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ATX Spotlight: New Yuma Tune + Show Preview

11054385_1069905849688762_5689455370238310354_oLooks like this year’s going to be a great one for Yuma. The band has already released one new track, with this fresh number sure to stop you in your tracks.  “Loglo” is the name of the tune, and it’s likely to be one of the best pop tracks to come out of Austin this year.  You’ll hear a nice groove crafting a playful atmosphere, and the vocals add to that effect, making it the perfect jam for your pre-summer parties.  To celebrate the release of this new single, which you can grab HERE,  the band will be playing an incredible show at Blackheart on Saturday night.  Care Package (members of Borrisokane) opens the night, followed by Rose Selavy, Yuma and then Ramesh.  If you’re not planning on being at Levitation, this is the best possible show you can attend on Saturday night; we’re happy to be a part of it.

Show Preview: Stephin Merritt @ Central Presbyterian (5.6)

smLet’s face it, once we wake up on Wednesday morning, it’s going to be a shit show.  Tons of things going on, including local bands, touring acts and festivals. So, let’s start off by pointing you to one of the shows I’m most looking forward to, Stephin Merritt of Magnetic Fields playing at Central Presbyterian Wednesday night.  He’s playing with Sam Davol, and I’m honestly not sure what the set will include, though it’s sure to be great.  Put his MF work aside and Stephin’s scored plays, written accompanying songs to young adult literature and been involved in various other projects, so he’s got a huge category to draw from…and seeing him at the church will surely be remarkable. And despite his history as a curmudgeon, I’ve always found him quite endearing, sot he intimate setting seems the perfect way to see him. Doors are at 7, and you can grab tickets HERE.  Listen to one of my favorite songs below.

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Download: The Magnetic Field – It’s Only Time [MP3]

ATX Spotlight: Twin Bitches Do It Right

11174497_942951285737062_3480207812902951185_oBeen helping a friend put together a show this week over at Mohawk on Thursday night, and in doing so, I encountered a new band, Twin Bitches that’s really exciting.  Based on their two singles, the band has sort of that post-punk Constantines feeling to them, using jagged guitar chops to push forth the lyrics, which come across somewhere between a throaty growl and a gentle croon.  Musically, you can see similarities to other indie acts, but combined, it sounds like something wholly different. They’ll be playing with two of our favorite local acts, SLOW and Jonly Bonly…so come out, grab a drink, jam out and enjoy some of the finer rock n’ roll tunes in town. Doors are at 9, but you can always come hang out early.

ATX Spotlight: Spoon + Sweet Spirit

Sweet SpiritIf you’ve been following the Austin scene over the last year, you’ve probably heard all the assholes blogging about how we expected Sweet Spirit to be the next band to break out in a big way.  It doesn’t hurt that the band has Spoon and their frontman Britt Daniel backing them up along the way, so much so that he’s even collaborated with them on a tour 7″.  The A-side was released this week, and the band is finishing up their debut album, which is set to be released this summer via Nine Mile Records. Sweet Spirit will hit the road this summer, with a few shows including their friends Spoon.  This is our “I told you so” moment, I reckon.

ATX Spotlight: Spray Paint Back at It.

Spray-PaintWell, it didn’t take long for the lads in Spray Paint to rack up another set up tunes for listeners.  Last year they releases Clean Blood, Regular Acid, and now they’re prepping Punters on a Barge.  It looks set to sound rather similar to their last effort, with a driving percussive march and spoken vocal delivery.  There’s some guitar ringing here to propel the songs forward, though I’d gladly take a little bit more…just to really amp the barrage of noise one gets in their live-setting. The LP is super-limited, at least at this point, so head over to Homeless Vinyl and pre-order before the album’s June 1st release.

ATX Spotlight: Institute Full Length On Its Way

instLast year’s Salt EP really solidified Institute as a group to be aware of in the broad spectrum of the Internet rock n’ roll buzz-bands, but those in Austin likely had already been paying attention to the group (if not their other projects like Glue or Wiccans, etc). Now, they’ve got the release of their new full-length lined-up, and this first single really has me amped for its release.  You’ll hear a certain nonchalance in the delivery of the vocals, while there’s a sharpness in the gritty recording of the rest of the act. Sounds like the band’s going all over the place on Catharsis, and I hope you all have fun on the ride…going to be a good one. (Sacred Bones 6/9)

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Download: Institute – Perpetual Ebb [MP3]

ATX Spotlight: Secret Daughter Release New Album

secretTrying to cover all the great music in Austin is pretty near impossible, so I was completely caught off-guard when I came across Secret Daughter.  They just released this incredible new record, 2, and I can’t do anything but beg you to go and listen to it right away.  There’s some elements of the dreamier side of indie rock here, though there’s other construction pieces…some more experimental, some gaze-y that fill out the band’s sound.  I’ll admit that I’ve done nothing but consume the music that’s below here since I found it…so don’t be an idiot like me and miss out on this band.

ATX Weekend Preview: So Many Shows

austinThere’s really too many shows to narrow it down to two or three best bets.  We’ve got friends band playing left and right, so all we can do is encourage you to attend some sort of musical event…even if its just for a bit. Without further adieu, here’s a list of rad shows you could hit up.

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ATX Spotlight: Legendary Skies Release Novarupta (4/10)

11081179_1091877397495744_644842800649873449_nAustin’s been known to host an instrumental post-rock act or two…from Balmorhea to Explosions in the Sky, and everything in between.  Enter Legendary Skies, one of the newer acts on the scene, who are ready to unleash their album Novarupta to the Austin masses (and hopefully beyond). Interestingly, the band draw from all the forebears in our local post-rock scene, building crash atop crash, yet always falling in step with more intricate guitar pieces made for long drives along sparse Texas highways.  Head over to Hole in the Wall this Friday night to catch the band live, and help celebrate the release of their album.

ATX Spotlight: BOAN Readies Mentiras LP

boneIn case you’ve been hiding under a rock here in Austin, you’ve likely already heard BOAN, or at least I hope you have.  The duo is made up of Jose Cota (of Ssleeperhold) and Mariana Saldana, and they’ve been working to create their minimal electronic music for some time, and finally are ready to share their new album, Mentiras, with you.  While not all the group’s songs go this route, the usage of Spanish in the lyrics pays a bit of homage to the cultural heritage of the duo; it adds a bit of international flare to the budding electro pop they’ve carefully been crafting. Personally, I love the dark turn this track takes on in the second half.  Holodeck Records will be releasing Mentiras on June 9th.

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