ATX Spotlight: Brand New Major Major Major

majormajormajorWe’ve long been fans of Major Major Major, one of Austin’s most exciting duos. We’ve heard rumors of a brand new album for some time, and we finally get our first taste of what’s to come in the future. It’s a wild blasting tune, emphatically crashing on the chorus of “all of my friends are fucking useless now that I got what I wanted.” Hopefully what the group wanted was to blast out one of our favorite songs this week, whilst still managing to capture the raw energy of the group’s live set. Look for PG-13 via Punctum Records come this October!

ATX Spotlight: New Music from The Gents

thegentsAfter announcing earlier in the year that The Gents wouldbe releasing a collection of songs broken up into four EPs, we get our first glimpse at Part II of the IV series. The band does an excellent job of blending their folk influences with their natural willingness to use pop structures, leaving you with singable moments that remain in your ears (and hearts) as you press repeat over and over again. The song takes a brief detour mid-track, only to swell back in with the emphasis on “paperweight.” Sounds like they’ve done it again…so give it a little listen while we await the rest of the EP.

ATX Spotlight: New Carl Sagan’s Skate Shoes

calrsaganIt comes as no surprise to folks in Austin that Carl Sagan’s Skate Shoes should be our next big local export, as the band have been taking over this town show by show. Today they dropped a brand new single off brandishing their wall of noise and punishing vocals. For me, what’s always been impressive is the underlying pop sensibility in the band’s sound, coating their melodies with distortion and brooding bass lines. The band’s about to release their self-titled effort on August 19th via Super Secret Records; it’s time the rest of the world took note!

ATX Spotlight: Genuine Leather Return

genuineleatherBands come and go in Austin, but you can stay around as long as you’re out there working hard, and often, playing your own game. This is much the case with Genuine Leather, who are set to release their 3rd LP this year; we’ve covered several of their earlier releases, so there’s no reason not to spread news on this one, especially considering the interesting fashion in which they’re choosing to release this one…a song a week for 16 weeks. This one channels a bit of Austinites Spoon, though with a bit more funk in it. I look forward to seeing where these guys go as they move forward towards the release of Brunch.

ATX Spotlight: Will Courtney Preps New Album

willcourtneyLong ago, Austin act Brothers and Sisters made huge waves in town…and while they’re sorely missed, songwriter Will Courtney hasn’t stopped writing music. He’s got a brand new record coming out this week, and I thought you should put it up on your radar, just in case you needed some great new music to enjoy. The new record is titled Planning Escapes, and while the record isn’t officially out until July 15th, you can catch his release show at Hotel Vegas this Friday with Wes Coleman and JD Clark. Listening to this single, I forgot how much I missed his voice. Those of you looking for a classic indie rock sound with a passionate singer behind it need look no further than the song below.

Rip It Up DJ Night @ Cheer Up Charlies (6.25)

rip_it_upIf you follow this site, you know by now that I’m a huge indiepop/jangle pop/post-punk fan. It’s one of my favorite genres, and I’ve been hoping that somehow the rest of Austin catches on to it. So, with our friends that helped organize the ATX Popfest and Welcome to the Jangle, we’re organizing what we hope will be a monthly DJ residency (with shows to come in the future) to share our favorite genre. Tomorrow night at Cheer Up Charlies, at 7 PM, we’ll be kicking things off, with a few well-regarded DJs, including Nathaniel from Literature. Come by, sit with your friends and enjoy great tunes, then you can go out on the town. Event page HERE. We’ll probably play this song:

ATX Spotlight: Major Grizz Release EP

majorgrizzFriday night you should make plans in your schedule to go over to Sidewinder and celebrate the release of another up-and-coming Austin act, Major Grizz. The group are lined-up to release their new EP, brandishing great pop-rock in the vein of other local acts like A. Sinclair; it’s hook-laden, but with an appropriate amount of bite. In talking with the band, they’ve got some exciting merch prepared for attendees; they’ve screen printed each EP by hand, and numbered them as well, so you’re going to get your hands on a rarity…not to mention catching a great live show. They’ll be joined by Sik Mule and Ghostbunny.

More New Music from Tres Oui

tresRemember that time when we helped put out the first Literature LP? That was awesome. So, we’ve kept close relations with the band, especially with their Austin based side-project Tres Oui (featuring Nate and Seth). They just recently uploaded a gem of an indiepop tune via the Office Series for Unblinking Ear Records. It’s washed in a nice coat of synths, washing over their cutting guitar chords. It seems like the perfect tune for performance, which if you’ve caught the band live, is exhilarating as Nate always takes complete ownership of the stage. Keep and eye out folks.

Brand New Basketball Shorts

basketballTogether with our friends at Fleeting Youth Records, we’re excited to release Hot and Ready, the new Basketball Shorts LP. With the NBA season over, it’s time to look forward to football in the fall…and these Austin punkers have the perfect track for you, especially you Texas folks: “Romo to Dez.” While the song references our favorite scoring duo, the song’s actually a love song…here’s what singer Ben Shorts has to say:

“I am a lifelong Cowboys fan. I mean I grew up in Dallas in the 90s. It was only time before I let it out in song. This song though, is more about how I felt when I use to see this one person I was dating. I would get so excited when I thought about them, and the only thing I could relate to that excitement was when Romo hits Dez for a touchdown pass. In my head I wrapped up the anticipation, the tension, and the release, all in one phrase. When I think about you, I Romo to Dez.”

Grab the cleary vinyl (with splatters) HERE or HERE, or just pick it up on July 8th when it’s released.

ATX Spotlight: Adam Torres

10710913_880766641947829_3226903866272317113_nThough he now calls Austin his home, I didn’t know much about local musician Adam Torres until today. Well I’m glad that I gave his music a chance this morning because he is creating some truly memorable singer/songwriter style tunes. A taste of his sound and style can be heard below in the form of his latest single “High Lonesome”. Be prepared, this one just might break your heart with its beauty.

Pearls to Swineis due out on September 9th via Fat Possum Records.


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