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Austin Spotlight: New Album from John Wesley Coleman (+Release Shows)

johnnyIf you haven’t caught a John Wesley Coleman gig living in Austin, then perhaps you’re doing it all wrong.  Or, maybe you just caught The Golden Boys instead.  Either way, he’s one of my favorite local songwriters, unfortunately dubbed by many as a trashcan-troubadour. On his new single there’s a really striking fragility to his vocal performance, which I haven’t heard from him before…though I quite like it.  The rest of the track is filled with his trademark guitar stylings and blasts from his companion horn section.  You’ll be able to grab this new song on a 7″ from Urinal Cake Records soon, and catch him at Trailer Space on Thursday or Hotel Vegas on Saturday night where he’ll also have a new record for you too! Yeah Wes.

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Show Review: Ty Segall @ The Mohawk (9/5)

Ty SegallA Ty Segall show is always going to be an event at the Mohawk.  Whether it’s his own performance, or the crowd jam packed into the space, you always leave knowing your place.  Brian and I hit up his latest Austin stop last Friday, with local openers ThinkNoThink and Wand kicking the night off.  Despite a drizzle here or there, it was sweltering inside, if one was to judge from the faces exiting the pit.  Read on for a few brief thoughts and B. Gray’s photos.

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Austin Weekend Show Spotlight

Austin, I love you.When it hits September, the Austin music scene takes off completely. We’ve got a whole bunch of must see gigs this weekend with album releases and more left and right.  Couldn’t highlight them all, so here’s my picks for you all.  Tried to throw in a little of everything for equality’s sake.  Read More

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Austin Spotlight: Brand New Grape St. Track!!!

10606255_811918515519334_6116597443649835805_nAs you know, we’ve long been supporters of Grape St., the band fronted by Curtis O’Mara of Harlem.  We love them so much we put out their first LP, A Date With You.  But, like all good things, they must come to an end, which is why the band is moving up to release their next LP with the folks over at Burger Records.  If you’ve watched the band live, you’ve probably heard “Wallpaper;” it’s been a huge staple in their live sets.  They’re going to be taking that live set to the West Coast in a few weeks, bringing with them a tour only cassette with the below tune; it’ll also be featured on their next LP, which is slated for a release later in the year.  Come on, this tune’s just so good. Jam it loud.

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Stream The Sour Notes New Album – Do What May

DoWhatMay_LP_FrontCoverI could sit here and wax poetic about the hard-working folks in Austin’s The Sour Notes, but that probably wouldn’t do me any favors, or them for that matter.  What is important is that today we bring you a stream of the band’s brand new album, Do What May.  The record features guest spots from tons of locals like Sabrina Ellis and Brendan Bond, and it’s likely to help the band gain more traction as they brace for a much-anticipated gig at this year’s Fun Fun Fun Fest.  In the mean time, you can help them celebrate this Saturday at Cheer Up Charlies (more info HERE).  Enough of all that; here’s their great new LP.

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The Sour Notes – Do What May


Rating: ★★★½ ·

Local darlings, The Sour Notes have been at it for some time now, creating a great deal of music in a rather short period of time and trying to make a name for themselves. They’ve experimented in a good number of genres since their origin in 2008 and have changed band members even more frequently. On this fifth release, Do What May, they venture into a pop psych realm and give it their own spin on this genre.

First and title track “Do What May,” opens things up with a bit of distorted electric guitar, and then the band bursts into the song, building it up with layers. They add some funky synthesizer, stark and concise percussion, a looping clean sounding guitar riff, and add to this with some “oohs.” After they build this up, all of the sudden they’ve switched to a crunchier sound, with heavier effects on the electric guitar, and then Jared Boulanger chimes in with his post-punk sounding vocals and the music has switched back to the psychedelic pop that it started with and the song is in full swing, going back and forth between these two established sounds. Some female vocals come in for the lead in the chorus, balancing out Boulanger with a great texture—this seems to be the trend for the rest of the album, and with no complaint; it’s an interesting and enticing dynamic.

There are tracks on Do What May that will instantly spark your listening ear upon first listen, but also some slow burners that require a bit more of your attention for you to sink your teeth into them. Perhaps it’s up to you to decide which of the tracks fit into which category for you, but “In The Meanwhile,” while it would most likely fit into the slow burner for most, immediately plucked my interest. In an album full of psychedelic pop jams, all of the sudden, stark in the middle you get this sweeping and delicate number with violin to start out the number. The effect on the vocals make them feel far away and soft, building to broader sweeping choruses that seem to go on forever, even though the track only lasts about three and a half minutes. On the contrary, earlier number, “With Ease, With Time,” will immediately stand out, the catchy nature of the chorus and the grooving bass giving it this infectious rhythm.

Though the album starts quite strong and dissipates slightly as it progresses, it picks back up for its close and ends on a high note. The Sour Notes have done good work on Do What May, and I invite you to pick up a copy; you won’t be disappointed.

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Austin Spotlight: Alex Napping Get Playful

AlexNapping_VineetGordhandas-1This is the version of Austin’s Alex Napping that I like the most.  There’s still depth to the craftsmanship of the track, and the vocals are, as always, performed well.  But, my love for this number comes from the guitar tones; they’re light-hearted in their angular movement.  The rolling drums that fade out with the vocal after the 3 minute mark are also a nice touch…it’s definitely a strong way to finish off the tune.  You can grab their record This Is Not a Bedroom from our friends over at Punctum Records on September 23rd.

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Austin Spotlight: Two Weeks Until the Love Inks New Album!

inkblotterWe’re just a short distance away from the release of Exi (September 9th), the newest album from Austin’s Love Inks.  I’ve always appreciated the group’s work, but I really enjoy their use of space on this latest single.  Sherry’s voice is the dominant focal point, while there’s very light bass movement in the distance, accented by little guitar pieces and synthesized beats.  The song walks this fine line of feeling huge and empty at the same time, which is quite an accomplishment in and of itself.  Those living outside of Austin will again get a chance to see the band perform live, as they’ll be touring the States throughout September.

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