Nicholas Merz Is My Indie Rock Spirit Animal

Admittedly, writing about music consistently for the past 10 years occasionally wears you down; it’s never forgiving, and you run across the same sound more often than you’d like to admit…depending on the current trends. Then you stumble across something like Nicholas Merz, who spent a lot of time writing music in Seattle outfit Darto. Now he’s out there on his own, crafting this brand of literary rock n’ roll that’s far too uncommon; it’s like a spirited version of Leonard Cohen, empowered by the song’s arrangement. This track makes me think of tons of references to other great artists too, be it the National or Patrick Wolf; it just creates this sounding board for my life at the moment. This tune will appear on his album, out June 1st via Aagoo Records.

Special Pop Track from W-H-I-T-E

WhiteI’ve got some work to do.  I had no idea who W-H-I-T-E was up until I received the email that contained this incredible tune.  If you’re not in the know either, it’s the project of Cory Hanson, an LA musician who seems to have created the perfect blend of pop music.  There’s a heavy coat that hangs over this entire track, but the vocals are so soft and serene that you find yourself playing the song over and over again.  This is what the new direction of electronic music sounds like to me, or it should anyways.  He’ll be releasing his third album, aptly titled III, on May 28th via Aagoo Records, so be sure to pick this one up.


Download: W-H-I-T-E – I Wasn’t Afraid [MP3]