Fresh Music from Obnox

Lamont Thomas is a musical shapeshifter, and through it all, his work as Obnox has been supremely captivating. Whether he’s throwing out rhymes, spoken word or rocking a jam, there’s a realness to his work that’s not often present in modern music; there’s no posturing, no pandering, just a man who knows only music. His latest single has him effortlessly working atop one of the catchiest loops he’s crafted, which should definitely perk up your ears. But, knowing his work, the entirety of his new release Niggative Approach is bound to be full of surprises…hopefully enough that he gets the respect his music deserve; look for the new LP on May 21st from 12XU.

Stream Xetas New LP

I could go on and on about how important Xetas isto the Austin sound. I could tell you just how tragic it would be if people overlook The Tower simply because it has the power to tear through your speakers. All I’m going to say is that you need to lay down whatever you’re doing, turn the stereo up and just let yourself listen to the entirety of this LP. Start to finish, this is one of the most impressive pieces I’ve heard in this city in some time. It comes out via 12XU on Friday, with an in-store appearance at Waterloo Records.

Another Rocker from Xetas

Just before the storm, 12XU Records announced the release of The Tower, the brand new Xetas LP, and as our anticipation builds, we get another great single. The band smash through your speakers from the get-go, pulling back just a touch to let Kana steal the show with a calm vocal delivery. Emphatically, they throw out a catchy burst around the 1.20 mark, then settle back into the song’s groove. For me, I think the most impressive bit of this tune is the band’s ability to stretch it over 5 minutes, and still have the energy and excitement the song with which the song began. New album drops on April 14th.

ATX Spotlight: Xetas Prepare The Tower

Admittedly, Austin’s music scene has gotten a great deal of ridiculous music out there, but I don’t think it’s prepared the world for Xetas (who should already be a household name). From the moment it kicks in, the band aim to hit you with that animalistic rock n’ roll; they perfectly capture their tenacious live energy…one of the most forceful performers in the ATX scene. But, what I really love comes at the 1.13 and 2.51 marks, as they turn into this powerful chorus that brings about a noisier ode to pop punk. It pretty much seals the deal…this band is ready to take on everyone. Look for The Tower on April 14th via 12XU.

ATX Spotlight: Fresh Borzoi Noise

After being somewhat dormant for the first few months of the year, 12XU has jumped out with several great musical announcements, one being this raucous bit of noise from Austin’s Borzoi. You’re immediately thrust into the discord, drums pounding furiously and guitar chords knifing through your speakers. It’s as if the vocals were recorded in huge concrete war room, echoing notes in a way such that your head’s constantly swirling; they’vegot a steady moment of delivery in the middle of the track that I’m particularly fond of, right before the band crashes the song to a close. Look for a brand new 4 song 7″ from the band on March 24th.

And, I highly suggest another gem from the label’s announcements: Thigh Master. I’ll add that song below too…but nothing too long-winded as we don’t want to bum Norman Wanklord out.

Brand New Dark Blue

darkblueartSeems like just a bit ago that wewere introduced to Dark Blue, and they’re gearing up for the release of their new album, Start of the World. I’m rather impressed with this new single, as the guitar’s bring on a slightly heavy discord, chords screeching out every so often. The vocals, however, hold onto the group’s penchant for pop sensibility, offering up a deep croon discussing a lover’s lament. I like the fact that they’re not trying to fit into any modern mold, just offering up a tried and true formula of heavy guitar pop. Look for the new LP on November 4th from 12XU.

ATX Spotlight: Another Tune from the Gospel Truth

gospeltruthA few weeks back we got our first listen to “Artifact,” the debut single from The Gospel Truth‘s forthcoming Jealous Fires LP. Now we get the band’s title track from said record, and it’s another solid piece. It’s this jittery piece of rock n’ roll, kind of jagged in the construction that sets listeners in an off-kilter step as they await the emphatic crash of the chorus. Then just as suddenly as the chorus kicked in, your back trying to balance yourself and your ears with the ridiculous bass and drum work. Starting to get really excited for this release on September 16th via 12XU.

Short Blast of Brilliance from DD Owen

ddowenIn under a matter of minutes the new DD Owen tune accomplishes more than many of the other songs you’ll hear today, or shit, even this year. It’s an infectious little ditty filled with self-deprecation, but enough punk attitudeto let all your friends know just how cool you are.Unlike many of Owen’s rock n’ roll peers, perhaps what stands out to me the most in my twelve repeated listensis how huge the song sounds…sometimes the value of a recording makes the cream rise to the top, which is where this song is staying. Look for the self-titled DD Owen album on September 30th via 12XU.

ATX Spotlight: New Gospel Truth Coming Soon

gospeltruthI’m dreading the arbitrary year end lists already, and particularly when it comes to Austin acts. It seems that every band I enjoy in town has released something…and we can now add The Gospel Truth to that list. They’ve just released this crushing number from their upcoming album, Jealous Fires, which has me excited to hear the entirety of said record. I’m particularly sold on the guitar work here, churning out these unsteadying riffs that are emphatically met during the chorus with smashing cymbal work. And the vocals…at times they have this echoing distance, then they draw you in with what’s almost a close spoken whisper. Just another winner in a town where the music scene is dying. Look for the release via 12XU on September 16th.

I’d Like You to Meet Your Death

meetyourdeathOpened up our early day with a lot of the soft stuff, which I love, but man, I want you to listen to this new track from Meet Your Death. The group, composed of some heavy hitters around the Austin area, are playing this bluesy bit of garage rock, or rather, let’s just call it rock n’ roll. There’s a bit of boogie in it, and the lyrics are delivered in a matter of fact manner…and lets not forget that squawking harmonica blasting through. There’s a lot of imitators out there nowadays, so here’s hoping someone imitates this! Look for the band’s new self-titled LP next month from 12XU.

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