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ATH Interview: Love Inks

Love Inks InterviewLess than a day away from the AMBAs, and we wanted to run one of our last interviews with one of the nominees for Best Album.  Love Inks had an incredible year, and we loved Generation Club.  We caught up with the band to talk about some of their achievements, influences and what nots. We hope to see you all out tomorrow night over at Spider House Ballroom.    Read More

SXSW 2014 Interviews: Big Bill


As we prepare for SXSW, let us not forgot all of the great local bands that will be performing all over town that week.  I know some of us Austinites tend to stay away from our local friends since we see them so much during the year, but let’s at least promote their greatness to the world.  Today I’ll be doing so by sharing some interview responses from recent discovery and ATH favorite Big Bill.  Follow the jump to see what they have to say. Read More

Austin Spotlight: Hikes Featured on New Comp

DSC_2417When the first notes of this new track from Hikes started maneuvering in and out of my headphones I was pleasantly surprise.  The band employs a math rock staple to open the tune, reminiscent of old Pinback tunes.  But, they don’t stick here for too long, choosing to throw in a more collective pop piece by combining male and female vocal pieces; the odd time signatures and guitar work do stick around.  You can find yourself an owner of this tune, as well as 13 other great tracks from undiscovered acts via the Secret Peaks Winter Compilation from Graveyard Orbit. Order yours HERE.

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Austin Spotlight: Major Major Major

coverSaturday night I was hanging out over at Hotel Vegas, catching a great local show in honor of this new single by Major Major Major.  While the group’s line-up has changed quite a bit since their inception, the duo that remains still has the ability to get a crowd all riled up (which was par for the course for the night…see Growl/Shivery Shakes) into a frenzy.  This new single is energetic, and revolves around the erratic vocals and pounding rhythm of the drums.  You’ll be able to find this new track on the band’s up-coming EP, which we hope is out sooner rather than later.

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Download: Major Major Major – God Doesn’t Want Us [MP3]

She Sir – Go Guitars


Rating: ★★★★ ·

While they’ve been working at crafting their owned dreamy indiepop for some time, the boys in She Sir have largely gone unnoticed.  But, good things come to those who wait, with the group putting together their most confident record to date, Go Guitars (Shelflife Records). There’s not a bad song on the record, and listeners will surely find several of the tracks more than memorable.

“Portese” sets the tone early, with a guitar that has angular intentions ringing immediately in the foreground, while a dreamier chord cascades in the distance.  Russell’s Karloff has this whispering gentleness to it that creates the emotional pull for the listener; his performance on this track is purposefully understated, giving you more of a feel from the song’s craftsmanship.  Then you’re off into the beautiful world of “Kissing Can Wait,” a track where the vocals are surely the winner in the tune; they playfully move in line with the progression of the bass and drums, molding the song into an upbeat number that leaves your spirit lifted.

Other songs offer more of a dream-pop style on Go Guitars, such as the album’s first single, “Condesendidents.” Karloff’s voice has this soft quality that seemingly rests in the background of the track.  Personally, I like how the group breaks out into a relaxed pop jam near the end of the track (about 1.5 minutes); it’s a special moment on the record that illustrates She Sir have decided to go in whatever direction they see fit. And, you can’t cruise through the record without taking on “Snakedom;” this is the best song that’s not on Captured Tracks.  There’s a lively beat going on in the background, while the guitars work against each other to create a swirl of blissful pop.

Honestly, those were the things I expected from the band.  What I didn’t expect were songs like “Bitter Bazaar.”  It starts innocently enough with a lightly strummed guitar line, but the steady vocal opening prepares you for the song’s driving intentions.  It sets the scene for a track that appears reserved, though your short wait will see the band pushing the pace and spinning bright guitars twirling around your ears.  This is by far one of my tracks the band has left us with, so be sure to give it your undivided attention.

While some bands might get caught up in adding too much to their music, the one thing that stands out in Go Guitars is that the band isn’t trying to do too much, musically.  They know what they’re doing, and they’re going to offer listeners the perfect version of that sound.  She Sir will leave you with a listen that merely asks for you take it all in and let the warmth of the indiepop deliciousness take care of the rest; your listen will be better off for it.


Austin Spotlight: Sleepy Holler

a0903394745_10I am continually amazed by the amount of quality bands growing out of the Austin scene right now.  It seems like everyday we’re finding a new band to provide some sweet music to our ears.  Today I bring you a project from local songwriter Matthew Evans and his pal J.T. Wilcox who call themselves Sleepy Holler.  This duo have combined to create this breathtaking, sort of hushed folk music that’s both beautiful and mesmerizing while still capable of being called pop music.  To me, the band meshes the greatest parts of groups like JBM, Local Natives, and Austinites Balmorhea.  If you can’t picture that sort of thing happening, check out the track below and see what I mean.

You can check out a brand new 6 song EP by Sleepy Holler over on their bandcamp page.

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Download: Sleepy Holler – Call Me Home [MP3]

SXSW 2014 Interview: Dead Gaze

DeadGaze_JamesMarshall-620x413Another band kicking things out of the Southeastern United States hotbed is Dead Gaze. The band closed out a solid 2013 with the release of Brain Holiday, before touring the country with good friend Dent May.  We were able to catch up with Cole via Al Gore’s greatest invention; you can read his responses down below.

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SXSW Interviews: Mumblr


Fleeting Youth Records is bringing a ton of great bands down to Austin in March for the annual SXSW festival.  One of those promising up and coming bands is Philly punk rockers Mumblr.  As we lead up to the festival, these boys were nice enough to sit down and answer our pressing questions.  Follow the jump for see what they have to say.

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