Show Review: Four Tet @ The Mohawk (3/1)

Kieran HebdenKieran Hebden is a collector. A hunter-gather of sorts. With fine antiquities or rare stamps, the value of a collection is often determined by the finicky demand of the market. Hebden’s assemblage is a more specialized and unquantifiable archive; at least to the lay-person. Known lovingly as Four-Tet, the London-based producer collects music, or more specifically, samples. Little snippets of carefully curated melody or rythym. Like any artist, the real magic happens in the process and with an ever-growing presence in the electronic world, Four-Tet has managed to become a house-hold name with his ability to build stunning tracks from basically nothing but his snippits.

On Saturday night, he returned to the Capitol city with a new set of offerings on display. The market was indeed ripe.

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Contest: Four Tet @ Mohawk (3/1)

FourTetThis is a pretty solid weekend for shows in Austin with everything from big acts like The Pixies, all the way down to some of our local favorites like The Sour Notes.  One show to keep on your radar has got to be electro mastermind Four Tet playing at Mohawk on Saturday.  We’re running a giveaway for the show with deets below:

Up for grabs: Your name with +1 on the press list

How to enter: Leave a comment below about anything you want!

We will pick a winner at random sometime in the afternoon on Friday so get your entries in!  Don’t forget to leave a valid email address so we can get in touch with the winner.


Download: Four Tet – Angel Echoes [MP3]