Rock N’ Roll from Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys

The sounds from this new single released by Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys might sound fairly familiar, especially if you read this here site. The group is the new project of Joe from Royal Headache, and it rides along the same lines; it uses these great gritty guitar chords that ring through your speakers while the vocals are delivered in a very matter of fact manner…those fans of the Replacements will want to keep an eye on this for sure! The group will be releasing their new record, Rot, on What’s Your Rupture/RIP Society come November 10th. I give this jam an A plus.


Classic Guitar Pop from The Persian Leaps

The Persian Leaps just recently released their Bicycle Face EP, and while I missed tossing them a bone earlier, I’m going to remedy that with this great video. They’re writing a classic guitar pop, with chords ringing as they wrap around one another to create an audible warmth. There’s an earnestness in the vocal delivery that I find quite appealing, almost stretching to the top of their range. The lyrics seem to take on a hint of self-depreciation with lines like “if I was nothing when I was with you,” but the video seems to indicate there’s light at the end of that tunnel…promise for us all. Grab the band’s new EP from Land Ski Records.

Check the New Video from Mammoth Penguins

I’m pretty excited to hear the entirety of The John Doe LP from Mammoth Penguins (& Friends). And of course, that’s only encouraged by the group’s new video for “The Chorus.” The jagged guitar chords set up the listener for the playful swing of Emma Kupa’s vocals, churning sugary delights; I’m not going to lie, been listening to it on repeat for the last fifteen minutes. If you like to indulge in a little bit of pop music that will make your life infinitely better, then by all means, press play…and then again. The new album will be available next Friday the 13th…bringing us all some good luck.

Power Pop from The Hipshakes

There’s a blend of power-pop that possibly walks a closer line to punk rock than to the traditional boundary, but I can’t help if that’s what I love! Today we’ve got a new single from The Hipshakes. It’s a quick jolt of infectious rock n’ roll, rushing towards the track’s finish from the minute it kicks off. The chorus and the backing “ahhs” just stick in your head, the way the best pop does. Oh, and just to show you how versed in the cool the band is, they even throw in a touch of horns to the mix. This is the A-Side to the band’s new 7″ for Nerve Centre Records.

More From Doll Baby

As the month presses on, I am finding myself more and more a fan of Richmond based band Doll Baby. Already I posted the loud and raucous single “Alive”, which was a welcome introduction to the young upstarts. Now I’m hoping you’ll enjoy the band in a bit more of a mellow state with this new single “Softee”. It’s hard for me to put into words how much I love the vocal delivery of leading lady Julie Storey. She has this angry sort of restraint which is turned up and delivered with tons of growl and grit always at the perfect time. Sort of like a modern day Courtney Love if you will.

Doll Baby will drop The Hell Block EP on October 13th via Egghunt Records.

Hear a New Tune from The Honeydrips

While the Honeydrips might seem like a group, it’s really just the project of Mikael Carlsson. The good thing about that, is it allows complete control over the song’s he constructs, and the work he put into this latest single is sure to impress your ears. Guitar chords dangle in the background with a heavy emphasis on the tight sampled percussion; vocals ride in and out, circling around the core melody. This track features on his latest album Give Each Other Some Solace, which is being released by Gentle Reminder on October 27th.

New Single From Rural Alberta Advantage

Much has been said about on this here website about Toronto based band Rural Alberta Advantage. Though with all that coverage in the past, we’ve somehow managed to completely flake on posting about the band’s latest album. I’m rectifying our foolishness with a quick blurb about the group’s most recent single “Toughen Up”. This really is typical RAA music here with always impressive vocals from Nils Edenloff, beautiful harmonies from Robin Patch, and a reliable tight, folk rock sound throughout.

New album The Wild is out on October 13th via Saddle Creek (pre-order).

Enjoying This PLAZA Track

PLAZA have featured on our site many a times, and why not give the band another go with their latest single. The guitar seems to sputter angularly, waiting to release the tension during the explosive chorus. Quickly, it settles down, letting the band manipulate your ears with a dreamy interlude, right before jumping right back in with a huge punch through your speakers. It’s great to see these lads toying with song structure while still building on the promise of their earlier singles. Oh the places they will go.

Fresh Video from The Spook School

You know we have an undying love affair with the Spook School, and they’re back today with news of a new label and a new record! One of the many things I love about the band is their ability to craft infectious indiepop with serious sentiment in the lyrical content. This song is said to be overcoming abusive relationships, or just being better than an abusive personality…and with a line like “fuck you I’m still alive” who wouldn’t believe them. There’s a message hiding in their hooks, only make the band all more important in your life. The band will release Could It Be Different on Alcopop Records/Slumberland Recordsin January of the 2018. I’ll buy it…you should too.

Show Review: Pinegrove @ Barracuda (9/29)

When did Pinegrove become so huge?

David Sackllah posed the question to Twitter (@dsackllah) on the eve of the band’s sold out show at Austin’s Barracuda. Sackllah goes on recalling a time not so long ago when a Pinegrove performance seemed like an under-attended and perhaps under-appreciated experience. Back then, turnouts hovered around thirty people. That was a year ago. Maybe he’s exaggerating the crowd’s smallness, but the visual goes a long way in driving the point home; Pinegrove is now suddenly huge, or at least hugely important to a lot of people.

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