, and look for the release of the AF Part II on August 26th.

Promising New Track From Nail Polish

unnamed (8)Many of you are likely unfamiliar with NYC based band Nail Polish since they currently only have one EP release under their belt. I’m starting to think that will be changing here soon after you check out this promising new track “Stay Gone”. The new single brings to mind similar groups like Wavves or even some of the punkier elements from a band like So So Glos. I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot more about Nail Polish in the future. Those of you interest in a free download of the song can head over to the Illuminasty Records site for a pay what you want type deal.

More from PEMA

pemaJust a few weeks ago we dropped a tune your way from Alex Cohen, who many people will know from her work with Austin’s Alex Napping. But…don’t confuse this, as PEMA is her pop-centric new project, where she’s really stretching herself to find a new place for her voice. For this number, she enlisted producer LAZ3NBY to work behind the buttons. The product is a place where you likely haven’t heard Alex go, but if that’s the case, or if this is your first introduction, your’e going to be enamored with the end product. Vocals are looped back in to provide background while Alex’s voice rises to the front of the mix; I like the restraint on the beats, allowing Cohen to shine. Look for her PEMA debut, Doublethink, via Wishy Washy on June 3rd.

Brand New Ballad from Amy Blaschke

amyblaschkeThe opening fifteen seconds of this track immediately grabbed me; it was one of those moments that made me want to hear what came next, which in the case of Amy Blaschke, was an incredible vocal performance. There’s something nostalgic in her voice, something that recalls a time in my earlier childhood listening to folk records with my dad. This tune is perfected by extra little notes too, such as backing vocals and what I believe were chimes…the careful touch of production in the studio makes this ballad really shine. Look for her new effort, Breaking the Blues, on July 1st.

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