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Austin Spotlight: Little Lo

littleloLittle Lo is sort of a power-group here in Austin; it’s a band made up of musicians from various other groups, but coming together, they’ve crafted the beautiful piece of pop music that’s waiting for you below.  There’s a pulsing rhythm that drives the song, while multiple vocals unite to raise the bar even higher into the realms of dreamy pop.  They’ve been working hard on releasing their new record, Verberation View, so we’ll keep you posted as more details emerge, but for now just rejoice in the quality of the work they’re sharing with us today.

Mohawk to Show All World Cup Games

wc-gn-11x17Those of you who read our twitter or know us personally know that ATH is all about soccer.  We play, we watch, etc, so we’re more or less anticipating being in front of our TVs for the next month watching every World Cup match.  But, we figure a lot of people are in the same boat, and maybe a few of you are looking for a place to watch the game. Lucky for you, there’s tons of non-sports places to watch, such as the Mohawk.  I caught up briefly with our friend Patrick who is helping promote the WC at Mohawk, just go get a few quick questions about why a rock n’ roll bar is showing sports.  These few questions will give you some insight as to why you should join us at the ‘Hawk.  Read More

Austin Spotlight: El Campo Release

elcampoIf you’re in the mood for a uniquely pressed felix-disc then I think your best bet this week is to order the new single from Austin’s El Campo.  The song features a prominent bit of banjo playing, but while that may hint at a country-infused number, you’ll hear much more of a warm pop approach in the delivery of the vocals.  Personally, I think the group is one of the more dynamic acts in town, able to walk that line between folk/americana and pop music; you can’t help but to love the tracks that are featured on this release.  You’ll be able to pick it up this Friday at Cheer Up Charlies, or order it from their label, and our friends, over at Punctum Records.

Austin Spotlight: Meet Southern Boutique

southernThe introduction of this outfit comes with a bit of sadness, as Southern Boutique taking a full-time role means the dissolution of one of our favorite acts, Tiger Waves.  The former act crafted these incredible pop soundscapes with warm harmonies, often employing multiple layers and sounds that made their music more dyanmic than most.  But, in the case of Southern Boutique, those pieces still remain, albeit more fine-tuned than ever before.  This is their first official single, and it employs the same spectacular melodies that made them so endearing.  I have no doubt that with a renewed focus, the group will blossom into one of the most unique acts in Austin, winning over everyone. You can expect to hear more from the band when they release their new album later this summer.  Grab their new two song single HERE for the NYP payment method; it’s worth a solid donation.


Show Preview: The Rich Hands Album Release @ Hotel Vegas (


Date Saturday. May 24th
Location Hotel Vegas
Doors 9:00 PM
Tickets $5

One of our favorite acts of the last few months, and really for the last several has been San Antonio’s The Rich Hands.  We caught up with them before they came to kick it in Austin for SXSW, and we’ve covering their singles leading up to the release of Out of My Head.  Good news! Not only is the album out, but they’ll also be celebrating its release this Saturday night at Hotel Vegas.  They’ll be joined by ATH faves, Grape St, as well as other acts we support like Lochness Mobsters, Rolland Hazzard, Mitch Frazier and His Radiation.  The show’s cheap, and the music’s great. Be sure to buy the album from the band…gas to San Antonio is expensive!

Austin Spotlight: Harvest Thieves Ready 7″

harvestthievesIf you’ve been keeping track of the Americana music scene in Austin the last few years you’ve surely heard of Harvest Thieves.  If you haven’t, then now’s your chance to join us as we prepare for the release of the band’s upcoming split 7″ with Sam Cassidy.  On the local act’s side, you get this sensible piece of rock n’ roll wearing hints of country heritage on the sleeve; there’s a nice bit of piano working in the background too, helping fill out the sound.  If, like us, you’re enjoying what you hear, then you should check out the group’s release show on June 5th over at Holy Mountain.  They’ll be joined by other great local acts such as A. Sinclair and Lowin.

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Download: Harvest Thieves – Escape From the Paper City [MP3]


Show Review: Eels @ Paramount Theatre (5.16)

Upload Eels 20140515231005Friday night at the Paramount we were treated to two unique artists in Chelsea Wolf and Eels, though they were both different in their approach and delivery.  That being said, I’m pretty sure every audience member left with a smile on their face.  Thanks to David Hall for grabbing some photos for us. 

Read More

Austin Spotlight: A. Sinclair Premiere New Single

asinclairThe time is near folks. In fact, in less than 24 hours you’ll be able to get your hands on the brand new Pretty Girls EP from Austin’s A. Sinclair.  We’ve been writing quite a bit about the group lately, as we’re really excited to see the increased output from the band, not to mention their growing maturity in songwriting.  Today we bring you a brand new song, “Throwing Up on the Ground,” which features more twang than the previous two singles the band have released.  It demonstrates the careful balance between the band’s influences and their ability to rock live.   And, speaking of rocking, the band will be doing just that, live at the Mohawk this Thursday, celebrating the release of the brand new EP; they’ll be joined by Otis and the Destroyer, Chasca, and the Docs.

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