Annabel Allum Streams New EP

I have a feeling that Annabel Allum will be a sensation within the next few years! I’ve already written about two singles, and still rate “Rich Backgrounds” as one of my favorite tracks of the last year. Today she’s streaming her brand new All That for What EP, which also includes two new singles. “Picture on Picture” is a stunning addition to her catalog, with her voice shining above the noise, while “Spit” has a more intimate showing from the singer. This should be your new favorite jam!

Brand New Annabel Allum

If anyone asked me about what my favorite act during this past SXSW year, I probably would have had Annabel Allum high upon my list, if not at the top. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to bring the whole band our way, but the recorded version of her latest tune has me just as excited as the intimate display she offered us. She’s got this incredible knack to create these insatiable hooks within her songs, even as she sounds dangerous and devil-may-care. I love how she even brings in a brief respite near the song’s end before blasting to a close. She’s done it again…so keep her on your radar.

SXSW Awards – 2017

How is it possible we’re already through SXSW hangover week? It seems like only yesterday the ATH crew was hanging at Hotel Vegas, with Lone Star in hand, kicking off the week a couple of Sundays ago with the awesome lineup put together by Nathan and our boy Mr. Laird. As always, we move on, reflect on the fun behind us, and plan for the next great lineup or festival. Such is the beauty of living in the live music capital of the world. To look back on the festival, Nathan, Brian, and myself came up with an arbitrary list of awards with each of us picking our choice for the category.

Hit the jump for our awards, final thoughts and a few related pics from a fun, exciting, and draining week.

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