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ATX Spotlight: Spray Paint Back at It.

Spray-PaintWell, it didn’t take long for the lads in Spray Paint to rack up another set up tunes for listeners.  Last year they releases Clean Blood, Regular Acid, and now they’re prepping Punters on a Barge.  It looks set to sound rather similar to their last effort, with a driving percussive march and spoken vocal delivery.  There’s some guitar ringing here to propel the songs forward, though I’d gladly take a little bit more…just to really amp the barrage of noise one gets in their live-setting. The LP is super-limited, at least at this point, so head over to Homeless Vinyl and pre-order before the album’s June 1st release.

ATX Spotlight: Institute Full Length On Its Way

instLast year’s Salt EP really solidified Institute as a group to be aware of in the broad spectrum of the Internet rock n’ roll buzz-bands, but those in Austin likely had already been paying attention to the group (if not their other projects like Glue or Wiccans, etc). Now, they’ve got the release of their new full-length lined-up, and this first single really has me amped for its release.  You’ll hear a certain nonchalance in the delivery of the vocals, while there’s a sharpness in the gritty recording of the rest of the act. Sounds like the band’s going all over the place on Catharsis, and I hope you all have fun on the ride…going to be a good one. (Sacred Bones 6/9)

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Download: Institute – Perpetual Ebb [MP3]

ATX Spotlight: Secret Daughter Release New Album

secretTrying to cover all the great music in Austin is pretty near impossible, so I was completely caught off-guard when I came across Secret Daughter.  They just released this incredible new record, 2, and I can’t do anything but beg you to go and listen to it right away.  There’s some elements of the dreamier side of indie rock here, though there’s other construction pieces…some more experimental, some gaze-y that fill out the band’s sound.  I’ll admit that I’ve done nothing but consume the music that’s below here since I found it…so don’t be an idiot like me and miss out on this band.

ATX Weekend Preview: So Many Shows

austinThere’s really too many shows to narrow it down to two or three best bets.  We’ve got friends band playing left and right, so all we can do is encourage you to attend some sort of musical event…even if its just for a bit. Without further adieu, here’s a list of rad shows you could hit up.

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ATX Spotlight: Legendary Skies Release Novarupta (4/10)

11081179_1091877397495744_644842800649873449_nAustin’s been known to host an instrumental post-rock act or two…from Balmorhea to Explosions in the Sky, and everything in between.  Enter Legendary Skies, one of the newer acts on the scene, who are ready to unleash their album Novarupta to the Austin masses (and hopefully beyond). Interestingly, the band draw from all the forebears in our local post-rock scene, building crash atop crash, yet always falling in step with more intricate guitar pieces made for long drives along sparse Texas highways.  Head over to Hole in the Wall this Friday night to catch the band live, and help celebrate the release of their album.

ATX Spotlight: BOAN Readies Mentiras LP

boneIn case you’ve been hiding under a rock here in Austin, you’ve likely already heard BOAN, or at least I hope you have.  The duo is made up of Jose Cota (of Ssleeperhold) and Mariana Saldana, and they’ve been working to create their minimal electronic music for some time, and finally are ready to share their new album, Mentiras, with you.  While not all the group’s songs go this route, the usage of Spanish in the lyrics pays a bit of homage to the cultural heritage of the duo; it adds a bit of international flare to the budding electro pop they’ve carefully been crafting. Personally, I love the dark turn this track takes on in the second half.  Holodeck Records will be releasing Mentiras on June 9th.

ATX Spotlight (?): Warm Soda Ready New LP

warmNot quite sure if we can claim Warm Soda as one of our own, despite the band living in Austin, but seeing as we’ve always loved the band, I think we’ll take em.  They’re readying their 3rd LP, and it seems that Mr. Melton is slowing things down, perfecting his blend of power-pop for the masses.  He’s still got that warm fade on his vocals, the guitar lines are there, but it’s a calmer approach that’s most notable (I still love it).  Look for the band’s new LP, Symbolic Dream, to hit stores on May 4th via Castle Face Records.

ATX Premiere: Yuma Release New Single

10614068_754453231278506_2042911533_nYuma have been around for a bit, but they’re here with their first hint that 2015 could be a big year for the band, graciously allowing us to premiere their first single.  “The Fire” really has two sides two it; it opens with this grandiose pop structure, careful layering crisp vocals over a slow chord progression.  But, then the song takes a turn, blasting into a blissful version of shimmering dream pop.  Melodies soar and the band rolls towards a soft close of the track, having carried you on a journey through varying realms of pop music.  You should help the band record more great songs in 2015 by buying the single HERE.  Look for the band to have more new tunes coming your way very soon.


ATX Spotlight: Introducing Lunar Gold

moJason Morris has spent the last several years plying his trade in The Clouds are Ghosts, but he felt the calling to complete something entirely on his own, taking a softer and more broad approach to his songwriting.  There’s layers upon layers added to his work as Lunar Gold, crafting a denser sound that broods and flows forth…similar to artists like Other Lives or Efterklang.  For now, just revel in a new project on the scene; enjoy his first single with this project, and catch him live on April 4th at Mohawk.

ATX Spotlight: New Shawn David McMillen

sdm12XU had a solid day yesterday with some national press for Uniform (which you can read about HERE), but quietly they also unleashed this striking new tune from Shawn David McMillen.  It’s nearly six minutes of sprawled out electric roots rock, reveling in the soul of Texas summer nights.  One would think that it’s lack of brevity would make repeated listens difficult, but there’s a spirit in this song that’s undeniable, which inevitably forced me to press play at least a half-dozen times before I even touched this post.  It doesn’t hurt that his new album On the Clock with JJ & Mitch is a representation of his work with local heavy-hitters JJ Ruiz and Mitch Frazier (from such acts as Church Shoes & Trustees).  Look for the album on April 28th, if you’re into buying music.

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