Ryan Ray (RayRay)

Despite growing up in Lufkin with a studied history of teenagers growing up listening to Dave Mathews, Ryan moved beyond it all to forge a band simply known as “Jesus Hands.” Their fame was short lived, but you can see their influence in bands like Blindside and Underoath. After disbanding, he moved to Austin where his pursuit of all things emo led him towards the discovery of great music. Since then, he’s passionately sought whatever incredible tunes he could. Although he admits that at one time he did like Kings of Leon, he currently lays claim to some of the best taste in Austin, and he’s here to bring it to you.  Ryan is a proud husband and adoptive father of two cats named after football players.

Nathan Lankford

Nathan was the unfortunate soul you remember in middle school who wore eyeliner because in the 90s, nothing was bigger to him than the Cure. His internal rage led him towards a foundation in punk and hardcore. He took an akward turn into an emo, which had the fortunate byproduct of leading him to the past annals of indie rock. Nowadays, he browses Waterloo Records looking for those albums you’ve never even heard about, but mostly because he’s a jerk-face. Still, he’ll warm your heart with stories of being on tour with the All-American Rejects while simultaneously encouraging you to spend hundreds on records. He fashions himself as Rob from High Fidelity, though he more closely resembles Barry. Listen to his words; he loves you guys, and he loves the tunes.

Brian Gray

Show addicted photo-guy. Manager of the IT Department. Loving husband to +1. Parent to Evil Boo Kitty and Abita “Snog” Gray. The photo site with all the pics lives here. He is the grumpy old dude next to the stage hoping someone will bring him a whisky. He is the grammar police to keep Nate and RayRay in line while adding appropriate tags and categories and tends to nerd out with little site tweaks and is first level tech support. Doing his best to PYAITK and help you HANY.

Reagan Ray (raygun)

The creative wizard behind the curtain. You’ll rarely see him at our offices, but you can trust that he’s working hard behind the scenes to make sure everything runs smoothly on the site. We ask a lot of him, and he is kind enough to respond promptly. You’ll usually find him sitting at his desk at home, dressed in the likeness of Bruce Springsteen on the cover of Born to Run while his dog, Waylon, lays gently at his feet. He’s responsible for making things look pretty, I mean tough, and for making everything run properly so we can continue to bring you great coverage on the Austin music scene.


  • Nathan Lankford! Thanks for writing about my band Remote Places! I really mean all these exclamation points!

  • Hi guys,

    I’m Kim, and I work for label Bedroom Suck from Australia – you’ve written about some of our band quite a lot, thanks a bunch!

    I’m writing to ask you if you would be interested in doing a pre-release stream of the entire new Dag album, Benefits of Solitude?? It’s out next Friday, Feb 24, but you could post the stream earlier, maybe around 21st or something. Is this something you would be interested in? Please, let me know. Would love to work together with you on this.



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