Stream Ways a Season by She Sir

We’ve been operating the label here now for half a dozen years, and each year, I’m forever grateful to the bands that let me put myself behind their music. And for years, I’ve fawned over She Sir, one of Austin’s most underrated acts; I bugged them enough until they finally agreed to let me release their new Ways a Season EP. You can grab a copy of the limited orange vinyl HERE, but I also wanted you to be able to stream the EP with a little bit of commentary by yours truly. There are not enough words to say how proud I am of the label and this release, so please go down and listen to everything below.

Austin folks can catch the band at End of an Ear on March 31st for a free in-store performance.

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Brand New Sun June Tune

If you didn’t listen to Years, then I don’t know what rock you were living under, but you missed one of the great albums of 2018. And, Sun June aren’t slowing down, returning today with a new single off their forthcoming digital EP. Just a few seconds in and you’ll hear the organic beauty of the five-piece, texturing the track with just enough rhythm and soul to let the vocals stand out on their own. I love the cascade towards the end around the 2 minute mark. Oh! And did you know the band are playing the ATH vs SOTO show on Sunday, March 10th? Well, they are. This single appears on the digital EP out at the end of March, and accompanied with the 2nd press of Years via Keeled Scales.

Stream The Hermits Self-Titled Album

We love putting out really amazing albums, really amazing ones. Just this week we’ve got the Hermits self-titled album dropping on a beautiful green cassette! It’s filled with these scuzzy pop songs that are bound to get stuck in your head from the minute you press play. You don’t believe me? Listen to “Ruby Red Summer,” a song so good it will ruin the rest of your day…as you’ll likely listen to nothing else. The band celebrate the release of the new LP this Thursday over at Cheer Up Charlies with The Oysters, Nevil and Being Dead. But, if you’re not in Austin, then by all means, stream the LP below…and head HERE to grab it from ATH Records. If you miss the album release, they’ll also be part of our ATH vs SOTO party on Sunday, March 10th at Hotel Vegas.

Fresh Tunes from Daphne Tunes

How does one write about a friend without feeling like you’re blowing smoke up their ass? I loved working Santiago during his tenure with Growl, but this Daphne Tunes stuff he’s been working on is quite possibly some of the best pop music coming out of the city of Austin. I think the delicate approach he and his band have taken to these recordings creates such a refined sound that it’s hard not to marvel at what’s coming through your speakers. Santi’s voice comes across stronger than ever, and I love the way the guitars duel with one another as he hangs his vocal notes at the end of each stanza, letting them drift through your living space. Such a special track, and just one of a handful he’ll be playing at our ATH vs SOTO SXSW show on March 10 at Hotel Vegas!

New Music from Dorio

You might have seen our poster for the ATH vs SOTO party (and if not, go HERE) leading you to wonder aloud who on Earth is Dorio? Well, you’ve likely heard Mr. Chaz Doriocourt in some various fashion over the past few years in Austin, and now you can sample his new project below. It’s a really strong pop vibe; I really appreciate the various layers in the song’s arrangement…a nice surprise. Even better, there’s a video with Chaz clowning about and living life to the max with a huge grin upon his face. Such a good tune you don’t wanna sleep on.

King Warbler Share All Week

Admittedly, I’m a fan of good old pop rock songs, especially when they’re spun through the indie rock lens. Perhaps that’s why I’ve gravitated towards King Warbler, a band you might want to have on your radar. Their latest single has this building tension, growing noisier as guitars battle with one another for the listener’s attention. I love how the speed of the vocal delivery picks up with the band’s volume; it’s like we’re all running out of time and want to cram as much fun into that perfect moment. Sounds a lot like ATH faves Marmalakes, or maybe War on Drugs before they became Bruce Springsteen’s shittier backing band. Tune in, and turn up.

New Music from Pataphysics

A few years back ATH Records dropped Slack Capital Comp, a sort of snap shot at the weird side of Austin; Pataphysics, of course, were part of that. Now, a few years later, there’s new music on the way via First Human Records; we’ve got their first single below. It’s a jittery bit of synth-driven pop music, spastic in the best way, though the story’s woven around the hook-laden line “swiveling around in my computer chair.” I’m also a huge fan of the way the band has always included what I’d call “found sounds,” whether that’s this song’s use of Internet dial-up or the vocal samples; they continue to keep things interesting.

Stream Flesh Lights Never See Snow

Austin’s Flesh Lights have been rocking this city almost as long as we’ve been running this blog; I’ve loved listening to the band every step of the way. When they reached out to see if we could help with the release of their new album; I jumped at the chance to be part of their history. Never See Snow is a straight forward rock album, filled with hooks and huge riffs ready to tear through your stereo. But enough of my fanaticism. Just stream the LP below, and if you’re interested in one of their rad blue Cassettes, grab that HERE. The group have a release show on March 1st over at FSG with Dregs and Werewolf.

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