Show Pics: Daughter @ The Mohawk (9/17)

There aren’t too many bands out there right now on the up swing of buzz that Daughter currently enjoys. The Mohawk was kind enough to host the freshly minted headliners as they rolled through town in a big bus, pulling a trailer with guitar techs and stage managers en employ. Though the forecast threatened a rain out, the people streamed in to endure the moist conditions and sweat to their new favorite band. Bear’s Den opened.

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La Luz Continues to Make Waves

La_Luz_3The four ladies of La Luz have been making waves for well over a year now, at least on our radar.  They continue their meteoric rise with their latest single, which is the second hit from It’s Alive; the album will be released by Hardly Art on October 15th.  On this latest track, I like the fact that girl’s don’t just fill up all the space with forced lyrics, rather letting their musicianship speak for itself throughout the latter half of the track.  It’s a display that should have the ears of everyone out there listening, as the group continues to make a headstrong push towards the top of the indie world.


Download: La Luz – Pink Slime [MP3]

New Track from ILLLS

illlsIt seems like the hot bed of American music currently has a friend down in Oxford, Mississippi.  The home of acts like Dead Gaze and Dent May can now also claim the ambitious stylings of Steven Ross and ILLLS.  I was hooked the moment that this tune began, even if it had a nod to recent works by Arcade Fire.  But, make no mistake, there’s something creepy and more sinister lurking beneath, which makes its way as the guitars began to grind out.  Pretty sure that Hideout From the Feeders, the group’s upcoming album, will have some enjoyable tunes when it sees release on November 12th via Aloe Music.

Pop Rock from Piskie Sits

piskiesitsIf you’re like me, growing up in the 90s really defined who I am as a listener; I always think first to that time period when thinking of how to make nods to acts I dig.  In the case of Piskie Sits, I don’t think there’s one particular thing that makes me look back over a decade, especially since the Malkmus shout is very much alive in the now.  All I can say is that I can picture myself bouncing and rocking to this hit with all my friends back in the day; it makes it all the more special that it still resonates today!  The group will release Creature Feature via Philophobia in October.


Download: Piskie Sits – Feat. Pharrell Williams [MP3]

The Soft Side of Dead Gaze

Dead GazeIt’s interesting that this track should come out today, just days after I witnessed the noisier side of Dead Gaze here in Austin.  If you read my review, hinting that the group might have been too loud at points, you wouldn’t even guess this is the same group.  This is the new single from the band’s Brain Holiday, which comes out on October 22nd via FatCat Records.  It’s a soft piece of delightful pop music, demonstrating that Cole Furlow has much more to offer his listeners with his upcoming release.  If you’re looking for a tune that has dreamier qualities, then you’ll definitely be glad you stopped by here today.

Show Pics: Austra @ The Mohawk (9.13)

I really enjoy the nights when I can double up shows. A positive of the noise ordinance regulations is that the outdoor shows at Stubb’s and The Mohawk finish early enough to head over to another venue to do more shimmying. We already shared show notes and pics from Dent May, now we have some Austra love.

This ended up being a very photogenic show. DIANA was a pleasant surprise and the light show and ever-improving stage presence of Katie Stelmanis made Austra a true headliner.

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New Music from Blessed Feathers

blessedfeathersWe’ve all got tastes that go all over the place, so why not indulge ourselves and travel that way with Blessed Feathers who offer up the softer side of Wisconsin.  One reason to take note is that the person who produced the group’s record is Kevin McMahon, who has the Walkmen and Real Estate under his belt, so you know the songs are going to sound beautiful.  But, producers can’t work without great songs, and I’m pretty sure you could file this away as such, offering gentle melodies and a wonderful female backing vocal, all servicing the focal point of Donivan Berube’s voice. The band will release Order of the Arrow on November 5th, featuring this hit.


Download: Blessed Feathers – Real Song For Emily [MP3]

Propulsive Rocker from Blanche Blanche Blanche

blancheI’m really enjoying this new track from Blanche Blanche Blanche.  The Brooklyn group has just announced the release of their debut, Breaking Mirrors, which comes out via Wharf Cat Records on November 5th.  It’s a smooth rocking jam, with this bubbling groove that just pushes the pace from the get-go.  It definitely has this old school brattiness too, which you know I’m going to enjoy.  It’s not necessarily a punk rock anthem, but it’s pretty close, and I expect the live performances from Sarah Smith to match her display here.  Let’s all rock it out today.

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