Brand New 7″ from Barreracudas!!!

promiseWhen was the last time we heard from Barreracudas? If I’m looking at my calendar, it’s been several years…that’s far too long.  The Atlanta act has crafted some great hits that all of us here at ATH love, such as “Baby Baby Baby.”  Sounds like the band is up to their catchy power pop hits again, having just announced a brand new 7″ on Oops Baby Records.  One side, however, does offer a more classic power punk sound, like the classic Ramones hits that seemed more built to enthrall arenas than dingy punk clubs (I wasn’t there so I can’t be sure). Anyways, enjoy listening, and pick it up if your soul is so inclined.


Concord America Rock Our Face


Atlanta based outfit Concord America will immediately have you take note of their music from the second you hit play on this sweet track below.  Yes, “Suns Out Guns Out”, will shake you to attention if you’ve been napping recently and give you a solid injection of rock n roll into your system.  The band can offer just more than punk here though, as the track meshes some nice swing/doo-wop sounds into their brand of punk rock.  I’d say that the style is working out well for these guys.

Fans should pick up new EP, Suns Out Guns Out, due May 27th on Post-Echo.

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More New Folk Music from Book Club

Just a month ago I tossed out a great folk number from Atlanta’s Book Club, and I’m back at it again with this excellent track, which is my favorite of the two. One of the things I particularly enjoy is the group’s additional instrumentation, adding horns and strings to their carefully crafted sound.  Throw that in with the gentle guitar strumming and you have guaranteed hits that warm your campfire.  If you’re digging this as much as I am, keep a look out for their Shapes on the Water EP, which hits the streets on November 13th.


Download:Book Club – Your Navy And Your Nurse (Live) [MP3]

New Folk Track from Book Club

Even though my penchant for rock n’ roll has lived on the heavier side this year, I still get excited over incredible folk music (you can blame my father).  When I first heard the latest single from Atlanta’s Book Club I couldn’t wait to share it with everyone.  It’s not over-produced like a lot of folk music; it’s simplicity is both endearing and purposeful, leaving room for the lyrics and the vocal interplay to shine in listener’s ears. There’s really no need to cover up your songwriting when it’s this spot on.  You can find this track on the band’s Shapes on the Water EP, which adds to the growing list of great November 13th releases.


Download:Book Club – Oh! You Lied [MP3]

Chilled Tune from New Animal

I’m always down to help represent for our friend Rob over at Old Flame Records.  He’s just released this new single from Atlanta’s New Animal, and I’m really digging this lead single.  For a duo, it’s got a real dense feeling to it, with multiple layers, both instrumentally and vocally.  As the song slowly unfolds, the two pile upon more sounds, creating a rather interesting pop collage.  If you like what you hear, you can grab the single from Old Flame, or you can wait a bit, as they plan to release a limited edition tape soon.

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Gringo Star – Count Yer Lucky Stars

Rating: ★★★½☆

For around five years now, Gringo Star has been bringing you buzzing, guitar driven rock music. If you have yet to discover this band’s jamming style, then Count Yer Lucky Stars is an excellent place to dive right in. If you’ve already relished in this band’s ability to make you air guitar and sing right alongside the gravelly vocals, then Count Yer Lucky Stars will be a lovely edition to your listening catalog.

The first song on this album is, “Shadow,” which kicks in with some choral yells in the background and some cutting guitars riding on top. The vocals step in, distorted at some points, yet still the familiar grit and sting that makes the overall sound so buzzy. Meanwhile, the steady force behind this song comes from the drums, ever knocking away. Upon first listen, you may be a bit underwhelmed, as this band doesn’t have a super unique and distinctive sound, but after a few repeats, it’s a solid start to the album. Next up is a simple jam band anthem on “You Want It,” complete with gang oohs and aahs, along with some drum builds into the chorus. This songs simplicity contrasts with the first song and lightens things up a little for the listener.

Sixth up on Count Yer Lucky Stars is “Come Alive,” whose chorus makes you smitten with this group. The stark guitar part aches for air guitar mimics and the simple vocals are easy to join in, and soon you’re with Gringo Star in their jamming. On the very next song, “Esmarelda,” the band takes a sultry, and borderline sinister flair with the song; you still have the same buzzing guitars and the raw tones that are the cruxes of this bands sound, but they show that they are not afraid to step beyond the norm. This band does a grand job at delving into all aspects of their genre and this allows for the songs to avoid redundancy.

However much merit this album has to offer to you depends most heavily on the amount of time you spend with it. If you are one of those people that is a firm believer in judging an album based on the first track, then stop being one of those people and give this album a few listens all the way through. You will find that there are some morsels of goodness that Gringo Star has waiting for you inside this fall release.

ACL Interviews: Reptar

Ever since I first heard the dance inducing music of Reptar, I knew they were a band I had to check out during ACL festival in a few weeks.  As we always do, we’ll be bringing you as many interviews as we possibly can while we build up to the festival date.  You can also expect some sweet interview features coming after the festival with the bands we sit down with over the weekend.  For now, we’ve got a great interview for you with Graham from Atlanta based indie-dance band Reptar.  Follow the jump for more.

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New Tunes from Roman Photos

Atlanta seems to have a lot of unnoticed talent, and that being the case, I was fortunate enough to find an email including some sweet bedroom dance tunes from Roman Photos, who have a killer design aesthetic to go with their killer tuneage.  They’ve got a few 7″s coming out in the next few months, one on Double Phantom Records.  The track hear has some soft vocal traits, but don’t think of this as some sort of downtrodden affair; there’s an underlying beauty incorporated beneath layers of synth haze.  If you’re into the band, you can also head to the band’s BANDCAMP, and hook yourself up with a free digital Into the Night EP of more tasty treats. Keep your eyes on this prize in the coming months.


Download: Roman Photos – Decline [MP3]

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