SXSW 2014 Interview: Boogarins

crop_630 (1)Today’s SXSW Interview comes to you via Brazilian band, Boogarins.  While the country is often known for its tropicalia and dance stylings, you’ll get something a little bit different from these lads; they’ve got a composition that compiles varying elements of loops and sounds into a tightly-knit piece of psych-pop for their album As Plantas Que Curam..a must listen in my book. We’re definitely excited to catch these guys, and maybe even talk a little bit of football (South American style); here’s the responses from Benke. Read more

New Track from Boogarins

boogarinsA short while ago we wrote about Brazilian act Boogarins, and it’s time that we return with another track from the band.  It’s really hard to decide where to group these lads, genre-wise, which is perhaps great in its own spectrum.  I hear bits of oddity like you’d find on a Flaming Lips LP, but also toucuhes of collage/instrumental artists such as The Go! Team and Ratatat.  All these signs, and the pop sensibility of the vocals point to good things from the band when their debut record, As Plantas Que Curam, comes out on October 1st via Other Music Recordings.  Let this tune blow your mind.



New Music from Boogarins

boogarinsI don’t typically gravitate towards songs with languages other than English, as lyrics are pretty important to my listening experience. That being said, there’s something about Brazil’s Boogarins that made me gravitate towards their sound.  I can hear little elements of psych, but also a central focus on simple pop harmonies…those being portrayed primarily through the tones of the vocals.  The band has recently signed on with Other Music Recording Co. to release As Plantas Que Curam on October 1st.   Definitely interested to see where their music goes for an entire full length.