Show Preview: Flying Fish Cove @ Cheer Up Charlies

It’s Tuesday in the middle of summer, but rest assured, you’ll likely regret missing this show over at Cheer Up Charlies tonight. Flying Fish Cove head into town on the heels of an excellent LP, and a follow-up EP, offering some of the best indiepop vibes this year. I’ve not seen the band live, but have been following the group since their early EP on Jigsaw Records, so my fingers are crossed…especially after putting At Moonset in my Top 10 Albums (so far people!). They’ll be joined on either side of their set by a couple of local heavyweights in Linen Closet and Housewarming. Doors are at 9!

Brand New Music from Flying Fish Cove

I guess when you’re on, you’re on, or so is the case with Flying Fish Cove. The band have only recently released the most excellent At Moonset LP, but now they’ve turned around to prep your ears for a new EP. Their first single from the EP has the band at their best; I think you could compare them to Alvvays here. There’s this natural softness in Dena’s voice that creates this soothing emotion that washes over you, letting you know everything’s alright; she gets a little help from a male backing role, but it’s all her show. The rest of the band sit back, lightly filling in the space with some of the best pop sounds you’ll hear today. You can’t stop the hits coming from this bunch right now, but you will have to wait for the new EP; it drops on June 21st via Jigsaw/Lost Sound Tapes.

Flying Fish Cove Share Blow a Candle

In listening to At Moonset, the debut LP from Flying Fish Cove, perhaps one of the biggest changes I hear from their EP is the expansive sound. Any indiepop band can sling those jangling guitar chords and bouncing rhythms into ear candy, but the true greats are the ones who spin things in a new direction. Their latest single is more of a churning pop ballad, with Dena’s voice setting itself up alongside peers Elizabeth Morris or Molly Rankin, but don’t pretend like I can hear the soft underbelly of that jangle in the guitar chords. Not your average indiepop gem, and that’s the best thing about it! You can grab your LP when it drops on April 5th via Help Records.