ATX Spotlight: New Major Major Major

Major Major MajorLate Sunday night, our friend John from Side One Track One ran this track on his Sunday night 101 Homegrown show (why aren’t you listening). We asked Major Major Major if we could share it with you, as this is one of my favorite tracks from the group. I love the funky guitar chords, just before the track rolls into its playful breakdown that opens the way for a joyous of chorus. Another reason I dig this tune is you can practically picture the two breaking down the track together live, interacting with one another…and you…as they kick out this great tune. Look for their new album, PG-13 Movie, via Punctum Records on October 28th, with a release show secured at Cheer Up Charlies.

ATX Spotlight: More from Walker Lukens

walkerNext week you’ll be able to get your hands on the delightful new EP from Walker Lukens, and before it comes out, you may as well give a listen to his brand new track . If you’ve been listening to Walker for a bit, as we all have, you’ll surely notice the broadening sound he’s adapted…not to mention studio time with Jim Eno. There’s just such a huge bit of energy to what he’s doing it at the moment, and I can’t see myself turning this song off today. He’s releasing the EP via our friends at Modern Outsider next Friday, with a rad show at ACL Ten to celebrate. Turn it up loud and enjoy yourself!

Revisiting Deep Time – Band to Appear at Bill Ball 2 (10.8)

deepThis Saturday is Bill Ball 2…and while that’s important in and of itself, I think it’s high time someone devoted the proper attention to Deep Time‘s 2012 self-titled album on Hardly Art. I mean, the band is playing this weekend, and they’ll likely play a good amount of these songs there…which is all the more reason for you to attend.

I’ll throw in a little bit of my history with the album, as well as a track by track discussion of each tune! I’m making a declarative statement in saying this is the best album to come out of Austin in the last decade. Read more

Big Bill is Everywhere!

Big BillMan…the Big Bill ride never stops, never slows down. Friday, the band streamed their brand new Every City/Food Chain 7″, which we’re very excited to release. You can grab it HERE, or stream it below. But, because they want to work hard to make sure our city doesn’t suck, they’re also organizing a really great Bill Ball 2 for you to enjoy this Saturday at Sidewinder. Despite the busiest schedule, the band managed to organize a promotional video for you as well (Find it HERE)! And guess what? We’ve got it all here, today! Also…if and you wanna, you can grab both Big Bill 7″ for a sweet $8 price tag over at the Shop.


ATX Spotlight: Hidden Ritual Share New Jam

unnamed-9A quick search tells me that we have somehow never shared any music from Austin based group Hidden Ritual. Today I fix this error by giving you their new track “Rat”. I’m immediately reminded here of some earlier Wolf Parade sounds if they went straight lo-fi pop. Hopefully that makes a little bit of sense to you music fans out there…. Either way, enjoy the track and share some love for Hidden Rituals.

This track appears on Always due out on October 21st via Monofonus Press.

ATX Spotlights: New UVH and Jess Williamson

jessIt’s a busy week here in Austin, with various releases and some festival in town. So, don’t get lost in the weeds, as we’ve got a few updates for you!

First, UVH ran a song with over at SOTO for their upcoming release with GTZ Records. This track’s got singer Larry growling atop these huge indie rock riffs. We’re really stoked on everything he’s done.

Then, perennial fanboys are we, especially when it comes to Jess Williamson. So, of course we’re going to give her new song coverage. Her new album Heart Song comes out on November 4th, ready to move us all again.

ATX Spotlight: Fresh Tune from Tele Novella

telenovellaIn case you’re not living in Austin, there is a huge buzz about the town for the forthcoming Tele Novella LP, House of Souls. The last few years they’ve elevated their sound, occupying this darkened spot in the minds of pop founds. I think thetouch of organs and change of pace builds on the haunting, though Natalie’s voice maintains its wholly captivating quality. It kind of takes on the score of B-movie…it’s the best pop music Rob Zombie hasn’t heard yet. Check the group out on tour throughout the States for the next month…but be sure to grab the LP this Friday from Yellow Year Records.

ATX Spotlight: Popper Burns On Dillo Milk 2 Comp

dillmilkIn an amazing year full of compilations in Austin, there’s another one ready to blast through your speakers: Dillo Milk 2. Popper Burns, one of the acts that we featured on our very own Slack Capital Comp will again be featured, bringing you a recording of their new song, “Sometimes;” it’s a personal favorite of their live set. I love the way the guitars cut through while the rhythm section kicks off a propulsive bounce all the way through. So many great Austin acts here, cementing my own personal opinion that despite the troubles, Austin’s scene can rival any of the other vital music scenes in the States. The release party for this CD comp is set for October 1 at Cheer Up Charlies; it’ll be available digitally on September 23rd for those outside city limits.

Cheer Ups Show Tonight and UVH Single Premiere!

cheerupsshowWe’re really stoked to be supporting the great bill tonight at Cheer Up Charlies with our friends from GTZ Records and On the Rocks Premium Cocktails. The bill features a slew of heavy-hitters like Hikes, Flesh Lights, Gloves INTL, Shmu, Stiletto Feels, Whit and UVH…you can find set times to the show HERE. But, even more importantly, we can all gather and celebrate the release of the new UVH single that we’re premiering below. I’ve loved hearing the band, since their early line-up as Twin Bitches, but the work in this song demonstrates perfectly just why so few try to pull of classic indie rock sounds…if you’re not going to sound as good as this, why try at all. There’s a bit of a guttural growl in the vocals, while thechords are angularly plucked andthe band stomps it all out. This song will appear on the forthcoming EP from the group…released soon under GTZ Records. See everyone tonight!

ATX Spotlight: Fresh Stephen Svacina

stephenOver the last several years, Stephen Svacina has dominated Austin’s rock n’ roll scene with his band Sweet Talk. But, he’s taking a little break from that project, and crafting some songs on his own. Our first listen sees him taking on a slightly new vibe, despite having a familiar voice. It’s much more casual, almost in the realm of hook-laden guitar pop (which I adore!). The guitar turn when he says “I’ll leaving with my hands in the air,” crafting this crisp bit of pop brilliance. No word on when and if he’ll put this on a physical release, but enjoy it while it’s out there. He’ll be playing at Beerland on Wednesday night, in case you want to prove that there’s no Austin music crisis.

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