Ticket Giveaway: Win Tickets to The Soft Moon (1.22)

softmoonFriday night one of our favorite bands will be gracing the stage for a nice set, and I couldn’t think of a better sound system to handle the wall of beautiful noise that The Soft Moon will bring to the table. The band, primarily the project o Luis Vasquez has been carrying a blend of noise, electronica and industrial pop for some time now, and he’s captivated us through several albums on Captured Tracks…and a nice set at Levitation/Psych Fest. Joining him on the stage that night will be Austin act, VIDEO, as well as Autlier. If you want a pair of tickets for free, leave a comment…pick a number between 1-1000. We’ll contact the winner after NOON on Thursday when the contest comes to a close!

You can also go the other route, and buy tickets from The Parish HERE.

Austin Spotlight: Meet Tres Oui

tresThe very first record I dallied with on our label was by a little band called Literature, who’ve gone on to great heights with Slumberland Records. But, recently, a few of the guys moved back to Austin and started this brand new musical project, Tres Oui…namely Nathaniel. It’s definitely similar in sound, though hitting more on his own personal influences and tastes in the songwriting. He tossed us this track the other day, hoping to spread the word on his new stuff, get the name out and start playing some shows about in Austin (and beyond). So folks, here’s Tres Oui.

My Free Week Afterthoughts

freeThere’s still some Free Week activities for you over at Barracuda this week, which you should attend, but the main stretch of Free Week is over. I had a pretty solid time, bouncing all down Red River, catching over 60 great Austin bands (and a few from out of town). It’s a really special time for the Austin music community and its fan, so I’m going to leave you with some notes, as well as some highlights and things you should look forward to in 2016. Read more

Austin Spotlight: El Campo Return with New Single

elcampEl Campo first came to my attention when they released the great Flexi Disc on Punctum Records, which was soon followed by Remember, their debut full-length. Not a band to sit around, they’ve returned again with a brand new song from their forthcoming Double A Side EP, “Sloe-Eyed.” Not to diminish their earlier work, but the execution of this song definitely stands out among their catalog; the voice of Jerid Morris works really well here, soaring to heights with the perfect tone whilst banjo and sliding guitars move behind him. There seems to be some youthful vitality to this song, while still holding true to the progressive country vibe. They’ll be releasing the EP soon, with a nice February tour heading up the Midwest and out to the East. Keep an eye on these guys…it’s for your own good.


Hear Some New Summer Salt Jams

summer salt 1 (1)I’m really excited to be working with these guys on our ATH Records label. The voice of Matt Terry alone would win it for me, but Phil and Eugene aren’t too shabby either, filling in the corners with their bossa nova rhythms. Plus, having seen several Austin acts this week, I love the fact that these three genuinely seem to love playing together…you can tell they’re having fun, and sometimes, that carries out. Anyways, they just got some UK love for their new single, and I figured I had to put it up over here too, seeing as we’re putting out their Going Native EP. Just another reason why Summer Salt could be the biggest rising star in Austin this year. Grab a copy of the EP HERE (it comes out in two weeks).

ATX Spotlight: New Music from Cross Record

emThis new single is one of my favorites on the newCross Recordalbum. I think the biggest thing for me is the slight bit of static that slightly crackles through your speakers; it seems like some sort of distant message that’s slowly making its way to your ears. Compound that with the varying textures/layers place atop the vocals then you’ll end up with a very avant bit of craftsmanship. I mean, even the explosive IDM touch at the very end is spectacular. Look for Wabi Sabion January 29th via Ba Da Bing.

ATX Spoglight: Hola Beach Has New Tunes

holabHola Beach has a brand new tape coming out on January 3rd, and now we’ve got a second single to go with the release date. This track from the Austin act takes on the subject of brains versus booze, and which choice is best…lyrics seem to lean towards brains first. Still, the band have a casual way of providing detailed pop tracks, which you’ll inevitably play over and over again. Their new Dirt Cassette is coming out on a limited run of 50 yellow tapes via Merdurhaus, so if you’re so inclined, you’re encouraged to grab it.

ATX Spotlight: New Album from Party Plants

partyJust because you thought the year was over, doesn’t mean Austin can’t still kick out some brand new jams. Just yesterday the kids over at Party Plants launched their new album, Casual Sects…now available for NYOP. It’s filled to the brim with energetic bursts of punk rock that are tied into the sensibility of pop music. Each song has the ability to move in and out of different spaces, yet they all remain wholly catchy; it’s an undeniably great listen that holds your attention through all 9 songs. Since it’s up on bandcamp, I wanted to give you the opportunity to listen to it all, then you can decide why you should go spend some money on the record…gotta keep bands like this alive folks! 

ATX Spotlight: New Holy Wave EP

hwaveIt’s been a fairly solid couple of years for Austin’s Holy Wave, and while we’re still enjoying the remnants of listening to Relax, it seems the band are ready to best that effort. They’ve just tossed up a brand new song from their forthcoming EP, and while it still holds true to some of the band’s psychedelic influences, this might be the most pop-centric track to date. I love the bounce of the track, emphasized by the pounding drums and the way the guitar chords ring out. It doesn’t hurt one bit that these are some of the best harmonies the group have brought to a recording, surely warranting a thorough listen to their work. Look for The Evil Has Landed II, their newest EP, this week, and get your head around the fact that the band will hopefully have a brand new LP in 2016.


Stiletto Feels Release Video

stilettofeels-1A week ago we dropped our Top Austin Albums, and one of the surprises was the debut from Stiletto Feels, The Big Fist. We had high expectations for Geoff Earle’s new project, but I honestly didn’t expect such a finished project. It’s a listen filled with all sorts of touches, be they electronic or indie rock…or even just great riffs. This week the band have unleashed their video for the super-hit, “Steel Your Guitar,” which is like a smoothed out R&B rock n’ roll jam. Check out the video below and grab the LP from GTZ Records.

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