Rosie Tucker Covers Arrow

If you read our blog, there are two things you surely know by now: 1) I’m a big fan of Rosie Tucker these last few years; they played our SXSW show, and I’ve tried to hype the music up as much as possible 2) I also am a big fan of Jeffrey Lewis in all his forms (Voltage, solo, Jrams), but even more so his 2003 LP It’s the Ones Who’ve Cracked That the Light Shines Through. Man, long winded run-on, that. So, why do these two things matter? Well, Rosie Tucker covers “Arrow” from said Lewis album, with a lyrical version so you can sing the words. It’s been a live staple for a bit, though I can’t confirm that as life got in the way and I totally forgot when they came to Austin and regrettably did not get a shirt, sized fat-kid. Alas, the song’s are great, both the OG version and this new one, plus it gives us a reason to keep you current on Rosie Tucker and encourage you to keep listening.

Another Day Another Scarves Tune

I feel like the best way to start out my week is to have the latest single from Scarves turned up really loud. For me, the guitar work is one of the main winners here; it has these little notes that turn over and over in math-y rock fashion; it matches Niko’s voice with this frantic pace that builds this natural tension within the song’s confines. There’s so much space working behind the vocals too, adding to that build-up…and its important to note the group never fully give in to that trap. The band will release Dinner Dates for the End of Days on September 28th, with a scheduled Austin date on October 1st at Cheer Ups.

And Another Beaches Tune

Another day and another tune from Beaches to get us through the day. The guitar work on this track immediately stuck out to me, carrying a sentiment similar to Teenage Fanclub, just slightly a bit heavier. The vocals soar angelically, almost as if they’ve been added as another layer…it’s all about those huge riffs. Still, they provide plenty of balance to the song, allowing the group’s pop sensibility to peak through the clouds. Their new album, Second of Spring, will be released on September 8th via Chapter Music.

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