Totally Missed This New Dogbreth LP

I loved the shit out of Second Home (2016), and I felt like Dogbreth generated some decent buzz, so I was surprised to not hear from them. But, like all things, Tristan had to move, so the band changed up until he found friends in Seattle, his new home. And, all of a sudden there’s a brand new LP of great pop rock tracks that you should turn up real loud right this instant. The opening tracks have some punch, but don’t worry about getting burnt out, as you’ll find a few slow jams like “Walk You Again” to sort of cleanse the palate. It’s like this glorious hodgepodge of power pop, pop punk, emo and indie rock, all rolled into this delicious package built for repeat rock listens. Ever Loving is a great LP, and I just now found out about it! Go grab it from the band now!

Another Great Tune from Cheap Girls

cheapgirlsNot sure I realized quite how much I loved Cheap Girls until they announced their God’s Ex-Wife, a collection of rarities and B-Sides. Every song they’ve offered is really great, sounding like the softer underbelly in classic alternative rock. They’ve got distorted guitars with solos, catchy melodies and crashing cymbals; it’s not out of the ordinary, but the execution seems to make every song memorable. All I can say is these tracks sound like the perfect thing to turn up loud and drive around the neighborhood, smiling all the way. Asian Man Records is releasing the collection on September 16th.

Cheap Girls to Release B-Sides and Rarities

cheapgirlsFor me, I always think of Cheap Girls as the pop fans’ Guided By Voices. They’re similar in their power-pop guitar work, and Midwest roots, but by and large, I’ve always found Cheap Girls to be slightly more accessible. Their songs are longer, for the most part, and they work around more traditional structures. I know, you’re thinking, “I love Bob Pollard and his short pieces,” and I do too, but sometimes, you just want to sink your teeth into an entire song…or album. So, the group have opted to release God’s Ex Wife, a collection of B-sides and rarities, including the never before heard track below; it’ll be released by Asian Man Records on September 16th.

Digging on Dogbreth

dogbrethOn the first few singles from Dogbreth, the band have brandished a broad array of sounds, but mostly in the energy-fueled power-pop genre. This latest single, however, displays a variance, even a softer side. It’s a steadying tune, filled in by all these elements that give huge depth; there’s a saxophone included, tapping drum work and a pleasant vocal added to the main one in the mix. This tune might not hit you over the head with immediacy like others, but its got the emotional pull for longevity. Their new record, Second Home, will be released on August 5th via Asian Man Records.

Diners Play Pop

dinersIt’s interesting hearing Diners work with Asian Man Records; I always associate that label with a lot of good pop punk. But, with Diners, they’re just giving you straight pop, of the infectious sort. It borders on the line between Jens Lekman, Dent May andSummer Salt…beach vibes, good hooks and harmonies. I reckon it never matters who puts it out as long as someone loves it, and I think you’ll love this one. Summer vibes with a nostalgic story line. Look for the band’s new album, Three, on September 16th.

Late to the Party: Dogbreth

dogbrethThere’s something nostalgic in the songs that Dogbreth are creating, something that reminds me of days when I didn’t care about what was cool or what had too much hype…it was just something fun to enjoy. Ultimately, those are the sort of bands that paved the way for me to become such a music-a-holic; I admittedly forget that from time to time, so it’s great to have a reminder of just what a great song, or album, can do. The group will released Second Home on August 5th (Asian Man Records), and I expect to wholly enjoy every song on this record…I expect you might too.

Power Girl Rock From Dog Party

dogparty2use_4The ATH crew always gets a little excited when we’re sent music with female vocalists that know how to hold their own and rock.  This new track, “Jet Pack”, by lady rocking sisters Dog Party is just that.  It’s a raw punk rock song, but can also bring out some nice pop elements to make the track worthy of repeated spins.

New album Lost Control is due out August 13th on Asian Man Records.