New Music from Rabbit Island

Always keeping my ear to the seas, word’s been spreading about Australia’s Rabbit Island for some time, and today we get a glimpse of why Amber Fresh’s project is riding the whispers of hype. This track is very bare and emotional; it revolves entirely around Fresh and a piano, with the ivory keys striking a solemn tone. Her voice has this innocence to it, with her words showing us a more playful side of songwriting. The world will all get to hear her new album, Deep in the Big, when it’s released by Bedroom Suck Records/Remote Control on August 17th.

Gotta Love Death Bells

Australian based group Death Bells really won me over with a couple of solid performances this year during SXSW. Both shows were tight, intense, and filled with tons of emotion. Since that time, the band plans to hop from the land down under and move to Los Angeles with plans of touring and releasing new music. Some of that new music comes your way today with this new single called “Echoes”. It features much more of a bright and soft sound when compared to the band’s more raw, dark new wave sound from last release Standing at the Edge of the World. Not sure if this is a permanent change in direction or just the band playing with new ideas, but I can dig it either way.

This track appears on a new 7″ single you can pre-order now via Funeral Party Records.

Melbourne Cans Release Heart Turned Blue

I’m absolutely in love with this new Melbourne Cans single. For starters, the whole track’s an homage to Peggy Sue, the classic figure of American rock n’ roll. Even better, the band tease you for a full minute and a half, letting Ian Wallace offer up his haunting croon with minimal instrumentation behind him. But, then the drums kick in, the song grabs a bit of swagger and bounds off into joyousness. As it progresses I adore the slightest little curl of notes at the end of Wallace’s syllables; it fits well with just the faintest hint of a backing vocal. Prepare yourself to be charmed; the band release Heat of the Night via Lost and Lonesome on July 13th.

Michael Beach Visits America Tonight at Beerland

Michael Beach came to our attention a few years ago, as a friend of a friend from Australia connected us…as he’s currently living in Melbourne. He’s got a handful of releases under his belt, but he ventures across the pond for his US tour on the back of a fresh 7″, which features the below single for “Sessin,” recently released by Poison City Records. Tonight he ventures out into the Austin nightlife over at Beerland, joined by the likes of Minimal Animal, Chronophage and Endless Sewer. Check out this great new jam below, and come out to Beerland tonight; the doors are at 8 PM! You can find the rest of Michael’s US tour dates HERE.

New Jam from Crepes

Crepes have been on my radar for sometime, and somehow I missed that they dropped a new track out into the world a few weeks back. It’s a pretty interesting song, with the focus predominantly revolving around the openness of the tune; it’s sort of spaced out psychedelia, though spun with a little bit more focus on the pop spectrum. The lyrical content is fairly minimal, with the resounding line of “bicycle man” being the most prevalent piece; it’s interesting how a band can capture your attention for sustained periods by simply manipulating pitch and inflection of two words. This new single is out in the world now!

Lachlan Denton Keeps Writing Songs

Lachlan Denton has to be one of the most prolific songwriters this year. He’s already released one album with his friend Emma Russack; he’s got a new record coming our way with The Ocean Party…and now he’s let us know he’s got a solo effort coming out at the beginning of June. This first single is fairly relaxed, with Lach working his voice over careful guitar work; I’ve always loved his voice, so you win right away here. Just after the 1 minute mark a simple drum line enters, adding an extra layer to the track; still, the warmth of his voice carries on, aided by a comforting backing vocal from an unnamed friend. Osborne Again Music will release Two Months in Ben Woolley’s Room on June 1st.

An Horse Return!

It has been a crazy long time since I’ve mentioned the name of old school Australian act An Horse. Seriously, the band have been absolutely dead and on hiatus since the release of their overlooked 2011 album Walls. During their mutli-year time apart both Kate Cooper and Damon Cox spent some time making music through other avenues, but they couldn’t stay away from each other forever. Having come together once again, the duo just released this stellar new track “Get Out Somehow”. Hopefully they plan on staying together for a bit so all of us fans can score some sweet new tunes like this one.

The Ocean Party Announce New 7″

Ever prolific, our faves the Ocean Party are preparing to release a brand new 7″, with a slight catch. Rather than craft a couple of normal hits to squeeze into the format, they’ve opted instead to create twelve 1 minute songs. Below, you get to hear three of those forthcoming 12 minutes; you’ve got 25% of the album in your hands! I think I’m struck the most by the middling minute; it’s a slight bit different than what they’ve been working on in previous releases…maybe a tougher exterior. Regardless, we’re going to buy it, and you should too; it’s being released in July via Emotional Response and Spunk Records.

New EP from Snowy and Lachlan

Snowy and Lachlan are both members from the Ocean Party, so we’re inclined to share any new project the two work on, even if it’s a boy-band pop group. This weekend, they kindly shared a new EP they worked on together, simply titled Six More Songs. At first, I was stuck with this tune “Drunk” on repeat; I love its pop explosion just before the 1 minute mark. But, as it’s Monday, and we need a pick me up, I’ve been trolling “Do What U Wanna” the most; it’s an upbeat track built on a keyboard backbone, playful in vibe and lyrics. Still, don’t stop there, as I wouldn’t post these songs if I didn’t find them rewarding, so go on, get at em.

The Finks Announce Rolly Nice

My undying infatuation with the sounds of Australia led me to the Finks back in 2016 with the Middling LP, so I’ve been biding my time waiting for the group to return with something new. Today’s that day, and what a cracker of a track they’ve got to offer up to us all. Primarily the project of Oliver Mestitz, it makes sense that his voice is the shining beacon in this new single; I really love the way he turns some of the syllables with his delivery…always charming. Beneath the mix is a layer of electronic atmosphere and a low guitar casually jangling, all resting atop of percussive elements that help keep the pace. Milk Records will drop Rolly Nice on May 25th.

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