Show Preview: Fuzz @ Red 7 (10.4)

Ty Segall

Date Friday, October 4th
Location Red 7
Doors 9:00 PM
Tickets $10 from Red 7

What? You’re tired of seeing Ty Segall?  Well, you’re in luck, sort of.  His new band, which sort of features members of his touring band, is called Fuzz, and they’ll be blowing down doors at Red 7 on Friday in Austin. Sure, the town will be buzzing with ACL highlights and stories, but there’s not going to be a better show that what’s going on.  It’s going to be loud and crunchy and sweaty, all of which we love; they’ll be supporting the release of their debut self-titled record that came out this week.  There’s a reason that Ty brings such a crowd to his shows; they’re just a joy to watch, especially when he’s throwing his guitar about, bringing noise our way.  Opening the night will be CCR Headcleaner.


Download: Fuzz – What’s In My Head?[MP3]

Austin Spotlight: Genuine Leather

Gen_Leath_Band_2I sort of feel like there’s not been a lot of music coming out from Austin, so I was more than excited when I got this brand new tune from Genuine Leather.  The new single has this calming pop attitude, but there’s clearly more going on in the track than one would first hear.  It took me a couple of times to really take to heart the rolling drum beat and the incredible harmonies, though I was hooked on the song from the get-go. They’re finishing up their final touches on a forthcoming LP, but if you’re digging what you hear, they’ll be playing at the Mohawk this evening after the Unknown Mortal Orchestra show.  I’m so impressed with this tune, that I encourage you to all get on board as we support another great local act.

Freebie From Chad Valley

Anyone that reads the site should know of my love for Chad Valley and all things Hugo Manuel. To celebrate the tour with Keep Shelly In Athens (which isn’t getting anywhere near us BOO), there is a download of the tasty morsel of pop synth goodness over on the Cascine soundcloud.

Younger Hunger is still in heavy rotation on the weekend playlists in the IT Department. Vastly underrated album that features Glasser, Active Child and Twin Shadow

Download: Chad Valley – Real Time [MP3]

Welcome Return of the Lodger

the_lodgerNow, I’m not sure how I missed this track popping up a few weeks ago, but I’m so glad that I stumbled back upon the Lodger.  They’ve been one of my favorites acts over the last five years, and I was sad, thinking they’d seemingly taken a permanent hiatus.  But, this new jangle pop deliciousness is precisely why I’ve found the band so endearing; it’s while I continue to shout their name even if I’m one the only ones listening.  The guitars are crisp and the vocals are absolutely spot on in this new single.  Plus, it’s just a blistering pace, clocking in with two minutes of the best pop you’ll hear today. Go on, dig it.


Download: The Lodger – Fast [MP3]

ACL Spotlight: Junip

junipYou’re only a few days away from what seems like great weather and a great musical experience.  But, you’re scanning the festival line-up trying to find that one band that will be perfect in this setting.  I’ve got you covered folks: Junip.  While Jose Gonzalez made big waves a few years back, his new project has made some incredible strides, leaving us with a stronger personal attachment.  While Gonzalez still takes a lot of the vocal roles on, the rest of the band work on providing you with these extremely layered sounds that highlight the soft vocals of Jose.  At times, there’s a dark underbelly, but you turn the corner and you’ll find this spiritually up-lifting moment making its way through your speakers.  I can just picture nodding my head (while my arms are crossed; I’m that guy) while the below tune floats atop the breeze into the audience.  The group has this ability to encourage light dancing or swaying, but also has this atmospheric pop attribute that makes them absolutely perfect for anyone looking to fill their schedule with top tier bands.

The group will take to the stage both Saturday’s at 3 PM on the Honda Stage.  You’ll want to catch them in order to here the great jam below.


Download: Junip – Your Life, Your Call [MP3]

New Music from Mi Mye

mimyeThere’s a certain type of rock n’ roll that’s really resurfaced in the last few years, and I think we can thank  the breakthrough of Titus Andronicus for that.  There’s another group that’s slinging the same sort of pub-influenced rock, though with less thematic flair: Mi Mye.  These lads hail from the other side of the pond, so you can hear about of that flair in the vocals, but for the most part, the band is spreading music that’s focused on crashing guitar parts that step back from time to time for the vocals to jump to the forefront.  The group just put out their Great Sucksess EP today via Philophobia, so you should grab it while you can.


