Amy O Shares “Planet Blue”

Amy O, out of Bloomington, Indiana, is making the kind of pop tunes that brighten the day. Her honeyed vocals combined with some gritty guitars turn out to be the perfect juxtaposition for a bubbly pop gem. As Amy Oelsner explains, “Planet Blue” is “about recognizing and appreciating the luxury of having space to grieve and feel hard feelings…And how light, silly feelings can sometimes coexist with depression,” which I’ve found is mirrored in the sonic structure of this track. You get the dark and distorted guitars during the chorus and Amy’s light, whimsical vocals to balance it all out. This track is taken from Amy O’s upcoming LP, Shell, which will be out on October 25 via Winspearpreorder it here.

Short But Sweet Video From Amy O

Amy O has released a new video for her track, “Lavender Night,” which is just the right level of high energy to push you through your Thursday. The song is a brief burst of twee vibes with an undercurrent of grittier lo-fi that pushes through in the electric guitar. The vocals are super sweet and honeyed, riding high in the mix, but the rest of the two minute track is rock and roll. Check out the dancing in the woods/party time video below.

The LP this video/track is taken from,Elastic, is out and available for purchase here.


Amy O Is What We Need

Next week we’ll finally get to hear the entirety of Amy O‘s new album, Elastic, and with that, she’s teased us with another excellent single. There’s something in her songwriting, particularly on this track that reminds me of early Tegan and Sara or Rilo Kiley; it has an innocent vibe, with cutting commentary bubbling beneath the song’s surface. Amy says this was the final track recorded for her new record, so its nice to think of this track as a “final goodbye, until we meet again” moment. We’ll meet again on August 4th when the record is released via Winspear; they’ll also have a limited edition zine Yoko Oh Yes featuring interviews and conversations with female musicians if you pre-order the LP!

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Amy O Has My Attention with New Single

Amy O is a few months away from the release of her latest album, Elastic, and after spinning this song on repeat for the last few hours, I will fully commit to this release. There’s something in her songwriting, commenting on mundane life amidst gentle guitar lines, that reminds me a great deal of early-era Rilo Kiley. This song, starts off in precisely that manner, though Amy ramps it up by plugging in just before the 1.5 minute mark and blasting off towards the finale. You really can’t deny the inherent joy within this song. Go ahead, play it as much as you want…you want tire of it. Look for her album to drop on August 4th via Winspear.

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