ATX Spotlight: AMA Releases New Single

Those of you following Austin’s AMA closely might be a touch surprised with this new single, as it presents a softer sound than what’s been presented in their recorded material to date. Honestly, I’ve always loved the songwriting of Blair Robbins, but this tune’s offering up something remarkable, pulling every ounce of emotion out of listeners; I love when her voice almost strains to stretch the notes out. This song’s casual style brings a certain level of charm that’s intoxicating, putting the rest of Austin on notice that Robbins is here to make a name for herself. It’s up for the NYOP option, but throw some funds so they can get back to writing more hits.

ATX Spotlight: Another Alex Napping Tune

In what’s shaping up to be a really great year for Austin musicians, Alex Napping is one of those acts that’s high up on our list, at least in so far as esteem goes. Today the band released another single from their forthcoming Mise en Place, which will be released via Father Daughter Records in May. While the casual indie rock sound of this track is in line with what we know from the band, I think the quality of Alex’s voice is what’s really standing out here; it almost seems like she’s singing on the cusp of every breath she releases. I like the slight tonal twist when she offers the lines “I can dream all night.” Give it a listen, and add the group to one of Austin’s great exports.

New Song and Video from The Coathangers

On February 10th, The Coathangers will blast into Austin to continue their musical assault on the masses. We’re likely to get a great deal of tracks from their excellent Nosebleed Weekend, which came out last year, but the ladies have just done a video for a brand new song that we’re sharing with you today. I love this track, as it celebrates the energy that drew me to the band during that one year I caught them 7 times during SXSW. It’s raw and gritty, yet there’s a slightly soft underbelly when Julia changes her delivery of “parasite.” Check the live video, and look for the band to hit your city as they’re tour encompasses the whole of the land…their Austin gig is at Barracuda next Friday.

ATX Spotlight: More New Knife in the Water

If you’re not anticipating the new Knife in the Water record, then perhaps you’ve lost something. But, now’s your chance to find it, as the band have released another single leading up to the release of Reproduction. While I love the slide guitar work, I think the intimacy of the track is what I find so appealing; it sort of reminds me of a Dean Warehampenned track, moving ever so gracefully, offering solace to anyone willing to take it. Texturally, you’ve got the sliding guitar, but there’s also some heavy strumming that makes it’s way through the speakers in the perfect way, adding a depth to an already brilliant piece. Keeled Scales will be releasing the LP on March 3rd.

Premiere: Lola Tried Unleash Single + EP News

I’ve watched Lauren Burton bust her ass about town for the last few years, and her hard work is really paying off with her new project, Lola Tried. The four piece have crafted a wonderful debut EP, and we’ve got your first listen right here. This track has Lauren opening, looking back on the past, and while the lyrics pull from the hardened times of growing up, there’s an emphatic confidence to her voice. She’s got great control as the band fills in the space behind her, rolling drums and chords that add an appropriate amount of edge to the tune. It’s a sign of a band that offers the rougher side of pop music,filled with sincerity and hooks; you’ll be able to get your hands on the Popsicle Queen EP at the band’s release show at Cheer Up Charlies on February 16th…or buy directly from the band.

More Music from Molly Burch

Molly Burch is going to be the lady of the year, just in case you weren’t in the know already. She’s teased us already with a 7″, but the release of Please Be Mine is getting closer, with all of us in Austin already waiting for you to hear what she brings to the table. Her soulful voice has already been hailed across the Internet, but I like the slight little pitch and tone changes on the end of syllables; it makes her heartfelt nature a little more playful, not to mention just a step outside your regular fare. If hits are what you’re looking for, expect Molly to bring them all your way on February 17th when the album hits stores via Captured Tracks.

Stream the Pollen Rx and Celebrate at Cheer Up Charlies

Yesterday, Bullett Magazine blessed us by streaming the Pollen RX debut LP, Sunbelt Emptiness; there’s even a great interview with members of the band that help detail the ideas behind the record….read about it HERE. But, we also wanted to make sure you have it in as many places possible, so we felt like we should also include the stream below, with a way to pick it up from us here at ATH Records. Plus, even better news is that the band will be blasting these great tunes by celebrating with their friends tomorrow night over at Cheer Up Charlies. You should come out and get your hands on a copy, or just simply enjoy the great tunes! Album is below…grab it while its hot!

ATX Show Spotlight: Growl and Shivery Shakes at Hotel Vegas

TONIGHT! If you’re in Austin and you like pop music, you need to come out to Hotel Vegas to catch this rad little pop show, featuring new ATH Records band, and old fave, Growl…plus OG labelmates Shivery Shakes. Growl’s got a new album coming in April (the 7th to be exact), so you can hear a lot of their new stuff to get your anticipation up. Plus, Shivery Shakes are working on a new record, which means you get to hear the band try out new tunes tonight! They’ll be joined by Dryspell and Deep State, making it an all around night of hits! Show starts at 10 over at the hotel, so be there or be square.

ATX Spotlight: New Single from Letting Up Despite Great Faults

We’re really pumped to share this video with you guys, as we love the work that Letting Up Despite Great Faults have done in the indiepop scene in Austin. Due to small line-up changes and fatherhood, the band has taken some time to craft their Alexander Devotion EP, but you can now hear new music below! Mike Lee has given up vocal duties on this track, letting their friend Lani Thomison, who sings in Keeper, take the lead here. It’s great, furthering the soft shoegaze sound the band has crafted. We’re so excited that we’re helping support the band for their EP release on February 16th at Barracuda. If you can’t make it, the EP will be available from Shelflife here in the US.

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