ATX Spotlight: New Gospel Truth Coming Soon

gospeltruthI’m dreading the arbitrary year end lists already, and particularly when it comes to Austin acts. It seems that every band I enjoy in town has released something…and we can now add The Gospel Truth to that list. They’ve just released this crushing number from their upcoming album, Jealous Fires, which has me excited to hear the entirety of said record. I’m particularly sold on the guitar work here, churning out these unsteadying riffs that are emphatically met during the chorus with smashing cymbal work. And the vocals…at times they have this echoing distance, then they draw you in with what’s almost a close spoken whisper. Just another winner in a town where the music scene is dying. Look for the release via 12XU on September 16th.

ATX Spotlight: New Music from Ali Holder

aliThe women in this town are just killing it at the moment. There’s a bunch that come to mind, but for now, let’s just focus on this new single from Ali Holder. I really love how strong her vocal performance comes through on this tune; it seems so upfront and bare, in the most complimentary way possible. Strings are added by local instrumentalist Lindsey Verill, fleshing out the song, along with Ali’s guitar…all sitting back while the vocals take center stage. As of now, just a glorious single for your ears, but we look forward to hearing more from her soon.

<iframe style=”border: 0; width: 100%; height: 42px;” src=”” seamless><a href=””>Gemini Gunslinger by Ali Holder</a></iframe>

Show Preview: Parquet Courts @ Mohawk (Tonight!)

Parquet CourtsThere’s a great show every night this week, so you should start your week off right by hitting up Mohawk tonight for everyone’s favorite rockers, Parquet Courts. They’re still riding high on the release of their latest, Human Performance, their first for Rough Trade. Live, the band have always fulfilled, bringing energy galore to the countless fans that line up hours before to catch the band live. Plus, if you get there early, as you should, you’ll get to see one of the hottest tickets in Austin at the moment, US Weekly; the band are on the verge of being huge, by our standards. Doors are at 7 PM.

An added bonus comes if you stick around late to catch Sssleeperhold, who are one of Austin’s best electronic acts from the scene that brought you the soundtrack to Stranger Things.

Show Preview: Quin Galavis @ Museum of Human Achievement (8.13)

quin-galavisMy Life of Steel and Concrete is set to be released by Super Secret Records, so the only way to guarantee you get your hands on it early is to head out to The Museum of Human Achievement on Saturday night. Let me tell you, not only will you get to participate in being part of the unique atmosphere of MoHA, you’ll also get what we can expect is an incredibly unique performance from Quin Galavis. Lately, he’s played some shows with his band, while other times he’s played whilst having actors play the role of those in his songs. It should also be noted that this is possibly the most unique/diverse listen you’ll hear in Austin this year, or even if you’re outside of Austin. There’s heavier edged stuff, there’s beautiful atmospheric pieces and there’s the shanty-like tune featured below (just to leave a few genre marks). This is going to be something really special, so be sure to make your way out on Saturday night.

ATX Spotlight: Brand New Jess Williamson

jessJust a few years ago, I raved about Jess Williamson‘s album, Native State, so it’s really exciting to hear that her newest effort, Heart Song, is set for release on November 4th. At play here is the strength of Jess’ voice, which gets some great punctuation by her supporting cast…check the 2 minute mark for a burst of sound that surrounds the calming vocal. I think that’s probably one of the most overlooked pieces about her work; the accents, be they drum rolls or billowing cymbals, are arranged in such a manner that one really does get the sensation that Williamson is truly a Texas artist. Looking forward to the entirety of this new LP.

Mean Jolene Album Announcement!

MEAN_JOLENE_SALTY_FRONTIn case you haven’t noticed, we’ve got our own little label here at ATH, and we’re really stoked to be working with Mean Jolene for their debut album, Salty. Yesterday, Gold Flake Paint, a reputable place for hits, ran the album’s first single, “Bump the Rump.” It’s perfect timing, as this is a glorified summer hit; you’ll want to turn it up loud, whether you’re at your next pool party or speeding down the highway. If you want to sample the band’s sound live, they’ll be playing at the Flavorsound Class of 2016 Party at Barracuda on Friday…and also appearing at our ATH Records/101X Back to School Bash on August 27th. Stream the song, and preorder the LP from us HERE.

ATX Spotlight: Check the New Real Live Tigers Video

tonyEarlier this year, Austin’s Real Live Tigers released Denatured via Keeled Scales; it’s the perfect Austin album, relying upon great lyricism and folk aesthetics. But, in case you haven’t really gotten to know the band or its songs, then perhaps this great new video for “Leave a Map” will encourage your listening. Not only is the video shot beautifully, but the narrative also grasps the beauty of this track too, especially in its message of leaving something behind, something positive that can serve as your mark…where others will see your trials and tribulations as accomplishments along life’s path. Enjoy the video and head over to the KS Shop and grab the record.

ATX Spotlight: More from Carl Sagan’s Skate Shoes

carlsaganWe’re just around the corner from the release of the new Carl Sagan’s Skate Shoes LP, and we’ve got another blistering track for you to enjoy this morning. It begins ominously, with this huge semi-metal guitar drop. But, seconds later the song is jumpstarted, and the lyrics are delivered in a punishing form that matches the energy of the guitar’s speed. Listen closely, as the guitar work has these little intricacies in the recording that really illustrate how creative the band is within the confines of rock n’ roll; there’s little guitar stutters, pop-centric chords and pace changes, all which change the momentary structure. The heavier bands in Austin often get overlooked, but these guys are ready to make themselves known to the masses. Look for the self-titled LP viaSuper Secret Records on August 19th.

ATX Spotlight: More from Carl Sagan’s Skate Shoes

carlsaganIs that new self-titled Carl Sagan’s Skate Shoes record out yet? Man, I loved the first single, but this new is just ridiculously rad; it hits hard, but also has an artful touch to it that harkens back to the the noisy creatives of 90s rock. There’s a brash bark in the vocal, giving the tune an edge, but ultimately, the guitar work steals the show. Chords are carefully woven in and out of distortion, crashing at times with an emphatic punch. It’s heavy, it’s clever and its damn good; look for the effort from Super Secret Records on August 19th.

ATX Spotlight: Tele Novella Announce Album

telenovellaIf you’ve been living under a rock in Austin, you’d be excused for not being aware of Tele Novella (otherwise there’s no excuse!). Recently, the band signed on to work with Yellow Year Records, and now we’ve got the first single to hear. I think the recording here is spot on; Natalie Ribbons’ voice is perfect, polished and mature. For me, I appreciate the bits of keyboard twinkling lurking behind the guitars, as well as the soft backing vocals, adding an extra touch to an already great song. Look for their debut album, House of Souls, on September 23rd.

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