Deep Cuts Provides Your Theme Music

Every hero needs theme music…

In the mood for a locally-sourced tasty house dance jam with a great bass line and pretty vocal loops to get you through an afternoon? Good, me too. Thankfully, Michael from ATH favorite Orthy and Samantha of Whiite Walls DJ as Deep Cuts decided to do an original track. It makes me want to put on big headphones and walk around at night with purpose.

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Steel Phantoms Kicks Out the Indie Jams

steelphantomsI’m thoroughly impressed by the work of the duo, Steel Phantoms.  When I first heard this track, I thought the group might approach the sound of Dodos, but they totally turned it up a notch, adding a more raucous element with the pounding of the drum section.  Sure, they mellow out momentarily in parts, but the whole of the track is much more forceful.  The band has a new self-titled EP that’s heading your way on July 16th, and it’s figuring to have a heavy spot in your summertime rotation, combining sprawling indie rock with energetic anthems.


Download: Steel Phantoms – Curtain Call [MP3]

Dark Electro Pop from Lust for Youth

CatherineColeman2_copyI don’t know if you were paying attention, but I praised Growing Seeds, the last LP from Lust for Youth, the project of Hannes Norrvide.  He’s going to be releasing another LP this year, Perfect View, and I’m already in love with what he’s offered up as his first single.  Musically, it’s dark, and while it might not be the most expansive piece, it’s definitely captivating.  The lyrics are said, almost shouted, which provides another haunting layer to the sound.  Sacred Bones will be releasing the album on June 11th, and you can bet I’ll be in line for that one.

Show Preview: Bonobo @ Emo’s (5.9)


Date 5/9/13
Location Emo’s
Doors 9:00 PM
Tickets Frontgate

Austinites rejoice! Tonight is another rare opportunity to catch Simon Green (better known as Bonobo) with a full band in tow. Fast on the heels of his latest LP, The North Borders, Green and Co. look to spread the groove further South. These performances are known for their legendary statuses; and when seen in person, it’s easy to understand why. Come on out tonight and see for yourself!


Download:Cirrus [MP3]

Psych Rock n Roll From The Dig

dig-photo-1The Dig is a band that have always been on my radar as one who can bring the downtrodden rock n roll with the best of em.  This new song “Angeline” is no different from what you might expect from the band with its slow moving psych rock sound that builds towards a nice outro complete with thumping bass riffs.  A new EP entitled Tired Hearts is due out on June 4th and can be pre-ordered now via the Tired Hearts Bandcamp page.

More New Tunes from The Mantles

1885Seems like it’s going to be a pretty good year for Slumberland Records.  They’ve already tossed out the new Wax Idols/Girls Names/Golden Grrrls LPs, and now they’re set to release Long Enough to Leave on June 18th.  On the latest hit from The Mantles, the group offers up a bit of nostalgia to go with their blend of garage-pop;  it’s current, but could easily fit into the late 60s. There’s definitely an evolving spirit from the San Fran/Oakland group that has my ear perked for the full-length. Just more great hits from SR today I guess!

Beautiful Folk Style Tune From Steve Gunn

Gunn_bandSteve Gunn is a guy that I’ve always known as more of a solo artist or the incredible lead guitar player for several bands.  This new track “Water Wheel” is Steve’s first foray into full band material and I’d say he’s pulling things off quite well.  My first thoughts can’t help but imagine some of the more subtle tunes by CSNY.  You’ll certainly hear a folk influence with some great guitar playing throughout.  Perfect for a sunny drive as we ease into summer.

New album Time Off is due out on June 18th via Paradise of Brothers Records.

Bouncing Pop from English Singles

slr191I picked up this English Singles 7″ from the record store last night, so I had to share it with you all, that way you could do the same.  It’s precisely what I expected from the group, filled with catchy hooks and sing-a-long lyrics.  Just listen to that pounding drum beat; try to listen and not find yourself bobbing up and down. There’s three jams from the Sacramento act on the Ordinary Girls 7″, which I’m telling you is a must for your collection.  You can pick it up from Slumberland Records immediately!


Download: English Singles – Ordinary Girls [MP3]

Sludge Rock From WTCHS

2984239417-1When I first hit play on this new track “Mr. Hands” from Ontario based WTCHS, I knew I was in for something special.  From the get go, it drops into some seriously loud, in your face sludge rock that carries on throughout the song.  They like to reference QOTSA when asked to define their sound, and I see that, but it somehow manages to be even nosier and darker.  Daddy likes.

This song is on a new split 7″ from the croup with a B-Side by Thoughts on Air.  Check it out on bandcamp and order yourself a copy.


Download: WTCHS – Mr. Hands [MP3]

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