Show Spotlight: Tijuana Panthers @ Sidewinder (Tonight)

tijuanaTwo things I love on a Monday night: friends and great music. Luckily for me, and for you, I hope, The Sidewinder will have both on Monday night. Tijuana Panthers, one of my favorite acts are blowing into town tonight, fresh off a continued run of great releases with their latest, Poster. But, also, our own ATH Records act Mean Jolene will be bringing in a blast of summery pop, which you should stop in and preview before you pick up their debut Salty in November. Plus, all four members of said band are really nice, and you should make friends with them. If you do, you’ll get friends and great music, all for a cheap price when doors open at 9 PM. Sample great tunes below:

ATX Spotlight: Fresh Jana Horn Music

janaJana Horn quietly unleashed this track the other week. I say it came out quietly, as that seems to be Jana’s style, though musically, there’s far more power in the work she’s done. It seems like she’s hung up the Reservations project for now, and going it on her own. It’s a bold move, but one that fits her growth as both a songwriter and a performer. Listening to this quiet track, you can hear the power in her voice, and we’re expecting that…and more…from her forthcoming LP. She seems emboldened by her venture as asolo artist, though she still grips to that magnificent fragility in her voice. For now, she’s let this song serve as a warning of greater things to come. We look forward to hearing the magic…and we’ll keep you up to date as more news of that record comes our way.

ATX Spotlight: Golden Tunes from Golden Graves

goldengravesThe world of shoegaze and the like is growing in Austin, which makes me really happy. Just last week Golden Graves released another delightful sample of what’s going on in the scene with their Be Safe EP (recorded by Miles Randall). The five tracks within combine these glittery guitar chords coated in dense distortion as the vocals flourish just beneath the mix. Think your day is best suited to spinning through these tracks below a few times over; it’s probably best if you turn them up just loud enough to hear your speakers crackle.


ATX Spotlight: Another Tune from the Gospel Truth

gospeltruthA few weeks back we got our first listen to “Artifact,” the debut single from The Gospel Truth‘s forthcoming Jealous Fires LP. Now we get the band’s title track from said record, and it’s another solid piece. It’s this jittery piece of rock n’ roll, kind of jagged in the construction that sets listeners in an off-kilter step as they await the emphatic crash of the chorus. Then just as suddenly as the chorus kicked in, your back trying to balance yourself and your ears with the ridiculous bass and drum work. Starting to get really excited for this release on September 16th via 12XU.

ATX Spotlight: New Video & Album From Attic Ted

12798958_186031541774470_236675713616566310_nFor some crazy reason ATH has never posted about local Austin wierdo pop band Attic Ted. Well today that changes for the better as we share with you this awesome new video from the band and a link to their new album. The video, appearing on new album Parade Dust Mischief, is called “Next Time” and brings to mind this strange image of The Flaming Lips doing punk rock at the circus. That sounds like a good time to me. Have a listen, watch the video, and check out their new album in full via the link below.

Parade Dust Mischief is available in full over on the Attic Ted bandcamp page.

ATX Spotlight: Brand New Xetas!

XetasI’d love to go on a diatribe on how Austin music’s scene isn’t dying, but I think all you need to is just listen to the compilations put together this year: Austin Slack Capital, Flavor Sound Class of 2016…and now Dillo Milk 2. That last one will be released soon, and features this brand new Xetas track…which hasn’t been played live…and according to the band, isn’t slated for their next LP. It doesn’t matter, as it’s now out there, and it’s so fucking good. I mean, the chorus has this natural ferocity that can perhaps only best be compared to the band’s live set. And the continuous maneuvering, almost off-kilter swagger kind of makes the rest of rock n’ roll seem boring. Sorry folks…but with songs like this coming out left and right…rock n’ roll’s spirit is very much alive in Austin.

ATX Spotlight: Brand New Botany

botany-deepak-verberaWhile Stranger Things has brought the spotlight to Austin’s Holodeck Records (deservingly so!), there’s still some other labels and acts not associated that are worthy of your time…like Botany. This track dropped late last Friday, so odds are that those with good taste have heard it already. It’s a movement piece, washing little bits of space-y atmospherics and twinkling atop this beautiful little piano backbone. It’s a journey and a story being told, though I think it’s completely open to your interpretation as the song takes form, and then changes. I relish the exploratory quality within the confines of this listen, and hope you’ll give it a deserved listen; look for this song on the new album, Deepak Verbera from Western Vinyl on October 14th.

Show Preview: Mild High Club @ Mohawk (Tonight!)

mhcThere aren’t too many choices for checking out shows after a long weekend, so tonight do yourself a favor and head out to Mohawk for Mild High Club. The eclectic band recently released Skiptracing, which we ran a review of last week, HERE. They specialize in modern psychedelic vibes, pushing the envelope a bit more than most of their peers. And, by attending, you get to catch your dose of great local acts as well, with Tamarron and Rotten Mangos taking the stage as openers. It’s a highly anticipated show, but tickets will still be available at the door. Start this short week off right folks!

ATX Spotlight: Tele Novella Release Heavy Balloon Video

In what has been a banner year for Austin music (despite the scene dying) on the nation-wide scene, it looks like Tele Novella will continue that trend with their forthcoming House of Souls. While we’ve all loved their newest tune, we’re now getting treated to a spectacular new video for the song itself. It’s quirky, just as one would expect, and every time I hear this song, I just marvel at the gifts of Natalie in the track. Enjoy the song one more time, only now with more visual stimulation! Album hits via Yellow Year on September 23rd.

ATX Premiere: Here’s the Next Installment from Genuine Leather

genuineleatherEvery Friday since July we’ve been treated to brand new tunes from Genuine Leather…a new single for every week until you’ve heard them all! I love this one, as I think it shows the diversity of the project. They’ve dabbled in indie rock realms, but this one seems more like a pop influenced bit…filled with bubbling grooves while guitar strumming works just beneath the mix; it goes without saying, but the sonic palette has definitely been broadened on this number. Sounds like just another hit from the band’s next record, Brunch, which will be released with a celebratory showthat’s in the works.

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