Exuberant Pop from Craig Salt Peters

craigI’m growing a wee bit weary of the same old thing.  It’s all atmospherics and bedroom production takes, but I really just want an energetic tune that will get under your skin.  This tune from the new Craig Salt Peters does just that; it gives you a quick cutting pop song that’s wearing just a shade of grit.  It’s one of the many great tracks on the band’s new album, Songs From Hungry Ghosts.  The entire album is filled with songs that are immediately accessible and undeniably catchy.  If you’re into it, you can order it from Lost Sound Tapes, and I suggest you do!


Download: Craig Salt Peters – Seeing You [MP3]

Never Young Bring Punk Rock

neveryoungLast year was a banner year for the folks over at Father Daughter Records, and it looks like they aim to make 2014 just as good, if not better. They’ve got several albums already slated for release, but the one I’m most excited for is this new record from Never Young.  For the first two minutes of this song, the band blasts through at a furious pace, only stopping momentarily after the 2 minute mark to show they’ve still got a little bit of a pop bone in their blood.  Their debut, Master Copy, will be available digitally and on cassette from the label starting on May 6th. You’ve been warned.


Download: Never Young – Teenage Dream [MP3]

New Music from King of Prussia

4_PanelIf you’re looking for an album to pick up that might be off the beaten path, then I suggest you stumble your way towards King Of Prussia.  The band has gotten some pretty solid press, with the likeness being compared to bands such as Belle and Sebastian and Architecture in Helsinki, but I’m hearing something else.  Sure, the horns and the overall construction add to that nod, but I think I hear more of the vocal delivery coming across as a steadied Ted Leo touch.  Their album Zonian Girls…and the Echoes That Surround Us All comes out today courtesy of Minty Fresh.


Download: King of Prussia – Your Work Is Magic [MP3]


New Music from Dirty River

dirtyriver2Earlier last year we discovered the local Austin label Fleeting Youth, and while we’re still waiting for their offer to put the Young Girls EP on cassette, we’re pretty impressed with their latest signing, Dirty River.  The New York three pieces offers a slower take on music than some of their label mates, providing you with a country stomp that you’d likely find from your drunken uncle.  They’ll be releasing their self-titled album on the label next week, but you should visit HERE to pre-order your copy.


Download: Dirty River – Releaf [MP3]

Smooth Listening from Childhood

childhoodI felt like Monday was a really slow day for new music news, but luckily this dreamy track from Childhood made it into my inbox.  The construction of the song is in line with a lot of the music coming out right now, carefully crafting this swelling pop song that rises and falls all over the place.  Me? I’m just in love with the way that the vocals come across.  They’re delivered almost effortlessly, allowing with this gentle affectation that really soothes the listener.  This song is the first listen from their much anticipated debut album, which should arrive at some point during the summertime.

Austin Spotlight: David & the Israelites

coverThis past Saturday night I attended a pretty incredible show at Cheer Up Charlies; I’ve covered many of the acts like Tele Novella, Daniel F. Doyle and Shivery Shakes, but I can’t, for the life of me, think why I hadn’t given more love to David & the Israelites up until now.  David Israel’s been writing music in town for some time, but he’s finally got the proper band to back his unique blend of oddball folk, making music that deserves more attention.  I hate to draw comparisons, but he’s Austin’s own version of Silver Jews.  He’s got that deep vocal and writes witty lyrics.  I’m including a track below that I believe came before the inclusion of the full band line-up, but if you’re seeing a show bill with this group’s name, or David’s alone for that matter, I suggest you dig through the couch cushions for enough change to this unique act.


Download: David Israel – Pool of Light [MP3]

The Airplanes Are Back with Another Single

airplanesOver the last few years, we’ve tried to acquaint ourselves (and encourage you to do the same) with The Airplanes.  The group is mainly the project of Joshua Vest, who just seems to sit around and writing these undeniably wonderful pop songs.  They’re straight-forward, with no need for kitschy hooks, demonstrating that he’s capable of writing great songs with little more than a good melody.  He’s got a brand new single coming out on April 15th, and we’ve got the track for you to stream below.  It’ll make your spirit smile.

New Jam from Hailer

hailerHailer are a band that calls Sydney, Australia home, but they’ve also got some lineage in Austin, where their last record was recorded.  You’ll find the group make a little nod to psych rock with the way the song is structured, but I really enjoy the song’s straight-ahead rock appeal.  It jumps right into the mix, with smashing drum work and distorted guitar screeching through your speakers.  They’ve just released the record, El Cosmico, so you can head over HERE to pick it up from them, or just enjoy the tune below.


Download: Hailer – Digging Holes [MP3]

Fresh Jam from Dead Stars

dead-stars-2014It seems like the rest of the world is catching on to what we already knew: Dead Stars are a rad rad band. So much so, that I actually walked two miles during SXSW to catch them play live (it was worth it!).  This new single is just as catchy and enjoyable as anything I’ve heard in this vein this year; it’s got a driving beat, fuzzed out guitar, but what I like the most is that there was extra attention to the vocals in the mix. This is one of those bands I put on little mixes to try and hip my friends to all the great jams out there. You can pick up their new album, Slumber, from Old Flame Records on June 17th.


Download: Dead Stars – Someone Else [MP3]

Show Preview: S. Carey @ Holy Mountain (4.7)


Date Monday, April 7th
Location Holy Mountain
Doors 9 PM
Tickets $10 from Transmission

I imagine it’s been fairly difficult for S. Carey to escape his ties to Bon Iver, but with the recent release of Range of Light, he seems to continue to get beyond the shadows of his other work.  His songwriting is quite intimate and personal, allowing listeners to find themselves lost in his musical compositions.  He’ll be joined at Holy Mountain by White Hinterland, another group that’s crafting these ornate pieces that quietly immerse you in another world.  And, opening the night will be local lady-hero, Dana Falconberry, who really needs no introduction.  You’ve got three great musicians, and no excuses, so head out tonight! And, S. Carey has a free show at Waterloo at 6 if you’re into that sort of thing.


Download: S. Carey – In The Dirt [MP3]

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