Stream Beautiful Pop from Bigott

biggottI’ll be the first to say that I’m not really sure about the selection of the name, but to each their own.  What I am excited about is this entire LP from Bigott; it’s that special sort of pop music that really brings you into your own world during your listening experience. Pavement Tree is just that magical of a trek though the musical landscape of this Spanish band; I’ve found it hard to find a bad song on this release.  Just allow yourself some time today to take a complete listen; you’ll be thanking me by the end of it all.



Brand New Album from Proto Idiot

protoEver since I first heard Proto Idiot via his Trouble In Mind 7″ I’ve been hooked on the sound he’s been creating.  He’s changed things up here and there, but there’s still a very elemental bit of punk rock that comes through your speakers when you press play.  There’s a tinge of garage rock, but things are definitely of the more refined sort; I might even hear a bit of J Reatard in the vocals on this new album, Also Known As.  If you’re looking for something to stream today at work, give yourself a few spins with this release; you’ll be enjoying the next 20 something minutes of your life.

Stream New Album from Stanley Brinks and Freshcard

freshtodethIt’s Friday, and I’m totally stressed. Buying a new house, starting teaching again on Monday, so I needed something to mellow me out a bit.  Luckily, the good folks at Fika Recordings sent over this great new album from Stanley Brinks and Freshcard; it’s titled Pizza Espresso.  The record is full of duets between the two songwriters, offering an indiepop spin on the folk duets one would get from Emmylou and Gram, or more recently, Dutchess and the Duke. It just sort of makes me feel better about the world knowing that we can all detox from mundane activities with tunes like these.  If you love what you hear (you should) then go to Fika and pick yourself up a copy!

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Another Great Track from Laura Jean

laurajeanI’ve written about the work of songwriter Laura Jean on several occasions, and she’s back with a real winner today.  This is her second single from her upcoming self-titled album; it’s also the best track I’ve heard from her (not that I don’t adore the others).  There’s a gentle touch to her playing on this tune, almost playful, which suits the vocal tones extremely well.  You think Jenny Lewis can write songs like this? I’m thinking no, which is a strong step forward for LJ.  Look for her album on August 22nd from the reliable Chapter Music.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff9900&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Meet Bleeding Knees Club

It’s great when you get awesome tips from musicians you love, and so I was pleased to stumble upon Bleeding Knees Club when they were referenced by Dev Hynes…most recently of Blood Orange. They’re just a duo, but they’ve got a pretty powerful bit of sound.  Their record, Nothing to Do, just came out today, and surely they’ll find a huge audience for themselves here in the States. I guess you could throw it into the pile with the rest of the garage rock genre, but for me, there’s a bit more youthfulness (innocence if you will) that makes it a pure fun.  Have fun bouncing around to this number all day!


Download:Bleeding Knees Club – Same Game [MP3]

More New Music from Guided By Voices

Everyone has been talking about the reunion of the “classic” line-up for Guided by Voices since their return to the road last year.  And while the January physical release of Let’s Go Eat the Factory Out is still a bit off, the band is pushing out another new single for your ears.  This new number is a bit slower than the previous single, but Pollard’s vocals definitely have that tone that made him such a memorable frontman from the beginning.  If you’re a true fan, you’re probably on board; if not, you can still get into this track, and band, before the new album hits stores.


Download: Guided By Voices – Doughnut For A Snowman [MP3]

New Single from The Beets

If you haven’t listened to The Beets latest release, Stay Home, then you’ve probably been missing out my friends.  But, have no fear, as they’re giving away another track from the album called “Dead.”  It was already one of my favorite tracks, but it just has this oddball quality to it that gets me, sort of reminding me of the Feelies.  Don’t listen to me, listen to the Beets! You can grab their latest from Captured Tracks right this very minute, and if you live in Austin, you’ll be able to catch them in June at Chaos in Tejas!


Download: The Beets – Dead [MP3]

1/29 Girls @ The Parish

girlsshow_bannerGirls brought the stoned out and sunny, but never too sunny, sounds of their debut Album to life at the Parish last Friday.  With support by The Smith Westerns and Magic Kids it was a night of bright shards of pop bouncing off the Parish’s newly re-decorated walls.  A great night for a reverb drenched acid trip lead by the eccentric weirdness of Christopher Owens and his mighty side kick Chet White.   Follow the jump.

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Stream the new Spoon @ NPR

Sorry I didn’t throw in a picture, but you know what Spoon looks like by now, right?  Anyways, their new album Transferrence, which hits stores next week is now being streamed over at NPR.  I suggest getting a good listen there because word on the streets is that those leaks you’re stealing from the net are poor quality, and who wants to listen to that? So check it here.

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