New One From Neighbor Lady

I knew little to nothing about Atlanta based Neighbor Lady prior to the writing of this post. What I do know is they have this great new single/video for track “Let It Bleed” which can be found below. It features some impressive, soaring vocals from front lady Emily Braden along with a dark, almost country feel to the music. I suggest you check it out now friends.

Neighbor Lady will release Maybe Later via Friendship Fever on May 11th.

Check Out This New Small Reactions Tune

Atlanta based group Small Reactions received a bit of positive praise on our site with the release of their debut LP Similar Phantoms back in 2014. The guys are back at again and sharing some new music over the interwebs today with this song called “Sliding Glass Nightmare”. While being incredibly simple, the song manages to create a truly interesting and memorable pop tune. It sort of meanders a bit while throwing in some nice bright guitars throughout. Hit it up.

Small Reactions will release new LP RXN_002 on August 4th.

Fun Little Number from Oryx and Crake

oryxandcrakeI was first caught by this track solely based on the name of the band, Oryx and Crake; it just happens to be one of my favorite Atwood novels. Musically, the band’s quite interesting.  There are elements that remind me of that mid-period Of Montreal, yet there’s this added frivolity that sort of reminds me of Tilly and the Wall (it also closes in a Bowie/Bolan nod).  Of course, all of these are just the things I hear in the songs, so you’re likely to find something entirely different.  This September the band will release their new LP, Marriage, via Deer Bear Wolf.

SXSW 2015 Hip-Hop: Scotty ATL

scotSince debuting in 2011, Atlanta-based rapper Scotty ATL has released six mixtapes and one EP, and is showing no signs of slowing down in 2015. The blend of his thick southern draw and sometimes gritty, sometimes soulful beats should provide for an authentic Atlanta hip-hop live show. Scotty ATL has confirmed a couple performances during SXSW, though specifics are still TBA. Scotty ATL’s project OTR2SJ, released last summer as part of Scion AV’s hip-hop series, can be streamed or downloaded via LiveMixtapes. The lead song off of OTR2SJ is below.

Trinidad Jame$ Is No One Trick Pony

no-one-is-safeWhen Trinidad Jame$ first hit the scene in late 2012 with “All Gold Everything” many people in the hip-hop community labeled him a one-trick pony most likely destined to disappear as quickly as he appeared. Two and a half years and four mixtapes later he’s still around, displaying a surprising amount of depth and creativity in his music. His most recent mixtape No One Is Safe dropped January 20th. Some of the highlights include “H.O.M.E.“, a letter from Trinidad Jame$ to himself about music industry struggles, and “T Jame$ Expre$$“, a vulgar and predictable dance song over a hypnotic bass line. The mixtape can be streamed via Trinidad Jame$’s Soundcloud page or it can be downloaded for free from DatPiff.

Have Some Fun With Concord America

10731016_858499357527385_8808650579103540784_nConcord America has earned a lot of positive praise on this here website over the last year or so.  Since the release of their awesome Suns Out Guns Out EP back in May, we haven’t heard much from the band, but today all that changes with this brand new single “Put Your Money Down”.  Once again, the group treats us to nothing but good times with their own brand of punk rock themed pop music.  It’s a real treat.


Download: Concord America – Put Your Money Down [MP3]

Brand New 7″ from Barreracudas!!!

promiseWhen was the last time we heard from Barreracudas? If I’m looking at my calendar, it’s been several years…that’s far too long.  The Atlanta act has crafted some great hits that all of us here at ATH love, such as “Baby Baby Baby.”  Sounds like the band is up to their catchy power pop hits again, having just announced a brand new 7″ on Oops Baby Records.  One side, however, does offer a more classic power punk sound, like the classic Ramones hits that seemed more built to enthrall arenas than dingy punk clubs (I wasn’t there so I can’t be sure). Anyways, enjoy listening, and pick it up if your soul is so inclined.


Concord America Rock Our Face


Atlanta based outfit Concord America will immediately have you take note of their music from the second you hit play on this sweet track below.  Yes, “Suns Out Guns Out”, will shake you to attention if you’ve been napping recently and give you a solid injection of rock n roll into your system.  The band can offer just more than punk here though, as the track meshes some nice swing/doo-wop sounds into their brand of punk rock.  I’d say that the style is working out well for these guys.

Fans should pick up new EP, Suns Out Guns Out, due May 27th on Post-Echo.

More New Folk Music from Book Club

Just a month ago I tossed out a great folk number from Atlanta’s Book Club, and I’m back at it again with this excellent track, which is my favorite of the two. One of the things I particularly enjoy is the group’s additional instrumentation, adding horns and strings to their carefully crafted sound.  Throw that in with the gentle guitar strumming and you have guaranteed hits that warm your campfire.  If you’re digging this as much as I am, keep a look out for their Shapes on the Water EP, which hits the streets on November 13th.


Download:Book Club – Your Navy And Your Nurse (Live) [MP3]

New Folk Track from Book Club

Even though my penchant for rock n’ roll has lived on the heavier side this year, I still get excited over incredible folk music (you can blame my father).  When I first heard the latest single from Atlanta’s Book Club I couldn’t wait to share it with everyone.  It’s not over-produced like a lot of folk music; it’s simplicity is both endearing and purposeful, leaving room for the lyrics and the vocal interplay to shine in listener’s ears. There’s really no need to cover up your songwriting when it’s this spot on.  You can find this track on the band’s Shapes on the Water EP, which adds to the growing list of great November 13th releases.


Download:Book Club – Oh! You Lied [MP3]

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