Austin Town Hall Loves Sports…the band (and sports)

sportsEvery time I listen to a track from Sports, especially this latest single, I can’t help but recall all the promise I felt Rilo Kiley had on their first few albums.  It’s got lyrics you’ll find wrapping themselves around you, but ultimately it has this pop sensibility tightly wound beneath a hint of punk rock…or at least pop punk.  All of Something is the title of their new effort, which will be released on October 30th via Father Daughter Records. We’ve had a slew of the band’s singles before this, and we continue to fall in love with the band. Just try another on for size.

More Indie Rock From Sports

unnamedA few short weeks ago, Nathan shared with you a single from a band by the name of Sports and today I’m here to throw another indie rock gem at you from this group of youngsters. “The Washing Machine” is a nice little track from the band’s upcoming record, All Of Something, which is due out October 30th on Father/Daughter Records, and it features some of the jubilant indie rock that you may have already heard from the first single the band put out, but whereas that track was all out rock, this one packs a bit of sentimentality to it. Don’t get me wrong, the song still packs a punch, but the vocals have a softer sound to them– as the lead singer Carmen Perry pushes her voice to those high peaks, you’ve gotta appreciate the sugary sweetness.