Sun June Announce Somewhere LP

With the release of “Singing” last month, we all knew Sun June had something cooking; today they officially announce the release of their new LP, Somewhere, handled by Run for Cover and Keeled Scales. For me, I’m not sure what’s more striking at this point…the song or its accompanying video. I love the use of light and shadow in the video, directed by the band’s own Laura and Stephen, but damned if the song doesn’t blow the rest of the musical competitors out of the water. The song, trickles in around forlorn notes and Colwell’s solemn delivery; you’re almost oblivious to the subtle tension building, bursting through near the 2:50 mark to deliver an emphatic sonic euphoria that solidifies the song’s greatness. The LP will be out in February of next year!

Swansea Sound Share Debut Single

A few weeks ago when I got to chat with European Sun, Rob informed me that he and Amelia were working on a new project with Hue from Pooh Sticks named Swansea Sound. Well, they’ve unleashed their first 2 track single into the world, and I wanted to make sure that these two tunes were on your listening rotation before this week gets carried away. Despite the trio’s penchant for melody, there’s a slightly heavier feel to Swansea Sound; the riffs have less jangle and a harder edge, giving a little bit of attitude to these tunes. “Corporate Indie Band” has this big pop rock feel to it, while the trio seem to mock the formulaic style of modern rock n’ roll. With “Angry Girl,” you almost get a punchier Britpop feel, though I was particularly infatuated with the little shift around the 1:23 mark. If you dig it, there’s a limited edition cassette courtesy of Lavender Sweep!

The Luxembourg Signal Share The Morning After

Perhaps I’m too easy to please, but there are definitely some easy indiepop tricks that sucker me into a good tune, not that The Luxembourg Signal need employ such tactics to win me over. Nonetheless, one such little nuance pulled me deep into this tune, and it happens right at the 58 second mark. Up until then, we’ve got a casually meandering guitar line over some structured rhythm with softened vocals. But, and its slight, another guitar crashes the party, allowing the drums to join in with a heavier hand, pushing the song into the dream pop perfection. It’s like indiepop slight of hand, and that’s not the only ace up the sleeve in this track…you’ll have to listen with a close early to catch some other nuanced moments, so go on and peel this pop banana back. The Long Now will be out on October 23 via Shelflife and Spinout Nuggets.

Rock n’ Recipes: Chloe Alison Escott

This Friday you’ll all be treated to Stars Under Contract, the brand new LP from Chloe Alison Escott. A lot of you might recognize Chloe as part of Tasmanian duo Native Cats, but the songs on this LP are too moving to skip over. I remember listening to the record and writing these questions and it was just so easy to come up with ideas…such is the contemplative nature of the album. Stick around for Chloe’s quick pasta recipe with all the fixins (as we like to say here in Texas).

Thanks to Guy and Ben at Chapter Music for helping Chloe and I get in contact.

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Flying Fish Cove Announce Viridian EP + Share Video for Title Track

I’ve been an unabashed fan of Flying Fish Cove since the release of their remarkable debut, At Moonset; they went on to release another EP and a delightful cover of “Shallow” by Heavenly. Today we are fortunate to bring you the news that the group have the Veridian EP ready for you, and they’ve made this announcement by sharing their scene by scene remake of Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time” video. Dena’s crystalline voice has this sparkle to it as she spins lyrics about “mythical love, memories, and finding profound deep understanding.” Recently the band has shrunk to the core of Dena and Jake, which I think benefits them, at least on this track, forcing them to layer the track with textural notes, using various guitar sounds, swelling vocal arrangements and light electronic notes. Another endearing entry into an already lovable catalog; the Viridian EP goes out today, grab it HERE!

Family Mart Share Starlite

Mike Lee is just churning out the dreamy pop hits; month after month we get a dreamy pop tune from his new project Family Mart. This reminds me a lot of some of the later work from Pains of Being Pure at Heart; its sort of peeled away that distortion-heavy guitar sound in favor of a lighter swirling sound. Personally, I love the 1 minute mark when the jangling guitar chord pops in to work in contrast with the tracks main sound, leaving you with the slightest hook to reel in the listener. Plus, some Audrey Scott backing vocals add in a nice thick melody to work with Lee’s voice. Tuesday can’t start until you’ve had your pop!

American Friend Share His Energy Runs Backwards Video

Everyone has been raving about Jana Horn’s new album Optimism (you’ve check it out haven’t you? It’s HERE), but we shouldn’t forget that she began this summer for us by releasing a 7″ with her other project American Friend; the band is comprised of Jana and Adam Jones (of my fave Deep Time), at least for the 7″ recording. Over the weekend they shared a really striking video directed by another ATX local, Shannon Widermeyer, and it seems fitting that we share this track with you as a reminder of the release. One of the things I love about this recording, aside from Horn’s always mesmerizing vocals, are the tones of the guitars; it’s like they’re haunting every lyrical note, heavy with their own sentiment. If you’re digging it, you should grab it HERE.


High Tide Drifter Share Happy Trails

I’ll be honest, I don’t know too much about High Tide Drifter, a fairly new act coming out of our hometown of Austin. But, when I heard this song, I really perked up; there’s something so pure in the songwriting approach that I think most folks would find a way to cherish the notes. I keep hearing this wistfulness that’s matched up with a little swagger, delivering that emotional gut punch we all crave. Every time I try to place my finger on the song to pigeonhole or define it, I just can’t find the words; its simply a well-executed pop song that you won’t want to miss out on today.

The Skating Party Share Orange Julius

I’ve always been a fan of Gregory James’ recording project The Skating Party (Been Caught Feeling is a definite fave), so its always nice to see a new tune pop up on the radar. Today we’re sharing the hypnotic new single “Orange Julius,” which opens up with this intoxicating wash of atmospherics before James enters the pictures, using his melodic voice to add a further texture to the tune. There are some slight tonal shifts at the end of his lines that really pull you in, just giving the slightest emphasis as the notes drop off the musical cliff. This is the sort of pop that carries you away, so seems perfect for a Monday morning. Enjoy.

Order of the Toad Share Britons Marrakech

I’ll be honest, having been at the blog game for over 10 years now, sometimes sounds just get boring…so lately I’ve been looking for folks to do a little more, to stretch their sound (as if what I said matters). Luckily, our friend Robert Sotelo reached out to let us know that another project he was involved with, Order of the Toad, had a new release coming our way. So, here we are, with a new single and a sound that sounds like everything you’ve heard and yet nothing you can place. “Brintons Marrakech” has these little psychedelic guitar stabs, though there’s a sort of garage pop/60s girl group attitude layered in with the vocals; it all kind of slinks along, creeping artfully around every corner…tossing in an emphatic punch when needed. You want to be cool? This is what true cool sounds like. Re-Order of the Toad is available today via Gringo and Reckless Yes.

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