New Music From Shark Week

sharkweek_promo_webBack in November, I developed a man music crush on D.C. based Shark Week and their garage rock infused music.  Furthering my fandom of the group is this new song “Go West” that sort of infuses a doo wop vibe at the beginning before getting down and dirty with the familiar garage rock sound.  Anyone smart enough to see the band during SXSW, can attest that the sound translates really well in the live setting as well.  I’m expecting big things from these guys.

Make your way over to Analog Edition to pre-order a new 7″ from Shark Week due out July 30th.

Gorgeous New Track from Tara Jane O’neil

It’s nice to find a tune that regardless of its lyrical content, it forces you to look at your like with a bit of introspection.  I don’t know what it is, but this new song from Tara Jane Oneil has put me in this ultra-reflective mode today…I’m actually okay with that as I near the end of my time with 120 13 year olds.  This single is the A-Side to TJO’s newest release on K Records, which also features “Rainbow Connection” as the B-Side.  Tara sounds incredible here, and I can’t do much more than just fall in love with her voice at this time.  Hopefully you find a similar sentiment when you listen, and if so, be sure to pick it up at the K Store.


Download: Tar Jane Oneil – Sirena [MP3]

Killer Rocker from Wax Idols

I’ve raved to everyone about Wax Idols; their album No Future was one of my favorite records of the last year. Now, while the group is working on their new album (rumored to be on Slumberland) they’ve got a awesome stop-gap 7″ for you on Suicide Squeeze.  The title track, “Schadenfreude” is a jagged guitar rocker, with singer Heather spinning the pop goodness just as you would expect.  There’s a little bit of that brattiness that makes her such a furious frontwoman, but the chorus alone is worth the cost of the 7 inch.  You should definitely pay attention to this too underrated group.


Download: Wax Idols – Schadenfreude [MP3]

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