That New Wolfhounds Single

Hopefully the Slumberland Records compilation of the Wolfhounds‘s John Peel Sessions reminded those of us out there about the talent from one of the original C86 acts. They’ve been releasing new music here and there, and now we’ve got news that they’ll be releasing Electric Music later this year. This song is chock-full of swirling guitars and bounding rhythms; they fit perfectly into the visual presentation from David Janes. Callahan’s voice has this steadying vibe throughout, even when he stretches it through the chorus, balanced by the backing vocals. I love the guitar ringing out around the 3 minute mark as the tune pushes towards it brooding close. The new LP will be out on July 3rd via A Turntable Friend Records.

The Black Watch Share Crying All the Time

When you talk about prolific indie rock vets, you usually hear Guided by Voices, but around these parts, you always hear me talk about the Black Watch. The band consistently push out great content, forever sounding like themselves, and yet never sounding like they’re treading the proverbial water. On the band’s new single, the track seems almost like a meditation; the lyrics are delivered almost like a mantra, you can tell the care in the way Fredrick puts emphasis on every last syllable, all the way to the chorus line of ‘crying all the time.” Never boring, and never sounding like their finished, the Black Watch will return in January with Brilliant Failures via A Turntable Friend Records.

Listen to Paul Den Heyer

Paul who? Paul Den Heyer is the Liverpool songwriter, oft compared to Mojave 3 or Slowdive. But, what you’ll likely find is that his songs, like the single below, are much softer in their approach, as if Norman Blake had recorded bedroom demos allowing Paul to recreate them. There’s this longing softness, that place where your dreams take you when your mind wants you to escape from all that surrounds you, yet in that you find comfort; it’s the best sort of pop music out there if you ask me. This track appears on Everything So Far, the new LP, which is out May 17th via A Turntable Friend Records.