Active Child Give Us Something New

Active ChildActive Child has always had this weird place in my musical psyche, though I’m not sure where that place is, something about the music just hits a chord with me.   Today yet another tune just hit the internet called “1999” and I find myself entranced all over again.  The song is a hushed beauty, an ode to a loved one, that should evoke some major feeling in all of us.  Can’t say enough good things about this one.

Active Child has a new album in the works entitled Mercy due out in June on Vagrant.

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FFF8 In Pictures – Friday Edition

The WalkmenDid you not go to Fun Fun Fun Fest? Wish to be tortured by a ton of images from Auditorium Shores? Did you go and want to try to find yourself in a crowd shot? Your ears still ringing from Snoop?

Are you are fan of twerking? Do you like Aussie Electro Pop? Is Hamilton dead sexy? Or is Little Boots more your speed? Big Freedia? Not judging…

Time to waste the rest of your day with the big gallery from Friday! Raise your pimp cup and click through to have your eyes treated to my festival.

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Fun Fun Fun Fest Interviews: Active Child

When I look at the Fun Fun Fun Fest lineup for the weekend, trend setting new band Active Child is one of my must sees of the festival.  We caught the live act a couple of years ago, serving as an introduction to the band, and the ATH crew has been fans ever since.  Lucky for you and I, the brains behind Active Child, Pat Grossi, made some time to answer a few of our questions.  Follow the jump for more.

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New Beauty From Active Child

Active Child

Over the last year, I’ve developed a major fan affair with Pat Grossi and his experimental pop group known as Active Child.  His album You Are All I See was, and still is, one of the most underappreciated gems from 2011 that somehow gets better and better with every listen.  Well today I’ve got some great new for fans of the group with this brand new track “Evening Cermony”.  It’s a great track similar to what I’ve grown to love about the act with it’s synth pop, beautifully placed harp pieces, and the glorious voice of Grossi mixed in superbly as usual.  Enjoy.

Stay tuned as we get more news about the upcoming new album.  This track actually appears on the soundtrack for the upcoming film The Host.

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Top Live Shows in Austin in 2012

Our year end coverage begins with the three chiefs over at the ATH offices reveling in what was an incredible year in Austin, musically speaking.  Tons of rad bands blew us away with their live sets, and, well, there were just tons of bands.  I think we did more show coverage this year than in previous years, but as always, the great thing about our site is diversity.  We’re also linking back to our full reviews and photos of some of these nights, so you can get more of a feel of our thoughts, not to mention, checking out Brian’s great photographic 2012. Read on for thoughts on live acts from the three main contributors.
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Show Review: Active Child @ The Mohawk (5/4)

It was way too hot for early May as The Mohawk played host to Active Child with Superhumanoids and Balam Acab opening. RayRay insisted I would be surprised by the live set. After a few beers at Easy Tiger, we wandered up Red River half-jokingly singing clips from You Are All I See. What would an Active Shild cover of “Cumbersome” sound like?

Anyway, click through. I have plenty of pics and a few more show notes…

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Show Preview: Active Child @ Mohawk (5/4)

Date 5/4/12
Location Mohawk
Doors 8pm
Tickets $10 @ Frontgate

I’ve been pumped for this show since the Active Child show at Fun Fest, and finally the band is coming into town this Friday at Mohawk.  Joining the group in support is Balam Acab and Superhumanoids.  I know that many in the ATH crew will be on hand for this one and I’m sure we’ll see ya there to share some brews.


Download: Active Child – Playing House (ft. How To Dress Well) [MP3]

Friday Top 10: Fun Fest Bands

Our Fun Fest coverage is nearing an end, but we have yet to give you a top artists post in typical ATH fashion.  So here ladies and gents is your ATH top 10 fun fest acts.  This is a list compiled by all of our writers and collaborators who did their best to check out as many bands as we could this weekend.  Keep in mind that we see as many bands as we can, but certainly can’t blanket the whole fest.  Follow the jump for list.

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New Jam From Active Child

When it comes to the electronica side of ATH, I usually leave things to the experts that stay tuned to the genre way more than I do.  However, when a song like this sweet jam from Active Child falls into my lap, I have to share my joy with the masses.  The song “Diamond Heart” appears on a deluxe edition of new album You Are All I see which has been available in regular form for awhile now.  This new deluxe reissue of sorts will be made available on itunes tomorrow and features this new and previously unreleased song.  It is currently ruling my world.   Let this also serve as a Fun Fest preview as the band will be playing the festival this weekend on Saturday at 12:55 on the blue stage.


The IT Department – v1.0

The trial run went well enough that the IT Department is going into production. Version 1.0 will include some have-to listens, our first repeat guest, some darkwave, a new to me artist and *gasp* a remix or two. People that know me know I hate remixes, so you may not gasp, but I know a few out there will.

Past the break you will tracks from M83, Tunnels, Active Child, Walls (kind of) and more.

So welcome to the next step, welcome to the IT Department V1.0.

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