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The new album At Home from Keep Shelly In Athens is approaching it’s September 17th release date and so the promotional material keeps hitting the intarwebs. This time, it is a gem of dark dance synth that builds, vocalizes, dances and fades called “Flyaway”.

The band is co-headlining a mini-tour in October with Chad Valley. You people on the coasts are lucky. That is going to be one gem of show, the Chad Valley set at Holy Mountain was one of my mostest favoritest things this year.

Gentle Pop from Cate Le Bon

cateGod, I just absolutely love Cate Le Bon.  When I first caught her live, I was mesmerized by the strength in her voice, despite walking on stage with little more than a guitar and a microphone; it was a feeling I think was shared by many.  Cate’s back now with a brand new single, featuring the marvelous voice of Perfume Genius to accompany her.  It’s such an unassuming beauty that I think I’ll play it throughout the day, and I hope you do too.  She’s teamed up with Wichita Recordings to release her latest collection of songs, Mug Museum, which will see a release on November 12th; if it’s all this good, it’s going to be something truly special.


Download: Cate Le Bon – I Think I Knew (feat. Perfume Genius) [Mp3}

Beautiful Pop from The Starfolk

TheStarfolk123a02.115320Really well managed harmonies in the midst of pristine pop songwriting is really what gets me going.  Bands like Nada Surf and Sloan have always had a heavy rotation on my stereo, so it seems fitting that I can now add The Starfolk to that last list.  I’ve encountered some really incredible songs this week, but this one’s on its way to stealing the cake.  There’s a light ringing guitar that carefully floats along, whilst male, and backing female, vocals gently rest in the foreground; it doesn’t hurt that there’s this wonderful string arrangement in the middle of the track. The band’s self-titled record comes out on September 10th via Korda Records.

New Music from The Band In Heaven

bandinheavenMan, I’m really stuck on the latest record from The Band in Heaven; it’s titled Caught in a Summer Swell, and it’ll see a release on September 17th.  For me, this song is great in the way it carefully jingles the guitar lines a la Explosion in the Sky.  While the song begins to unfold, it takes on that drifting quality of shoegaze meets folk music, taking on more emotional power as a female vocal enters into the picture for accompaniment. From there the song cascades carefully with a jagged guitar line that’s joined by that pinpoint line from the beginning of the track.  This is just one example of all the tricks the group has up their sleeves for your ears.


Download: The Band In Heaven – Farerwell Summer [MP3]

Show Review: Ty Segall @ The Mohawk (8/27)

Ty Segall may as well just move to Austin and live at the condos across the street from The Mohawk. It would shorten his commute. Why do all that touring? I have a feeling, plenty of fans would be fine with it.

Ty is supporting his latest effort, a solo record called Sleeper that is a bit of a surprise to many fans. As you can read in Nathan’s review, the album has Ty picking up the acoustic guitar for a good majority of the songs, a first for some time. I have gotten used to going to Ty Segall Band shows and bracing my ribs for the inevitable crowd crush that would happen behind me while snapping a few pics. But how would the faithful react to this more personal side of Ty playing Sleeper in its entirety?

Read on for more thoughts on Ty and the openers Hidden Ritual and Holy Wave with plenty of pics…

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I’m Enjoying the Latest from Hot Vestry

hotOne of our readers pointed me in the direction of Manchester’s Hot Vestry, which has rumored links to New Order.  For me, I like the way the band switch up from a light-hearted approach in the beginning to a bit of a darker sound within an instant.  Listening to the group’s latest Tell Me How It’s Done EP, I dug this track the most due to just that, as most of the songs have a more aggressive electronic sound.  I’ll admit, I’m not one-hundred percent sold on the vocals, but this track’s pretty special, so I reckon I should offer it up your way. It’s out now via Shedhead Records.

Show Preview: Majical Cloudz @ Red 7 (8/31)

Majical Cloudz

Date 8/31
Location Red 7
Doors 9pm
Tickets $10 @ Transmission

Majical Cloudz burst on to the scene earlier this year with the release of their stellar album ImpersonatorWith all the positive buzz created from that release, I’d think that their show going down at Red 7 on Saturday night would be highly anticipated by music fans in town.  To make this even more enticing, ATH favorites Moon King will also be on hand providing opening support.  Nasty Nate did an interview with those guys that you should also check out.  See ya there?


Download: Majical Cloudz – Childhood’s End [MP3] 


The Growlers Are Back

thegrowlersCalifornia based band The Growlers have been on our radar for a long time and we’re glad that they’re coming back in 2013 with a brand new EP.  This track “Humdrum Blues” is a taste of the new material and it couldn’t get me more excited for some new tracks from the group.  If you weren’t already paying attention to these guys, you should be know fools.

New EP Gilded Pleasures is due out November 12th via Everloving Records.

Welcome Back Dean Wareham

deanOkay, so Dean Wareham hasn’t totally disappeared from the musical landscape, but this new single is his first solo outing…and the first I’ve heard from him in quite a long time (aside from those Galaxie 500 re-issues). There’s just something so incredible about his voice; it’s accented by a faint female vocal on this new single.  As usual, the musical accompaniment is down-trodden, but maintains an inner beauty, especially when you listen to the tinkering piano and string work in the distance.  I think I’ll head off and listen to old G500 releases all day, while I wait for the release of Emancipated Hearts, Dean’s solo mini-LP.

Catchy Pop From ARMS

avatars-000047311695-j5jwr8-t500x500Here’s a great little pop number called “Earthquake Weather” coming your way from New York based group ARMS.  The track reminds me of some of the older material that used to be churned out by fellow pop vets Islands.  It’s catchy as hell and sure to brighten your day just a bit.  Check it out below.

A new EP entitled EP2 is due out September 9th on Paper Garden Records.

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