Download: Mi Mye – Great Sucksess [MP3]

Dufflecoat Records Signs The Salient Braves

artworks-000058839981-8mgyb4-t500x500One of my favorite little UK labels, Dufflecoat Records, works really hard to give a voice to small acts all across the UK and beyond.  The label’s most recent signing is The Salient Braves, and I’m really digging what they’re working on. For one, the vocals have a small resemblance to David Gedge of the Wedding Present, so I’m always going to back that sort of thing. It’s a very British sound, with the vocals high in the mix, and the delivery seeming to work outside of the instrumentation.  Keep an eye out for the Somewhere Sordid EP in October!

Pop Rock Number from Broadcaster

broadcasterIf you send me an email with “J Robbins” attached in it somewhere, the odds are I’m going to bump that to the top of my list.  In the case of Broadcaster, that’s worked out for the both of us.  The Long Island three piece are releasing their album, A Million Hours, tomorrow, and the production credits go to Mr. Robbins.  But, don’t let the name fool you, as this record seems more intent on providing us with anthemic rockers we can blast loudly when we need a spiritual pick me up.  Sometimes rock n’ roll is best when its done with simple ventures in mind, just aiming to please.  Yeah, this’ll do.


Download: Broadcaster – Tomorrow [MP3]

More More More from Body Parts

bodypartsYou guys getting tired of us raving about Body Parts? Well, too bad!  I like the music this group’s pushing right now, blending little bits of dance-tastic beats along with great pop sensibility.  This song’s great, using these touches of jagged guitars and forceful percussion to push the pace of the track, all the while holding onto some high octave harmonies.  The band’s been building quite a name for themselves, which is fitting with their debut, Fire Dream, set for release on October 29th via Father/Daughter Records.  It’s been awhile since I’ve thought about taking things out to the dance floor in hopes of shaking it, but yes, this song is definitely dance-floor ready.


Download: Body Parts – Be A God [MP3]

The Blow – The Blow


Rating: ★★★ · ·

Listening to The Blow has always been a mild obsession, but I’m pretty sure every girl I dated since 2007 ended up with “Parentheses” on some mix tape of mine.  But, after spinning a good deal of time with The Blow, it’s good to see that Khaela Maricich hasn’t dropped off much since the departure of Yacht.  In fact, my book has her better off, as this record’s bursting with fun.

The work on previous efforts from The Blow is still prevalent, as this seems mostly like a continued experiment for Khaela’s voice, with the beats coming in second place.  “Make It Up” holds tight to that formula, with Maricich operating on various pitches throughout the track.  It picks up in the back end, uniting vocal samples atop vocal sample. But, in writing about a record by the project, it’s always difficult to work through by just talking about the beats that back up the vocal.  However, I think the range in the vocals are what ultimately make the record more than enjoyable.

On a track like “A Kiss,” you get the whole spectrum of the offering.  It opens with a semi-sultry croon from our frontwoman, paced playfully in the foreground.  It sucks you in immediately, and moments later, there’s a slight rise in the pitch, while the beats stutter.  From there, it floats off into a loftier vocal realm that adds a new level to the track.  It’s all complimented by the backing vocals soothingly approaching from the background.  These are the sorts of songs where The Blow really excel, showing that despite a very simple approach, there’s still some dynamism in the process.

For me, part of my whole experience also circled around the search for the standout track, and for the most part, I think that’s where this record might have a step above its predecessors.  Each track on here is purposeful, and none of the above should be discarded during your listening experience. That being said, I’ve really been drawn to “Hey” during my last several spins.  It starts with heavier pulsating beat, carefully building tension before the song slowly rises to its musical climax.  You can feel it in the vocals, as a lighter keyboard begins to accent the driving rhythm; I especially like how the song holds out longer than expected, then unleashes the hook.  It’s definitely a song that’s piqued my interest.

All in all The Blow have another great little listen on their hands.  They’ve never been knocking down the doors of creativity, but they’ve always given the audience something that’s ultimately rewarding/endearing.  It’s becoming increasingly harder to look away from the group, especially when things are as focused and enjoyable as The Blow.



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