ATX Spoglight: Hola Beach Has New Tunes

holabHola Beach has a brand new tape coming out on January 3rd, and now we’ve got a second single to go with the release date. This track from the Austin act takes on the subject of brains versus booze, and which choice is best…lyrics seem to lean towards brains first. Still, the band have a casual way of providing detailed pop tracks, which you’ll inevitably play over and over again. Their new Dirt Cassette is coming out on a limited run of 50 yellow tapes via Merdurhaus, so if you’re so inclined, you’re encouraged to grab it.

ATX Spotlight: New Album from Party Plants

partyJust because you thought the year was over, doesn’t mean Austin can’t still kick out some brand new jams. Just yesterday the kids over at Party Plants launched their new album, Casual Sects…now available for NYOP. It’s filled to the brim with energetic bursts of punk rock that are tied into the sensibility of pop music. Each song has the ability to move in and out of different spaces, yet they all remain wholly catchy; it’s an undeniably great listen that holds your attention through all 9 songs. Since it’s up on bandcamp, I wanted to give you the opportunity to listen to it all, then you can decide why you should go spend some money on the record…gotta keep bands like this alive folks! 

ATX Spotlight: New Holy Wave EP

hwaveIt’s been a fairly solid couple of years for Austin’s Holy Wave, and while we’re still enjoying the remnants of listening to Relax, it seems the band are ready to best that effort. They’ve just tossed up a brand new song from their forthcoming EP, and while it still holds true to some of the band’s psychedelic influences, this might be the most pop-centric track to date. I love the bounce of the track, emphasized by the pounding drums and the way the guitar chords ring out. It doesn’t hurt one bit that these are some of the best harmonies the group have brought to a recording, surely warranting a thorough listen to their work. Look for The Evil Has Landed II, their newest EP, this week, and get your head around the fact that the band will hopefully have a brand new LP in 2016.


Stiletto Feels Release Video

stilettofeels-1A week ago we dropped our Top Austin Albums, and one of the surprises was the debut from Stiletto Feels, The Big Fist. We had high expectations for Geoff Earle’s new project, but I honestly didn’t expect such a finished project. It’s a listen filled with all sorts of touches, be they electronic or indie rock…or even just great riffs. This week the band have unleashed their video for the super-hit, “Steel Your Guitar,” which is like a smoothed out R&B rock n’ roll jam. Check out the video below and grab the LP from GTZ Records.

Go Check Out Astrid Swan Tonight at Strange Brew

astrOver the years, we’ve bonded with Finland’s Soliti Records. They’re a small label in a small country, but those of you in Austin could be in for a treat tonight if you’re up to heading out to Strange Brew for an evening of music. Astrid Swan, wife of label owner and musician on the label, is playing there this evening. She crafts these beautiful pop tunes, built around the strength of her vocal performances. It’s an opportunity to welcome our friend to our fair city, but also to get a glimpse of musical happenings from around the world. The gig starts at 8 PM, so we hope you can make it out…you never know when she’ll make it out.


Announcing Summer Salt’s Going Native EP

DSC_5878A few weeks back we introduced you to the newest act to join our ATH Records roster, Summer Salt. Well, today we’re bringing you news that we’ve got the bands Going Native EP coming your way in late January. The three-o just finished up their much lauded residency over at the Blackheart, and now we’re here to offer you the first listen to “Manastra.” You’ll hear the band’s great harmonies at play, as well as their tendency to kick out smooth bossanova tunes that’ll keep you warm all year round. If you find a voice prettier than Matt’s, then I need to know. We’re so in love with this EP, and we hope you dig what you hear on this first offering. Sweet photo by our own B. Gray.

Top Austin Albums Of 2015

Best ATX 2015It’s that time of year when we all throw arbitrary numbers at you, trying to convince you that our tastes are the best. But, I’m going to try taking a slightly different approach this year, giving you just a list of great Austin records that came out this year, but with no numbers or anything. These are just the LPs that connected with me in some way or another throughout 2015. There’s no particular order, just a bunch of records you should probably own. Also, I added some helpful BUY links for you to take you right to where you can get the goods. Just take my word for it and go buy those things.

