Show Pics: Austra@ The Mohawk (2/3)

Here comes a little bonus coverage. I was able to sneak next door to The Mohawk during the Tres Oui record release and grab shots of our friends Night Drive and the headliner Austra.

Pleasantly packed house, meaning while it was almost sold out feel, you could still get through the crowd, if necessary. Fans were there and up front early, ready to lose their minds to their favorite song. That favorite song varied. Some were in love with the recently released record, others held their excitement for the jams from the early buzziest buzzworthy material.

Click through for the pics, y’all.

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Show Pics: Austra @ The Mohawk (9.13)

I really enjoy the nights when I can double up shows. A positive of the noise ordinance regulations is that the outdoor shows at Stubb’s and The Mohawk finish early enough to head over to another venue to do more shimmying. We already shared show notes and pics from Dent May, now we have some Austra love.

This ended up being a very photogenic show. DIANA was a pleasant surprise and the light show and ever-improving stage presence of Katie Stelmanis made Austra a true headliner.

Click through for some notes and plenty of pics…

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Show Preview: Austra @ The Mohawk (9/13)

Date 9/13
Location The Mohawk
Doors 8pm
Tickets $14

We last saw Austra opening for The XX at ACL Live. Their set kind of took us by surprise. Gone were the headdress veils and theatrical makeup, replaced by genuine interaction ans a strong presence from front-woman Katie Stelmanis. That and her really locked down vocal; I am looking forward to hearing new tracks from the new album Olympia come to life.

I expect more of the same tonight, so join me before I head over the Red7 for Dent May. Double up. Diana opens.

You can hear the latest single “Home” that is very grounded and a little less digital, if you will, by clicking here, but I’m gonna give you my fave jam to get you in the mood…


Download:Austra – The Beat and the Pulse [MP3]

Show Review: The xx @ ACL Live (2/11)

When The XX announced their Austin show, tickets were virtually gone within minutes, forcing the band to add another show immediately.  Such is the demand and the hype associated with the British group after the release of their album, Coexist.  They brought friends Austra to town with them, giving listeners a glimpse at the operatic IDM realm. 

Read on for some thoughts on the evening and pics.

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Show Preview: The XX @ ACL Live (2/11-12)

Date 2/11-2/12
Location ACL Live
Doors 6:30pm
Tickets Tonight/Tomorrow

Ticket Link Warning – If you don’t mind sitting behind a speaker, you can still get a ticket to either night’s show.

Indie darlings of moody sparseness, The XX are coming to town to play two nights and ACL Live. Austin Town Hall will be present tonight to give you all the lowdown on the show to see if you should sell your soul to go tomorrow night. A lot of people are way into Romy’s soft vocal, but the best song on the latest effort, IMHO, is the more upbeat, primarily Jamie XX-vocaled “Fiction”. Digress.

Now, The XX are cool and all, but to be honest, the openers Austra have spent more time on my playlists over the past couple years. I am looking forward to their set after having seen them at FFF6 in the broad daylight, not the best environment for their beauty-electro goodness. So here is a track to get you in the doors before their set starts at 8pm…


Download:Austra – The Beat and the Pulse [MP3]

Show Pics: FFF6 Day Three

Fun Fun Fun Fest photo coverage concludes at Austin Town Hall.

There is dust in every crevice…

…of my camera gear. Day three had a weird blend to it. Starting with an interview with WWPJ, We caught OBN III and Davila 666 at Black Stage followed by WWPJ’s set, Mate of State segued to MNDR and Austra. Jumpcut to Ted Leo,dial it back to dance party with Architecture in Helsinki, back up again for Hum and then Easing out with Black Lips and Slayer (?).

You know what is past the break.

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