Mean Jolene Album Announcement!

MEAN_JOLENE_SALTY_FRONTIn case you haven’t noticed, we’ve got our own little label here at ATH, and we’re really stoked to be working with Mean Jolene for their debut album, Salty. Yesterday, Gold Flake Paint, a reputable place for hits, ran the album’s first single, “Bump the Rump.” It’s perfect timing, as this is a glorified summer hit; you’ll want to turn it up loud, whether you’re at your next pool party or speeding down the highway. If you want to sample the band’s sound live, they’ll be playing at the Flavorsound Class of 2016 Party at Barracuda on Friday…and also appearing at our ATH Records/101X Back to School Bash on August 27th. Stream the song, and preorder the LP from us HERE.

ATX Spotlight: Check the New Real Live Tigers Video

tonyEarlier this year, Austin’s Real Live Tigers released Denatured via Keeled Scales; it’s the perfect Austin album, relying upon great lyricism and folk aesthetics. But, in case you haven’t really gotten to know the band or its songs, then perhaps this great new video for “Leave a Map” will encourage your listening. Not only is the video shot beautifully, but the narrative also grasps the beauty of this track too, especially in its message of leaving something behind, something positive that can serve as your mark…where others will see your trials and tribulations as accomplishments along life’s path. Enjoy the video and head over to the KS Shop and grab the record.

ATX Spotlight: More from Carl Sagan’s Skate Shoes

carlsaganWe’re just around the corner from the release of the new Carl Sagan’s Skate Shoes LP, and we’ve got another blistering track for you to enjoy this morning. It begins ominously, with this huge semi-metal guitar drop. But, seconds later the song is jumpstarted, and the lyrics are delivered in a punishing form that matches the energy of the guitar’s speed. Listen closely, as the guitar work has these little intricacies in the recording that really illustrate how creative the band is within the confines of rock n’ roll; there’s little guitar stutters, pop-centric chords and pace changes, all which change the momentary structure. The heavier bands in Austin often get overlooked, but these guys are ready to make themselves known to the masses. Look for the self-titled LP viaSuper Secret Records on August 19th.

ATX Spotlight: More from Carl Sagan’s Skate Shoes

carlsaganIs that new self-titled Carl Sagan’s Skate Shoes record out yet? Man, I loved the first single, but this new is just ridiculously rad; it hits hard, but also has an artful touch to it that harkens back to the the noisy creatives of 90s rock. There’s a brash bark in the vocal, giving the tune an edge, but ultimately, the guitar work steals the show. Chords are carefully woven in and out of distortion, crashing at times with an emphatic punch. It’s heavy, it’s clever and its damn good; look for the effort from Super Secret Records on August 19th.

ATX Spotlight: Tele Novella Announce Album

telenovellaIf you’ve been living under a rock in Austin, you’d be excused for not being aware of Tele Novella (otherwise there’s no excuse!). Recently, the band signed on to work with Yellow Year Records, and now we’ve got the first single to hear. I think the recording here is spot on; Natalie Ribbons’ voice is perfect, polished and mature. For me, I appreciate the bits of keyboard twinkling lurking behind the guitars, as well as the soft backing vocals, adding an extra touch to an already great song. Look for their debut album, House of Souls, on September 23rd.

Flavorsound Productions Class of 2016 Premiere

flavorsavorThe last few years in Austin have seemed like a downer, everyone worrying about how the music scene here is dying. Well, I know it’s troublesome, but that’s not an Austin-centric issue. So let’s look on the bright side with Flavorsound Productions releasing a compilation of theClass of 2016. These are all acts that either got their start in 2016; you can tell by listening that while things are tough for the artists, there’s still an abundance of talented acts everywhere you look. We even have a hand in releasing a few of these acts, like Plantation Band and Mean Jolene (coming soon). Stream the whole compilation below, and see what Austin is really all about.

They’ll have a tape release of the compilation on August 12th over at Barracuda, so be on hand to get yours.

ATX Spotlight: River Jones Tune Blows Up

riverI’m not going to say Lorelei Linklater’s participation in this new River Jones song helped make this song blow up (though it might have helped) because the song’s just one of those tracks that’s too good to ignore. It’s the sprawling sort of indie rock that reminds me of the last Girls LP; the vocals by both performers really fit the emotional pull of the song…Jones has a cool drawl while Linklater has this dreamy R&B touch. You’ve also got to take note of the production itself, there’s not a single musical touch that oversteps it’s place in the song, knittingthe musical textures together for maximum pleasure. No idea where or when this will appear, but it’s a damn good track, and sometimes that’s enough.

ATX Spotlight: Meet Tooantuh

tooantuhWhile we’re fighting for venues and cultural districts, one thing that won’t ever change is the consistent influx of talent into Austin, even if we lose some talent to Lockhart. Tooantuh is one of my newest discoveries. Mike Teague, hails from the same high school that produced Orville (OBN IIIs) and Jason Smith (Jonly Bonly), so you know he’s got songwriting in his heritage, though he’s taking on a more folk element than his fellow alumni. As a fan of the genre, I think the songs on the Yesterday, Today EP benefit from added percussive elements and backing vocals. Take a listen to the EP, and pick up the limited CD version that Mr. Teague has hand drawn and colored.

Show Preview: Fear of Men @ Barracuda (7.23)

Fear of MenI’ve been anxiously awaiting this show for some time, knowing that the show we threw at SXSW with Fear of Men on the bill was just a slight tease…a musical appetizer if you will. They’ve recently released the stellar Fall Forever, building upon everything they exposed us to with Loom by adding extra layers and pushing those dreamy vocals. Pop fans have no other place to be but at Barracuda on Saturday night. The group will be joined by Puro Instinct and Typical Girls, so there’s even more reason to clamor for this evening. Grab tickets for $12 bucks right HERE.

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