Brand New EP from Scooterbabe

scooterEarlier this summer I brought you a discovery, Scooterbabe, who I hit upon by way of looking into Athens Intensified.  The band often get classified as a noisy indiepop act, and that’s definitely present in their sound, though I also hear other elements like Braid or Promise Ring in their newest EP.  If you know me, you know that all those elements are certainly things I’m interested in, so I’m excited to share a tune with you.  I have a sneaking suspicion that there are others who love this sound as much as I do, so head over to the group’s page now and pick up their new EP, along with a great digital booklet.


Download: Scooterbabe – Last Year Was Alright [MP3]

What’s in a Fest? An Interview with Athens Intensified

Athens BannerIt seems that every other day, someone has a festival going, especially here in Austin; there’s always something.  I’m okay with that, but over the last few years I’ve noticed a lot of small boutique festivals carving niches for themselves. With  this in mind, I was connected with Gordon Lamb, formerly one of the gents behind Athens PopFest, and now the founder of Athens Intensified.  The festival takes place in Athens, Georgia (not Greece) on September 11-13, with an extra date on September 20th to fit in The Egyptian Lover.  If you’re in the area and interested in going…tickets are HERE.  But, otherwise, it’s still a good read at the world of being a festival curator.  Thanks to Gordon for his time and to Mike for setting up the interview.
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Fresh Discovery: Scooterbabe

scooterI was doing a little research on this great little festival called Athens Intensified.  While looking it over, I came across this band, Scooterbabe on the festival’s line-up. They haven’t done anything new in awhile, but I’ve been stuck on their self-titled EP.  Part of it is this jangling bit of indiepop, which always has a spot in my heart.  But, I also hear a bit of the Promise Ring in the vocals, so of course my nostalgia flares up and gets me going all over again. They look like they’ve got tons of recent activity, so perhaps we’ll get to hear something brand new from the group soon. For now, I’m content with EP; you can pick it up for the NYOP now.


Download: Scooterbabe – Clean [MP3]