Quiet Beauty From The Saxophones

Oakland based The Saxophones have received their fair share of coverage on our site over the years. All ATH staff members have been continually mesmerized by the quiet, yet still powerful feeling to all of their songs. I’m yet again pleased to share another hit from the band entitled “Aloha”. I suggest giving it multiple spins as each and every listen unfolds something beautiful to really enjoy.

You can purchase this song a new 7″ single by clicking here. Via Full Time Hobby.

Quiet Beauty From Aloha

untitledLet’s get real here, I honestly had no idea that old favorite Aloha were still making music together in 2016. Last I’d heard they put out an album about 6 years ago and I hadn’t heard much noise from the group since. Apparently this is due to my lack of interest in reading other sites… So as news to me, here’s the latest single from the guys called “Don’t Wanna Win”. I’m really enjoying the hushed qualities and the incredibly tight instrumentation in this song. Cheers to making more great music together.

Aloha will dropLittle Windows Cut Right Throughon May 6th via Polyvinyl.

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Free Polyvinyl 15 Year Sampler

Polyvinyl Records has been home to some of my favorite bands over the years and probably deserves a lot of credit for me discovering real indie music in high school.  What with bands like Aloha, Rainer Maria, American Football, etc. the label was one of the hottest and biggest in the emo/post-emo world.  It’s hard to believe the label is already 15 years old in 2011 and they continue to put out great albums year after year.  To celebrate their 15 years in existence, Polyvinyl has put together an incredible sampler featuring a whopping 30 songs from their finest acts over the years.  Old school songs like “Killing a Camera” from Braid are enough to make this a must download for me.  Hell, I’ll even entice you with a free download of that old school jam below.  Check out this sampler now and enjoy.

[audio: http://austintownhall.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/24-Braid-Killing-A-Camera.mp3]

Download: Braid – Killing A Camera [MP3]

New Music From Aloha

01111_Aloha3Polyvinyl Records band Aloha are yet another band returning in 2010 after a lengthy break in new material.  The band’s new LP is set to be called Home Acres and hits stores March 9th.  Head down below and you’ll find brand new single “Moonless March” from the upcoming LP.  Anyone ready to offer up some first impressions?

[audio: http://austintownhall.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/02-Moonless-March-1.mp3]

Download: Aloha – Moonless March [MP3]

Cale Parks – Swift Mars EP

caleRating: ★★★☆☆

It’s funny that Cale Parks spent the majority of this summer touring with Passion Pit, as the member of Aloha seems in an entirely different league altogether on his latest, the Swift Mars EP, which is out now on Polyvinyl Records.   As a musician, he most well known as a drummer, but his usage of electronics and layering on this EP tells a story of a different sort.

We’re first presented with “Eyes Wont Shut,” a precursor to the electronic features on this album.  While the music doesn’t sound too far from many of his peers around the park, his stalled delivery of vocals here actually strengthens the beats beneath the track.  A warm chorus breaks into a throwback glam-dance as the song sparkles to and fro, until it comes to an end.

On “Knight Conversation” we find his understated vocals accompanied by a female counterpart.  While the music here isn’t entirely out of this world amazing, it does just enough to push the song to its focal point, which definitely has to revolve around the vocal duets going back and forth.  The strength of the song lies in this recipe.

“Crystal Air” hits the album at its peak.  Here we see Cale layering just as we know he does best.  Simple progressing piano walks along the song itself, with various electronic atmospherics entering from stage left.  Although you might strain to hear the vocals at some points on the song, and the album for that matter, you are definitely drawn into his barroom persona, somewhere between Sinatara and Patrick Wolf. “One at a Time” supposedly is the single from the album, but it isn’t as pronounced as a winner as some of the previously mentioned tracks.  Vocals sort of seem drawn out, and somewhat secondary.  It’s just not a strong effort, and an odd choice for a single.

“We Can Feel It” closes out the EP with a swirling set of combined noises, from steady drums to the bursting of bubbles as they boil.  It’s a new setting for the album, somewhat reminiscent of a more experimental Grizzly Bear, minus the remarkable vocals harmonies.  As it ends, you can’t help but think that Cale Parks has a clear path ahead of him to break new ground and accomplish great things as his musical career continues to blossom before us.


Download: Cale Parks – Eyes Wont Shut [MP3]