Album Premiere: Jon Lindsay – Cities & Schools

5035One of my favorite things about running this website is when someone asks you to premiere an album you’ve already been spinning on repeat for a week or so. Well Mr. Jon Lindsay, who writes and creates songs mostly on his own, has been kind enough to give me just that opportunity today. Streaming in full below is his brand new album entitled Cities & Schools. One would be very hard pressed to define this music with simple things like indie pop or indie songwriter. No, this album is a profound look into a songwriter who creates at times rock songs with Americana tendencies, but can then throw in some synths here and there to surely cause your body to move. Honestly, I think everyone will find a little something to like about this album.

You can purchase a physical copy of this album on June 10th via File 13 Recordsor purchase physical copies via Jon’s website right now.

Sharks in the Deep End – Killin Machine (Album Premiere)

sharksinthedeependPop music has been around for so long, that you have to work really hard to come up with something unique, something vital for listeners. In the case of Austin’s Sharks in the Deep End, the band had to leave Austin to hole themselves up in Connecticut and just focus on the songwriting, leaving us with the dynamic Killin’ Machine. “Love in Reverse” is the album’s statement piece, the one that led to the recording session; the way the song builds slowly and opens up into the chorus is pretty magnificent. It all leads you to the record’s standout “Shadows in the Sunset,” which seems to up the ante on modern indie rock, both in energy and songwriting. Perhaps my favorite thing about the Killin’ Machine is it’s cohesiveness, whether the band is blasting forward or offering you a slower mood as in “Loveyoutoo.” Every little detail, every little synth note seems united throughout the entire LP. You want a pop record done right? Look no further than this here album.

The band is releasing it on April 22nd, celebrating by throwing a release party at Sidewinder with Ruby Jane and the Reckless and Flavor Raid.