Sweet TalkDouble Perfect

Stephen Svacina takes on our mundane world, turns it into catchy pop punk, and leaves it memorable. Recommended for those who like high energy tunes that you’ll remember for the rest of your times.  BUY

ReservationsTaking Time

‘To be honest.’ some records hit all the right notes, and hit home. The full length debut by Jana Horn and Reservations is just that. Well-crafted, sincere. A joy of orchestrated indie folk.  BUY

Lochness MobstersWar Tuna

Immediate disclaimer. I helped put this record out. These boys take on the modern Austin cliche of garage-psych and turn it into a sweaty party that’s been proven to rile up audiences, then flip the world upside down by breaking into Beastie Boys. Too good.  BUY

VideoThe Entertainers

Snarling rock n’ roll, no holds barred. I mean come on, you can’t discard the fact that Third Man Records had a hand in getting these tracks out. People are taking notice.  BUY

The Zoltarss/t

Jared is another of Austin’s artists that probably doesn’t get nearly the amount of credit that he deserves, crafting some of the best guitar pop. Pop songs like the one’s on this album aren’t written every day, and when they are, they last in your memory forever. BUY

Stiletto FeelsThe Big Fist

Geoff Earle makes good on his promise to get everyone grooving, while still supplying enough grit to make it important. One of the most diverse in sound to come out of the city; you’re bouncing to electronic elements before guitars jump in to guarantee that this is more than just a programmed, laptop affair.  BUY

Grape St.Wallpaper

Another batch of hooks. Another batch of songs from Curtis O’Mara. If you know me, you know I’ll never get tired of listening to his work. Some guys just get you.  BUY

Spray PaintDopers

I have to apologize to Spray Paint, as this is the only record of theirs that’s going to make it onto my list this year. Maybe people are tired of these guys, but how can you look away when they’re just continuing to release solid album after solid album. It should say a lot that even when they’re so prolific, they never seem to leave you with a track that you can throwaway.  BUY

Single Lashs/t

Lurking beneath the belly of Austin’s rock n’ roll scene is a slowly blossoming shoegaze/indiepop scene. There’s this dense coat of atmosphere coating the album, making it perfect for those who seek darkness reinforced by standard pop structures. BUY


If I were still into making mixed CDs for people, “Babylon” would be one of the opening moments; it’s perfect in both it’s simplicity and its construction. One of the few electronic Austin acts that really matter.  BUY

XetasThe Redeemer

How do you take the tenacity and fuel of a great live band, then capture it on tape? Well, Xetas did it, and you’ll be remiss for skipping over the record.  BUY


A few years ago everyone was raging about The Men. That was fair, but if you’re looking for solid rock n’ roll, I hate to tell you that Institute does it better. Catharsis is one of those albums that seems timeless from the moment you press play; it sounds familiar, yet the songs brim with attitude and execution that you’re not going to find in many scenes.  BUY

Good FieldFuture Me

Indie rock is only sustainable when it’s executed perfectly. These guys nailed it on this go round, giving us the “Business.” Smells like Spoon, sounds like awesome.  BUY

Abram Shook Landscape Dream

Guys. Abram Shook. How many times do we have to tell you. ABRAM SHOOK! Another perfect collection of songs.  BUY

Stream the New Album from Austin’s Stiletto Feels

stilettofeels-1When I heard Geoff Earle was working on a new project, I immediately had high expectations, knowing his capabilities from year’s of playing in the Austin scene. I didn’t expect the work to be so impressive so soon. They just released Big Fist, and it’s filled with danceable grooves and hits that should definitely put the rest of the music world on notice. “Steal Your Guitar” is definitely a standout track, but I’ve taken a liking to the softer track, “The Difference,” which shows the group isn’t just a one-trick pony. Whether you’re an Austinite or a someone who checks our site from time to time, I think you’ll be equally impressed with Stiletto Feels new album; it’s available now via GTZ Records!

New Single from Marrow

marrowFriday’s are great for feel-good jams, and I think this new single from Marrow fits perfectly into that slot. The band just announced a slew of touring dates for early 2016, which includes an Austin date on January 31st (at Lamberts). In order to promote their album, The Gold Standard, and their tour, they’re offering up this sweet track. I love how it feels like a very groovy pop track, but beneath the powerful voice of Macie Stewart is a band doing their best to bring out the group’s rocking aesthetic. If you turn the mix another way, this track could easily break through some speakers. Enjoy your Friday good vibes.

ATX Song Premiere: Dream Attics

10012187_700504140062304_4749605522334607763_o (1)Prior to about 3 days ago I knew almost nothing about Austin band Dream Attics and I should apologize to the band and their fans right now.  With that out of the way, I’d like to introduce and hype up the band as much as possible because their music is certainly worthy of your time.  Today you can get a sample of the sounds created with this new single from the band called “Still”.  In a short few words, this is a truly enjoyable bit of dream pop music that is equal parts shiny and mesmerizing.  I’d say we all need to start paying attention to Dream Attics.  They also have some more music over on their bandcamp page.

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