New Music from Famous Problems

As of late, I’ve been really getting stuck into broad sweeping pop ballads, and this new track from Famous Problems is doing just the trick today. There’s a little guitar tinkering in the song’s latter half, but that powerful voice keeps me coming back and back again…it’s akin to some of Richard Hawley‘s work, though imagine it stripped way down. This song will appear on an excellent 7″ from WIAIWYA, which is one of the many reliable boutique labels out there…look for it on April 7th.

Bill Ball 2 Is This Saturday + 7″ Release

billballIt’s that time of year folks…the time of year when Austin gets treated to the weird and the exhilarating…pretty much for the entirety of October…then it goes back to just being South Congress. This Saturday, Margin Walker is bring you Bill Ball 2 over at Sidewinder, and this line-up is pretty ridiculous: Big Bill, Deep Time, US Weekly, Basketball Shorts, Masculine Pain, Mom Jeans, Que Pasa and more…full details found HERE.

Plus…the show will also be a celebration of the new Big Bill 7″ featuring “Every City” and “Food Chain.” We’re putting it out via ATH Records, so if you can’t make it to the show, grab it HERE.

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More From Plastic Flowers

plasticflowersThere are some bands you just gravitate towards, whether that’s nostalgia or the band’s sound, and Plastic Flowers happen to be a bit of both. They’ve got this slightly indiepop leaning sound…warm vocals, one step below danceable and twinkling guitars…that fits my nostalgia. But, their way of combining these sounds and never becoming tiresome or weary has made them incredibly endearing over the last few years. This great little number appears on the new 7″, which is being released by the increasingly reliable The Native Sound. Get into it below.

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Psych Out With Walter

unnamedLos Angeles based band Walter create their very own style of psychedelic music with some throwback tendencies and heavily distorted guitars. Have yourself a taste of that irresistible sound with this latest single entitled “Poetics of Space”. It may take you a little while for this one to grow on you, but I can assure you the droning and heaviness will eventually grow on you with each and every listen.

This track is part of a new 7″ single due out on July 1st via Famous Class.

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Look Out for Oslo House

osloOslo House! Where have you been all my life!? I just want this song to play around in my brain all day; I want it to be the soundtrack of everything I do for the rest of this week. You’ll probably find it classified as dreamy bedroom pop, but I think it fits more into that cas-pop (casual pop), kicking out this supremely relaxed vibe. There’s something about it, some sense of longing, keeping me from pulling away. I’m going to play it again, and I reckon you will too. Look for this song to appear on the new 7″ via Trendy Feelings; it’s being released on May 13th.

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Enjoying This Rory McVicar Tune

roryRory McVicar has been writing music out of the UK for some time, but I’m not going to lie about the fact that I only recently discovered his tunes by way of a few brand new songs that have been making the rounds. I’m particularly fond of the B-Side on his new limited 7″; it’s living in a realm somewhere between singer-songwriter and dreamy indiepop. This track’s light and playful, though the lyrical content tends to be far more affecting. I’ve found it hard to turn away from this tune all day, though the A-Side isn’t anything to shake your head at either. Look for the 7″ on January 19th via Static Caravan.

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Melodic Noise Pop from Dead Leaf Echo

deadleafDead Leaf Echo have been hard at work on their newest LP, the follow up to Thought and Language, but in the meantime they give us a glimpse of their direction with this splendid shoegaze ditty.  Like the best of the genre, the melodic core of this song is the most important aspect, drawing in the listener. Meanwhile, there is a light bit of atmospheric guitar swirling around the core, creating a song worthy of repeated listens while you’re sitting at home. This new single will be released on a new 7″ on September 15th, which you can order HERE while you away the new record.

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ATX Show Spotlight: Rose Selavy @ Cheer Up Charlies

rose_selavy_bandIt’s Monday night, so why not start off your week with some of the best pop music the city has to offer…not to mention, it will be FREE!  Cheer Up Charlies is hosting San Antonio’s Hypersleep, but the bill will be book-ended by some of our favorite locals, Rose Selavy and Ultraviolet.  Did I mention that Rose Selavy also has a 7″ coming out this week on our ATH Records?  I mean, this will be the best chance to preview the band’s work before you head out and grab your own copy.  If you’re not in town, that 7″ can be found HERE.  So, come out and hang tonight and enjoy some indiepop delights.

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ATH Records to Release Split with Rose Selavy and Templo X

U_70027M_FO_PROOF-2In case you weren’t following us on twitter on Friday, or you don’t troll me like my mother does, then you might not have been aware that ATH Records is putting out a brand new 7″ with our friends Rose Selavy and Templo X…two mostly Austin bands (save Paul from Templo who currently resides in Philly).  I’ve oft complained about the lack of a solid indiepop scene here, and if any bands are going to help make that better, it’s these two acts.  RS offers the more modern take with bubbling bass and warm vocals, while TX turns in a good classic jangling vibe for you.  The 7″ is pressed on green vinyl and limited to 350.  You can pick up your very own copy by ordering it HERE.

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Buy This Debutantes 7″ from Emotional Response

11020761_10153147013484577_8079677916334810216_nThe two sides of this new 7″ from the Debutantes are pretty brilliant, yet completely distinct in their respective sounds. The A Side “Adams Apples” is the punishing bit of noise rock with an underlying current of pop sensibility, and very likely to break through your speakers…in a really good way.  The flip side has “Kids,” which is a much softer look at the Irish act. This song stays true to the historical undercurrent of indiepop, though the recording has this endearing distortion to it, so as not to be too shimmering.  The 7″ just came out from the really awesome folks over at Emotional Response, so you can grab yourself a copy of it right HERE. Oh, and if you order it now, it comes with a 4 song download that makes up the band’s debut EP.

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