Show Preview: White Winter Holiday Ball

680439_604934862875370_2066561775_oBefore you take off for the holiday, you probably want to get your last bit of rock n’ roll in, and there really isnt’ a hotter ticket in town than the line-up over at Spiderhouse Ballroom on Friday evening.  You’ve got several of our Emerging Artists in Big Bill and Tele Novella rocking out, plus the incredible Love Inks performing their album that we put in our Top Austin Albums list for 2013.  Plus, as if that wasn’t good enough, long-time act, Party Girls (formerly The Carrots) will be throwing things down too.  And, for those of you that like to rock things in a more exciting style, party attire is encouraged.  It’s going to be an all out musical extravaganza, and it’s only $10.


Download: Big Bill – Free Dumb [MP3]

Austin Spotlight: More New Music from Abram Shook

Abram.Shook.1.300Just a few weeks ago we brought you the first single from Abram Shook, and now he’s gone and outdone himself with another track for your ears.  I love the sound of his voice on this recording, plus the light-hearted emotion that’s created in the tune itself.  There’s lots of layers, but the construction of the track is such that it keeps things airy and joyous.  Listening to this track, you can see why we named Abram as one of our Emerging Artists for 2014. His album Sun Marquee is going to be a must-have when it’s released by Westerny Vinyl in early 2014.


Download: Abram Shook – Distance [Mp3]

Fresh Single From The New Mendicants

newmendWhile the rest of the music is dying, and fawning over Kanye and Vampire Weekend, there’s still some great new music bubbling out to wrap up a great 2013 for us all.  Personally, I’ve waited for this tune from New Mendicants to makes its way onto Soundcloud so I could share it with you.  It’s the joint project of Joe Pernice and Norman Blake, who just happen to be two of my favorite songwriters. Joe takes the lead on this tune, though the guitar playing seems to have that Teenage Fanclub bent you’d expect from Norman’s songwriting.  Don’t get stuck on the Christmas theme here, as the tune will feature on the band’s new record, The Lime, which comes out on January 20th via One Little Indian.

New Single from Tiger Waves

Tiger WavesYou all know that we love the boys in Tiger Waves, so it’s great to see that they’re finally getting some love from others on the Internet besides us.  They’re about to release a 7″ via Canvasback, and it features some old tunes, but one we’ve never run before, which premiered on the webs yesterday. This tune is the B-Side to their single, and it illustrates precisely why we’ve been fond of these dudes for so long.  It’s sunny and casual, yet there’s a lot of work into the construction of the track; I’m always impressed into the layering and creativity they put into their songs.  So, enjoy a new tune from some friends, and pick up their new release today!


Download: Tiger Waves – Sundressed [MP3]

Austin Spotlight: Swim Team Release EP

coverAustin’s got a great garage/punk scene, a solid Americana/folk scene, but it has always lacked a really great indiepop scene, despite having tons of great acts that’ve followed the genre.  Hopefully Swim Team will find some success, and things will start to change.  They’re creating these beautiful little pieces of dreamy pop that allow listeners to wander wistfully through their own minds.  They just released their self-titled EP, and I think that it’s one of the hidden gems of the city, so I opted to push it out there for people.  You can currently grab it for free, so be prepared to enjoy three great tunes.


Download: Swim Team – Spectre [MP3]

New Music from Euphoria Again

euphoriaSometimes I’m a music stalker; I follow the various outlets of my various favorites.  That’s how I was introduced to Euphoria Again; the album was produced by Mat Cothran of Coma Cinema, who on his own had one of my favorite albums last year.  This project hold true to the style, with this haunting intimacy that makes me wish I could play the guitar better than one or two chords.  It’s the sort of song one would write sitting at home with a few friends while an empty bottle of wine lays on the floor. Plus, the lyrics throughout the self-titled record are a bit strange, yet familiar in the way they’re all thrown together. Give it a whirl.


Download: Euphoria Again – Austin Called [MP3]

Pleased to Meet Me: Colleens

Colleens - Wild Dreams - Album CoverThis is the second time in a number of weeks that I’ve been introduced to a band from San Antonio that really excites me; this time the band is Colleens.  Based on the few songs I’ve been given, they’re crafting this brooding pop that holds onto a sense of majesty that I don’t recall hearing recently.  There’s light string arrangements in the background, while the main bit of instrumentation is careful guitar picking.  The vocals have this smoky haze to them, reminding me of that great era of pop music that came out in the late 1960s. It’s interesting, to say the least, so I hope you’ll enjoy your introduction to the band; they’re full-length, Wild Dreams, will be out February 4th.


Download: Colleens – No Flowers [MP3]

More New Music From Crushed Stars

CrushedStarsDallas based Crushed Stars is a group that I caught on to about this time last year with the release of last LP, The Bright Rain.  Back in November, it was announced that new LP, Farewell Young Lovers, was coming on January 21st of next year via Simulacra Records.  I was excited to hear the news on the upcoming album as I’ve enjoyed this more upbeat/catchy trend with the more recent tunes.  Check out this new track “Haters” below and enjoy the beats.  You can also hear new track, “Flowerbomb”, elsewhere on the site.

Checking In On Glasgow: Sonic Hearts Foundation

coverThe great thing about the Internet age is that it has made life easier, especially when it comes to intercontinental communication in regards to music.  We’ve got a friend Mike in Glasgow, a hot bed of music, and he’s offered to let us see into his world and the underground scene they’ve got going on.  We appreciate his time and we’ll feature more of his suggested acts in the coming weeks, months and so forth.

One of Glasgow’s best kept secrets and talented young musicians, Sonic Hearts Foundation, create dark, emotional, grand scale music with a real belief that only seems to come out of Glasgow, like Mogwai on steroids. Gaining infamy with guerilla concerts on rooftops of liquor stores, the four piece are currently unsigned; they are deep in the studio recording their first record. Check out “Northern Lights” off their Into Forever EP. Or the new track below. The guys hope to make it to the US soon!


Download: Sonic Hearts Foundation – USA [MP3]

New Music from Black Twig

blacktwigYou’ve got to keep an eye on things over in Finland, with Soliti Music really putting out some incredible acts.  The next slated release from the label is going to be the sophomore LP from Black Twig.  Heliogram is the name of the album, which should see a February release; it’s going to be an exciting piece if it contains songs like the one below.  I love the guitar playing here…it sort of jangles, but it mostly rings in a melodic, discordant manner.  Set it up right next to the softly delivered vocals and we’ve got a gem of a tune on our hands.  Looks like we need to head to Finland!


Download: Black Twig – Pastel Blue [MP3]

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