Stella Donnelly Shares Lungs + Announces New Record

In my opinion, Stella Donnelly is an absolute powerhouse, and I’m hoping with the announcement of Flood that she really starts to get the deserved attention here in the States. On her last record, it felt like sort of a more traditional singer-songwriter affair, though the songs were buoyed with great arrangements, not to mention Stella’s playfulness. But, earlier this year, Stella featured on Methyl Ethel‘s “Proof” single, which was an absolute banger. Perhaps we should have taken note, as this new single seems a little more intent on a similar production, using driving beats and natural hooks to set up the core of the song. Her wordplay is still clever as ever, so it doesn’t sound like you’re losing anything; you just get to see a great songwriter blossoming further into the every day name we fully expected her to be. Her new LP, Flood, will be out in August via Secretly Canadian.

Loveboner Share POV: Your Stepdad’s at the Gay Bar (and He’s Doing Great)

Feel like kicking off Friday by throwing a little fun pop punk right in your face, courtesy of Australia’s Loveboner. The duo are prepping the release of their new record, Loveboner are Reinventing Oral Sex, which drops in June via Psychic Hysteria. It’s the sort of tongue-in-cheek fun you’d expect on an old punk CD on early Fat Wreck Chords, though they’re spinning it out with a little sincerity; the album deals with themes of trans identity, queer romance, homoerotic action movies, and of course, step-dads. You’re getting amped for the weekend, and Fridays are fun, so turn it up and sing along!

The Chats Drop New Video for Struck by Lightning

Don’t want to delve too far into the soft pop vibes of the day, so this track from the Chats hits just the right punk notes to keep it fun. The band’s got a sort of snotty snarl to them, playing that breakneck punk rock with a bit of call and response to the chorus. Everything here feels anxious and rushed, frantic almost, which ties into the video where they’re dodging lightning strikes inside their practice space. The band have always flirted with a sense of humor and a hard edge, which you might have caught on their High Risk Behaviour LP from 2020. But, this is new, and it rips, so turn it up and blast it out; be on the lookout for their American invasion in April/May!

Nick Griffith Readies Something I Once Heard

A friend of ours sent over the latest album from Nick Griffith, and seeing as he’s an artist working out of Australia, I reckoned there’s probably not a lot of coverage for him on our side of the pond…so let’s fix that. He’s tossed out several tracks from the album, and the two below are my favorite jams to get under your skin. They’re building on the coastal pop vibes you often get from Aussie outfits, throwing in strong guitar work and sunny melodies. It’s not a stretch to see Nick fitting in with the rest of the Melbourne scene, as his songs are relaxed and charming, particularly the chorus of “Porto Song.” Something I Once Heard will be out via Dinosaur City Records on March 4th.

SXSW Interviews: Phebe Starr

Now that SXSW is only a few weeks away, I am honestly feeling all the feels about getting this thing back to “normal” activities and seeing some live music with old friends. Everyone say a little silent prayer now that things will keep trending in the right direction… Phew. So now we move on with more interviews coming your way, today from Sydney based artist Phebe Starr. She’s coming into town for SXSW and we feel like you musically inclined peeps need to know more about her and get her on your must see list. Follow the jump for full interview and tunes from Phebe.

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Erasers Announce Constant Connection

Tired of pigeonholed music posts by me? Well, there’s really no definition or trinket box I could shovel Aussie duo Erasers into. Sure, their latest single, coinciding with the announcement of a new LP, has this cinematic quality, churning out these otherworldly pulses while layering them with heavy washes of electronica. But, the ghostly nature of the vocals effuses this sort of space-age sterility that’s equally unsettling and intoxicating. The whole tune is like this genre study of pop, and what it means to bend and mold the definition into something wholly your own. Stoked to hear the entirety of Constant Connection when it hits via Fire Talk on April 22nd.

Skeggs Share New Single + Share US Dates

I still can’t get “Bunny Man” out of my head right now, so getting a new track from Skeggs is never a bad thing. They’ve got a few singles out today, but this one just drops in this sick hook that I want to run on repeat. I love the way the band toys with the tension, never quite letting me into the tune, until they drop the drums and the chorus into play. I know they’ve probably been thrown into the garage meets punk category, but dammit if this isn’t one of the best pop rock writing acts out there right now. Plus, the video features drummer Jonny training to run a marathon, fueled by the support of his bandmates. The band will also be playing a slew of dates on the West in Mid-April as preparation for their Coachella set!

Skeggs Drop Bunny Man Video

RayRay and I are both huge fans of Aussie outfit Skeggs, and today the band just drop one of those rippers that you can’t get out of your head; it feels like the sort of anthemic arena rock that everyone who loves a good jam could get behind. Despite the heavy riffs that kick it off, it quickly takes those tones and turns them really light and sunny, which lends itself well to the overall hook. Plus, the video is an homage to the band’s touring manager Bunny Man, and they’re donating all money made from this song to their entire tour crew. So, not only is it a killer pop rock jam, but it’s also got good sentiment. This goes out to all the crews out there!

More Music From Good Morning

Melbourne based lads Good Morning have really been getting out attention over the last several years with a steady stream of solid releases and singles. Just last month, Nate the Tank shared with you the bands latest single, “burning”, and it’s caused quite a stir around the ATH offices about the upcoming new LP. With the release date for Barnyard now drawing near, I suggest you check out this new track, “depends on what i know”, if you have yet to tune your ears towards their sound. You should enjoy the simplicity of Good Morning’s brand of indie rock while appreciating the slickness of the bass lines and groovy, laid back nature of the song. Now you know.

New LP Barnyard will be available on October 22nd via our friends over at Polyvinyl. Pre-orders are live now.

Tam Vantage Shares New Track, The Zone

Tam Richards Matlakowski plays on all your favorite Aussie records, or at least on all of my favorite Aussie records. But, today, we’re dropping another single from his own work as Tam Vantage. Having listened to various projects Tam’s been a part of, his solo effort, at least per these first two singles, is taking a heavier hand into studio. On these riffs, he almost feels angry, driving the song forward forcefully, creating this sort of all-encompassing darkness, this shadow closing in around you. But, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, courtesy of the vocals; they offer just a glint of light, melody hanging on the horizon. His new record, Laughing Gas & Apple Pie will be out on November 5th.

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