More New Music from Alligator Indian

alligatorEarlier this summer we brought you the first single from Alligator Indian, so why not make it two for two by bringing you another hit from the band.  The band is working hard to build up their name before the release of their More Songs About Animals and TV EP, which is available on September 17th from Bleeding Gold Records.  This tune has a bit of a different approach, with a slow trotting tune that maintains a bit of the odd emotion, while still utilizing the group’s R&B influences.  There’s a haunting female vocal bursting throughout, only drawing more attention to the main vocals.  Hope you like this one too folks.


Download: Alligator Indian – Puff/Fin [MP3]

New Weirdo-Pop from Alligator Indian

Alligator-Indian-press-photoOccasionally, you’ve just got to mix things up to get yourself outside the confines of mainstream.  I think that’s precisely what the duo of Alligator Indian have accomplished with their blissful, yet oddball, songwriting.  The vocals are carefully draped over electronic beats that seem safer in a haunted house than anywhere else.  There are a few vocal bursts that provide an extra sensation of haunting as they soar high in the mix.  It might be a touch odd, but it’s definitely enjoyable.  You can find more such tracks on the group’s upcoming More Songs About Animals and TV EP, which comes out September 17th via Bleeding Gold Records.


Download: Alligator Indian – Corpsing [MP3]