Charming Pop from Soft Maybe

I hadn’t heard Sanders Smith’s solo work as Soft Maybe, but as a fan of Wrinkles, I was definitely pleased to hear his solo work. I was immediately sucked in by the playful delivery of his lyrics, as he seemingly bounces from syllable to syllable, putting emphasis where it will match the guitarmony; it builds in a natural hook, allowing the song to go its own way when necessary. The first time that happens (just around the 1 minute mark) is where I knew I had fallen in absolute love; I’m always going to fall in love with coy backing vocals. For me, it sounds a lot like all your garage rock faves of the late 00s, though pulling away those distorted guitars for a more crisp pop sound filled with fun hooks. This ditty will appear on the debut LP, Domestic Nature, available on November 13th via Anything Bagel.

Bombshell Nightlight Prep Debut LP

Jon Cardiello is the man behind Bombshell Nightlight, a bedroom pop operation crafted in the confines of a remote cabin in Montana. Placid Lake is the result of the time spent, and what a wondrous result. Cardiello’s voice is striking from the moment it enters, surrounded by this carefully meandering guitar line and careful percussion. It’s a gentle moment, but the track begins to build; you can feel the tension pushing you forwards. Supporting vocals lift Jon’s voice up high, crashing down just after the 2 minute mark with more purpose that establishes the track’s apex…then slowly it fades away into where it all began…a beautiful musical journey for any listener. Placid Lake will be released in August, courtesy of the joint efforts of Anything Bagel and Reflective Tapes.