Suicide Squeeze to Issue Dasher 7″

dashFrom the moment this song kicks off, there’s something dangerous about this song from Dasher.  You can just hear the volume turned up to deafening levels in the live setting, with the vocals screamed in your face the entire set.  Your ears are going to take a pummeling, but that’s precisely why I feel like sharing it.  There’s an inherent violence in the tune, and in that approach there’s also a disregard for personal safety.  I’m hooked on it, so why not give it some space here. The Soviet 7″ will be released by Suicide Squeeze on October 14th…music to my ears.

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Austin Spotlight: Another Spray Paint Tune

Spray-PaintA little over a week ago we tossed up a tune that was from the forthcoming album from Austin’s Spray Paint.  But, while we’re waiting for what’s sure to be another rad record from the band, they’ve also announced a new 7″ for Upset the Rhythm that’s coming out next week.  I’m loving the discordant pluck that rides along this tune, while the pummeling beat just pounds away.  Lyrics accompany the first half of the song, and the last few seconds, but the middle is filled with instrumental pacing, of the dangerous sort.  Not sure if “Cussin” will appear on the next LP, or if it’s just a stand-alone 7″, but it’s another reason for people to continue their praise of the Austin three-piece.

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Austin Spotlight: El Campo Release

elcampoIf you’re in the mood for a uniquely pressed felix-disc then I think your best bet this week is to order the new single from Austin’s El Campo.  The song features a prominent bit of banjo playing, but while that may hint at a country-infused number, you’ll hear much more of a warm pop approach in the delivery of the vocals.  Personally, I think the group is one of the more dynamic acts in town, able to walk that line between folk/americana and pop music; you can’t help but to love the tracks that are featured on this release.  You’ll be able to pick it up this Friday at Cheer Up Charlies, or order it from their label, and our friends, over at Punctum Records.

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Bouncing Pop from English Singles

slr191I picked up this English Singles 7″ from the record store last night, so I had to share it with you all, that way you could do the same.  It’s precisely what I expected from the group, filled with catchy hooks and sing-a-long lyrics.  Just listen to that pounding drum beat; try to listen and not find yourself bobbing up and down. There’s three jams from the Sacramento act on the Ordinary Girls 7″, which I’m telling you is a must for your collection.  You can pick it up from Slumberland Records immediately!


Download: English Singles – Ordinary Girls [MP3]

Another New Jam from Cayucas

It seems that we’re in for a whole lot of infectious pop if things continue to go as planned for Cayucas.  They are releasing their debut 7″ for Secretly Canadian this month, and this tune is another that wears a bright sunny influence.  It’s almost got a tropicalia feel to it, which definitely is something that I enjoy.  If you listen closely you can hear the warm backing vocals just barely pushing through, creating an effect that only strengthens the relaxed feel of this song.  I’ll have no problem playing this number over and over again.

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Great Power Pop from the Barreracudas

I’ve been jamming out to the Barreracudas for quite some time, having fallen head over heels for Nocturnal Missions, their last LP.  But, this summer they kicked out the jams with a new 7″ for Windian Records, hopefully to pass the time as they record a new full-length.  If you like your guitars shredded fast with a bit of keyboard in the background to propel things in the direction of sugary goodness, then you’ll absolutely love this track.  Oh, and that slight vocal hiccup? Marvelous.  Enjoy this jam and get your hands on the 7″ before they run out!

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New Single from Guards

One of the bands that we really got behind this year was Guards, and they’ve just hooked up with the folks over at White Iris to release a brand spanking new 7″.  This new track is super rambunctious, and I absolutely adore the way the guitars stutter along before they burst into this breezy pop chorus.  Of course, the band then returns to the stuttering guitar lines before jumping completely back into the joyousness that epitomizes everything I enjoy about listening to this band.  You can get your hands on this 7″ now, so what are you waiting for?


Download: Guards – Do It Again [MP3]

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