Dress Warm Release A Cowboy on Ice EP

We’ve been keeping a close eye on Dress Warm over here, as the band are an upstart act from our home; they’ve just released their new EP, A Cowboy on Ice. The one song we hadn’t heard as of yet is the nicely strummed “Close,” which wraps up the four-song listen. It operates on a nice little bedroom beat and gentle strum, but then it bursts into life, albeit momentarily as the group pull back to really hit those warm indie rock notes that make guitar pop so enjoyable. I really appreciate the band maneuvering back and forth in this track, mixing up the pacing, allowing the song to really swell into something lasting. Here’s “Close,” but be sure to check out the whole EP.

Half Dream Share New Single, Roses

Since releasing their Monster of Needing EP back in early pandemic days, Austin’s Half Dream have consistently been act to keep an eye (or ear rather?) on. Well, we’re in luck as today, we get a new single, with the promise that a debut LP is in the works for next year. And, as much as I loved the broad bedroom pop of their EP, their latest works really show how much Paige Berry has grown as a songwriter. This tune has these little guitar notes that hint at twang, but feel like little musical candles flickering behind Berry’s voice. Suddenly, the guitars take off, drums pick up speed and the whole group begins to flex their musical muscle, overlapping a guitar note here and there. Back and forth the song goes, introspective or galloping, all the while, the band just seem to be taunting us with how accomplished they’ve become. Enjoy this jam, and we look forward to hearing more from the group next year.

Zero Percent APR Release Higher and Higher Forever

If you were to ask me which band in Austin did I truly feel like encompassed the old spirit of Austin, I’d definitely have to say Being Dead (I even backed that by putting out an early 7″!). They’re so creative in fact that they’ve created an entirely different brand with which to their various creations, Zero Percent APR. Even when the band seems like they’re fucking with you, or at least toying with your expectations, you’re still totally thrilled by their songwriting. They take little hooks and sugar bumps, then spin them, but they’re always careful not to wear those bits out, deconstructing pieces then building them back so you can have your fix of those little pop nuggets. Lucky for you, there’s a vinyl copy of this floating around today, courtesy of Spared Flesh Records.

Show Preview: Alvvays @ Stubbs – TONIGHT

If you’ve been anywhere near the indie sphere the last few months, and perhaps even in the pop realm, you’ve definitely heard people raving about Blue Rev, the new LP from Alvvays. I covered every single that came out, increasingly impressed with how much the band took their bedroom indiepop sound from years ago and continued to grow it into a full-fledged pop rock masterpiece, brimming with nods to their past whilst readying them for arena rock performances. Lucky for Austin fans, the band will take the stage at Stubbs this evening, accompanied by tourmates Slow Pulp. You can expect a smattering of hits, and maybe a deep cut or two, but you can rest assured that Molly Rankin and company are going to be brining their A game. Tickets are still available HERE! Doors at 7, show begins at 8 PM.


Levitation Interviews: Psychedelic Porn Crumpets

Now that most of us have moved on from ACL and the madness of things at COTA, it’s time to turn our attention to a music Festival going down this weekend which is a ‘lil more aligned with the ATH team. As I’m sure most you music fans knew, Levitation kicks off on Thursday and we are here for it with some interviews, previews and general guides. Today I’m excited to share our second interview of the season with one from Perth based artist Psychedelic Porn Crumpets. Hit the jump for their interview, set times, and tunes.

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Pale Dian Share Misanthrope Video + Release Feral Birth

Austin’s Pale Dian have opted to craft you a record built perfectly for the haunting of souls this October, creating a collection of eleven songs that dwell somewhere in the realms of goth and dream pop. They’ve even enlisted Mitch Kramer to craft this incredible video for standout track “Misanthrope,” pulling in a combination of futurism and psychedelia that blends perfectly with the band’s sound. On my end, this song is all about the pacing. It’s like waking up and everything around you is moving in slow-motion; you can feel the tension and the reverberation of the band’s dreamy sounds billowing around you, closing in, but you can’t escape it…nor would you want to, as the beauty of the song supersedes your fear. Check out the super rad video below, and head HERE to stream the whole new LP, Feral Birth.

The Living Pins Release Chateau Video

Carrie Clark and Pam Peltz are revered Austin music scene veterans, and as Living Pins, they channel classic pop rock sounds brimming with assuredness and melodic hooks. Drums kick it off then a riff rings out, something that William Miller might claim is incendiary; the song rocks back and forth with this swaggering bravado, with little hints of 90s pop rock ringing true. With the video, you get a little bit of the playfulness from Pam and Carrie by way of home recordings, tying the band to its roots as a side project just for the two to share in some fun. If you’re enjoying this tune, we recommend you jump over to their Bandcamp Page and listen to another recent single, “Oh Yeah,” both of which were recorded with Frenchie Smith!

Dress Warm Share Take a Hint Single

Austin’s Dress Warm have been getting a lot of love around here lately, and I think this new single illustrates how much promise the band has going forward. Opening up with a heavy brand of guitar pop, there’s an immediate buoyancy to the tune, giving you a similar bounce in your own step. In that playfulness, you find the vocals hopping along too, bringing in a melodic softness to the light churn of the guitars, blanketing the song in this rewarding layer of charm that should resonate with nearly any listener. Stoked to hear more of what’s coming from the group!

Vinyl Convention @ Mohawk (10.9)

Date Sunday, October 9th
Location Mohawk Austin
Event Time 1:00pm – 5:00pm
Tickets FREE for all

If you’re like me and most of our ATH staff, you spend a lot of time buying records, digging through crates, and hell, even making wantlists to plan out your next purchases. I also am not a huge fan of massive crowds and absorbent prices, so that whole big convention last weekend just isn’t my bag. So if you’re a collector who likes to dig, chat with old friends, and also lives on a collecting budget, come on down to Mohawk on Sunday and shop at our (much more chill) vinyl convention. A whole slew of great, all local vendors will be there selling all varieties of both new and lovingly used records. My newly adorned booth, “Ray Ray’s Records and Music Stuff” will have a large selection of recently acquired LPs and 45s along with my vintage collection of hats, shirts, posters, cards, and music collectibles. Everything is reasonably priced with bulk deals encouraged. Come say hey on your way in or out of ACL and take home some Austin magic.

On a random record collecting note, if you haven’t watched this great documentary Record Safari – Digging in the Crates of America on Youtube, it’s well worth your time.

Dress Warm Share New Single

Austin’s Dress Warm have a familiar sound, which should hopefully endear them to the locals, and you as well. They’re crafting these bedroom guitar pop songs, reminiscent of acts like Good Morning or Hovvdy; they even have some overlapping layers and a solo that remind me of Real Estate. So you’ve got these great little touchstones that can easily let you drift towards the weekend, riding atop the melodic wave they’ve crafted here for you. This is the sort of Friday tune that just makes you feel good, so press play again and again until your mood settles.

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