More New Music from The Octopus Project

This brand new Octopus Project is a pretty big jump, sonically, and it should be clear in the track’s title, roughly translated to “watch out” or “beware.” It opens with a fuzzy bass, shattered by guitars and crashing cymbals; it’s not like the band we’ve come to known…until you get the lyrics. While the song seems heavy-handed, the light feel of the vocals sort of reminds me of a happier version of Angus from Liars; it’s a touch post rock, fueled by an artful exploration. I’m a big fan of bands going out to mixing things up, making the forthcoming Memory Mirror something we can all look forward to (hits on April 7th).

ATX Spotlight: Brand New Popper Burns

Friday we were thrown hints of the brilliant new LP coming from Austin’s Popper Burns; they’re one of the most underrated acts in town, though one of the most beloved by those of us who’ve watched the band’s rise. We heard one of the new tracks on Slack Capital, though you now get the studio version of “Apollo 11.” You’ll also get to hear “Prized Roses” dancing its way dangerously with these discordant guitar notes and steady percussive propulsion. Patti Melt has this spoken word vocal delivery, bursting forth with anger when it’s called for by the song. These songs are dangerous, yet intoxicating, walking the fine line between exhilaration and accessibility. Pure Disgust could be one of the most important pieces to come from Austin when it hits this July.

ATX Spotlight: Enchanting Tune from Wiretree

Wow. I did not expect to fall in love with this new Wiretree so quickly. This song, while brief, is the perfect bit of pop music. In seconds, it builds anticipation, leaving plenty of space for the vocals to sweep you off your feet. I love how some vocal notes are accentuated by piano notes and pronounced strums. There’s such a lightheartedness to it that it reminds me of the Wrens, though with a touch more polish. Before you know it, the song wraps up, and you rush back to hit play again. Rest assured, your ears aren’t fooling you; this song is that good!

ATX Spotlight: Brand New US Weekly

Listen up. US Weekly has been gradually building a huge following in Austin, and with the announcement of their debut album, they’re ready to break through to a larger audience. I love how you can feel singer Chris Nordahl stalking the stage with his vocal delivery, bringing the band’s live energy through on this recording. You’ll also get to hear the band disrupt your ears with discordant guitars and an underlying tension fueled by Kent’s drum rolls. Their full length album hits the streets on April 22nd via Night Moves, ready to take the rest of the country by storm!

ATX Spotlight: Stream Tammaron’s New EP

Austin’s been offering up a lot of great tunes as of late, and while this was on my radar last week, I just didn’t get a chance to get it on the web. Tamarron is one of our favorite acts, and their Let’s Get Out EP. You’ll hear a great deal of psychedelic vibes on this four track jammer, but don’t forget the band’s ability to wrap it up in an accessible dosage of pop sensibility. The EP’s title track alone is remarkable, and begs to be listened to on repeat for days and days. Just as the weather gets a bit warmer, these guys kick out great warm vibes to take us into Spring.

Show Preview: Moving Units Cover Joy Division @ 3Ten (Tonight)

It looks like I’ll have my electronic dancing shoes on a lot this week, hitting up my second electronically influenced show tonight at 3Ten. Why? Well, for starters, Moving Units will be playing a set filled with Joy Division tunes (and an original set too); you never get tired of hearing those tracks, no matter who plays them (as long as they do it well). But, an even bigger highlight for me is that Soviet is kicking the night off. I remember catching the band a long time ago at SXSW, and played the song I’ve got below for every friend that came into my life; I always tried to turn them onto the great dance tunes. Doors are at 8 PM, and you can maybe grab tickets and dancing shoes right HERE.


ATX Spotlight: New Desert Culture

Just another day in Austin, with another great song coming out of our fair city…this time by way of Desert Culture. On their latest single, the band seem to have that swinging psychedelia, though I think there’s an element of polish that seeps through. That comes during the chorus, and as that settles, the guitar notes seem to take on a loftier turn that holds onto some Southern swagger while still keeping some pop sensibility within the song. Daniel Vega’s and his band will celebrate this new release with a show tonight at Hotel Vegas…if you’re looking for something to do.

Show Review: The Radio Dept @ Mohawk

I’m sure if you’ve ever read our site, you know how much I was looking forward to the Radio Dept blowing into Austin on a crisp evening. My anticipation was pretty high, and for the most part, the band was successful in their delivery to a grateful crowd.

Photoguy Comment: During their set, fans would randomly raise their hands in an effort to catch the music. I love that feeling. It happened a lot. It also rained just after their set was done. That was cool.

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ATX Spotlight: New Daphne Tunes

We’re really excited to be releasing Growl’s new LP, but like most Austin bands, the rest of the group are constantly working on other projects. For singer Santiago, he’s been honing his craft in Daphne as of late. His voice always has this mellow shine to it, drifting through the ether; that quality is definitely present throughout this number. Musically, the band takes on a casual indie vibe, with a faint bit of piano/keys tinkering in the background. I think the feeling of the track is best exemplified by the line “I won’t shout it;” there’s no need to break out the noise here. Sit back, be cool and enjoy Daphne tunes today.

Show Preview: The Radio Dept @ Mohawk (2.20)

Long ago, when I was really into buying soundtracks, I picked up the Marie Antoinette CD. Admittedly, I bought it because of the Strokes, but it opened the door to my obsession with the Radio Dept. At the time, my tastes were pretty broad, indie rock speaking, but this opened an entire different world to my realm. Their songs were always playful, rooted in this expansive bit of electronica, though they tended to experiment a bit more than the other things I was listening to at that age. What struck me, probably later than my first few listens, was the band’s ability to drape political content in this airy delight that was supremely rewarding. I’ve picked up everything I could get my hands on throughout the years, with Clinging to a Scheme being my personal favorite. If you’re new to the band, I suggest Passive Aggressive, which is a great compilation from some of their best 2000-era work. They come to the Mohawk Monday night, for what I’m assured will be an exhilarating experience. It’s fresh off some rave reviews for their recent album, Running Out of Love, reigniting America’s love for these Swedes. They’ll be joined by Brooklyn’s Germans. Buy your tickets HERE. Not many make music as grand as this, but when they do, you’re better off if you come experience it live!

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