Strummed Balladry from Gambles

653I’m a sucker for a man and his guitar, and that’s exactly what Matthew Siskin and his project Gambles has given me.  Not only that, but I’m really enjoying his knack for word wizardry.  Very few people can come across as affecting and honest as Siskin does in this new single, and my only complaint is there isn’t more to absorb.  Even scrolling through his web site, I can’t help but be drawn to the aesthetic he’s putting forward.  A bit of craft and poetry, and possibly a bit of hidden mystery.  Sounds like it’s right up my alley, so I can’t wait to see him in February here in Austin.

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Show Preview: Mark Sultan @ the Mohawk (11/15)

Date Tuesday, November 15th
Location Mohawk
Doors 900p
Tickets $8 from Frontgate

Alright folks, you’ve got to get on this show!  The rock n’ roll season, at least for traveling bands, is winding down quickly.  In a week full of great shows, this is definitely one that requires your attendance.  A lot of you might know Mark Sultan as BBQ, who used to play with King Khan, but he’s just put out his own sweet little record, Whatever/Whenever, which actually came in a lot of great formats. It’s classic garage rock; it’s the sort that kicked off the whole revisiting of the genre, filled with hooks and dirty guitar playing.  Also, you’ll get a chance to see a lot of great local acts like A Giant Dog and Simple Circuit. It’s definitely a better choice than Morrissey.


Download: Mark Sultan – Song In Grey [MP3]

Show Preview: The Horrors @ The Parish (9/21)

Date Wednesday, Sept. 21st
Location The Parish
Doors 800p
Tickets $15 from Frontgate

Over in the UK, the Horrors have been media darlings, crafting some darkly-tinged songs with Primary Colours, then turning in some brighter numbers on this year’s Skying. They’ve had some success in recent years, and this current release only has their name growing in the media spectrum. Still, don’t take our word for it; you’ve got to get out to hear these guys live! Plus, you get the added bonus of seeing them perform at the Parish, which we all know has some of the absolute best sound (if not the best) in Austin.  Sounds like the perfect way to get out of a midweek funk.


Download: The Horrors – Still Life [MP3]

Show Preview: Olivia Tremor Control @ the Mohawk (8/31)

Date Wednesday, August 31st
Location Mohawk
Doors 630PM
Tickets $10 from Frontgate

If you’ve been listening to indie rock for the last two decades or so, you’ve probably heard of Olivia Tremor Control.  They’re part of the Elephant 6, the collective that spawned Neutral Milk Hotel and Of Montreal.  They’ll even have Music Tapes opening the show, another band associated with NMH.  Now, Jeff Mangum probably won’t be there, but you’ll still get to see a bit of history, not to mention some great music.

If you’re not into the band’s sound, you can also catch local acts such as Grape St. or Leatherbag rocking across town as well.


Download: Oliva Tremor Control – Holiday Surprise 1 [MP3]

Show Preview: Lovers @ Beauty Bar (5/14)

Date Saturday, May 14th
Location Beauty Bar
Doors 1000p
Tickets $Should be cheap

It’s been a sparse week of shows, but we know that this one is going to be a blast.  We’ve got a little bit of synth-pop coming your way this Saturday night via Portland’s Lovers.  It’s the sort of thing you’d expect to find at the Beauty Bar, giving you some night-tinged dance tracks.  They released their album Dark Light last fall, and for those looking for tunes in this vein, you can’t find too much that beats this group out.  There’s even a little dance party afterwards, so go get down at the Beauty Bar this Saturday.


Download: Lovers – Figure 8 [MP3]

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