Borzoi Drop Passing Single

Just as I’m lamenting the scene in our hometown, Borzoi pop up with a new single to wake me from my Austin doldrums. Be warned, turning this up at high volume is likely to lead to momentary delirium. The rhythmic section alone has this incredible push and pull to it, like the heavy swaying of a crowd on the verge of cathartic eruption. Hitting heavy at the front, they turn that into this almost playful angular moment right after the one-minute mark, hanging high upon the rafters of that pulsing rhythm. Why this band isn’t the most notable in town I don’t know, but we look forward to hearing more…as we’re still awaiting news on the follow-up to A Prayer for War (12XU)…and this may or may not feature on that release.

Borzoi Drop Frantic New Single

Some songs come across the old Interwebs and you’re just drawn to them. The latest from Borzoi is one such tune (not that I haven’t enjoyed the others); I love how the song just seems so jittery and out of control…and yet it’s not. It’s controlled chaos, thrown out into the world with indifference; I just get the feeling of running around in a circle whilst the band seemingly increase the pace, driving me into a spastic frenzy…such feelings that only occur with the best of rock n’ roll. I love the call and response after the 2 minute mark, bringing the tune to an emphatic close. A Prayer for War is out tomorrow via 12XU, and it’s going to be brilliant.

Borzoi Back with Another Single

Borzoi are set to announce themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the music community. They’re brandishing a blend of noise and hardcore, but sculpting it with a slight art-school bend; it might even be fair to compare them to the early work of Shellac. Still, even that isn’t doing their recent work justice. Here they offer that sound, infusing their style with a primal urgency, creating a sense of imminent danger out of thin air. Creativity and noise can work together, as we’ll surely witness when the group drop A Prayer for War on September 21st via 12XU.

Borzoi Drop New Single

Austin’s Borzoi released the excellent Surrender the Farm EP, and now it looks like the band have a brand new LP on the horizon for 12XU. Our first taste offers some great insight into what we can expect, and from the sounds of the song’s opening minute and a half, they’re looking to take an exploratory route to post-hardcore. Sinister guitar notes hang in the air, battling subtle bass lines while the percussion works underneath. Once the vocals come into play, the track takes on an ominous tone, almost picking up pace before unleashing a wall of noise onto listeners. Then it recedes, only to return with a stabbing pulse of angular noise while it sounds like the band are tearing through your speakers. Clearly the band just doesn’t care what you expect, and that bodes well for A Prayer for War; it drops on 12XU on September 21st.