Single Lash Ready Prepare You for Providence

Single Lash might be one of Austin’s most under-appreaciated acts; they quietly released a beautiful LP back in 2016, and now they’re prepping Providence for you. The shoegaze element that resonates with most folks lurks in the background of this song, though I’m drawn to that cleaner guitar cut that seemingly dances its way through. But, Nicolas’ voice has this deep seductive quality that’s hard to ignore; it’s both powerful and soft at once, letting the guitars ring around his every note; it’s almost as if he’s calling to you through the noise in your speakers. I love the sublime fade out offering more of a shimmer as the tune turns to its close. Look for the album to drop on October 26th via Holodeck Records.

More Music from Teddy Glass

Nights and Weekends is out in just a few weeks, so we’ve got to continue to support our friends in Teddy Glass. They just dropped this new track, a mixture of soul and funky pop undertones; it has this wobbly synth/beat line that sort of keeps you unsettled in the best way. Of course, Peter holds down the vocal display, and interestingly, he’s almost got this fatherly tone to his voice this go-round…as if he’s passing on some sage advice your way. You know, just another Austin act making good on their promise to keep bringing hot tracks our way.

ATX Spotlight: Ben Millburn Preps Sunglass Moustache

The best thing about Ben Millburn is that very few acts, if any, sound anything like him here in Austin; that should bode well here, and hopefully beyond city limits. It would be easy to pigeon-hole this brand new single as something akin to psychedelia, and while I see that, there’s also this jazzier funk that underlies. Wrap that up in a blanket of pop influences and you get this amalgam of sonic touchstones that takes you on a journey into the future of music. You’ll find this number on the band’s new album, Sunglass Moustache, which the band are self-releasing on September 14th. Enjoy your own spaced out musical adventure below!

Fun New Track From David Thomas Jones

Wow, it has been close to 6 years since we heard any new music from our neighbor in Austin David Thomas Jones. In November of 2012 he released a stellar little collection of tunes called the Comfort Creatures EP which proved to be a promising debut from a young, local songwriter. Fast forward to present day, and David is working a new album with this new single “In Springtime” serving as the work’s first preview. This one is a lovely piece of playful indie pop music worthy of being mentioned with just about anything else in the genre. Welcome back to the scene DTJ.

David Thomas Jones will self-release a new album called Occult Years on September 7th.

Beach House Play ACL Live Tonight

If you’ve been reading any of the ridiculous mid-year album lists (of which I made my own) you’ll likely notice a trend among all lists…that trend being that Beach House‘s latest album 7 is high upon the list. Sub Pop dropped the album in May, and it’s amassed continuous buzz and support since it dropped; tonight you’ll get a chance to catch the group at ACL LIVE. Honestly, I can’t think of a venue more fit to host a dreamy set by the group; the lighting alone will do wonders for the performance. Ed Schrader’s Music Beat will be opening the night around 8 PM; so be sure you’re there in time to catch Beach House take the stage just after 9.

Goodbye to Growl

Back in 2017 we were lucky to release Won’t You, the debut full-length from Austin’s Growl. I’d been following the band for quite some time, so I considered it a monumental achievement in its own right; I couldn’t be more proud of that record. But, there comes a time when you let go of the things you love…and as such, we big a fond farewell to Growl, who are currently calling it a day due to life changes amongst the band. Kent, Austin’s best drummer, is off to grad-school…Jon is headed to Seattle then to Sweden for the time being. In honor of their happy closing, we’re pleased to share the following video. It was shot by Ryan Sax while the band was touring throughout the States; you can hear a beautiful acoustic version of “Passerby” and a live version of “Duck Sauce” from their LP (you can buy it HERE); it does a really great job of capturing the spirit of the group, one of the many reasons we were fortunate to work with them. We wish both Kent and Jon the best as they depart; Austin will have a huge hole where the boys in Growl have gone on to adventures unknown.

David Israel Album Release Party @ Electric Church on Sunday Night

Sorry for the long-winded post title, but maybe that’s all your looking for! But, important information is at hand, as I’m hoping to direct you to the Electric Church on Sunday to celebrate the release of David Israel‘s The Year That Felt Like Two; we dropped it two weeks ago on ATH Records. For starters, the record is amazing, as is the artwork, so that should really be enough, if you’re an Austin music fan. But, a portion of proceeds will be donated by David and ATH directly to RAICES. Along with David and his band, you’ll also get to see El Lago, who I raved about previously, as well as Minimal Animal and TC Superstar. Stream the latest video from the album below; it ran over on RSTB earlier this week.

Doors are at 8, so be on time and we’ll see you there.

New Music from Molly Burch

It’s never a bad day for a Molly Burch tune, especially as she’s just announced her second LP is coming our way in October. This new track opens up with this sparse bit of instrumentation, allowing light guitars to twinkle amidst the percussion. Once the song moves along, Burch’s vocals take on the sublime and the guitar is ever-present; I like the tones operating here, particularly the cosmic leaning guitar chords. Her new album is titled First Flower, and it’s slated for an October 5th release via Captured Tracks…not to mention a huge tour including a post at ACL Festival.

Another Noisy Rocker from Exhalants

While my drive for heavier sound has dissipated, there’s something in the craft of Austin’s Exhalants that just begs me to listen…and I’ll oblige. On this single, the band have this crashing hardcore train wreck, something that has me practicing my windmill moves all over my living room as we speak. Vocals are distant, almost echoes from some far off land trying to cut through the noise. Then it’s all turned to an almost catchy driving riff, building the tension all over to unleash a ferocious howl of an ending. Their self-titled debut will be ready to break through your eardrums on August 24th, courtesy of Self Sabotage Records.

Genuine Leather Drop New Single + Release Show

We’ve long been behind Austin act Genuine Leather, but the group has been fairly quiet since the release of Brunch in 2016. But, today they return with a brand new single and celebratory show at Cheer Up Charlies. The new song has a horror-themed video to accompany it, with just a bit of fun added in to match the song’s pop desires. Just sit back and let those crunchy guitars burst through your speakers, wait for the vocal hooks to wash over you, then rinse and repeat. The band celebrate the new single with a great line-up at Cheer Up Charlies featuring Shivery Shakes, Pollen Rx and Robby; the band will have some old school TVs up to, streaming the new video with headphone sets attached for your listening pleasure.

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