Local Shows Tonight: Video Album Release + Nick Allison

videoI’m gearing up to go to as many great shows as I can this week, and it all starts this evening. Austinites have the chance to see tons of stuff, but tonight, here’s where you should be: Beerland or Hotel Vegas. Beerland will host the Video album release for the group’s new record…kicking off at 9 PM. Vegas has Nick Allison kicking off his tour with our friends Lochness Mobsters, as well as Lung Letters. Seems like Wednesday is destined for rock n’ roll. Stream tracks below and see what suits your fancy…regardless, you’ll be happy at either of these spots.



ATX Spotlight: Isaiah the Mosaic Release Heroin Island

isaiahIsaiah the Mosaic has been making waves in the Austin music community for the last few years, but interestingly enough, they don’t have too much recorded material to offer the masses, aside from their Systems EP. Perhaps some change is on the horizon as the group have just released a brand new single for your ears. It’s got trickling samples working in the front of the song, waiting for the entrance of the warm washing vocals. The pace is relaxed, offering more a steadying hand to the group’s electronic dream world; I will say the live setting is always far from relaxed, so it’s nice to hear a studio version. Hopefully we hear more from the group in the near future.


ATX Spotlight: Stream the Sweet Talk Album

DoublePerfectCover_iTunes-300x300We’ve already rocked a few singles for you, but now that Sweet Talk‘s new LP is finally on the streets, it’s time for you to see what a great listen it is. Not that my voice matters too much, but I’d have to say that this is one of the city’s top LPs in 2015. Double Perfect is fueled by high energy rifts, and it holds some interesting musical turns in the album’s continuity, like “Wrong”” moving into “Tightrope” for a change of pace. It’ll also become pretty clear to you that while you can lump the band in with the ATX punk scene, there’s a whole lot of talent behind the guitar work…making the record more than just your average fare. You’d be smart to pick it up immediately via 12XU.

ATX Spotlight: More New Tiger Waves Tunes

Tiger WavesAfter being relatively quiet for the last few years, the boys (and female friends) in Tiger Waves have been really hard at work. Today they unleashed another single they’ve been sitting on, and this time you’ve got two jams to get lost inside. Listening through, I’m continuously impressed by the band’s disregard for modern tropes, choosing instead to forge their own path. Take a listen to the second tune, “Turns to Sky,” which seems to employ the Brian Wilson everything and the kitchen sink method. Even with filling the space with sound, they still craft these undeniable melodies that you can’t pull yourself away from. Still no word on when all this comes out, or how, but when it does, it is destined to be well-loved.

ATX Spotlight: Ben Millburn Readies New EP

benmillburnWe’d like to take this time to really welcome Ben Millburn to Austin, though he’s been here working on his debut EP for some time. But, the Louisiana native is here for good, or for now, and he’s ready for you to hear what he’s been working on…and what’s been running through his mind. Strange Love and Consequence, his latest EP, features this powerful track, brimming with the perfect backing harmony and this swelling of huge guitar riffs that ring out in your speaker long after the tune is over. It’s a refreshing listen, not sounding like much else within the confines of the city’s current musical landscape. Give a warm welcome to Ben, if you haven’t already, and grab his new EP on December 11th via Sunglass Mustache Records.

ATX Spotlight: Hear a New Track from Telepods

telepodsNo lie, I got turned onto this new Telepods joint by a friendly door guy just wishing to instill good tunes on me. Lucky for me, and you, the song’s got a good future ahead of it. Personally, I think the sound of the guitar that opens up the track is perfectly fitting, making way for the bass to work its way into the track. There’s a bit of a dark haunt to the vocal feeling, which can be totally entrancing, depending upon your musical tastes. Every time I listen, I think the band’s got a hang on post-punk, yet thrown in with a great deal more of pop-leaning tendency. See for yourself, and keep your eyes peeled for more as word on the streets is a new album is on its way. 

ATH Premiere: New Single from Video

videoAustin’s Video signing to Third Man Records might have come as a surprise to many, but what shouldn’t surprise you is how incredibly strong the band actually is at this point. Their “New Immortals” single had this huge power-pop feel, but in some way, it still felt rather dangerous. The B-Side, which is a live version of “Nothing Lasts Forever” brings on a barrage of noise and high-speed energy, punishing your ears in the best way. Singer Daniel Fried unleashes his best snarl through your speakers; he does so with such ferocity that one likely sees it as a call to incite a riot (in an orderly fashion; I don’t condone violence). Their full LP, The Entertainers, will be out via the label on October 30th, but you can grab the 7″ featuring this B-Side right HERE.

The band will be playing a release show too on October 28th over at Beerland.

ATX Spotlight: A Few New Good Talk Songs

goodtalkAfter a weekend of celebrating good times at ACL Festival, it only seems appropriate that we kick off the week coming back home with some new ATX tunes. The two tracks below are the newest songs to come from local act, Good Talk. The band’s been picking up the pace of their activity in town recently, which might lead us to believe we can expect a full release from the band soon. One of my favorite things about the band is that they’re not really stepping too far out of the realm of every day indie rock, but what they are doing is perfecting the art, bringing in great melodies and a tenacity that often is lacking. These songs are free, but please donate so the band can bring you more tracks by going HERE

ATH Spotlight: New Video + Single from Sweet Talk

DoublePerfectCover_iTunes-300x300I’m not going to lie to you; I think the newest album from Sweet Talk is one of my favorite records coming out of Austin this year. It’s a nice blend of power-pop and punk rock, hitting all the wrong notes while leaving you with memorable lines and singalong choruses. The band just released a video for their newest single, “Borrow Your Stuff,” and we’ve got it showing below in hopes you’ll be convinced, like me, that their new effort Double Perfect is something you need in your record collection this year. The LP will be released on October 16th via the esteemed 12XU.

ATH Premiere: Tiger Waves Return w/ Jana Horn

tigerwavesWhat great news! Two of our favorite artists working together! I’ve fawned over Tiger Waves, well, since pretty much ever. And, the last few years we’ve praised Jana Horn and her work with Reservations; we’ve even recorded a take-away show with her that will never come to light as long as she continues to pay the ransom. But, today the unleash a new song upon the world, and it is the perfect blend of their separate talents. It plays on the craftsmanship of Tiger Waves songwriting, which lives somewhere in the world between and hazy modern tropes. Then it brings Horn’s perfect voice into the fold, leaving listeners with what’s a near perfect track. Personally, I love the little heartbeat guitar line lurking in the background. You should go donate some funds to the band, as this single is currently NYOP…meaning give them money so they can keep recording such magic. 

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