Hovvdy Drop New Video

After the much deserved success with Taster, Hovvdy are ready for you to be fall in love with their new work. Oddly, their new work sounds like a classic throwback to late 90s/early 00s indie rock…thinking of slow-core acts like American Football crashing into Death Cab’s early affairs…maybe with a hint of the Wrens soft-pop underbelly; those are compliments in my book. From the slight rise in vocal tones at the end of the note to the song’s steadied pacing, everything here has purpose, has meaning. The band drop their new album Cranberry on February 9th via Double Double Whammy; sit back and watch them ascend into indie stardom.


Brand New Single from Bayonne

Oh Roger Sellers, you’ve got a habit of making great pop music. It’s been a minute since Bayonne (Roger’s stage name) officially released Primitives, but now we have a slight glimmer of what’s to come from the multi-instrumentalist. What I love about this new song is that it doesn’t feel like a typical composition; it almost feels like the product of a full band working in the studio, rather than the genius of just one man. Pop fans will surely appreciate the construction, especially when it comes to those vocal melodies that seem to rise from the mix. Who knows when we’ll get more from Bayonne, but for now, this great tune will suffice.

Slow Synth Vibes from Tiger Cub

Back in 2016 Tiger Cub quietly dropped a collection of synth tunes via Bandcamp, and all we knew then was that it was the project of Bradford Gibson, one time (and possibly future) member of local act Dangeresque. Good news is that he’s quietly wrapped up another collection of songs, and now you can delight in both the song, and the playfully nostalgic accompanying video. I love the wash of the synths, turning just ever so slight to match the melody created by Gibson’s vocals. Crutch is the title of this new collection of jams, and you can find it real soon from Spooky Syrup…more details to come!

Sound On Sound Announces Rescheduled Shows

While I know we’re all still really bummed that Sound on Sound was cancelled, the folks at the fest with Margin Walker have worked really hard to rearrange the shows for you. Today they’ve put up the announcement; you can buy tickets from individual venues, or from Sound on Sound. Tickets are now on sale to folks who bought tickets to the original fest, but if you didn’t, don’t worry…you’ll get your chance Wednesday at 8 AM. I’m stoked to see the Grizzly Bear at ACL Live…but curious as to where Growl ends up?

Buy tickets HERE or from your favorite venue.

Watch the New Video from Thee Conductor

Jason Butler has been a hard working man; he runs rehearsal spaces, plays drums in Lo Country…and then he has his own work as Thee Conductor. At the moment, he’s prepping for the release of Cotton Toronado…featuring many of our favorite Austinites like A. Sinclar, Jana Horn and some guy named Bonnie Prince Billy (not from Austin). This new single is fairly minimal, working with light guitar strokes, horns and a little bit of keys; the video will have you scrambling to see if your computer is broken; it’s not, just sit back and enjoy the song. Look for the album to hit on October 20th, with a release show planned for Stateside at the Paramount on November 4th.

Brand New SMiiLE Single

Austin’s SMiiLE have been on our radar for some time; we ran their album, Like a Diamond in the Rough, You Shine almost a year ago to this day. And here they are unleashing a new single unto the world, with a video to boot. All will be celebrated over at 2822 Salado St, with things kicking off around 8 PM. This new single still has the group’s ability to charm with infectious melodies, but there’s a little bit more grit, or punch here…illustrating the band’s growth in the short time they’ve been around. Come celebrate the band and their new single tonight, as they head out on tour to spread their positive vibes across the US. Oh, and our dear friends the Millbrook Estates will open, as will Marmalakes, so be there early. We have more news on Marmalakes, but we’ll save that for another day…we’re here to celebrate SMiiLE.

The Top ACL Undercard Acts

Unfortunately, a festival has to curate line-ups that cater to that audience, and as such, some bands unfortunately fall victim to the undercard slot…the slot before the day really gets going or on the smaller stages. Whether you see it as a slight, or just one of the many headaches with scheduling a mass festival…here are my highlights for bands on the Undercard slot (pre-2 PM).

Recent things that we loved that fit this description: Lucy Dacus, Slaves, Jose Gonzalez, Albert Hammond Jr., Rey Pila, The Rosebuds, Wild Nothing, FIDLAR, Widowspeak, Pinback, Willis Earl Beal, Gardens & Villa, and on and on…

Read more

Watch a New Monk Parker Video

I bounced around a lot on Friday night, catching Lomelda and Florist, Big Thief and then settled into a wonderful set by Monk Parker. It was a reminder to me, as it surely was to those in attendance how special Monk’s new record, Crown of Sparrows, truly is…it’s no longer simply country, but an expansive sound that supersedes genre identifiers. Now you can enjoy this grainy video, mixing flowers and a clay-mation Parker chasing after a love interest. Enjoy the video, and if you haven’t, grab the new LP from Grand Jury Records.

Monk Parker | Gaudy Frame from Glasgow Dreamer on Vimeo.

Hear a Brand New More Eaze Track

Austin’s Self Sabotage Records is here to provide a home for some of the more experimental vibes to come from within the city, such as More Eaze. Today we’ve got a brilliant tune from the project, giving insight into the latest release, bodiezNc0de. The first minute of this tune offers a minimal deconstruction, almost as if you’re hearing static over distant radio waves. But, listen carefully and you’ll hear the building of strings, allowing for the song to experiment with pop structures. What’s interesting is having the song’s natural tendency (especially with the introduction of vocals) towards pop sensibility sit right next to the sterile electronic notes carefully stuttering in the background. The song will capture the ears of casual listeners, and hopefully, as I suspect is the intent, draw them deeper into the constructionist nature of what’s at work. Impressive from start to finish, look for the release to drop on September 29th.


Great New Tune from The Golden Boys

If you’re looking to find the quintessential Austin song, then perhaps you needn’t look beyond this great new jam from The Golden Boys. “I’m on drugs…” opens up the track, but the song isn’t about taking drugs, rather it seems to be holding on to the world, hoping for better things. Then you can move beyond the lyrics to the natural stomp of the tune, bounding through with smashing drum hits and an organ grinding in the background. It’s a gem of pure rock n’ roll fervor, infectious and hard-hitting at once. Look for Better Than Good Times to drop on November 17th via 12XU.

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