ATX Spotlight: Meet Tooantuh

tooantuhWhile we’re fighting for venues and cultural districts, one thing that won’t ever change is the consistent influx of talent into Austin, even if we lose some talent to Lockhart. Tooantuh is one of my newest discoveries. Mike Teague, hails from the same high school that produced Orville (OBN IIIs) and Jason Smith (Jonly Bonly), so you know he’s got songwriting in his heritage, though he’s taking on a more folk element than his fellow alumni. As a fan of the genre, I think the songs on the Yesterday, Today EP benefit from added percussive elements and backing vocals. Take a listen to the EP, and pick up the limited CD version that Mr. Teague has hand drawn and colored.

Show Preview: Fear of Men @ Barracuda (7.23)

Fear of MenI’ve been anxiously awaiting this show for some time, knowing that the show we threw at SXSW with Fear of Men on the bill was just a slight tease…a musical appetizer if you will. They’ve recently released the stellar Fall Forever, building upon everything they exposed us to with Loom by adding extra layers and pushing those dreamy vocals. Pop fans have no other place to be but at Barracuda on Saturday night. The group will be joined by Puro Instinct and Typical Girls, so there’s even more reason to clamor for this evening. Grab tickets for $12 bucks right HERE.

ATX Spotlight: Stream the Vampyre EP

vampyreIt’s been an overwhelming year for Austin music…tons of really great releases…and this Vampyre EP is one that’s been thrown my way by several friends, so I sat down to spend some time with Death Dream Kingdom (I). It’s three blistering songs of noise rock, not unlike Death From Above, which you can imagine makes for an incredible live show. The words are delivered in such a manner that you can picture singer Brandon Brooker stalking the stage, interacting with the audience like very few can do. It’s easy to get pigeonholed in this city, but don’t think that’s happening to these guys any time soon. Check out their EP below.

ATX Spotlight: The Return of Quin Galavis

quin-galavisIf you missed out on listening to Austin’s the Dead Space, let’s all keep our fingers crossed that one day those stars cross our paths again. But, in the meantime, you’ve got Quin Galavis to satisfy your needs, though his newest single offers up more of a darkened folk.There’s this element of pain in the notes his voice unleashes, fit in perfectly over a heavily strummed guitar. The song’s negative space is filled in perfectly with various layers of added strings and percussion, pulling listeners deep into the song’s aura. He’ll be releasing a double LP, My Life In Steel and Concrete via Super Secret Records on August 26th.


ATX Spotlight: New Music from Slow

slowI’ve dug Slow since the first time I caught the band a few years ago; I went on to include the band in several of our own ATH shows around town too. I caught up with songwriter Garrick a few months back and he told me he had the band’s first LP almost ready to go, so here we are with the album’s first single. On display is Garrick’s distorted guitar riffs, put out there in almost a mathematical sense, crashing into one another while the lyrics are seemingly thrown in from a distance. The LP is titled Pocketknife and should be out later this year via Play Pinball.

ATX Spotlight: Strange Mother Releases EP

strangemomAustin’s Strange Mother has been on our radar since agreeing to be part of our Slack Capital Compilation, and we’ve now got another reason to celebrate the band, as they’ve just released the Young Buck EP. Honestly, there aren’t quite enough bands like this, claiming to call upon Selena, jazz and Marvin Gaye as their influences; it sounds like Zappa spun through modern textures with a hint of pop sensibility. None of the four songs spends too much time staying in one place, filling the tunes with varying textures. Songs take twists and turns, and with each move, your ears are pulled back listening for what’s next. Take a chance on something a little different, and stream this EP below.

ATX Spotlight: Sailor Poon 7″ Release (+Show)

sailorpoonHopefully you caught wind of Sailor Poon on the Slack Capital Compilation we released earlier this year, or at least heard about the ladies continuous stomping of the Austin scene. Today the ladies continue their pummeling blend of rock n’ roll with the release of their new Yeast Pigeon 7″…a show at the Museum of Human Achievement kicks off tonight to celebrate with Yes Ma’am Brass Band, Popper Burns and DJ King Khan. I love how these ladies seem to be having a blast, all the time, whether recorded or live; you want to be part of it, you need to be part of it. So join in the fun and listen to their new 7″ below.

ATX Spotlight: Brand New Major Major Major

majormajormajorWe’ve long been fans of Major Major Major, one of Austin’s most exciting duos. We’ve heard rumors of a brand new album for some time, and we finally get our first taste of what’s to come in the future. It’s a wild blasting tune, emphatically crashing on the chorus of “all of my friends are fucking useless now that I got what I wanted.” Hopefully what the group wanted was to blast out one of our favorite songs this week, whilst still managing to capture the raw energy of the group’s live set. Look for PG-13 via Punctum Records come this October!

ATX Spotlight: New Music from The Gents

thegentsAfter announcing earlier in the year that The Gents wouldbe releasing a collection of songs broken up into four EPs, we get our first glimpse at Part II of the IV series. The band does an excellent job of blending their folk influences with their natural willingness to use pop structures, leaving you with singable moments that remain in your ears (and hearts) as you press repeat over and over again. The song takes a brief detour mid-track, only to swell back in with the emphasis on “paperweight.” Sounds like they’ve done it again…so give it a little listen while we await the rest of the EP.

ATX Spotlight: New Carl Sagan’s Skate Shoes

calrsaganIt comes as no surprise to folks in Austin that Carl Sagan’s Skate Shoes should be our next big local export, as the band have been taking over this town show by show. Today they dropped a brand new single off brandishing their wall of noise and punishing vocals. For me, what’s always been impressive is the underlying pop sensibility in the band’s sound, coating their melodies with distortion and brooding bass lines. The band’s about to release their self-titled effort on August 19th via Super Secret Records; it’s time the rest of the world took note!

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