New Trust Fund with Gareth from Los Campesinos

I knew something good was coming from Art is Hard Records, as they hadn’t announced their June Postcard single yet. Well, it was worth the wait, considering the single is a new one from Trust Fund, featuring Gareth from Los Campesinos, teaming up to cover The Beautiful South‘s “I’ll Sail This Ship Alone.” They take the classic pop ballad, add some textured scuzzy riffs, combine vocals duties and basically reinvent the song for a certified hit that they make all their own. It’s available as we speak, also out on 7″ flexi from the label, so get it before you regret it.

Warbly Pop from Oro Swimming Hour

At its core, this new track from Oro Swimming Hour is a great ballad. But, in order to up the ante a bit, the duo fill the song with wobbling atmospheric elements, throwing listeners off-kilter a bit with an intoxicating murkiness. They wrap up the natural warmth in shared harmonies, only furthering the understated enchantment that’s coming through your speakers right now. It should come as no surprise then that the band’sforthcoming Penrose Winoa will be handled by Orchid Tapes and Art is Hard Records; it hits on July 21st.

Another Tune from the Sea Life

Just over a month or so ago we dropped the newest single from The Sea Life, and here we are circling back to cover their newest single. It begins with a ringing distorted guitar and military marching percussion; you’re expecting the band to unleash a wall of noise. But, they pull it back to soften the blow, offering up a calm respite. Then distant howls are unleashed, a kin to a guitar pop band covering early Walkmen songs, and I totally dig it. They’ll be releasing their self-titled debut via Art is Hard Records on June 26th.

Striking Song from The Golden Dregs

Art Is Hard Records continues their run of great hits with their 2017 Postcard Series by releasing this stellar tune from The Golden Dregs. This song hits somewhere in the realm of Bill Callahan or Silver Jews, yet it definitely has its own story to tell. The deep tones of the vocals drew me in immediately, followed by impacting lines like “I wish that I was sacred/I wish that I was right.” The only thing that bums me out about this song is that there’s just one, as I could easily let my day get carried away listening to this band.

Exciting Stuff from Factory Seconds

I love how Art Is Hard Records always manage to unearth a golden gem from an up-and-comer; they were one of the early champions of Joanna Gruesome for instance. I’m really digging this Factory Seconds tune on their new Postcard Singles Series. There’s a little bit of indifference from the way the vocals are delivered, but the impact of the song is instilled in listeners via the sounds haunting the background. At times there’s these fading guitar chords staggering in the speakers, while little sonic blips also burst through. The group’s fairly new, but what an exciting bit of promise from the get-go.

Quick Ditty from Hot Shorts

Every year Art is Hard Records try to come up with unique ways to get new music out into the world, and this year they’re doing so with their Postcard Singles Collection. The latest to be part of the collection is Hot Shorts, a Manchester act offering distorted guitar pop. This track is all about discovering the metaphors for mundane life changes, such as hair loss. Something about this song reminds me of late 90s college rock, filled with hooks and huge riffs that ring out in your ears. Pick up the Postcard Single now.

Brand New Music from The Sea Life

I’m going out on a limb here, but the new tunes from The Sea Life make me think of Omaha’s music scene in the early 00s. The vocal pitch is a bit off, even a little strained, but it’s filled with passion. There’s even a few hooks amidst the distorted chug of the guitars, opening up as the guitars begin to twinkle ever so carefully. I’m always looking to feel a bit more youthful, and this tune is doing just the trick. Look to find the band’s self-titled LP in stores on May 26th via Babe City Records/Art Is Hard Records.

New Music from Penelope Isles

I wrote about Penelope Isles last year, and now they’ve signed on for another run with the admirable Art Is Hard Records Singles Club…one of the most unique music delivery services in the game. This new tune is interesting, taking on a dark tone during the verses, using jagged guitar stabs and floating vocal atmospherics, but the song really sparkles during the chorus. There’s a huge juxtaposition between the moods, and every time I press play I’m absolutely captivated. Enjoy this song and sign up to get your hands on the flexi-disc postcard by heading right HERE.

Check Out This Ditty from Holiday Ghosts

pinpalYou know I’ve long been a follower of the Art is Hard Records collective, and I think they hit it out of the proverbial ballpark with this Holiday Ghosts single. The track has a little bit of a soulful boogie to it, though it’s execution is a bit ramshackle. You’ll even hear a breakdown shuffle near the back end of the tune. Never a bad time when you’ve got hits that sound this good, so boogie down folks…and hopefully we get to hear more from this outfit.

More New Music from Gorgeous Bully

gorgeousbullyThis new track from Gorgeous Bully comes with an explanation from Art Is Hard Records; it’s a new song that doesn’t have a home quite yet, but merely meant to hold fans, like myself, over while the silly record plants work out getting the label the new GB/Something Anorak Split 7″ finished. The tune itself is actually pretty simple, but it illustrates why the songwriting of GB has gotten to me these last few years; it reminds me of the simplistic approach that Wavves used, just happier, making you feel good about your spot in life. Rebecca of Whorish Boorish also does some nice backing vocals on the track. Some very limited copies of the 7″ are available HERE.

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