ATX Spotlight: New EP from Slomo Drags

12801433_969823976400939_2801797464647207318_nThis catchy new track from Slomo Drags has been floating around for a week, and it’s precisely the type of jam you want to have in your music rotation today. There’s this incredible bounce to it, lifting your spirits from the get-go, though there’s an artful style in the way the guitars stab in and the vocals are delivered. Something about it reminds of Islands, early on at least. They’ll be celebrating the release of their new EP on Already Dead Tapes this Saturday night over at Cheer Up Charlies. Get in on this jam.

Another Tune from Bloody Knives

bloodyI’m pretty sure that if you’re going to pick an album up this weekend, then it should definitely be this great new record from Austin’s Bloody Knives. Their latest single opens up with ambient noise, and then immediately blasts off into the vocal moment of the track, surrounded by feedback, pounding rhythms and a guitar that cuts right through the heart of the tune. Then it slows back into the atmospherics before shooting off again. It’s a statement track for I Will Cut Your Heart Out for This, balancing the beautiful moments with the deeper, noisier tones. One has to be careful to walk the fine line, but these guys do it oh so well. Look for the new LP this Friday via Saint Marie Records.

More New Music from Benjamin Cissner

bencissnerAustin’s Ben Cissner has had quite a month since the early local release of Birds of Night, which I still think is one of the better listens to come out of Austin this year, or really anywhere. He’s got a haunting tone on this latest single, and the musical accompaniment is pretty spot-on, filling in every little spot to drive home the personal touches Ben used to fill up his debut record. This is just a short note to remind you how great his debut is, and encourage you to take a further listen to his work.

New Music from Genuine Leather

10943651_572676999535156_7817247364964429525_nWe’ve covered Genuine Leather for some time, but I think that this might be one of the best songs to come from the outfit, if not one of the better tracks that’s come out of Austin this year. It’s got an attitude in the recording like there’s not a care in the world, like all that matters is the song and the melody. As soon as I played it, I put it back on repeat almost immediately…I’m thinking you’ll probably do the same. This is a follow up to the equally enjoyable Jeff Jazz EP that came out earlier this year. I’m hoping this isn’t a sporadic blast of tunes, as these are the sort that stick around.

ATX Spotlight: Star Parks Release Video

12742495_447276415463790_1036545225375841755_nWhen RayRay and I first met, I think we bonded over a few bands, and one of those was Wilco. Through their changes and different paths, I’ve loved the band’s sound, which is one of the many reasons I’m super interested in Austin’s Star Parks. They call to mind several acts, but their acoustic version of “Theoretical Girls” in this video definitely calls to mind the harmonies that hit the right notes, a la Wilco. You can hear the album version HERE, which has a bit more filled in musical accompaniment…namely some beautiful string/horn arrangements. All in all, this is a band to keep an eye on at the moment. They’ll be releasing their debut, Don’t Dwell, on May 13thvia Paper Trail Records.

New Video from El Campo + Show Preview

elcampEl Campo came onto my radar a few years ago with a little work they did for Punctum Records, but the band has been really hard at work over the last year, touring all over, and even having time to sit together and record this track off their recent Double AA record. I love the video, illustrating not only the pop-centric Americana, but the bond of friendship shared by the band members themselves. This is our, and your, first glimpse of the family-style video…hopefully it point out why you should check these boys out. Oh, and where can you see them? They’re playing this Friday night at Lamberts with Wiretree. Doors for the show are at 10 PM (More info HERE). See you there? If not, grab the new AA record HERE.

Show Preview: Kindatheart @ Mohawk (Tonight!)

12885771_1004034949689769_3802782784501058910_oLocal pop music has me excited, with tons of new bands brewing about town with hits galore. Kindatheart is one such young band, bringing upbeat pop rock of the indiepop ilk, even including some trading male/female vocal harmonies to boot! Of course, I’d be remiss to not mention two of the other acts taking part; Wildfires and Rose Selavy. Rose Selavy are great friends of ours, and the band is currently in the studio working on finishing touches for what we believe is a debut LP. It’s cheap, doors are at 8 PM, and you can go home feeling good about your life. Stream this sampler EP from Kindatheart to get a feel for the night’s vibes.

Adam J. Cook Preps Debut Solo Effort


Those of you who’ve followed our site might recognize the songwriting chops of Adam J. Cook, as he was formerly a member of Austin’s Genuine Leather. But, he’s currently bucked the trend and moved the other way, heading out to LA to craft his debut, Attack Formation. His lead single takes on the style of casual pop, just working on perfecting the internal hooks of the song, while throwing out a relaxed pace and repeated lyrical lines. It’s the sort of tune you’ll play at work today, and the guy in the cubicle next to you will pop his head over and ask you who you’re listening to…so go ahead, listen.

More Music from Hovvdy

hovvdyHovvdy seems to be one of the hottest tickets in the Austin market right now…as far as bands on the smaller scale of the world go. This song “Meg” is their second single from their forthcoming album, Taster. I think I might actually like this one a bit more than the first; it has the lo-fidelity approach that allows the earnestness of the band to breakthrough your speakers. It’s the trickling bit of pop that got really had me hooked on music in the late 90s. Look for the new tunes on April 15th via Merdurhaus/Sports Day.


Show Preview: Junior Boys + Jessy Lanzy @ Mohawk (TONIGHT!)

juniorboysSo you thought that with SXSW your should could rest from all the music, but not so! There’s a great show over at Mohawk this evening, featuring some of the best purveyors of electronic music..all of whom hail from Canada. First, you have Junior Boys, who just released Big Black Coat; it’s a pretty special listen considering we had to wait five years. They’ll also be bringing with them their friends Jessy Lanza and Borys, all who’ve earned a name for themselves in their own right. it should be one of those nights where you can just let yourself go, and dance your way into the cool Spring evening. Grab tickets HERE all day, and bring your dancing shoes!

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