Nana Grizol Share South Somewhere Else Title Track

One of the albums on my radar, is the forthcoming South Somewhere Else LP from Nana Grizol, and it seems like the album’s title track kind of slipped by me. On first listen, the song is really all about Theo Hilton’s steady vocal delivery; his voice seems to march in step with the chugging of the guitar lines with thematic references to the narrative of growing up in the South and finding your own footing. For me, however, I’m a sucker for arrangements, even the most obvious ones. Here, you get a fuzzy distorted guitar solo and blossoming horn arrangements fleshing things out; it’s like this joyous burst building buoyancy into fabric of the tune. The new LP will be out on June 19th via Arrowhawk Records/Don Giovanni.

Nana Grizol Share Future Version Video

There’s something about Athens, Georgia that breeds these incredible bands that go overlooked for far too long. Sure, there’s that one label everyone loves to bring up…and its truly great, but I’m thinking about acts like the Glands…or perhaps Nana Grizol. I stumbled into picking up a copy of Ruth way way back, but totally fell in love with Ursa Minor. It sounded a lot like Beulah, particularly the inclusion of the horn work; still, there was this punk rock attitude in there too, which of course I gravitated towards. It’s really nice to hear that come through in a huge way too on this latest single from their forthcoming LP; there’s an earnestness that will always makes me want to punch-dance across my living room while wearing the hugest shit-eating grin. South Somewhere Else is out on Arrowhawk/Don Giovanni on June 19th.

Shana Falana Shares Go Higher

I really like that Shana Falana is flexing her songwriting abilities on her latest LP, Darkest Light. But, the tune below, the likely last single before her album drops on Friday is really her bread and butter; she, of course knocks it out of the park. The track has this nostalgic college rock vibe in parts, like she’s channeling Juliana Hatfield…though she fills the space in the songs with these edgier cascading guitar lines. For me, the tune reaches it’s climax in its last moments; the shoegaze guitars push the ambiance and the vocals take on this more angelic bravado that sort of smashes through that hazy cloud…my favorite moment. The new LP will be out tomorrow via Arrowhawk Records.

Shana Falana Announces Darkest Light

When I think of Shana Falana, I tend to think of a thoughtful songwriter who generally crafts these strikingly dreamy numbers that ooze pure passion, especially in the live setting. That said, this brand new single from the forthcoming Darkest Light might take some listeners aback, but only for a moment. Sure, the vocal performance takes on this almost angelic tone, but there’s this turmoil lurking in the track. Take for instance, the absence of drums, it leaves this cavernous void that can only be filled with by voice and the careful playing of guitar notes; it gets some depth with layered strings far off in the mix. It’s striking to see the balance and composure the execute such a song, which leads me to believe this is a project at the top of its game. I look forward to Darkest Light; its out on October 25th via Arrowhawk Records.

Deadbeat Beat Share The Box

When I pressed play on the latest single from Deadbeat Beat, I was digging on the indifferent vocal delivery; it reminded my of various acts I love like Dumb or the Zoltars. But, what sold me on the band’s sound was the very slightest touch, but opened up the song to the brand of pop sensibility I adore; you’re right, it is the “do do do” backing vocal. What can I say? You brandish a hook, and I’m a pretty eager fish to catch onto. Aside from the vocals there’s this scuzzy shuffling guitar line that occasionally rings out discordantly amidst some tight cymbal work. The group release How Far on August 2nd via Arrowhawk and Crystal Palace.

Small Labels and the Side Hustle Pt. 1

As someone who runs a label (and works on this web site), a lot of folks outside Austin probably assume it’s a full time gig. Truth be told, my main gig is as an 8th Grade Teacher, then a soccer coach, then the site and the label. It got me to thinking of all the other small labels that are out there that I follow closely; they’ve all got their own stories, their own side hustles to make things work in order to bring you the music they believe is the best. So I reached out to a few of them of them to see if they’d briefly share their stories; today we have words from Lost Sound Tapes, The Nothing Song, HHBTM and Arrowhawk Records. Read more

Another Hook Laden Hit from Blush

It’s a shame that Blush are releasing their debut album this Friday. I only mean that in the sense that a month earlier and it would have been almost guaranteed a spot in many year-end lists, including my own. Opening with a casual bit of guitar, the song quickly seduces listeners with Maura’s vocal performance; she’s got this natural cool that just pours through your speakers…the sort of assured indifference made for rock stars. A sly little beach pop nod at the end, and the song is over, leaving you to seek out more…and you can have just that when the group release their self-titled LP Friday via Arrowhawk.

Fresh Tunes from Blush

What began as bedroom project for Maura Lynch has now evolved into Blush…a band fleshed out by members of Pill and Pop. 1280. The impressing bit in this new single is that the group still manages to capture the intimacy of a bedroom recording; Maura’s vocals are almost like quiet whispers, so as not to wake the others in the house. Still, there’s plenty of little artful flourishes, like the sharp guitar plucks that permeate through the track’s natural melody or the buzz in the quiet distance. Look for the band’s self-titled LP to drop on December 8th via Arrowhawk Records.

Exciting Jam from Juan de Fuca

Juan de Fuca isn’t one man; it’s an act from Athens (Georgia), brandishing a slightly noisy take on modern indie rock. The guitar chords within this single offer a slight nod towards the arena of gaze rock, though there’s a bit more swagger to them. The vocals have this echo-y coat washed atop, giving off the impression of live performance. It’s like some weird world where Fresh and Onlys meet up with early Walkmen…trying to make beauty rise through the noise. Look for the group’s new Solve/Resolve LP to drop on January 12th via Arrowhawk Records.

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