The Finks Announce Rolly Nice

My undying infatuation with the sounds of Australia led me to the Finks back in 2016 with the Middling LP, so I’ve been biding my time waiting for the group to return with something new. Today’s that day, and what a cracker of a track they’ve got to offer up to us all. Primarily the project of Oliver Mestitz, it makes sense that his voice is the shining beacon in this new single; I really love the way he turns some of the syllables with his delivery…always charming. Beneath the mix is a layer of electronic atmosphere and a low guitar casually jangling, all resting atop of percussive elements that help keep the pace. Milk Records will drop Rolly Nice on May 25th.

Good Morning Drop Two New Singles

Just a few weeks ago we were alerted to the news that Aussie act Good Morning would finally be releasing a new full-length via Bedroom Suck Records. And now, we’ve got two new tracks to sit back and enjoy this morning, reveling in the duo’s songwriting. “Just a Man” is slightly playful, though it draws in some folk traditions, particularly in the way the vocals are presented. “For a Little While” is more of a slow burner, working over electronic beats and piano to craft a powerful ballad. If you’re unfamiliar with the band, give these a listen, as I’m sure you won’t be let down. Prize//Reward will drop on may 11th.

Charming Pop from Cool Sounds

There’s a new EP from Cool Sounds floating around today with a few tracks they had laying around after finishing up their second LP. I’d listen to this EP on the strength of the opener alone; I love the harmonies in the vocals, and the sax fits right into the vibe. And while I enjoy these four tracks, I’m stuck on the feels with the final tune, “Grudge.” While the pop sensibility is prevalent, the track almost wobbles due to the production, muddying up the polish and churning out an intoxicating mood that will have you spinning the track over and over. If these are the songs leftover from the sessions on LP 2, then we’re in for something brilliant. For now, enjoy these tunes.

New Music from Emma Russack and Lachlan Denton

Lachlan Denton is one of the multi-talented (and hyper involved) members of the Ocean Party, but today we bring you a song he’s worked on with his good friend Emma Russack (who has quite a pedigree of her own). Emma takes the vocal focus on this track, though Lachlan does enter during the chorus with a warm backing line. Musically, the track’s a subdued number, sublime guitar strumming with a piano line that works atop a gentle percussive element. It’s a relaxed vibe, discussing the pros/cons of singledom versus life in a relationship, but for those just hearing the two for the first time, you’ll walk away warmed by the talent presented before you. Look for the two to drop a full-length later on in the year.

Moonlover Drops New Video

If you’re looking for an Australian artist to make some new waves abroad, then perhaps you should listen closely to this new video from Moonlover. It’s one of the standout tunes on the recently released Thou Shall Be Free LP, and the natural bounce of the song immediately had my attention. The track sort of has this casual beach vibe, feeling as if the spray from crashing waves just gently coats your skin. But, the song takes a slight turn at the 2 minute mark that’s charming; it’s just a slight turn in the way the vocals get delivered before settling back into the track’s melody. Just something for you to enjoy on this fine Tuesday morning; the LP is available via Our Golden Friend.

Stream a New Single from Harry Permezel

Seems like Friday is as good a day as any to sit in with some stripped back indie rock tunes, such as this new number from Melbourne’s Harry Permezel. His music is immediately familiar, stepping in line with a great deal of the latest trends in indie rock…that sort of revisiting of emo in a different manner. Still, something about Harry’s voice keeps bringing me back; he’s got this understated croon that charms through repeated listens. This is the title track from his Wax Man album, which drops on May 4th via Muscle Beach Records.

Mellow Tune from Harry Permezel

I was looking for something really chilled out and relaxed, and luckily this track from Harry Permezel caught my attention. It’s a pretty simple tune, stylistically, using strummed guitar and steady backing percussion to set the course. There’s some light textural additions popping in and out, but the core of the music really relies upon Peremezel’s softened vocal delivery. It’s patient and warm, inviting listeners to sit in with him as the song unfolds before their ears. It’s immediately familiar, yet something about it stands out, so I’ll be keeping an eye out for his new LP, Wax Man, which drops on May 4th via Muscle Beach Records.

SXSW Interview: RVG

You are probably aware already that I’m a huge fan of RVG. If you’re lucky enough to catch the Aussie act on their brief US jaunt, then you’re in for a treat. Their album A Quality of Mercy was a stunner, and to those who spent time with it, it sounds like everything pop music was meant to be. We caught up real briefly with the group to have them answer our little SXSW interview, which is below with their most recent video.

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Jaala Offer Something Different

I can’t stop playing this brand new track from Jaala. At times it seems as if it’s a soulful R&B performance, but the edges aren’t as soft and the fleshed out sound seems a touch more artful. Singer Cosima Pay flirts with various nods to other artists, but she has a voice all her own; I’m particularly impressed by the range of notes she can pull of, even when she’s delivering vocals in a stop/start fashion. Ultimately, this track’s a soulful ballad under the umbrella of experimental pop tunes. The group will release Joonya Spirit on April 20th via Bedroom Suck Records/Captured Tracks.

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