Have Another Tune from Plastic Flowers

This latest single from Plastic Flowers perfectly encapsulates his ability to craft tunes for the sake of escapism. The soft quality of the vocals pulls you in, synths wrap you up and the song just calmly sits in your being. Hints of dark bedroom pop are evident, but there’s this overwhelming sensation that allows you to momentarily step outside of yourself; this is the powerful music he’s crafting over in London. His new album, Absent Forever, will be released on November 10th via Native Sound.

Another Gem from Plastic Flowers

We’ve been on the Plastic Flowers bandwagon since he first appeared on The Native Sound roster, and his new album looks to have a whole lot of promise. On this brand new tune, he seemingly takes the track into a steady indiepop realm, guitars and drums dancing around another, whilst vocals enter with an airy quality. It then moves into shimmering guitar walls for a good bit before returning to the more playful side of the performance. Infectious, and with depth, Plastic Flowers is on a roll. Absent Forever will be available on November 10th for those interested…which should be all of you.