Show Preview: Twin Shadow @ Emo’s (6/22)

Date 6/22/13
Location Emo’s
Doors 9:00pm
Tickets $18.00

Everyone should be well aware of our love of George and company. Twin Shadow has made just about every best of list we have done. If you haven’t seen this band yet, you should punch yourself in the head. Or better still, buy a ticket and brave the parking gauntlet of Emo’s (show at Antone’s tomorrow night, too).


Elliphant is opening. Twin Shadow keeps up the tradition of bringing Swedish synth pop in to break the ice.

Show Preview: Baths @ Mohawk (6/21)


Date 6/21/13
Location Mohawk
Doors 8pm
Tickets $15 @ Door

A little late notice on this one, and I offer my apologies, but you should head over to Mohawk this evening if you’re looking for a great show on a Friday night. Baths is the headliner and clearly the big draw, though you shouldn’t forget about the loaded undercard with Houses and D33J in support. You won’t find a much better show anywhere in town.

Photoguy Note: Beisbol is playing inside after. Stick around to check them out.

Dark Pop From Eros and the Eschaton

Eros_MainCreek_ElizabethLemon1-1024x660Something about a band duo who are also a couple makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside right?  Well dating duo Eros and the Eschaton are just that and can evoke some tingly feelings inside with their dark pop music.  Below you can sample their latest single called “Heaven Inside” which is a great example of how this band can craft some incredibly spooky and heartfelt pop music.  Enjoy.

Debut album Home Address For Civil War is due out August 13th via Bar/None Records.

Welcome Home the Sour Notes

holyshowOne of Austin’s hardest working bands, The Sour Notes, have just returned from a good little tour, so we’d like to celebrate that first of all; I’m glad they were able to successfully hit the road.  But, in honor of their return, they’ll be playing at The Blackheart this Friday night (it’s free), so you should all head out in order to welcome them.  In other SN related news, they just released a cassette single, which includes the below cover of “Mannequin,” originally one of the hits on Wire’s Pink Flag (one of my favorite LPs, period).  They do a dreamier take, but they definitely do the original justice.  Plus, the band has a video for their new single, which you can watch HERE! So many good things happening for these guys. Cheers; see you friday!


Download: The Sour Notes – Mannequin (Wire Cover) [MP3]

Enjoy Light Heat

lightheatWhen I first got this email regarding Quentin Stoltzfus’ new project, Light Heat, the fact that he was working with some of the members of the Walkmen caught my eye.  But, then I listened to the track, and realized I didn’t even need the connection due to the fact that the album is just an incredible listen through and through.  There’s lots of tinkering going on during this lead single, from piano touches to non-traditional percussion, all building the perfect stage to raise the voice of Stoltzfuz. If you want an album you can listen to from start to finish, uncovering beautiful puzzle pieces along the way, then be ready for Light Heat on June 25th.



Putin Sucks, Yeltsin FTW

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin just added a lovely new track to Polyvinyl’s Soundcloud and I decided it was share-worthy. I think you will, too.

The track is off of the pending release called Fly By Wire, which is available for pre-order here. The song, called “Nightwater Girlfriend”, features jangly verses giving way to a fuzzy-effected chorus and lovely bridge with the build back to the big break and a soft finish. Best thing I have heard from the band in a couple albums, IMHO.

New Indie Pop From Dinosaur Bones

dinosaurbones1Here’s a nice little pop number called “Spins in Circles” coming your way from Toronto based outfit Dinosaur Bones.  I’m digging the simplicity in the pop sound that can somehow still make the song catchy as hell even after several spins.  You can pick up new album Shaky Dream on August 6th via Dine Alone Records.


Download: Dinosaur Bones – Spins in Circles [MP3]

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