Show Preview: Ultimate Painting @ Barracuda (TONIGHT)

ultimatepaintingYou just spent your whole week hanging with your family, so now you wanna go hang out with your friends, right? Well, the best way is to catch an incredible show, and boy is there a great one at Barracuda tonight. First, Ultimate Painting are headlining, and the band’s gotten tons of praise all across the pond, especially for their great new LP, Dusk. Plus, EZTV will be there too; the band’s been described as one of the best in NYC, and you’ll likely see their latest High in Place LP on my year end list. Local powerhouse Flesh Lights, as well as Ruby Fray, will kick the night off, so be there or be real square. Tickets are super cheap for a rad show ($7) and can be found HERE.

ATX Spotlight: Dana Falconberry Offers Solace

Dana FalconberryAs of late, my social media feed has been filled with anger, and deservedly so. But, as we seek to move forward and make changes, we’re all seeking comfort on some level. Austin musician Dana Falconberry opted to do what she does best, sharing a beautiful track she recorded about recovering from grief while working as a resident artist/musician in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park. Perhaps this is the solace you were looking for, and if not, then perhaps you can just revel in her songwriting, which is always remarkable.

Premiere: New Album from Dreamboat + Release Show

dreamboaAustin’s Dreamboat have been kicking out pop tunes around the city for the last few years, and they’re set to release their new album, Loose Tooth, tomorrow. When listening through these new tracks, I think my favorite bit is the strength of the diversity within the collection. Mary Bryce has this huge bold voice, buton “Neighborhood Bar” she gets to play the balancing harmony; it doesn’t hurt that this tune also sounds like a campfire celebration. Of course, the sultry pop hit of “Spent the Day Lying in Bed” is a great place to spend some repeated plays; you’ll definitely love the way the guitar chords dance around. Personally, “New England” is my personal jam, but I’ll let you press play on the stream below to find your favorite.

The band celebrate the release of Loose Tooth tomorrow at band member Jake’s house. Message them for details!

ATX Spotlight: Brand New Knife in the Water Tune

knifeinwaterKnife in the Water have been fairly quiet since 2003, though we should have all started gearing up our anticipation for new work when the band popped up at the Austin Jukebox gig earlier this year. Luckily, that time is drawing nearer, and we can all purchase the band’s first new single, which is streaming below. The track is a sprawling bit of ambient Americana, such that fits perfectly into the lives of those who’ve venture across the vast expanse of Texas. Like all things, the band has aged remarkably well, and their musical return illustrates perfect restraint and polish, making this an outstanding song you’ll need to get to know. It’s released this Friday, November 11th, via Keeled Scales, who will release their long-awaited new record, Reproduction, in Marchof next year.

ATX Spotlight: Fresh Music from Drakulas

drakulasPop punk definitely has a home in Austin, but it seems we’ve inherited a great bit of that from our friends up in the DFW/Denton area, especially if you give a listen to this brand new Drakulas track. The band is brandishing a blend of gritty pop punk akin to Texas vets Marked Men or Radioactivity…and this is not entirely a bad thing, as I’m clearly a fan of that sound. Their album, Raw Wave, hits stores on November 18th, and it’s shaping up to be something quite special. In what seems like a banner year for Austin music, it looks like we have another hit on our hands; look for the release from Dirtnap Records.

ATX Spotlight: Brand New Roaring Sun Track

roaringsunIf you’ve been following us, we’ve been following Roaring Sun, the newest young act in Austin to really win us over. The trio of youngsters, first started by the Rawlinson brothers, are still so young that they’re willing to throw in all their influences to see what sticks. We’re fortunate for that, as they’re crafting this delightful pop bits that look ready to build a promising career. This song has some electronic touches, washes of distorted guitars and a softness in the vocals that makes your heart swoon. But, the special part of this new single comes right after the 3 minute mark when they break into this elaborate pop world akin to Grizzly Bear. I continue to be impressed by how quickly these guys have come around. Keep an eye out Austin…and beyond.

Sound on Sound Interview: Tiny Moving Parts

tmpNext Friday Sound on Sound Fest kicks off what we hope will be an annual event. We threw out some interviews to start previewing the bands that will be gracing the stage, and we’re here with one from Tiny Moving Parts. The band has several albums under their belt, and a lot of praise has been going to this year’s release, Celebrate. Check out what Dylan had to say when we caught up with him. You can stream the new record below too! Thanks to Talia for setting this up.

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Premiere: Smile Release New Album

smileYou might recognize a few faces from the Smile posse, sharing members with local posters, Dreamboat. But, don’t use that to make your basis for the band’s sound,with the group here flexing their musical muscles and creating musically dense compositions. Each track on Like a Diamond in the Rough, You Shine seems like it’s own mini-concept album; songs take twists and turns, though always relying upon the group’s dynamic pop sensibility. For my two cents, I think the journey, and flip side, of “Must Be Something 1 & 2” are easily worth your time, with one side hitting hard and the other letting you venture off into your own world. If you’re looking for a new band that adds a little bit of sunshine to art-pop, then delve into this listen right now.

The group release the album on Friday with a secret special house party. Hit them up to find out where!

ATX Spotlight: Pleased to Meet You, Daphne

I’m clearly a big fan of Santiago, who writes tracks for Growl and Rain Collectors, but he’s been quietly working on a new project, Daphne. Today, he shared a video of himself playing one of these delightful new tracks. Aside from the quality of the video, I’m partial to hearing Santiago’s voice with it’s little vocal inflections as he chases after higher notes. No word on a release in the long run, but why not just be grateful we’ve got more great music from one of Austin’s best.

Edsiyn Session | Daphne “All My Life” from Edisyn House on Vimeo.

Premiere: Croy and the Boys Celebrate Album w/ New Single

croyandtheboys2It’s been a long time coming for Corey Baum and his posse, aka Croy and the Boys. Finally, their new album is ready for the masses, and it sounds as great as we’ve all expected it would. Their brand new single holds true to the Texas country tradition, but they’ve textured the track to make it more than just a run of the mill piece; there are layered guitars and a walking bit of keys. Honestly, it sounds like a cross between Wilco and Lucero, with hints of the Texan attitude Baum has inherited since moving to our state. The band have titled the album, Hey Come Back, and they’re celebrating it’s release over at Hotel Vegas this Saturday.

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