Calm Blue Sea Score Film @ Alamo (3/29)

siegfried20-webLocal and ATH favorites, The Calm Blue Sea, are one of those bands with music that just screams movie soundtrack/score.  The guys in the band have apparently listened to our demands and will be doing a live score at The Alamo Ritz on Sunday night.  The film to be scored is an old school black and white/silent movie from 1924 called Siegfried.  Alamo describes the silent film as one that “ranges in scope between the hellishly intense defeat and death of a Dragon to more quiet emotional moments”.  Sounds like a perfect fit for the band’s emotionally charge instrumental music.  We’re sure you won’t want to miss out on this unique opportunity to relive the days of live scoring.  Show time is set for 7pm with tickets on sale now for only $11.


Download: The Calm Blue Sea – We Happy Few [MP3]

Your Week @ Alamo Drafthouse

The Alamo Downtown has some crazy good shows for your enjoyment this week.  Here’s a quick rundown:

Tuesday – Terror Tuesdays featuring Howling 2 w/ Sybil Danning in person.  Reserve a seat now or read the new Terror Tuesday blog.

Wednesday – Weird Wednesdays featuring Chained Heat w/ Sybil Danning in person yet again!  Reserve your seat now or read the new Weird Wednesday blog.

Thursday – The main event!  Tonight features the debut of the new Mickey Rourke flick The Wrestler along with real live wrestling before the show from The Texas Wrestling Federation!!  Get tickets now for $18.

Dear Alamo, we love you.  That is all.