New Music from Counterfeit Jeans

Trolling labels always turns up something, even in the dead part of the year. I always keep an eye on Kingfisher Bluez, a label after my own heart with a pretty diverse catalog that branches all over the place. The label just upped a track from their first release in 2019, the new LP from Counterfeit Jeans. It’s melodic noise rock at its finest, offering up these discordant guitars chugging from the get go, while the vocals have this tendency to sore brightly amidst the song’s natural chaos. The LP is titled Good Morning, and it looks like it will drop in February of next year; I’ll keep you posted.

Banger From Preoccupations

The Canadians formerly known as Viet Cong, now known as Preoccupations are readying what is sure to be one of the top albums of 2018. I’m probably a little late on this since I was in a snow day stuper yesterday, but when songs are as good as “Espionage”, I’ll share them late or not. The track has a very 80s electronica, new wave feel to it with the usual intense vocal delivery from frontman Matt Flegel. This is shaping up nicely.

Preoccupations will drop New Material on March 23rd via Jagjaguwar.

Discovery Day: Tee- Tahs

teetahIt’s easy to stay on top of the music game nowadays.  I mean, Stereogum and P4k are going to post an insane amount of songs each day that you’re supposed to care about.  But, I love to scour the net for hidden gems, which is how I came upon Canada’s Tee-Tahs.  I heard of them by scouring my daily rounds on Finest Kiss, who introduced me to this infectious bit of pop music.  They’ve just released their record, Buzzkill, and it’s nothing short of a good time.  The lyrics seem to show an indifference to any sort of worldly themes, holding onto what makes being a music fan so enjoyable…unadulterated good times.  The tunes you’ll find are joyous and silly, laying the groundwork for a group that just wants you to have a really great time listening to their work.  So get on the train with me, we’re going to see Tee-Tahs.

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