The Infinites Ready Debut LP

If I were to pick out an Austin artist that would break out into the world to win everyone’s hearts, the odds of that group being the Infinites are pretty high. What began as a looped guitar project between Dan Levine (Ghetto Ghouls) and Jared Zoltar (the Zoltars) has a evolved quickly into a well-oiled pop making machine. In their newest single, the guitar lines dance and flutter, jumping out sharply when emphasis is needed. Everyone else takes on a casual vibe, waiting for the the vocals to intoxicate; I love how Jared naturally has this hook in the way he’s delivering his lines, matched perfectly by those guitar parts. The band will be releasing their debut self-titled LP on First Human Records on April 26th.

ATH vs SOTO Annual SXSW Party!!!

Every year, we gather with our frienemies over at Side One Track One, and throw down a huge show over at Hotel Vegas/Volstead. As is the case every year, we have 30 bands from all over Austin, and a few on the ATH Records roster. When we set up this years show, we wanted to make sure the bands all had new music on the way in 2019…and that seems to be the case. You can click on this glorious photo to see the show poster, or head over to the FB Event Page to see who all is going to show up. The show takes place Sunday, March 10th…and its absolutely free! Really stoked to see our friend Ram Vela return to the stage with his new band. Plus, ATH acts the Hermits, Being Dead and She Sir sharing their new tunes!

Austin Stories: Mean Jolene Wraps Up Second LP

A few years back, we here at ATH Records were fortunate enough to help Mean Jolene release Salty, their debut LP (you can listen to it after the jump!). The band went through some personnel changes, but have recently wrapped up their 2nd album. I reached out to Jolie Flink to see if she wanted to share her story about all the work that went into the 2nd album; she shares that story with us below. Read more

Indigo Bunting Share New Single

Indigo Bunting sprang onto the Austin music scene, destined to work on their own terms; they released the ATH approved Clip Show. Now, without a care in the world, they’re back sharing new music, which, for all we know, could mean that there’s another album lurking right around the corner. While they obviously have musical notes they hit upon, they seem to occupy a space entirely on their own; you’ll likely hear things that musically reference Beach Boys, or more recently Panda Bear, though it’s all spun in this grandiose collage work of pop. No one’s writing pop songs like these at the moment…in Austin or anywhere else.

The Black Drumset Share the Last Beat of the Last Elk Heart

When you spend a lot of time in a music community, you begin to learn who to follow and who to watch; the good people always lead you to more good people, like those who’ve played with The Black Drumset. Their latest single is likely to entrance listeners, both in its visual representation (seen below) but also in the rhythmic pulse of the song. Electronics jab at the listeners ears, sputter in and out of focus, all the while the drum work rides the vibe, minimal and primal, beating with your heart. The video features the song’s lead character, in statuette form, spinning and circling amidst pulsing shadows and light. It’s a mindfuck of the most brilliant sort; Charged, the new LP, will be released on March 8th.

Daisy O’Connor Shares Still Life off Ether EP

Austin’s Daisy O’Connor is ready to share her hard work with everyone this week; she’ll drop her Ether EP this Friday. She’s graced us with one of the standout tracks, set to footage of the Hill Country rolling behind an image of herself. It’s a special number, beginning with Daisy softly draping her voice atop a fairly bare piano line; there’s cascading guitar and soft percussion, adding to the emotional draw. But, just after the 2 minute mark, the song begins to swell. The piano is more emphatic, strings emerge and that guitar dances in with a solo of its own, capping off the tune gorgeously. It’s a powerful tune, but just one of the handful that will appear on Ether; you can catch Daisy at Cosmic Coffee & Beer on Sunday (2/10) if you’re in the Austin area.

A New Single from Quin Galavis

I think if you go back and listen to some of the Dead Space tracks from long ago, you’d hear that Quin Galavis always had a penchant for pop hooks; that’s pretty evident even on his newest work. There’s this fuzzy churn of guitars from the get-go serving as the driving force behind this number. He really pushed himself on the vocals, in a different manner than we’ve seen previously; it almost has this howling prog vibe in the way it stretches to reach those high notes. I just always appreciate how you can’t really define his music; he’s always got something different cooking. This track appears on Victim/Non-Victim Pt. 1, out February 15th via Super Secret Records.

Marijuana Sweet Tooth Share New Single

It’s been a few years since we’ve heard anything from Austin’s Marijuana Sweet Tooth, but they slink back into the music scene as if they’ve never missed a beat. They offer up some desert imagery on the single’s cover, and they ride off into the horizon on the back of a dark-tinged Americana. Vocals are traded between male and female counterparts, as guitar chords bend behind in the mix, softly accented by light percussion. It’s a welcome return in my book, and one that I hope comes with the promise of more new music in the very near future. Until then folks…

Brand New Daniel Francis Doyle and the Dreams

Daniel Francis Doyle has been one of my favorite Austin musicians for quite some time. He’s always been a unique part of the fabric of this town, whether that’s his looped projects, his bass in Deep Time or his current project Daniel Francis Doyle and the Dreams. Today’s shared single opens with ambient noise, like the onslaught of the tides washing upon the shore. But, at the 40 second mark, the song turns into a pulsating ditty where synths and guitars dance about your ears as Doyle delivers his vocals; I love the way he seems to let his voice rise and fall, depending on the emphasis of the note/lyric…like the stop right before the 2 minute mark. It’s too arty for dance music, but too good to ignore. Look for Unrecognizable on February 15th via Self Sabotage Records.

Here Comes Being Dead

If you’ve been hanging in and about Austin for the last year, you’ve likely heard the name Being Dead; we’ve written about them several times over the last year, excited by their growth and creativity. Luckily for us, they asked if we could help get out their new 7″/EP, which, of course, we gladly jumped at! And now, the band have shared the standout tune “Apostle’s Prom” off said release. The track employs both Juli and Cody on vocals, while the video has them dueling…until they realize their shared love of horses. Here’s a band willing to go out and have fun, write catch songs and embrace all that is Austin. If you want that hot 7″, you can grab it HERE.

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