Omni Announce Album

12771533_1562000567425520_4341617722041657471_oThere have been whispers of Omni signing to Trouble in Mind Records, and man, this one lives up to all my expectations. It’s definitely not your run-of-the-mill tune, hitting hard instantly, frenetically blasting through in less than two minutes. It sounds old-school, but in that, it also sounds refreshing, not being weighed down by any of the modern textures. This is pure angular punk of the pop sort, the type that excites anyone listening. Deluxe will be out on July 8th, so be ready for something really exciting.


Stream Let It Rise from 2/3 Goat

TwoThirdsGoatHiRes5byJaredJefferyThe last year or so I’ve been re-indulging in my adoration for country/Americana/folk, which is actually where my earliest musical tastes began (thanks dad). So here we are streaming Let It Rise, the new album coming from Brooklyn’s 2/3 Goat. The record words its way back and forth between singers Annalyse McCoy and Ryan Dunn, each having a unique manner in which they portray the stories and tribulations that have dominated their lives. “Whiskey Sins” and “Jenny” both got the early single treatment in the album cycle, but I think I’ve been stuck listening to “Whistle in the Wind” a great deal as of late. The band will be self-releasing their record this Friday, so preview it below, and grab it if you love it.

Stream the New Album from Austin’s Stiletto Feels

stilettofeels-1When I heard Geoff Earle was working on a new project, I immediately had high expectations, knowing his capabilities from year’s of playing in the Austin scene. I didn’t expect the work to be so impressive so soon. They just released Big Fist, and it’s filled with danceable grooves and hits that should definitely put the rest of the music world on notice. “Steal Your Guitar” is definitely a standout track, but I’ve taken a liking to the softer track, “The Difference,” which shows the group isn’t just a one-trick pony. Whether you’re an Austinite or a someone who checks our site from time to time, I think you’ll be equally impressed with Stiletto Feels new album; it’s available now via GTZ Records!

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Digging Oakland Health Academy A Great Deal

dreamA short while ago, I wrote about Oakland Health Academy due to their 7″ on Emotional Response, but since going back, I’ve really been enjoying the band’s Dream Palace album…released in September. The album itself offers a lot of differentiation; “About a Friend” sounds like a long lost Guided by Voices tune, then there’s the bedroom ballad of “She’s a Ghost” to charm your heart. Feels like there’s something for everyone in here, so I figured I’d share it with you to encourage some good mid-day listening times. Happy day to you. It’s also available for the NYOP, but you better donate! 

Stream Antlered Aunt Lord’s Album Ostensibly Formerly Stunted (and on fire)

AntleredAuntLord3photobyBrigetteAdairHerronI’ve spent the last month listening to Antlered Aunt Lord and his new record Ostensibly Formerly Stunted (and on fire). While I already love many of the songs, it was the album that really burrowed into my soul. On one hand it has the oddity and the brevity of early Elf Power, but on the other hand I want to compare it to Nothing Wrong with Love (my favorite Built to Spill) record. It’s a listen that can’t be defined, that can’t be pigeonholed, only enjoyed. I have a feeling that as much as I’ve played it already, it’s going to continue to be in constant rotation throughout the duration of my life. Yeah, I said it. You can grab the record this week from HHBTM Records

ATX Spotlight: The Cortez Bus (ft. members of East Cameron Folklore)

cortezInterestingly, I was just talking about how bands and projects needed to try interesting things to really grab fans into their work…and then I got a note about the Cortez Bus project featuring Denis and Jesse of Austin’s East Cameron Folkcore. The two set off to record on a bus parked in Terlingua, the small ghost town just outside of Big Bend National Park. For my two cents, the music is far more interesting than Terlingua, but you can definitely hear how the aura of West Texas has seeped into these songs. While the songs employ a traditional Western country vibe, I think some of the atmospheric touches that seep in remind me greatly of being out in that part of the country….bushes rustling, wind whipping across empty lands and just the general solitude. Stream it all, then donate some funds so they can head out again and find a new locale to influence their writing.

Stove Does a Great Pollard Impression

stoveI know it probably seems like an immediate diss, but I mean it as a compliment…who doesn’t want to have the songwriting kicks of Robert Pollard? It seems like that’s the direction that Stove, the new project from Steve Hartlett from Ovlov, is going with his new music. I’ll say that some of the guitar work has a heavier hand, but the overall power-pop appeal is definitely Pollard-esque. It’ll be interesting to see how much differentiation comes on the debut for the band, Is Stupider; it sees a release on November 11th via Exploding in Sound.

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Stream the Malcontents: the New Album from No Museums

nomuseWith all the varying genres out there, and their cohabitation, it’s hard to fin exactly what you’re looking for sometimes, except then it’s not.  Today I was just thinking about how I wanted a lo-fi bedroom folk record meshed with the shadows of shoegaze, so I’m fortunate that No Museums have put up their brand new album, The Malcontents for you to stream in its entirety. It’s a pretty stripped down affair, but there’s these little experimental elements that push the songs over the edge.  I hope this doesn’t turn out to be one of the best albums no one hears, so I’m encouraging you to grab it HERE (feel free to throw the band some dollars, Canadian ones).

TV Colours Finally Get A US Release

tvcLooking for a good rock n’ roll record? Well, you’ll finally be able to get your hands on the great TV Colours album, Purple Skies, Toxic River. The Australian group released this killer LP back in 2013, and there’s a real raw energy in it that just blows out your speakers.  It’s rare when you can find something that harnesses the energy and tenacity of a group on a vinyl format, but I feel like this little gem will win many over.  It hasn’t really been available in the US as of now, but on April 14th, Comedy Minus One will be releasing 500 copies over here, so be on the look out to add this one to your collection.

ATX Spotlight: Stream the New Knifight Album (+Album Release Gig)

KnifightSometimes I get mad at Austin’s Knifight.  I feel like they don’t give us enough shows to display their prowess; I’m not mad really, I just want to see them more often.  Perhaps that will change now that they’re releasing their newest effort, V.  You’ll still hear the band’s signature affinity for electronic touches, but I think there’s a huge leap in the overall construction of the tracks on this release.  They sound more mature, and the finer details have been given great care, making the group’s sound more well-rounded; it’s a lot more dense,in that great musical way (not like you Aunt’s pound cake). A powerful album to go with their dominating live shows should make these guys stick out in Austin in 2015.  Check em at Cheer Up Charlies tonight for their album release.

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