A New Release from Freshcard and Stanley Brinks

Both Freshcard and Stanley Brinks feature here on the site many a time, and they’re back with a brand new collection of songs titled Midnight Tequila. While the two tend to wear their folk influences, this batch of tracks really seems to stretch the genre, especially on tracks like “Africa” or “I’m the Boss.” Every song has redeeming qualities, though admittedly I’m partial to “Limestone” and “Olives and Wine.” You can stream the whole ten songs just below, and if you’re so inclined, you can order the CD version directly from Freshcard.

Stream Fitting In Well from Girlatones

Not too long ago I brought you a tune from Australia’s Girlatones, an act I had penned as an up-and-coming powerhouse…but today I’m here with the stream of their album, Fitting In Well. Across 9 songs, the band takes you all over the pop spectrum. You, of course, get to start off with the infectious “Share the Love,” bringing a bouncing bit of casual pop. But, my favorite highlight in the album’s opening moments was “You’re My Friend;” it reminds me of listening to Richie Valens in the kitchen as a kid. Then you’ll find the dark brood of “Misunderstood,” which stretches out into a minor jam before settling back into the groove. My two cents would also be well spent on “Put Me Back Together,” a track that definitely seems rooted in the well-discussed regional vibe (especially as of late). Saying that Fitting In Well is a gem from start to finish seems like a bit of an understatement, as each track could easily stand on its own. But, lucky for us all, it’s a complete collection; you can buy it directly from the band HERE.

Stream the New Indo Dhans LP

Friday’s just around the bend, and for many of us, we’re wondering what records need to be purchased in order to make it though until next Friday. For my two cents, give Indo DahnsDreams From Another Coast a whirl. The project is the work of Brama Sukarma, detailing his life and travels, both musically and geographically. Some of the songs seem to have a constructionist perspective, building textured layers atop one another. Then there’s numbers like “Still Dreaming,” fading through your speakers as the daylight dims. Of course, an album like this is always hiding some exuberance that sneaks up on you, but I’ll give you a hint: be sure to listen to “Out That Door.” Created as a reflection on life within the confines of music, you can truly journey along with Brama as you listen along; the album drops tomorrow!

Stream Time Catches Up with Milk Teddy

Every once in a while you stumble into an album you were looking forward to, and you’re proven right…every note hits, every track wins you over. Time Catches Up with Milk Teddy, the new album from the Aussie outfit is one such LP. I’ve already posted gems like “Rock n’ Roll Cretin” and “Sweet Bells Jangled,” but there’s not a misplaced tune on this record; it’s honestly some of the best guitar pop I’ve heard come out this year. If you’re searching for a record that’s going to impress your friends with your great taste, then introduce them to Milk Teddy. The LP is available now from Lost and Lonesome!

Stream the Ocean Party LP

I think anyone that was fortunate enough to catch the Ocean Party on tour this past Spring would agree that the band is a full-on tour de pop. Every member is a gifted songwriter, which allows for a great bit of diversity…both live and in the studio. They’ve just released Beauty Point, and I can only revel in the joy that you’ll get by spinning this LP on repeat all day. It’s filled with bouncing rhythms, synth stabs and vocal accompaniment in all the right places. Honestly, while I’ve loved the band forever, this might be their most complete record to date…not a single song misses its mark. It’s available now from Emotional Response (US) and Spunk Records (AUS).

You’re Going to Love Joy Cleaner

As always, Jigsaw Records quietly releases another gem into the world: Joy Cleaner‘s Total Hell. This brand new album is filled with fuzzy guitar riffs a la Teenage Fanclub or GVB, but there’s an innate playfulness that gives a lifting spirit to listeners. When you boil it down, it’s really just a great collection of guitar pop songs that slip into your subconscious as you attempt to sing along hours later. My favorite track at the moment is “Disposable Outcome,” but I haven’t skipped a single track, so that’s saying something! You’re free to grab the new album over at Jigsaw.

Stream I Did the Best I Could from Office Culture

You look around the Internet these days and the landscape looks very similar; it all feels the same. But, enter Office Culture and their album, I Did the Best I Could; it opens the door to a blend of pop music that’s as refreshing as it is nostalgic. “Molly” is a jam reminiscent of early Jens Lekman, focusing on the vocals, while letting the music fill in the space behind. Other tracks like “Fool” pull in barroom crooner vibes, though they layer backing vocals and guitar stabs to build the pop sensibility. I’m looking around, browsing my musical library, and there’s nothing quite like the listen I lay before you. This is where pop music succeeds. This is where you’ll find your happy place. The LP hits this Friday.

Stream Romantic States New LP

For the last few months, I’ve been raving about the new music of Romantic States, and since Friday, I’ve spent a lot of time spinning their latest LP, Corduroy in Italy. While the singles have been great at teasing what was to come, opener “In My Arms” illustrates just how far the band has come, perfect blending elements of slow core and fuzzy indiepop. Ilenia and Jim switch singing roles throughout, but I think theIlenia’s performance on “Half Your Life” might just steal the show. Seems cliche, but there’s honestly not a bad song on this entire LP. Go grab it from Gentle Reminder Records; it won’t disappoint.

Stream New EP from Debate Club

Debate Club has been on my radar for a bit now, as I closely follow their label, Beko Disques, who do a great job of discovering gems abroad I probably wouldn’t ever hear about. The band release the Fish Fry EP today, and it’s a noisy number of heavy pop songs that will surely find room in your listening rotation this week (and beyond). Fans of new psych stylings will find that the darkened style of the group is entrancing on its own, though be warned of the slight pop sensibility that becomes apparent the more you listen to the EP. Standout track “Depeche” is one of my favorite tracks of the month thus far, especially as the vocals are stretched and the rhythm section pounds in your ears. Go grab the EP today!

Stream Strange Durations from Edmonson

With all the nods to pop music, you very rarely find something as endearing (and creative) as Edmonson‘s Strange Durations. Through ten songs, the brothers from Gainesville build layer upon layer of extravagant harmony, experimenting with various flourishes throughout. Songs like “Turnings” see the band experimenting with balladry, with a bouncing piano that moves into a more elegant territory as the vocals reach for angelic tones. I love how the lyrical content reflects the changes in the mundane, such as on “Mobius Strip;” it’s a thematic element that allows every listener a chance to find their own phrase to latch onto in the end.

Don’t rush through your listening of this stream, as it is not an album you can fully absorb without giving attention to the finer details within its confines. There’s such care to every movement, and every note that you’ll quickly find yourself lost deep within Strange Durations. It’s out today via Elestial Sounds Records.

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