New ATH Sponsor: Real Ale

So maybe those free tacos, free coffee, free top of the line ear plugs, or some great free music isn’t doin’ it for ya?  Well how about some free beer provided graciously by local brewing company Real Ale?  That’s right, the local brewmeisters will be on hand at our ATH party on Thursday offering up free beverages while their supplies last.  This should come in mighty handy once your tacos have settled in…  Don’t forget, you’ve still got time to RSVP for the party, check out our March music sampler, or make some plans with our handy dandy condensed ATH SXSW guide.  That is all.

Your ATH SXSW Guide

Ladies and Gentlemenz, we are again pleased to announce to you the 2010 Austin Town Hall SXSW guide.  It’s super fancy and comes with all the bells and whistles you can imagine.  Just like last year, you’ll see a day by day breakdown with the best 3-4 parties going on that day.  You’ll also find an awesome SXSW food guide and a breakdown of the artists playing our showcase on Thursday.  Not enough for ya?  Try plugging that page ( into your fancy lil’ iphone.  Now I know you like that.  We’re hoping this site will help you weed through all those parties you’ve been RSVPing to and stick to the ones really worth a damn.  Check out the new page now!  Please keep in mind that we’re going off the information we have as of right now.  More parties are sure to be announced (looking at you Fader Fort) as the week draws closer.  Also, don’t forget to RSVP to our showcase and check out the sweet ATH March music sampler.

ATH March Music Sampler

Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to announce for your listening pleasure the  new Austin Town Hall March music sampler.  This bad boy features 6 tracks from bands playing our showcase on Thursday the 18th, as well as 10 other bands we’re looking forward to seeing during the SXSW week.  That’s 16 in all for you kids that don’t do the math too good… You’ll see familiar ATH favorites like Surfer Blood, Besnard Lakes, and Crayon Fields alongside some of the lesser known acts like The Loom, The Crookes, and Holiday Shores.  I’ll stop blabbing and just direct you all to the new sampler page.  We’re pretty proud of this one so tell all your friends!  Also, don’t forget to get those RSVPs in for our sweet party at The Ghost Room.

Announcing The ATH Day Party!

We are finally pleased to announce our very own day party during the SXSW music festival week.  We’re also happy to announce that our friends Knuckle Rumbler will be jumping on to help promote along with sponsors Bird’s Barbershop Dominican Joes Coffee, Taco Cabana, and college radio station KTSW.  Free coffee!  Free Tacos!  Beer specials coming soon.  Deets:

Date/Time: (3/18) – Doors @ 11am/music @ noon

Price: Free with RSVP @

Lineup: The Loom(Brooklyn, NY), Crayon Fields(Melbourne, AU), Let’s Wrestle(London, ENG), Lovely Feathers(Montreal, CA), Dappled Cities(Sydney, AU), Surf City(New Zealand).

It’s no doubt an international affair.  Feel free download our fancy poster below and share it with everyone you know.  Start gettin’ those RSVPs in now! Early arrival is strongly recommended as RSVPs do not guarantee entry.  More info. about our showcasing bands to come soon.  For now, try a search on the site to find yourself some MP3s and album reviews.

Click here to download the full-size show poster.

Contest: ATH Holiday Gift Bag

group_christmas_vmmcIt’s the giving time of year and we here at ATH would like to spread some sweet love to our readers with an end of the year/holiday contest.  Two, count em two, lucky winners will receive a hand packaged and sealed gift bag from us filled with all kinds of musical goodness.  Expect to receive promo CDs(yes good ones), 7″ & 12″ records from national and local artists(at least one album from our year end list), stickers, koozies, buttons, chapstick, hugs, and anything else we can scrounge up from around the office.  I’d probably value each one at around $5,000.  To enter, leave us a comment or hit us up on twitter with your favorite holiday song.  Winners will be anounced come Monday.  Don’t forget to leave a valid email address so we can get in touch with you.  It’s the gift that keeps on giving the whole year.


Download: Gentleman Auction House – Home for the Holidays [MP3]

FT5: Show Pas

0605top5coverFirst, let me assure you that the plural of faux pas is indeed faux pas; it’s just like the word deer. Now, there has been a lot of recent discussion around the ATH camp about proper rock show etiquette, so after careful deliberation, I opted to lay out my Top Five Faux Pas; these are the things you shouldn’t be doing when you attend a rock show, or really any social event where a stage is involved.  If you find that you commit these atrocities while in attendance at a rock show, you should definitely consider reevaluating your behavior; this is for the benefit of everyone I assure you.
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ATH Gets On Youtube

We here at Austin Town Hall just created a fancy Youtube account featuring some live video from The Mohawk show on Thursday night.  We’ve got a few rockin’ videos from Whitman (featuring a sweet cover of “Radio Radio”), Great Nostalgic, and Frantic ClamHead over now and check back frequently as we’re planning on adding content as often as we can.  Tyler over at Two Groove also has some nice photos and a write up from the show on Thursday.  Thanks for the coverage.

ATH Showcase Recap

athshowcase_coverSo in case you didn’t hear, Austin Town Hall put on a little SXSW showcase last weekend.  We had 5 bands handpicked based on how much we like them and how much we wanted to hear them play live together.  All in all, the show turned off without a hitch and even ended on time for everyone to get their shit together and still get a beer afterward or make it to Auditorium Shores.  Follow the jump for a brief review of our bands and see some fancy photos.

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SXSW In Pictures

sxsw2009pics_coverWe took loads of photos during SXSW and wanted to share just a few of the better ones with you.  We had some camera trouble during the week so we didn’t get everywhere we wanted to be, but we hope you like the shots we made out with. Our goal was to give you an idea of what SXSW is like with pictures of bands, crowds and people. Pictures of our showcase will be up for your enjoyment tomorrow. Follow the jump to see some random photography from our insane week of SXSW fun.
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