Announcing Slack Capital 2

Happy Monday everybody! We are very excited this morning to announce Slack Capital 2, a compilation of unreleased songs by 27 of Austins greatest underground and up-and-coming bands. 100% of all proceeds will go to SafePlace, an Austin non-profit dedicated to providing resources for women, children and men hurt by sexual and domestic violence.
Starting today, we will unveil one song per day until the albums release date on April 14. Anytime until then you can can pre-order the album as a digital download ($7 or more) or a compact disc ($10 or more) right here at ATH Records.

The song we’re spotlighting today is Gold Driver, by psych-rockers The Diamond Center. With its swirling keys, hypnotic guitar lines and haunting lead vocals by Brandi Price, this song is lush and mysterious, like getting lost in a desert marketplace only to be picked up by a Rolls Royce limousine. Moody enough for the leather jacket-types but groovy enough for the OG hippies, Gold Driver is a perfect song to kick off todays announcement, and to reinvigorate your post-SXSW work week.

– Eric Braden of Big Bill

Buy Growl’s New Album, Won’t You

The longer I run ATH Records, the more proud I am of the work we’ve done. It seems like each release makes me happier, and I’m not sure if it’s because we’re putting out better records (I love them all) or if I’m just happy with the work. Regardless, we are really really really excited for the new Growl LP, Won’t You. It’s a great little album filled with guitar pop hits that are built for endurance. It’s likely to be the album that makes you happiest in the Spring and plays at all your pool parties during the Summer; you’ll likely be so stuck that it’ll be in heavy rotation from there on out. So, why not listen to the band’s latest single, the title track from this great new LP. Order it from us or look for it on April 7th.

ATH vs SOTO Showdown @ Hotel Vegas (3.12)

The time is nigh. SXSW is upon us. But, we here at ATH first and foremost want to represent Austin, and so we’re throwing our annual Spring Break Showdown with our best frienemies, Side One Track One. Together we bring you 30 bands, free entry and great music. You can join us on Sunday over at Hotel Vegas, with music starting at 2 PM sharp. More event details can be found at the Event Page, with hot tracks to get you excited below! There’s even a brand new Digital Wild tune down there for ya!

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ATX Spotlight: Xetas Prepare The Tower

Admittedly, Austin’s music scene has gotten a great deal of ridiculous music out there, but I don’t think it’s prepared the world for Xetas (who should already be a household name). From the moment it kicks in, the band aim to hit you with that animalistic rock n’ roll; they perfectly capture their tenacious live energy…one of the most forceful performers in the ATX scene. But, what I really love comes at the 1.13 and 2.51 marks, as they turn into this powerful chorus that brings about a noisier ode to pop punk. It pretty much seals the deal…this band is ready to take on everyone. Look for The Tower on April 14th via 12XU.

ATX Spotlight: Brand New Alex Napping

I was going to hold this one off until tomorrow, but why wait with good tunes? Alex Napping is one of the many great Austin acts, and their new LP Mise En Place is hinting at a great release come May 5th. Singer Alex Cohen steals the show, or at least the front of the mix, floating airy vocals atop the noisier guitars chugging behind her. The accents coming from the backing vocals are perfect too, filling in all the space that remains in the track. Balancing heavy riffs and hook-laden melodies isn’t easy, but this group seems to have a knack for walking that fine line. Look for their new LP via Father Daughter Records come May!

More New Music from The Octopus Project

This brand new Octopus Project is a pretty big jump, sonically, and it should be clear in the track’s title, roughly translated to “watch out” or “beware.” It opens with a fuzzy bass, shattered by guitars and crashing cymbals; it’s not like the band we’ve come to known…until you get the lyrics. While the song seems heavy-handed, the light feel of the vocals sort of reminds me of a happier version of Angus from Liars; it’s a touch post rock, fueled by an artful exploration. I’m a big fan of bands going out to mixing things up, making the forthcoming Memory Mirror something we can all look forward to (hits on April 7th).

ATX Spotlight: Brand New Popper Burns

Friday we were thrown hints of the brilliant new LP coming from Austin’s Popper Burns; they’re one of the most underrated acts in town, though one of the most beloved by those of us who’ve watched the band’s rise. We heard one of the new tracks on Slack Capital, though you now get the studio version of “Apollo 11.” You’ll also get to hear “Prized Roses” dancing its way dangerously with these discordant guitar notes and steady percussive propulsion. Patti Melt has this spoken word vocal delivery, bursting forth with anger when it’s called for by the song. These songs are dangerous, yet intoxicating, walking the fine line between exhilaration and accessibility. Pure Disgust could be one of the most important pieces to come from Austin when it hits this July.

ATX Spotlight: Enchanting Tune from Wiretree

Wow. I did not expect to fall in love with this new Wiretree so quickly. This song, while brief, is the perfect bit of pop music. In seconds, it builds anticipation, leaving plenty of space for the vocals to sweep you off your feet. I love how some vocal notes are accentuated by piano notes and pronounced strums. There’s such a lightheartedness to it that it reminds me of the Wrens, though with a touch more polish. Before you know it, the song wraps up, and you rush back to hit play again. Rest assured, your ears aren’t fooling you; this song is that good!

ATX Spotlight: Brand New US Weekly

Listen up. US Weekly has been gradually building a huge following in Austin, and with the announcement of their debut album, they’re ready to break through to a larger audience. I love how you can feel singer Chris Nordahl stalking the stage with his vocal delivery, bringing the band’s live energy through on this recording. You’ll also get to hear the band disrupt your ears with discordant guitars and an underlying tension fueled by Kent’s drum rolls. Their full length album hits the streets on April 22nd via Night Moves, ready to take the rest of the country by storm!

ATX Spotlight: Stream Tammaron’s New EP

Austin’s been offering up a lot of great tunes as of late, and while this was on my radar last week, I just didn’t get a chance to get it on the web. Tamarron is one of our favorite acts, and their Let’s Get Out EP. You’ll hear a great deal of psychedelic vibes on this four track jammer, but don’t forget the band’s ability to wrap it up in an accessible dosage of pop sensibility. The EP’s title track alone is remarkable, and begs to be listened to on repeat for days and days. Just as the weather gets a bit warmer, these guys kick out great warm vibes to take us into Spring.

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