New Electro Grooves From Gliss

It’s been awhile since I’ve found something that makes me want to do my slow hipster kid dance like this new jam “Blur” from Danish act Gliss.  You won’t find yourself in an all out break dance to the song as it’s more of a slow burning groovy type of dance number.  I could definitely see it being added to an ATH dance playlist immediately.

Fans on the tuneage won’t have to wait long for the release of the band’s new album Langsom Dans out next week on Modern Outsider.


Download: Gliss – Blur [MP3]

New Soaring Track From Wildlife

It’s been a awhile since we’ve heard from Toronto based indie-pop band Wildlife.  Today news comes our way that the band have a new album in the works entitled Born to Ruin hitting stores on February 26th.  Prior to that release date, the band have a new song called “Born to Ruin” to appease your appetite for all things epic indie pop.  Enjoy this soaring epic pop tune from a great band from the great white north.

Even More New Jams From Night Panther

It’s been a big year on ATH for Doylestown, PA groove rock group Night Panther.  We’ve posted jammin’ tracks “Snudge” along with fellow groove friendly tune “Fever”.  Well today the band is breaking in the new year with their first new tune of 2013 with yet another incredible track called “Fire”.  This one starts a little slow at the beginning with a nice little vocal heavy intro that eventually builds into a head nodding and foot stomping dancey jam.  It has a real nice groove to it don’t ya think?  The band is still hard at work on their debut full length LP so stay tuned for a release date.


Download: Night Panther – Fire [MP3]

Great New Track from The Resonars

I’ve loved all the work that The Resonars have put together thus far, so with news that Burger Records will be releasing the band’s new LP, Crummy Desert Sound, I’m only going to salivate just a bit more.  After taking a few moments to open, the band jumps in head first, using a solid bass line and steady drumming to propel the track forward.  Of course, there’s definitely a bit of California-pop (you know, twangin and janglin with an Asian influence), but I think this is perhaps the most accessible the band’s come across; it’s going to win them a whole bunch of deserved new fans.

New Music from Lovestreams (Will S. of Okkervil River)

Sadly, it seems that Okkervil River is on the back-burner for the time being, with Will Sheff going out on his own as Lovestreams.  He just announced that he’s going to be releasing a new solo effort under the moniker at an as yet to be determined date.  He’s offered the first listen up to the misses, which noticeably has his trademark guitar hiding, being traded in for electronic soundscapes.  Luckily, the literary writing approach is still ever-present, which is one of Will’s most endearing qualities.  We’ll keep you posted on more news as it comes our way, but for now, tell us what you think of Will’s new jam!


Download:Lovestreams – Shock Corridor [MP3]

New Folk Opus from East Cameron Folkcore

Being an Austin, Tx based blog, our job should be to help promote our local musicians, atop of our extensive world coverage.  When you get a band like East Cameron Folkcore, it makes things a whole lot easier on you.  The 11-piece group has announced the release of their new album, For Sale, which will be out on February 5th.  With an eleven-piece group, they can go anywhere really, but I always appreciate their careful compositions combining punk, folk and even elements of bluegrass.  It gives a raw/refreshing edge to what’s often considered a stale genre.  Those of us in Austin will have the chance to see the band on February 8th at the Scottish Rite Theater, but the rest of you will just have to enjoy the jam below for the time being.


Download:East Cameron Folkcore – Salinger is Dead [MP3]

Introducing The New Mendicants

Say what? You’re throwing two of my favorite songwriters, Joe Pernice and Norman Blake, together? Yeah, I’m totally in.  The two have teamed up to form The New Mendicants, doing some covers of each other’s work, plus a tune from INXS.  At this point, that’s about all there is to offer, though I hope that there’s more to come in the very near future.  The three recorded songs have been filed under the Australia 2013 EP, which you can pick up over HERE.  One can only hope that this INXS cover below is a good sign of wonderful things to come when these two are afforded time to craft a full album together.


Show Preview: Holy Wave @ Beerland (1.16)

Date Wednesday, January 16th
Location Beerland
Doors 9:00 PM
Tickets Cheap at the Door

Hopefully you’ve had a second to breather after free week, but it’s about time we all get right back at it.  Luckily, if you’re looking for things on the cheap, there’s a great rock n’ roll show over at Beerland featuring some of our favorite acts, Holy Wave and Eets Feats.  Both bands are really starting to make a name for themselves by working hard and playing about town as much as possible.  They’ll be joined on stage by Classy Nude and Loteria…and Beerland always has cheap booze, so get out there and rock it out.  You’ll love me for it the next day.


Download:Eets Feats – Beer Vibes [MP3]

Chilled Vibes from Night Moves

It’s funny to me that some bands get over-looked from time to time, even when they’re putting out incredible work.  For me, Night Moves, who released Colored Emotions recently, sort of got left off the charts, though they offer a lot of that smooth R&B influence that many popular acts such as Twin Shadow spin out.  I’m not saying they sound like that, but there’s some similarities.  Personally, the songwriting by the group, leaving listeners with swelling tracks, is really enticing, so I’m encouraging everyone to go back and check the group out.  You can start with their brand new single, which shares the same name as the album’s title.

New Psych Rock from Gayze

I’m really digging the music that Gayze is putting forth.  The Idaho group has just put out their Black Soul EP, which comes in a splattered 7″ format from Bleeding Gold Records.  Currently, you can get the EP for free in the digital format HERE, and it’s got a sound I think many people will enjoy.  At first, there’s a sunny side of pop on the EP, but as they move further along, they’ve created this low-key psych rock, fusing the genre with some lo-fi garage aesthetics.  I hope people catch wind of this group, as they’re producing some really great songs.


Download: Gayze – East Coast Dying [MP3]

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