New Music from Guy Blakeslee

guyToday seems to be one of those days where our tracks are by artists who’ve stepped out of the shadows of other projects to make a go on their own.  Guy Blakeslee is no different, putting out his first record outside his other act, The Entrance Band.  I really like the vocals on this number; they seem to come close to straining Blakelee’s voice, yet they’re held, just under. Musically, the song’s a bit of a drifter, with the guitars seemingly pushing themselves in and out of the picture; it’s a stunning effect. His solo effort, Ophelia Slowly, will be released on June 10th via Everloving.

Liam Betson Returns with New LP

liamLiam Betson once played guitar in Titus Andronicus, and while you can definitely see remnants of his foray in that outfit in this tune, it’s nice to see that the sound takes on a bit of new direction.  The vocals definitely harken to the TA days, at least in the way they were recorded, but the guitar takes on a different tone entirely.  The tone takes on a nice bit of twanging dream pop, with guitars cascading all over the tune.  He’ll be releasing this new batch of songs on The Cover of the Hunter, which is being released on July 22nd.  Take a listen.

Gentle Number from Globelamp

globelampThose of you who followed Foxygen‘s rise to fame might recognize the name of Elizabeth La Fey, who was part of the group early on.  She’s now stepped out into her own world as Globelamp, creating some really special pop songs that illustrate just how strong a songwriter she is on her own.  This track spans over 5 minutes, and while there’s possibilities that that could wear on listeners, she manages to capture your attention from the get-go, dragging you along into quite a special world of careful guitar playing and proper accompaniment. Her album Star Dust will be out this week via Gazelle Recordings.

New Jam from Steve Adamyk Band

steveadamykEarlier this year I ran into a new 7″ from Steve Adamyk Band.  I was immediately excited, as a new single usually indicates a full-length is on its way.  That was just the case, as Dirtnap Records have announced that they’ll be releasing the new record from the group, Dial Tone.  This track is quick and to the point, which encapsulates my ideas about the group; they offer up a good dosage of punk rock in quick spurts, always bringing hooks that make their albums playable time and time again.  You can get your copy of the record on July 1st.

Eureka California – Crunch


Rating: ★★★½ ·

Once in a blue moon you stumble across an album that defies the odds.  You might recognize bits of various genres within this sort of album, but every song sounds completely refreshing.  You’ll get precisely this when you listen to Crunch, the newest album from Athens’ Eureka California; they’ve created a pop rock record that doesn’t give a fuck if you like it.

One of the great attributes, of which there are many, on Crunch lives in the fact that only one song on the album breeches the 3 minute mark, with most falling far short of that mark.  Take the opener, “Edith” which is finished in just under a 1.5 minutes, as an example; it’s a jangling rocker with a nice little bounce, but rather than hit you over the head with redundancy, Eureka California quickly gets to the point, then wraps it up.  This is a tactic that’s used far too rarely nowadays, as many bands want to make sure you acknowledge their musicianship.  Here it’ll allow you to bob your head to track after track, never tiring of a single note.

Still, you can’t just rely on short bursts of joyous pop, you’ve got to have great songs tune, and they’re filling up this entire album.  I love “There’s No Looking Back,” opening with a casual chugging riff and vocals, but as you’re growing accustomed to the tune, it blasts off furiously into a more ramshackle version of itself.  There’s also “This Ain’t No A-Side,” which might be one of the album’s better tracks.  It uses a little bit of fuzziness on the instruments, while holding onto this youthful vibrance that burrows into your eardrums.  And you can’t forget the lead single from Crunch, “Twin Cities.” This song in particular gathers all of my favorite bits of the band and throws it into one song; there’s hooks in the vocals, well-executed guitar riffs, various movements and it all seems like the band is on the verge of falling off the tracks.

There’s a reckless abandon to the entirety of Crunch.  After many many listens it seems like the group got together to bang out the loudest, most fun set of pop tracks they could.  They clearly weren’t concerned with where they fit in the grand spectrum of the music world, they just wanted to write a bunch of great songs; it’s part of what makes every track so endearing, and ultimately what makes Eureka California something quite special.



Show Pics: Orthy @ The Living Room (5/25)

OrthyA little end the work week viewing…

When it came time to figure out what to do the night before the Holiday last Monday, we figured something relaxing, maybe a little fancy, friends, etc. How about Orthy and Royal Forest playing the W’s Living Room Live series? Drink specials? Sure. Couches, awesome! We even made dinner reservations before hand. I wore shorts that weren’t cut down from longer origins.

Our friend asked if my little camera that joined us was one of the black & white specialty types, which keyed me to shoot the night in monochrome. Why not? I was “on vacation”

Read through for a few notes on their sets and pics…

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Fresh Music from Tijuana Panthers

Tijuana_Panthers_Press_Photo_2-1024x682The word out of California is that Tijuana Panthers have perfected their sound; they’ve moved on from garage-rock roots to a more polished sound, thanks to Richard Swift who handled production duties on their latest record, Wayne Interest. There’s this great warmth to this single, moving along with a pretty chilled out guitar vibe.  Vocals come in, almost drifting, which is yet another reason I dig what’s being presented. You’ll be able to get the whole vibe from the band next week when their album hits the stores, courtesy of Innovative Leisure.

Another Rocker From White Reaper

140138140908_PMA little over a month ago, we shared a track with you from new Polyvinyl signee White Reaper.  Today the boys are at it again with another new and fun pop rock tune called “Cool” found below.  The title of the song is appropriately short here as the song is short, sweet, and easily enjoyable even to the most casual of listeners.  We’ll be looking forward to June 24th when their new self-titled EP drops on Polyvinyl.

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