New Hit from Hierophants

The whole genre of post-punk can get a little stale at times, so it’s great that we have a band like Australia’s Hierophants to really turn things upside down. We haven’t heard much since 2015’s Parallax Error, but now there’s a new LP on the horizon. This one actually seems more like something you’d get from a chilled pop group, almost as if Hot Chip were really cool all over again; there’s this happy bounce, almost like a slinky club hit that really drive the tune. The vocals are delivered in this very casual matter-of-fact manner, allowing the slightest emphasis on various syllables. It’s also a study of patience, as the group don’t really hang reveal a massive hook; they’re not trying to be catchy, they just want to deliver a tune you’ll come back to again and again, letting it reveal its secrets over time. Spitting Out Moonlight drops May 24th via Anti Fade Records.

Gritty Gem from The Living Eyes

artworks-000040370353-zsrb68-t500x500I’ll continue my fascination with Australia today by tossing out this rad tune from The Living Eyes.  On April 1st the group will be releasing their self-titled record with help from Anti-Fade and Z-Man Records.  Unlike a lot of their Aussie peers, there’s more of a garage-rock, blues-oriented groove at play in this track. I like the control of the vocals, as I’ve seen many a band throw that wayward howl into similar sounding jams.  Just goes to show you all that rock n’ roll is alive and gritty all around the good old globe.

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