Washboard Abs Has a New LP

It looks like Antiquated Future is on a roll as of late, as they’ve got another release on the horizon that’s piqued my interest, this time from The Washboard Abs. I like how the first minute or so of this song is spent primarily in isolation, which perhaps nods to the album’s thematic element of the possibility of loss of a partner. Then, just as you’ve settled in, the song is elevated by nice electronica and spot-on percussive elements; it’s like the song just begins to grow right inside your ears…a special moment. If you like what you hear, be on the lookout for the band’s 3rd LP, Lowlight Visions, which will drop on August 17th.

Darkened Pop from Midwife

Odds are that you had Belgium making the World Cup final, so you’re probably a little bummed out today. Me too. But, in hopes to remedy that we’ve got this track from Midwife to calm your ills, and perhaps transport you to a better place. The entirety of this tune works over a solemn electronic note, accompanied by wave after wave of washed atmospherics. Bubbling beneath it all, like whispers shared between lovers are the lyrics, coated in various effects that maximize the emotive pull of the tune. This number will appear on the group’s new Prayer Hands EP, out at the end of July via Antiquated Future.