Alasdair Roberts Offers Playful Folk

In a few weeks Alasdair Roberts will bring us his new album, Pangs, and today he’s bringing out his most playful bit of folk. The song opens with such a lighthearted mood that you might be surprised when it settles for a more traditional feeling during the song’s chorus. It’s this sort of songwriting that’s elevated Alasdair, building his own sound on the back of folk traditions, while pushing it in a new direction. I love the slight warble in his voice, which could perhaps be owed to his Scottish accent, but just listen to the way lyrics roll off his tongue in the song’s latter half and you’ll be just as appreciative. Pick up the new record on February 24th via Drag City.

Fresh Alasdair Roberts Track

arAlasdair Roberts has long been crafting folk tracks that tickle our fancy when it comes to traditional style tunes. “The Downward Road,” his latest single from his upcoming record, is no exception to this steady trend of beautiful music. As you’ll hear below, Roberts has packed just as much whimsy as serious craftsmanship into this tune–you’re greeted with a nice blend of fiddle, acoustic guitar and some wonky electric guitar. Of course you get Roberts’ gentle vocals as well, but then the chorus kicks it up a bit into a full on stomper of a track. Take a listen.

Pangswill be out February 24th via Drag City. Go preorder it here.

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Acoustic Goodness from Alasdair Roberts


Alasdair Roberts is a Scottish singer/songwriter who has been around for quite some time bringing you classically Scottish gentle tunes. He’s back with a new album on the near horizon, featuring his classic style stripped down to acoustic. This self-titled album feels like its going to be a return to a celebration of roots and self– minimal musical elements accompany Roberts’ voice on the track below, leaving the meat of the song to be found in the vocal tenderness. The song is gentle and the songwriting detailed, as Roberts pulls you into his little world and spins a soothing song to ease your mind musically. Have a listen to “Artless One” below and get ready for the new album expected to come out from Drag City in January of 2015.

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