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Show Review: Future Islands @ Mohawk (4.23)

Upload Future Islands 20140423222153In a week filled with shows, it was perhaps one of the more anticipated sets of the week, especially with Future Islands seemingly springing to larger popularity via their performance on some late night talk show.  I was a little bummed that people didn’t quite make it out early enough to catch the openers, Knifight, but perhaps that will help keep them our little secret for just a bit longer.  

Thanks to Bryan at PPI for sharing some photos with us.

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Austin Weekend Show Spotlight

austin_live_music_retailrSometimes the madness that is the Austin music scene just never stops.  This week’s been pretty ridiculous as it is, but the great shows keep coming…and I’m not just talking about that Vampire Weekend or Cloud Nothings show; there are some incredible local bills to catch, including a pretty awesome release show.  Here’s my suggestions on where you might want to find yourself this weekend. Read More

Show Review: Bells & Parks @ Holy Mountain

bellsandparkVersailles, the ambitious and aptly titled EP of Austin new comer Bells and Parks, strives to create the detailed soundscapes and layers reflective of their self appointed Baroque/Dream Pop genre. A follow up to to the March 13th single “Streams”, Versailles is executed with the focus that was missing from the group’s freshmen effort. While “Streams” sounds like the excited songwriting effort of a new Micro-Korg owner, Versailles is more contained and thought out, with mature use of synth layers to inform the songwriter’s vision rather than overwhelm it.

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Show Review: Odonis Odonis @ Mohawk (4.21)

Odonis OdonisI know, I know. Everyone was at the National on night one! But, I’ve seen them, and I was going on Tuesday, so I penciled in a show that I was really excited about.  I’ve been raving about Odonis Odonis since their last EP, and their new record, Hard Boiled Soft Boiled, has been on constant rotation.  While the crowd might not have been what I hoped, the show definitely lived up to my expectations. Read More

Show Preview: Odonis Odonis @ Mohawk (4.21)


Date Monday, April 21st
Location Mohawk
Doors 9:00 PM
Tickets $10

There’s a ton of heavy-hitting shows in town this week, from Vampy Weeks to Mogwai…and beyond.  But, you should start your Monday night with something particularly special, something loud; you should get your week going by hitting up the Odonis Odonis show at Mohawk tonight!  We’ve mentioned the band on numerous occasions, but now that we’ve had ample time to have our ears destroyed (willingly) by the group’s new album, Hard Boiled Soft Boiled, I’m adamant that this show is something you can’t miss.  But, I warn you, your going to need to get your ears checked afterwards, just to make sure they’re still working right.  They’ll be joined by Shockwave Riderz and Super Thief, so be sure to schedule in some time for this can’t miss evening of tunes.

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Download: Odonis Odonis – New Obsession [MP3]

Austin Spotlight: Pollen

artworks-000076438282-4l1oko-t500x500I’ve been looking through all the upcoming shows, trying to find something new that I could really gravitate to, which is when I discovered this track from Pollen.  The band’s fairly new to town, but they’ve already booked a really great show at Blackheart Bar with LA Snacks and Party Girl (4/25).  It’s a free show, and it should have this catchy little tune played in the garage-rock realm to keep you bouncing on your toes throughout the evening.  For me, I love the crunchy sound of the guitar and the riding of the cymbals by the drummer, but it’s the erratic vocal delivery that really sells me on the group.  Hopefully we’ll see you at the Blackheart next week: it’s free!

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Download: Pollen – Not A Test [MP3]

Austin Spotlight: A. Sinclair Readies New EP

asinclair650We’ve been patiently waiting for the new EP of A. Sinclair, the band formerly known as Frank Smith; a new song is here today.  Singer Aaron promised us that the band would be building a louder sound, which fits more with the band’s live performances of late.  While the opening of the tune ambles a bit in the way of atmospherics, the song jumps into a rocking jam within seconds, collecting all the promise we’ve seen in the band over the last several years.  If you’ve been following the group, you’re going to be proud of the confidence and craftsmanship this tune shows.  Get ready to hear their new Pretty Girls EP when it’s released on May 20th.

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Austin Spotlight: The Capitalist Kids Release New Album

capitalist kidsThere’s a lot of music in this city, but, like the song below mentions, people tend to get stuck inside certain circles or genres.  I’m guilty of that myself, sure, but I’m working on it. Perhaps that’s why I suggest you head out to Beerland tomorrow night to pick up the new album, At A Loss, from The Capitalist Kids.  It’s a pop punk gem of a record, with quick guitar riffs rushing forward while melodies flourish in each and every song.  It reminds me that listening to music doesn’t always have to be so cerebral; you can turn music up loud and just let yourself escape into the exuberance of life.  If you’re looking for a good time, then I suggest you pass the time with this album; you probably won’t have much fun listening to anything else.

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