ATX Show Spotlight: Growl and Shivery Shakes at Hotel Vegas

TONIGHT! If you’re in Austin and you like pop music, you need to come out to Hotel Vegas to catch this rad little pop show, featuring new ATH Records band, and old fave, Growl…plus OG labelmates Shivery Shakes. Growl’s got a new album coming in April (the 7th to be exact), so you can hear a lot of their new stuff to get your anticipation up. Plus, Shivery Shakes are working on a new record, which means you get to hear the band try out new tunes tonight! They’ll be joined by Dryspell and Deep State, making it an all around night of hits! Show starts at 10 over at the hotel, so be there or be square.

ATX Spotlight: New Single from Letting Up Despite Great Faults

We’re really pumped to share this video with you guys, as we love the work that Letting Up Despite Great Faults have done in the indiepop scene in Austin. Due to small line-up changes and fatherhood, the band has taken some time to craft their Alexander Devotion EP, but you can now hear new music below! Mike Lee has given up vocal duties on this track, letting their friend Lani Thomison, who sings in Keeper, take the lead here. It’s great, furthering the soft shoegaze sound the band has crafted. We’re so excited that we’re helping support the band for their EP release on February 16th at Barracuda. If you can’t make it, the EP will be available from Shelflife here in the US.

ATX Spotlight: Another Adam Torres Gem

Adam Torres certainly is making a name for himself, and we couldn’t be happier for the work he’s bring us all. Last year he offered up Pearls to Swine to critical acclaim, introducing many to his angelic tones. He’s already back with the new I Came to Sing the Song EP, which, as I’m hoping this song illustrates, is here to let you all know the absolute power of voice. Sure, there’s light instrumentation around the strumming (is that a thump or his hand bouncing off the guitar?), though I just want Adam to sing us all to sleep. Your world is about to get a whole lot better…even more so on February 24th when his new EP hits via Fat Possum.

Premiere: Meet Magic Rockers of Texas

Like all great songwriters, you can’t keep them down for long, so we’re glad Jim Campo has emerged from the end of Berkshire Hounds to bring together another collection of folks to create Magic Rockers of Texas. This is a fast paced bit of indie rock, fueled by guitar chords that cut across the risk as huge vocal hooks blast through during the chorus. The band settles into a mini breakdown in the song’s latter half, only to burst through once again with a huge wall of memorable pop. You’ll hear from the bandon theirnew Rugged Braids EP, which is slated for a release on March 3rd, but you can only get this jam directly from the group!

ATX Spotlight: TOMA Are Ready for 2017

In our eternal search for all rad things Austin, I stumbled across Toma, bringing huge pop sounds to our fair city…and yours too. They just unleashed this single from their forthcoming LP, Aroma, and it’s got really huge hooks for you to sink your teeth into today. Guitars and synth work are heavy here, blasting melodies right into your ears; I like the way the synths seem to dance around the rest of the instrumentation the song’s core. You’re free to let the cares of Friday go out the window while this song blasts loudly in your speakers.

ATX Spotlight: New Wiretree Music

Austin’s Wiretree have been relatively quiet the last few years, but it looks like at long last we get to hear brand new music from the band, and it sounds like we’re in for a real treat. Our first listen to the group’s new work comes via this brief gem, appearing on their album Towards the Sky. It’s a gentle pop track, centered on acoustic strumming, playful piano and voice; there’s a lightness to the song’s simplicity, really bringing the track’s harmony to the forefront. Consider me a fan, and I hope you’ll consider yourself one too; the album drops on March 1st.

Join Us Tonight at Barracuda for Flesh Lights, Pollen Rx and More

Well, looks like our dear friend Free Week has extended into the second week of January, and we’ve got a banger of a show for you to hit up this evening over at Barracuda. We’re sponsoring it with our good friend over at GTZ Records. Midriff will kick things off, followed by ATH Records act Pollen Rx, then Stiletto Feels, Otis the Destroyer and closing the night with the always phenomenal Flesh Lights. All these bands are really great, and they’re playing for you for free, so why not enjoy a Thursday properly and come on out. Show starts just after 9, so get there early, as there’s sure to be a good crowd.


ATX Spotlight: New Single from The Hours Quiet

The Hours Quiet hit my Austin radar last year with their single “Memory,” but I already knew I’d enjoy it based upon my appreciation of singer Jason Morris’ voice. There’s an electronica undercurrent for the song…one that is far more upbeat than what we’ve heard up to this point. That being said, the groove allows for the perfect playscape for Morris voice to soar into the front of the mix; his best moment coming during the chorus. Those little guitar chords cutting in with accented percussion will definitely get your body moving throughout. Let’s hope we get to hear more from these guys throughout 2017.

Show Spotlight: TV Girl + Big Bill @ Mohawk (1.11)

News in the music world seems unreasonably slow this week, so why not spotlight a show with one of our favorite artists, Big Bill, opening up with famed LA act TV Girl. They’re all there to celebrate the re-release of TV Girl’s classic, French Exit, which is now back in print. It’s a mash of hip hop beats, electronica, lo fi bedroom recordings…all spun tightly with a pop-centric attitude in mind. Big Bill will likely include a bunch of songs from their new LP they’re quietly working on…as well as our favorites. Oh, and if you were looking for cool points, Cassie Ramone of Vivian Girls fame will also be DJing between sets. Show starts at 8 with Poppet opening.

ATX Spotlight: Meet Art Pop

We’re in the midst of Free Week, and that always means discovery of local Austin acts, and in the midst of all that I hit upon Art Pop. Musically, it’s hard to place the band; there’s a driving force here, but also a quirky bit of electronic pulses squawking through the background. Amongst the city there are tons of great artists, but not sure I’ve heard one combining the elements quite like this…even allowing for extra space and exploration in the song’s middle. Go ahead, give it a listen.

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